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Are black and milds cigars worse than cigarettes?

After i smoke a cigarette I have a bad but short lasting stomach ache, after every cigarette i smoke. Besides smoking what could be wrong?

After i smoke a cigarette stomach swells?

Any advice? I have been smoking for at about 3 years but it wasn't until the last 2 times that i threw up. I just want to know why?

Any advice? I have never smoked in my life and it feels like I have been smoking. How?

Any ideas on why i'm getting dizzy when i smoke cigarettes?

Any ideas why secondhand cigarette smoke give me such horrible long lasting headaches?

Are blunts(weed rolled in cigar wrapper)bad to smoke? Ive heard the wrap has tobacco but does it have alot of tar or just nicotine?

Are e cigarettes bad for you?

Are e-cigarettes as bad for kids as other types of cigarettes?

Are herbal cigarettes LESS bad than normal ones? I know they produce carbon monoxide but they dont have tobacco or additives. So they cant be as bad?

Are hooka pens really that bad for you if you have asthma? What could happen?

Are hookah pens bad to smoke while pregnant ?

Are hookahs better or worse than cigars?

Are hookas bad for you?

Can cigarette smoke entering the eyes have any bad effects?

Can i smoke other things besides tobacco, like cloves?

Can smoking a cigar make your cravings for a cigarette go away?

Can smoking a pipe make your breath smell bad in the long run?

Can someone tell me if smoking marihuana is bad for you?

Can someone tell me if smoking without inhaling is that bad?

Can you let me know how many cigarattes do I smoke and how long do I smoke, will make me get addicted to smoking?

Can you please explain why cigar smoking is bad for you?

Can you tell me about the best thing for allergic reaction to cigarette smoke?

Can you tell me are blu cigerettes as bad as real cigerettes?

Can you tell me are electric cigarette bad for you if you are a non smoker?

Can you tell me if that smoking without inhaling is that bad!?

Can you tell me is being allergic to cigarette smoke a thing?

Can you tell me is it bad for a 12 year old to breathe in smoke like cigarette?

Can you tell me is it bad to smoke when you have a cold?

Can you tell me is it possible to crave the smell of cigarettes?

Can you tell me is the first cigarette bad for you?

Can you tell me, how bad is pure tobacco for you?

Could i be allergic to cigarettes and still smoke and be fine?

Could it be bad for a type 1 diabetic to smoke cigarettes?

Could it be bad to be around a lot of pot and tobacco smoke?

Could it be that bad to smoke crack if you have a terminal illness?

Does any one know what will happen if you smoke mugwort?

Does blowing cigarette smoke out of your nose carry any worse/less bad effects than blowing out your mouth? Im trying to quit by the way

Does coffeemate cause cancer ? Is it bad in any way ?

Does slim cigarettes has the same bad side. Like the ordinary cigarettes

Does smoking a vape pen be bad for your health?

Does smoking make you smell bad?

Does smoking makes you weak and thin?i smoke around 15 ciggerates a day.

Everytime i smoke tobacco on metronidazole i feel more sick, why?

Feeling sick after smoking first cigarette, is this normal?

Filtered or nonfiltered cigarettes worse? I know they're both bad so so please dont answer with that. Which is worse?

Foes smoking hookah hurt a fetus of 1 week ?

General anaesthetic on friday, they told me not t smoke. Can i smoke a vapour ecig?

Heart, shaking, and headache. Could this be a reaction to cigarette smoke, and is this normal?

Hello can you answer my question when I do my smoke my Shisha pen after a while I become weezy?

Help. I'm dating a girl with bad asthma and/or allergies to cigarette smoke and I smoke. What do I do?

Hi docs, do you think it's bad for you to smoke weed and then workout?

Hi docs, do you think it's bad to smoke weed with a sensitive esophagus?

Hi, do you think I can feel sick if I smoke too much shisha?

Hi, how bad is nicotine without all these bad substances from regular cigarette? I'm "smoking" e-cigarette a lot and i wonder is it bad for health?

How bad can smoking 1-2 blunts of marijuana a day be?

How bad is it for your health to occasionally smoke cannabis?

How bad is it to smoke weed etc when you have asthma?

How bad is marijuana?

How bad is Smoking ?

How bad is smoking cigars for you?

How bad is smoking for you?

How bad is swallowing weed smoke ? I've been smoking wrong for a few months I'm quitting but I devolped acid reflux am I going to die?

How bad it is if i smoke with pneumonia?

How bad smoking sheesha really is?

How bad will cigarette smoking effect my husbands fertility? He is 28 yr old and has been a smoker for about 8 or 9 yr. He smoke about a pack a day.

How bad will my health become if i smoke a few cigarettes a week?

How can I get rid of a headache/nausea from secondhand cigarette smoke?

How come a lot of schizophrenics like to smoke cigarettes and drink coffee?

How come i get headaches after someone around me smokes a cigarette?

How come i now don't mind smelling cigarette smoke when i couldn't stand it before?

How horrible is pure tobacco for you?

I smell cigrett smoke and sting eyes but no one else can?

I am 19 years old and have been smoking weed everyday for the past two years. Is that bad?

I am sitting at home, and I smell strong cigerate smoke. No one smokes, no one else smells it. Not around a smoker. What's up with this? Kinda weird

I can smell smoke all the time and feel like it's in my chest yet I don't smoke and I'm not around people who do.

I don't smoke but i'm curious about weed smoking because people argue about it when i tell them any kind of smoke is bad! is weed bad?

I dotn smoke weed but am around people who do, is it bad for me to accidentaly inhale some of the secondhand marijuana smoke. Its not much.

I have a 2 yr old and my boyfriend smokes, not anywhere near her but is the smell & smoke residue on his clothes and breath harmful to her in any way?

I have a really bad headache that won't go away.. I stay hydrated. Like what could it be? I smoke Marijuana.

I have asthma and i recently started smoking. I smoke not more than 3 cigarettes a day. I want to know how bad smoking is for me?

I have Crohn's disease, is it bad to smoke weed from a dealer?

I have fag hair I need help it stinks of fags but I don't smoke ?

I have had 2 seperate month long episodes where i smell and taste cigarette smoke. I've never smoked and i'm not around any smokers. Brushing my teeth or spraying perfume doesn't help. What could it be?

I have quit smoking since more than a year and a half now, but I am always around smokers.How bad is it for me now second hand smoke? It bothers me.

I inhale black smoke what i can do now?

I like incense very much, it calms me down. I was just wondering if it's bad for you because it is smoke?

I never smoke but over 2 weeks ago tried a cigar a few puffs didn't inhale . What's the best way to rid the nicotine from my system if there's any left?

I smell smoke almost all the time. And there is no smoke anywhere near me. ?

I smell smoke, my eyes are burning and I feel the smoke in my throat. I don't smoke and no one in my household smokes.

I smoked five ciggarette a day then i get severe headaches cause of smoking?

I want to quit my bad habits like alcohol and smoking please give me suggestionsa about this....

I was a heavy smoker for 3 years or so..Mixing tobacco with marijuana. Have recently quit but spit up a lot of tar. Is this a good sign or bad one?

I was wondering what are carcinogens and why are they bad for you?

I went from smoking cigerettes to smoking an electronic one can this still affect my asthma and make it worse?

I'm just wondering, if you smoke a cigarette in your room, will it leave a smell?

I'm not sure but is inhaling cigar smoke bad for you?

I'm wondering are e cigarettes not as bad for you as normal cigarettes?

I'm wondering are fake cigarettes bad for you?