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MRI of my Cervical Spine There is disc degenerative changes with associated impingement of the thecal sac , exit neuroforaminal encroachment.

Lower back pain What is a focal DDD at L5-S1 w/ adjacent discogenic marrow changes and a R superimposed central subarticular disc extrusion?

Mri Report Says Posterocentral Disc Protrusion At l4/l5 Level, Compressing Thecal Sac.compres is in center,in my case is it Cauda Equina Syndrome. ?

MRI results C3-4 disc herniation stenosis with ap of 0.7cm? And indention on spinal cord. I have a appt end of March is this to long to wait?

(MRI):Mild neural foraminal stenosis noted at L4/5 more on left side. Underwent traction& UST/FC .

10 ft fall,herniated disc c5-c6 impinges significantly on the thecal sac, the cervical cord and nerve root, waiting on dr, advise, what will come?

2 Lumbar ESIs, 2 months PT. 2 Broad based bulge, posterior annular tear. Increase paraspinal signals L2/L3&L3/L4 concerning myositis. Need Help!

2010 had cervical mri: moderate to severe foraminal narrowing right side c4-5. In 2013, mri: slight narrowing, no bony spinal stenosis. What to do now?

2mm cerebellar protrusion, some compression, (chiari?) what could that be causing?

3 years ago patient collapsed d11 vertebral body along with small pre & para vertebral hematoma & adjacent spinal canal narrowing still have back pain?

3mm herniated in both T6-T7 and T7-T8 with mild spinal cord compression . Also some of my thoracic disks are degenerated. Is this serious?

4 months ago, MRI shows moderate bilateral foraminal stenosis at c6/c7 touching nerve roots. Now, no tingling sensation. Disc still touching nerve?

50yroldw/ 1x2 CM pineal cyst, small cervical syrinx and expanding t-spine central canal w/ symptomatic perineural cysts. Congenital?

An MRI last week showed bulging at C4 to C7 with radial nerve pinch issues. I have ddd of thoracic & lumbar throughout, can disk bulge be related?

An MRI report shows no central cervical spinal canal stenosis but does show a right sided foraminal narrowing. Any impingement on the spinal cord?

Any way to increase thickness of intervertebral disc ?

Are intervertebral hemangiomas dangerous?

Are small disc protrusion which contacts but doesn't compress the spinal cord and mild endplate spurring anteriorly the same thing? Both are at c4-5

Are there any excise I can do I have severe narrowing of bilateral neural foramina Many thanks John?

At C2-3 there is a desiccation and posterior bulging of the intervertebral disc, causing impingement of the anterior thecal space. Same at C4-5. ?

At C5 there is a broad based disc bulge with a superimposed central disc protrusion which results in moderate central canal narroeingis what is this?

At c5-c6 small diffuse disc bulge, moderate to severe left neural foraminal stenosis secondary to facet disease?

At L4-L5 annular tear and diffuse disc bulge causing narrowing of left lateral recess and neural foramen and abutting ipsilateral exiting nerve root.?

At l4/5 I have a minor annular disk bulge that only minimally indents thecal sac at this stage, what's this mean and can it reside?

At the l4-l5 level there is a diffuse circumferencial disc protrusion causing anterior thecal compresion causing heaviness of lower limb with pain?

Athlete w/loss of cervical lordosis, large lateral disc osteophyte c5/c6 causing severe narrowing foramen, indentation of thecal sac. What are best treatment options?

Back pain for 10 months. MRI last week showed, mild broad-based posterior disc protrusion at l5-s1 but no nerve root comprression.Whats best treatment?

Back pain L1 L2 there is a milddegenerative disc change with a small left lateral disc protrusion into the inferior aspect of the neural foramen

Been diagnosed with small central protrusion with no compression on thecal sac. Am i safe to do moderate lifting and gym training ?

Born with sacralization and now less than 25% left of my degenerative l4/l5 disc. I had decompression with success. Can area fuse naturally?

Broad based disc bulge between L5-S1 and L4-L5 has a a broad based central disc protrusion whay am I in pain?

Broad based disc osteophyte complex effacing the cal sac at c5-6, c6-7 , c7-t1 with mild right and moderate left neural foraminal narrowing at each ?

Broad based disc protrusion at l4-l5 level compressing anterior thecal sac and bilateral travers nerve root and narrowing neural reces Need operation?

