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16yr smoker trying 2 quit.Ecigs cause migraines and acid reflux,no matter the nicotine content.Hx of depression/cutting,chantix bad idea?Wellbutrin?

34yo smoking for 17 years. i want to quit cold turkey w/o meds for this. can quitting cold turkey cause other medical issues? i am reading it can :(

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Can secondhand smoke exposure to marijuana smoke delay thc withdrawal as well as intensify the anxiety im experiencing from quitting.

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Dear Doctor, I'm 20 days into quitting smoking cigs but I'm feeling so anxious and foggy headed it's unbelievable. Is this normal? Thank you.

Dizzy after smoking a cigarette... And meds change i'm 19 years old and i take deppresion medication called wellbutrin i just started it a month ago... I am experiencing dizziness after smoking cigarettes i only smoke at night and I am usually walking my

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Had been smoking 10-12 cigarettes for >10 yrs. 2 months back, reduced smoke to 2-3 cigs per day, can I have withdrawal symptoms? What are these?

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Heat pleasure to alleviate nicotine withdrawal?

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I am a. 40 year old male who has smoked marijuana for 20+ years,about 1 ounce weekly. What is the best way? Wean off or cold turkey?

I am on 6th day on zyban (bupropion) still smoking but halved the intake: tomorrow I quit smoking, what should I expect?

I am quitting smoking tomorrow. I have some questions. Such as, how well does the gum help with withdrawal?

I am thinking quitng smoking. Any advice with withdrawals or any tips?

I am trying to quit smoking cold turkey, what are some ideas to help control/decrease my urges?

I have been on 2 mg daily of xanax for 15 days do I have a risk of seizures if I quit cold turkey?

I have been on 37.5 effexor (venlafaxine) for 12 days. If I quit cold turkey will I have withdrawal. What do you suggest?

I have been on zoloft (sertraline) 100mg for 10 months for my panic attacks.A heavy smoker for 13 years.considering quitting smoking using patches.whats ur advice?

I have been takimg 50 mg of zoloft for one week, and want to quit taking it. Do i need to taper, or can i quit cold turkey?

I have peripheral vascular disease can I quit my pack a day habit cold turkey or should I ween off?

I have recently quit smoking and experiencing fatigue & vertigo like symptoms, is this normal I am 44 yrs old, just quit smoking?

I have to quit smoking, and i can not do it cold turkey, i tried the patch, but i come out in a rash, is the e- cigarette a good choice and is it safe?

I just quit smoking cold turkey, is it normal to have bloating, upset stomach, and fluid retention?

I know someone who smokes a lot of marijuana and is trying to quit. What are the withdrawal symptoms?

I quit cigarettes 2 days ago but every time I quit I suffer serious constipation what can I do to stop this?

I quit smoking 3 days ago and I'm experiencing some serious diarrhea and nausea. I smoked for about 7 months. When will these withdrawal symptoms pass?

I quit smoking 4 days ago (cold turkey) and was wondering when the withdrawal symptoms and urge to smoke would disappear? Any ideas guys?

I quit smoking and I have no energy. Could this be withdrawal?

I quit smoking cigarettes 2 months ago headache I am out what to do headache out?

I quit smoking cold turkey but im trying to quit chewing tobacco just can't seem to any tricks suggestions or thoughts on how to?

I quit smoking for a month now, but could not do it cold turkey, so I have an E-cigarette to get me through the cravings. what is the long term effect?

I quit smoking once before for about 3 yrs then started back up again. It was easy the first time quitting cold turkey. Now it's not. Any tips?

I quited tobacco from 2005, i lost sense of pleasure after quitting tobacco. Can tobacco quiting do this? Can i restore pleasure sense by eating tobacco again?

I quitted smoking cold turkey 3 weeks ago...i am still feeling a bit of light this normal??

I smoke more when i'm depressed. Which is worse? Tobacco or antidepressants?

I stopped smoking cold turkey 12 days ago, but now I'm coughing a lot. Is this normal?

I used to smoke 20 cigarets a day and quit col turkey. It's been 7 days that i haven't had a puff. My question is i did not get any cough or cold after quitting. Is this normal? I've been smoking for the last 6 years.

I want to quit smoking using Wellbutrin. Will this also help with my anxiety? I worry about it intensifying with nicotine withdrawals.

I was a chronic marijauna user I have quit for 45 days no I have been suffering from anxiety could this be from withdrawl from the marijuna?