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i have back pain !! i got results from radiologist *there is straightening of the lumbar spine * there is a vertabral spur anterior aspect L5 thanks!

12 rib bearing thoracic vertebrae w vestigial bilateral twelth ribs. Mild scoliosis convex left t2-3. Minim t7 vertebral ant wedging? Meaning?

28/m. My dorsal spine MRI says "dorsal kyphosis is lost". My chest hurts since 2 yrs and I now feel this lost curvature is the reason. Lung/heart ok??

35 years old is it normal to have extreme facett joint pain arthritis and also and uncoverebbral arthrosis completely down c-spine &thoracic?

37 year old has scoliosis, lumbar lordosis and curved spine, and was born with hip dysplasia.Had several surgeries. Now has joint and back pain walkin?

52yr male with 4 compress fractures. 60% anterior, 50% posterior height loss, bone retropulsion into spinal cord, spinal stenosis. Pain 2yrs. Fixable?

62 y/o female w/ spinal stenosis, scoleosis, herniated discs & arthritis, MRI done told spine was narrowing? Suggested surg w/ cage around spine?

A slight loss of anterior stature of the L1 vertebra is unchanged, compared to the CT scanogram of 2009. Other lumbar vertebrae are normal in stature. There is no lumbar spondylolisthesis. Axial images suggest a nondisplaced fracture of the L4 facet (imag

A syrinx in my thoracic spine is pressing on one of my nerves. What can I do to fix this?

Am i too young for spinal fusion? Im a 18 yo female i had a laminectomy last year in my lumbar spine l3-s1 to decompress my nerves. Its been a year and im still in excruciating chronic pain my surgeon said i need a spinal fusion but he wont do it cause im

Any care tips for Lumbar spine?

Are winged scapula abnormal?

As i read in many answers that cervical and lumbar spondylosis are normal aging process m young and have this why it pains than?

At what disc segment does a spine MRI stop and where does coccyx region start? Will the s4 & s5 be included with the coccyx, it wasn't for the spine?

At which vertebra do the nerves controlling small intestine functions exit the spine?

Besides scoliosis, what other things affect your vertebrae?

Bowel complications after spine injury, what to do?

Broken L3 vertebrae after spinal fusion at l4-5 3 years ago is there any relationship?

Can a 24 y/o have osteoarthritis of the spine? If so, how come it would develop at this age?

Can a almost reversed cervical spine, a curve in my spine & partial sacrilization of mylumbo sacral joint cause severe back pain with muscle tightness?

Can a cervical spine collapse rapidly in a 90 year old?

Can a damaged ( curved) spine cause diarrhea , IBS symptoms for a long time? My spine damage ( sacroilliac - middle back - forward neck posture)Thanks

Can a kid get lumbar spondylosis?

Can a person get paralysed from osteoporosis or even worse quadriplegic from cervical spine fractures?

Can a person with a lower back injury from two spinal fusions still sea kayak?

Can a postural kyphosis within a time gets transformed into a schaurmann disease?! into wedged vertebrae?

Can a spasm in your spine can cause you to be paralysed?

Can a thoracic spine injury from a slip n fall later cause problems with the neck over a period of years ?

Can an accident cause loss of lumbar lordosis?

Can anything be done for permanent scoliosis? It is based between my cervical and thoracic vertabrae?

Can cervical and thoracic issues (including levoconvex scoliosis) lead to repetitive rotator cuff tears?

Can cervical stenosis cause dizziness when walking? Which vertebrae are most likely involved?

Can facet joint nerve ablation mask potentially serious thoracic spine conditions? Does facet joint disease continue to progress even after procedure.

Can falling down and injuring the back cause a change in the spinal curvature?

Can i do push-ups or planks if i have cervical spine issues?

Can MRSA travel to the spine?

Can my spine degeneration cause equilibrium issues?

Can someone with lumbosacral spondylosis get a disability?

Can spinal decompression (traction) do more damage to a degenerative spine w/curve loss? Lumbar/hi now feels loose w/ popping noise throughout the day

Can straightening and reversal of curve cause one to lose pain and other sensations in extremities and loss of communication in spine?

Can the spine pressing on the lung from kyphosis cause general anxiety disorder?

Can the spine pressing on the lung, as a result of kyphosis, cause problems?

Can you explain what exactly is done with spine manipulation?

Can you have an extra bone in your spine to makecurve?

Can you replace a dissing your back and replace a vertebrae in your neck if you have osteoporosis ?

Can you still have spine deforming at 30, of you have sheaurmanns disease? Or when does it stop deforming?