Broad based r. Paracentral disc protru. result in obliteration of thecal sac c6-7, 2 bulg disc, ddd, rev. Cerv. Lordosis n neural foramina steno. Bad?

Bulging of l5/s1 combined w loss of disc space height causing moderate bilateral neural foraminal stenosis slight compression of L5 nerve roots?

C2 /c3 minimal disc bulge / osteophyte complex .C3/c4 posterior disc bulge / osteophyte complex . C4/c5 posterior disc bulge early hypertrophy facet .

C3-4disc herniation increase signal result in a right paramedian annular rupture ? What does this mean

C3-4Right paracentral protrusion of disc osteophyte complex effacing thecal sac C5-C6 Right uncovertebral arthropathy w/mild right neuroforimal steno?

C3-7spondylosis rt cntrl narrowing flattening cervical cord mod lft/rt foraminal sten n deg disc dies brd bsd disc osteophyte cmplx form drs wnt touch?

C3-c4 shallow posterior herniation, eccentric r, gently flattening r ventral cord. C4-5 similar. How bad is this?

C3-c4c4-c5 left paracentral osteochondral bar indenting thecal sac no foraminal stenosis. c5-c6 central osteochondral bar indenting thecal sac. means?

C4-5 right uncovertebral osteophyte/disc bulge complex broad disc bulge right neural foraminal stenosis & abutment of ventral cervical cord. Meaning?

C5 – C6 right paracentral posterior disc protrusion. What is the treatment ?

C5-C6 disc herniation with pressure on left cord and thecal sac. Best treatment without surgery?

C5/6residual rparacentral disc osteophyte complex mild flatening & indent anterior aspect of cord-surgery with anterior fixation&fusion 2fix-soreneck?

C6-7 mild left uncovertebral hypertrophy causing moderate narrowing of left neural exit vitamins. what this means?

C6-C7 R disk protrusion w/mild mass effect on the ventral aspect of thecal sac. CSF ventral to R side of cord completely effaced. Plz explain. ?

C6/c7 small central protrusion, almost herniation but not touching spinal cord. Does it heal on its own? Sports I should avoid?

C7-t1 there is a right lateral recess disc protrusion mildly indenting the right ventral cervicothoracic cord. What does this mean?

Can a an anterior tmj disc diplacement can do nerve damage?

Can a car accident cause neural foramen encroachment?

Can a disc extrusion at l4/5 cause sciatica symptoms in the s1 dermatome path?

Can a herniated disk at l5-s1 protruding centrally into the thecal sac affect a person's bowel movements?

Can annular tear and a central protrusion at L4-L5 can cause increased tingling after epidural injection ?

Can cervical broad disc protrusion effacing the thecal sac cause lesions above the protruding disc?

Can docs explain what does residual/recurrent left central/subarticular l5/s1 disc protrusion mean?

Can i get approved for disability for herniated nucleus pulposus which indents the ventral aspect of the thecal sac?

Can i lift heavy objects safely with areas of the c spine havingbulge disc with facet arthropathy, paracentral/foraminal disc protrution, narrowing?

Can lumbar spondylolisthesis & L4 bilateral pars defect w/ mild neural foramina stenosis cause tiny focal lesions in brain or is it 2 diff things?

Can min. Broadbased disc bulge at c3-4 & broadbased disc bulge w/superimposed central disc protrusion and endplate spurring at c6-7 cause torticollis?

Can moderate central canal stenosis throughout the lumbar spine, moderate degrees of neural foram, stenosis at l4-5,l5-s1 cause gastroparesis please H?

Can or do you think surgery is an option when my MRI results say I have a Dorsal annular tear and annular bulge at t8-9 and multi-level spondylosis without cord compromise and multi-level foraminal stenosis?

Can someone explain in layman's term what a dilated nerve root sleeve/Tarlov cyst at S2 (racepinephrine) means, what may have caused it and how I can inprove my back. ?

Can u explain to me what disc desiccation with small or mild broad based central subligamentous hnp and minimal deformity of anterior thecal sac means?

Can you tell me what ''a significant thoracic disc prolapse at t4/t5 with effacement of the spinal cord mean?

Can you tell me what can a small protrusion on level C6 in my right paracentral/foraminal of m.R.I. Of cervical spine be?

Can you tell me what is a broad based disc protrusion with paracentral annular tear?

Can you tell me what is degeneration and massive central herniation of the l4-l5 and l5-s1 discs?

