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About to be 25. Smoked about a pack a day since i was 16. Quitting now. By quitting young will i avoid all smoking related disease?

After 20 yrs of smoking I am trying to quit. I am on day 4 without a cigarette. How long does it take for all the nicotine to be gone?

After about 40 days of quitting smoking cold turkey were is the body at as far as healing and how long more till your better mentally and physically.?

After changing to a healthier diet and quitting smoking, there's a withdrawal stage with ED when one cannot acheive erection. How long does this last?

After I quit smoking marijuana I've been fatigued badly can't sleep and just dint feel well with trouble breathing at times I quit a week and half ago?

After quiting cigarette how can I make my penis erect strongly?

After you quit smoking how long does it take for your lungs to fully clean up?

After you quit smoking, how long does it take your body start to feeling better?

Alan Carr's easy way to stop smoking helped me n my wife quit smoking. But she is addicted to drinking daily. Is 3 glasses of red wine too much for he?

Also, is smoking pack of cigarettes in a short period of time bad for you?

Any tips for stop smoking?I stopped for 3 weeks but since 3 days i smoke 3 or 4 dayly, most because im so worried, but i want to stop, and without meds

Are e-cigs better for me than regular ones?

Are the aids to help quit smoking helpful or is it mostly willpower needed?

Are there good ways to get a sick person to stop smoking?

As a fact i enjoy smoking.So since its a fun what should I do to avoid it?

Becoming harder to breathe after quitting smoking, what to do?

Can a 13 year old get cancer i think i might get it but ima stop smoking emeditlly

Can chantix really help to stop smoking or is there a better solution?

Can drinking 5 to 6 cups of tea a day be bad on my health I am 21. I just quit smoking jan 13. Was a pack a day smoker since i was 17. This is my first time doing it cold turkey. I am feeling very confident about it this time. I have quit coffee too. But

Can drinking 5 to 6 cups of tea be bad for my health I am 21. Quit smoking jan 13. Pack a day smoker since i was 17. This is my first time quitting cold turkey. Feel confident about things this time. Quit coffee too. But picked up this habit of drinking t

Can hookah smoking daily between ages 16-18 stunt teen growth? I'm really frustrated and quit it already.

Can I get meds to quit meth and cannabis when pregnant?

Can I just wear a nicotine patch forever instead of trying to wean off. I worked to hard to quit smoking and don't want to fall off the wagon.?

Can pot smokers have fertility probs, if I stop smokin, could I get pregnant?

Can quitting smokin effect the way ur stool looks ?

Can smoking cigarets increase the speed at which you get sick?

Can smoking cigarettes make my anxiety worse?

Can smoking ciggarettes make you faint?

Can smoking tobacco make you very tired?

Can stopping and starting smoking cigarettes affect my period?

Can the reason i'm getting dizzy be because i stopped chewing tobacco?

Can u get addicted to tobacco through 2nd smoking if around for only a couple of minutes at one time?

Can using smokeless tobacco make you physically feel bad all the time?

Can you get bad headaches after quitting smoking for 2 days?

Can you get addicted to cigarettes by liking the smell and breathing the packs in alot?

Can you get addicted to cigarettes if you only keep the smoke in your mouth?

Can you get hives from smoking cigarettes?

Can you let me know how many days before getting the lapband surgery should someone stop smoking weed?

Can you please explain why bulimia is so hard to quit?

Can you please tell me some good ways to get somebody to stop smoking fake weed?

Can you recommend what to do to get rid of big smoking addiction-my mom?

Can you suggest a means to get my boyfriend to stop smoking?

Can you suggest a means to get my boyfriend to stop smoking?

Can you suggest a means to get my dad to stop smoking and drinking?

Can you tell me how could i get my dad to stop smoking?

Can you tell me how I could approach my boyfriend about his cigarettes?

Can you tell me how I could not let my boyfriends smoking habit get to me?

Can you tell me how I could talk to my boyfriend about his smoking habit?

Can your gums turn pinkish again if you quit smoking? If yes, how long would it take? If no, why?