Can you tell me details about spine spontilitis?

Can you tell me how are parts of the vertebral column are used in sports?

Can you tell me is having a 13th thoracic vertebrae extremely rare?

Can you tell me what to do if i had an xray of my spine and the cobb angle is 45. Is that something to be concerned with?

Can you thicken the cartilage discs in your spine by stretching it?

Chest pain for 6 days. ER said Costochondritis. Primary care follow xray levoscoliosis thoracic spine 20 degrees. Could this be because of the scolio?

Collapse her lungs in order to do the operation in this part of the upper back (thoracic vertebrae), what does this mean?

Continuing from last question I have levoscoliosis in lower lumbar spine. Any suggestions on what i need to do?

Could a child get lumbar spondylosis?

Could a hemangioma of the spine be dangerous?

Could a punch to the back cause a fractured spine? Or not likely?

Could a rear-end accident cause loss of lumbar lordosis?

Could fracturing your spine cause you to be paralyzed?

Could thoracic compression fractures be caused gradually by carrying heavy weight on top of the spine?

Damaged paraspinal muscles in lower back. Was told by 3 spine surgeons that there is nothing surgically can be done please help?

Do cervical stenosis, bone spurs growth, kypbosis and disc herniation all part of degeneration? is it possible to tell from x Ray? my doc'S diagnosis

Do doctors see a lot of patients with cervical spine fracture?

Do you think I should go to a chiropractor for a lumbar sprain?

Docs, could a traumatic fall cause a spinal curvature?

Doctor did an X-ray and said my spine looks like an s and that now I need surgery. What is wrong with my spine?

Doctor only received radiology report. Cervical spine = lordosis. Thoracic is moderate scoliosis, convex right, lumbar is mild Convex left. Pain help?

Does severe secondary osteoporosis affect the cervical, dorsal, lumbar discs causing degeneration?

Does the term "broken back" refer to disc herniation, or individual vertebrae being fractured, or both?

For how long should you be out of school with a thoracic vertebrae bruise?

For how long should you be out of school with thoracic vertebrae bruise?

Fractured my vertebrae in mid back 9 years ago. Er doc said i might have broke vertebrae, but can not receive MRI because no insurance, help please!

Fractured spine. So worried. Help!?

Had a 2nd MRI of lumbar spine- why 2nd time around are parts of the viscera intensely white?

Had xray and I have 2 vertebrae almost touching due to scoliosis. What is this called and what can occur over time?

Has anyone had scoliosis spine fusion surgery, then had a injury that caused a spine fracture below there?

Have had 2 car accidents 4 yrs apart. Have cervical spine stenosis ,bulg discs, pnchd nervs,numbness,ting arms. What's risk if avoid fusion surgery?

Having ddd at c3-4 l4-5. Will my thoracic-joint degenerate too? Sometimes i'm having pain in my middle part of the spine.

Hello Dr..may i know how i can recovery my back spine.i ever felt down from mountain til makes my spine abnormal.10cm from the original spine.tq?

Hello sir... I have MRI of cervical spine.. My report is mild straighting of cervical curvature.. Complete block of C4 and C5 vertebrae?

Hello. Can Sacral Pseudoarthrosis be congenital? No broken bones ever. Slight scoliosis. Chronic back pain/years. Please advise. Thank you.

Hi doc. I have congenital deformity in my 5th & 6th vertebra in my backbone causing hard pain. What should I do?

Hi doc.. I havr a: Lumbar Spondylosis Oaravertebral muscle spasm Sacralized LV5 Narrow L4/L5 disc Please help because It really hurts..

Hi, how do you do doctor, can you help me, please: this is the diagnosis of my fiancée, who has a back pain: 1- straightening lumbar lordosis. 2-part?

Hi, I have 4 levels fused in my cervical and 3 in my lumbar to s1 is yoga a good idea?

Hip pain after L5/S1 spinal fusion?

How are spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis generally evaluated?

How can a tumor in the cervical spine cause trouble running or walking?

How can I get comfortable after a spine injury?

How can I keep from having problems with my spine after spine surgery?

How common is it for somebody to get cervical spine fracture?

How do I know exactly what does a chiropractor look for when adjusting your spine and neck?

How do you define cervical spine fracture?

How do you get arthritis in the spine?

How do you know who is most likely to get cervical spine fracture?

How does a chiropractic know what part of spine hurts and what to do?

How does hydrocephalus impact the spine and its structure?

How fast can the cervical spine collapse if osteoporosis?

How percentage of people have extra lumbar vertebrae?

How should I treat this dimple on my spine?