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20years ago had l-4 spinal fusion for congenital scoliosis now as an adult uncontrollable pain. What do you recommend?

8 year old with mild spina bifida. We just found she has 2 cysts on the sacral region of her spine. Can cysts be malignant? We are worried

Are people born with spinal curvature or is it acquired over the years?

Are venus dimples the same as a sacral dimples!?

Brother born spina bifida now 31 diagnosed with tethered spinal cord. Needs detethering how common/successful is it? Should he see dr in usa or sydney

Can a L4 L5 Pars Defect cause sciatica pain?

Can cheerleading cause injury and back pain in a teenager with spina bifida occulta?

Can L4 anterolisthesis & L5 posterolisthesis on s1 with bilateral pars defect at L4 cause venous insufficiency in both legs? If so why?

Can scheuermans disease exist with two mild wedged vertebrae? Or does it have to be 3 consecutive?

Can spina bifida occulta lead to tailbone pain problems in adults?

Can Spina Bifida Occulta worsen and develop into Spina Bifida? My MRIs show severe issues in every level of my spine, but only the L5/S1 shows SBO

Can the L5 pars defect cause severe pain?

Can you explain features and causes of holoproscephaly, caudal dysgenesis, sacrococcygeal teratoma and situs inversus?

Can you tell me about bilateral pars defect C5 (back problem)?

Can you tell me of any long term defects having a sacral dimple?

Can you tell me what "pars defects at L5 with 4-5mm anterolisthesis of L5 on s1" mean?

Can you tell me what chronic bilateral pars interarticularis defects on my MRI mean?

Congenital odontoid anomaly + MVA = complete instability of c1-c2. Need advice on fusion with abnormality. Will send images to anyone who can help.

Could it be Klippel-feil syndrome? At 12yrs old, learned I have congenital (45degree) cervicothoracic scoliosis w/congenital cervical fusion.

Could sacral dimple in adults be open?

Could the bell clapper deformity form during teenage years. Or is it only congenial ?

Could you explain what is pars defect at L5 mean anyway?

Deformity of spinous C7 what's that mean?

Do hydro cephalus cause facial deformity?

Do you know anything about a sacral dimple in a infant?

Doctor said im having loss of the lordotic curvature, impression: L5 pars defect with muscle spasm ?

Doctor said im having loss of the lordotic curvature, impression: L5 pars defect with muscle spasm?

Does anyone have pars defect that is not symptomatic?

Does lordosis predispose someone to congenital lateral recess stenosis?

Has anyone diagnosed "lateral recess spinal stenosis" in anyone under 25 yrs of age? How common is lrss in this age cohort?

Having just been diagnosed with spinal bifida occulta at 24, i was wondering if there are certain careers to avoid?

Hi doctors, was just wondering what is bilateral coanial atresia?

Hi doctors, was just wondering what is bilateral firmostostmy?

How are spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis typically diagnosed?

How can I cure lumbosacral meningomyelocele in small baby.?

How do sacral dimple in adults occur?

How does obesity specifically affect spondylolysis or spondylolisthesis?

How is atlantoaxial instability diagnosed?

How serious might my sacral dimple be?

How to treat reoccurent spondylolysis in my L5 vertebrae?

I had spinal fusion surgery for spina bifida occulta 6 years ago I have chronic back pain what can I do ?

I have 35 degree congenital lumbar scoliosis along with spina bifida occulta in L5 vertebra. Is lifting weights and doing push ups a good idea?

I have a pars defect, but how does anyone tell if that is really causing any symptoms?

I have anklyosing spondylitis and i was told a defect to my tailbone. Doctor said i was born that way. My tailbone pertrudes outward. I have excruciat?

I have bilateral foraminal stenosis present at l4l5 with bilateral pars defect at L4 and am curious if the pars and stenosis can heal without surgery?

I have bilateral pars defect in c5, what does this mean?

I'm 37 years old have spina bifida occulta which has never really caused much grief except for kidney failure now have numbpatch on leg, tethered cord?

If a sacral dimple is closed and is just a skin dimple, does this mean the child has a neural tube defect underneath?

Is a sacral dimple hereditary and how common are they?

Is it a neural tube defect if your sacral dimple is bottomless?

Is it normal for a unilateral pars fracture to become bilateral over a few months?? What could cause this? Is spondylolysis a serious back problem?

Is occult spina bifida inherited? Mom and i both have dimple on lower back. Mine shows up on xray.

Is severe pars defect treatable?

Is spina bifida occulta congenital condition? What are the remedies? I get bothering back pain at least once a year but does not affect daily activiti

Is spina bifida occulta congenital condition?What are the remedies? I get bothering back pain at least once a year but does not affect daily activiti

Is there a mild form of achondroplasia? A semi-dwarf?

Is there any surgery to fix a Grade 1 anterolisthesis of L4 and L5 with a bilateral pars defects on L4?

My 13-year-old son has spondylolysis with minimum spondylolisthesis of the L5 vertebrae. Is this serious?

My doctor told me I have pars defect. Is that why could I be having pain?

My son is 14 and was diagnosed with sbo during a CT scan for spondylolisthesis at L5 is there an operation to close the defect in the vertabra?

Occult spina bifida, high arches and palate, pectus, tall, spont retinal tear. What does all this mean genetically?

Seeking non-surgical treatment options for adolescent bilateral grade 3 spondylolysis (pars defects) with herniated l5-s1 disc?

Weird. I have a very high palate and arches. Also pectus excavatum, occult spina bifida. Genetic problem?

What are the complications of bilateral pars interarticulars deffects, ?

What are the core symptoms of neural tube defects?

What are the most common congenital deformities?

What can you tell me about congenital analgesia?

What do women do to cause congenital deformities?

What do you suggest if my son has a very pronounced vertebrae I think it's called t10?

What does "chronic bilateral pars defects at l5" mean?

What does bilateral L5 with par defects mean?

What does congenital anomaly of the radius and ulna mean?

What does Grade 1 anterolisthesis of L5 on S1 secondary to bilateral pars defects mean ?

What does it mean to me and what should I do if I have "chronic bilateral pars defects at l5"?

What does it mean when your sacral dimple bleeds?

What does sacralized L5 with pseudo-articulation mean?

What happens if I have pars defect, spondylothesis and scoliosis can I still join the marines?

What is a bilateral pars defect at c5?

What is a fibrous cortical defect?

What is a palpable step off in regards to a pars defect and spinal instability? How to tell if i have one? Pars defect at L5 with bump on spine.

What is a pars defect?

What is a sacral dimple in a infant?

What is bilateral pars defect of the spine?

What is bilateral pars defect of the spine?

What is bilateral pars defect? Does it heal up?

What is break noted in pars interarticularis between L5 s1 level?

What is congenital abnormality of L1 transverse process?

What is congenital fusion of the spinous process?

What is congenital laxity and how is it treated?

What is laminectomy defect mean ?

What is pars defect at your spine mean anyway?

What is spondylolysis at L5 (bilateral) and what symptoms would you have?

What is the basic meaning when MRI shows Bilateral L5 pars Interarticularis defects without subluxation? This incurred after a multiple car accident.

What is the definition or description of: pars defect?

What is the diagnosis code for sacral dimple?

What is zyringomyelia formation?

What to do if I have a child who has had surgery for a pilonidal dimple that extends to their spine?

What to do if I have just recently learned I have bilateral pars defect in l5, what does this mean?

What to do if I have just recently learned What to do if I have bilateral pars defect in l5, what does this mean?

What's the cause of nighttime urination months after a posterior repair with a Botox treatment ? Was born with spina Bifida