Can your lungs heal from smoking meth at least 5 or 6 times an holding it in a few times?But i quit a year ago not knowing how bad it was!please help

Could I get some advice and tips on how to quit smoking?

Could use your help docs! a friend started smoking blu and i'm trying to convince her it's just as bad as regular cigerettes. Are they just as bad or not?

Could use your help docs! my wife started smoking hookah, what can I do to stop her?

Could you tell me what's the best way to get my girlfriend to quit smoking?

Could your lungs heal back a year after youo stop smoking?

Decided to go off cigarettes a fews years back but im addicted to nicorett nasal spray. Is this really bad because i really need it?

Did smoking weed make me pass out ? I had smoked a lot of my life i stoped smoking because IV been pregnate and i just had a baby about 6 weeks ago . Well i was smoking with my boyfriend and after we were done smoking we were standing up talking .Well i

Do aa and na meetings make it harder to quit smoking cigarettes? A lot of my friends there smoke & oldtimers say not to quit too early.

Do erections return after stopping smoking ?

Do I have to stop smoking weed before getting the lapband surgery?

Do I need to stop smoking a lot in advance of surgery?

Do people think that jogging/running can stop the effects of cigarette smoking?

Do smoking ciggaretts make bipolar disorder worse? If so how

Do smoking lines go away when you quit?

Do we really need to stop smoking after a nose job?

Do you think or believe that smoking is just a bad habit or an addiction?

Do you think that i could get in trouble for confessing to my doctor about smoking weed?

Does plugging meth give you a better high than smoking it?

Does quitting smoking help or hurt anxiety problems?

Does smoking cigarettes have any relation to having to go to the bathroom?

Does smoking cigarettes make you have to urinate more often?

Does smoking marijuana get rid of nausea?

Does smoking marijuana make Plan B less effective?

Does smoking pot makes one throw up?

Effective methods i can utilize to distract my mind when i'm trying to quit smoking?

Even if you quit smoking weed for a great number of years, can those smoking events from the past hurt my future child?

Every time i smoke weed i start to panic, how to make it stop, what to do?

For what length of time do I have to stop smoking until my nicotine addiction completely disappears?

Friend stopped smoking at 63. Proud of him, after 40 years, but will that really cut his risks?

Good morning doctors i really need your help please i quit smoking 9 months ago and gained 40 pounds. I started going to gym a month ago and?

Having hard time quitting smoking and I am pregnant due in July ?

Having surgery tomorrow doc called to make sure I quit smoking (fat grafting) should I let him know I am using the nicotine gum?

Hello doctor's . Im 19 years old and I have 5 years that i smoke.I have try to quit but i can't i get crazy and to much nervous.I need you help.Thanks?

Hello I am masturebating for last 5 year's but now i want to quit it but get crystals in my seamen if i stop it for 15 days without any pai help me?

Hello i need to stop smoking, but ansiaty is kill me, any help please.

Help me please! i'm quiting smoking for my resolution is there any way I can make sure I don't start back up?

Help quitting tobacco needed before ttc?

Help? I have decided i want to quit smoking and want to go cold turkey. Anybody done this and got some tips?

Hey doctor , so i am a smoker i quit for 1 month but i got back smoking 10-20 cigs a day. How long does it take for nicotine or cotine not to show .

Hi docs, would quitting smoking bring my sexual health back?

Hi doct I m a smooker and I want's stop smoking.can u help me?

Hi doctor,I'm wondering if smoking cigarettes could get me skinnier?

Hi, i wanna leave smoking, I have started about 10 years ago. What should I do ? Sport, drug .. Which one is better ?

Hoping you can tell me, is pack of cigarettes bad for you?

How can an everyday smoker cut back on smoking weed?

How can heavy smoking bother your family?

How can I convince my mom to get an ecig with no nicotine?

How can I convince my stubborn mother to stop smoking?

How can I effectively stop smoking? With me it is more like "i have to quit" rather than "i want to quit". There is no motivation.

How can I get my family member to stop smoking marijuana?