Can you tell me what this means please. C2 c3 broad based posterior disk bulge 2 mm anteroposterior w/superimposed left asymmetric unconvertebral spur?

Can you visualize in the MRI views if the cranial nerves are encroaching in the skull base foramen?

Can your tell if a tumor in the thecal sac at l-4 is a paraganglioma versus a peripheral nerve sheath tumor by lumbar spine MRI alone?

Cervical and lower lumbar intervertebral discs are dessciated, diffuse disc bulge with annular tear at l4-5 level. How can be cured?

Cervical spine MRI result: c3-4 bi-posterolateral osteophytosis seen encroaching on corresponding exit neural formina, is this serious or do damage?

Circumferential disc bulges with posterior central annular tear at lv3-lv4 and lv4-lv5 intervertebral disc levels causing narrowing of both lateral re?

Compressed right ventral cord @ C4/5 due to disc protrusion. Spinal column 9mm. Severe bilateral foraminal stenosis. Pain. Risks to forgoing surgery?

Conjoined l5/s1 nerve root on rt side after spinal fusion.Scarring in the spinal canal at l4-5 especially on the rt side intervertebral foramen ?

Could a disc protrusion impinging exiting C8 nerve root as well as stenosis spondylosis and reactive endplate changes possibly be from an infection?

Could c-spine hyperflexion/vertical compression lead to "left high-grade/advanced osseous neural foraminal stenosis" at c5-c6/c6-c7 and r arm numbness?

Could you tell me the difference between annulus fibrosus and nucleus pulposus in intervertebral disc?

Desiccated l5-s1 disc diffuse central bulge indenting the thecal aav?

Desiccation of L4-L5 & L5-S1 discs. Mild diffuse posterior protrusion L4-L5 & L5-S1 discs mildly indenting the thecal sac. What does that mean?? Thnxx

Diffuse disc bulge at l4/5 level indenting the thecal sac, what does this mean?

Disc bulge indenting thecal sac at L5/S1, possible impringment of left S1 root. Could this be cause of burning toes at night? Steroid injection help?

Disc bulge w/ post left lat disc protrusion c6-7 mild central/left neural foramina stenosis hemangioma seen w/in left lateral inferior aspect of c4?

Disc bulge, c6-c7, protrusion measures 11 x 3 mm. Thoughts?

Disc degenerative changes in the lower thoracic spine beginning t7-t8 tiny left paracentral disc protrusion at b t7-t8. Can this cause chest pain?

Disc desccation with posterior diffuse disc bulge at L5-S1 level mildly indenting the-cal sac and moderately narrowing bilateral neural formina?

Disc desiccation, bilateral facet hypertrophy, min. Spondylosis, flatening of thecal sac and bilateral neural foramina at l4-l5. Can it cause goosebumps?

Disc protrusion measures 15mm medial lateral 6mm an anteroposterior causes contact with ventral cord and central canal stenosis?

Disc protrusion T8-T9 - flattening cord, little CSF around cord. Impacts gait, very unsteady & using cane. What can neuro tell ortho (have MRI)?

Disc protrusion T8-T9 - flattening of cord with little CSF around cord. Having marked changes to gait, very unsteady on feet. Neuro next. Surgery?

Disc protusion at L4/5 causing stenos on right, severe narowing on left.Bilateral disc bulge at L2/3/4. Disc osteophyt complx at L1/2. Relief pain?

Discs at l3/4 & l4/5 are both abnormal for a patient of my age, with desiccation. There are posterior annular tears at both levels?

Disk herination at L4/5 with indentation on inferior fat pad of both neuroformaines.does it need to do surgery ?

Does Broad based diffused disc osteopyte complex of c5-6 w/o spinal or foraminal stenosis w/ mild effacement of the ventral CSF cause severe pain?

Does it require surgery if there is no CSF with indent of ventral thecal sac on c-5/c-6?

Does nerve root clumping.Always = arachnoiditis?

Does the below MRI justifies surgery: Multilevel degenerative disc opposite C6-C7 with left paracentral disc protrusion mild to moderate indentation?

Explain mri: l5-s1 mild discogenic disease, spondylosis, a diffuse posterior bulge and a broad based hnp compressing thecal sac at both s1 nerve exit

F,43,severe central disc bulge at L5/S1 cause severe thecal sac compression wt possible impingement at L5 nerve roots bilaterally.what does it mean?