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After quitting smoking, are there vitamins to aid in lung repair?

Any advice? I have been smoke for 4 months already. I smoke 3-4 cigerettes per day. If i quit now, can my lung recover to its normal state?

Approximately how long does it take to develop lung cancer from smoking cigarrettes? Do electronic cigarrettes actually help a person quit smoking?

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Are your lungs permantly damaged even if you stop smoking after smoking for a decade?

Before I quit smoking thirty-one years ago. I spoked 1 ppd. Could this cause a lung disease?

Can a history of smoking meth cause your lung to collapse?

Can a smokers lung ever be fully repaired?

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Can firsthand smoking cause asthma?

Can I donate a lung if I smoke and drink?

Can i smoke marijuana with cardiomegaly?

Can i smoke weed with a collapsed lung? Can i smoke weed with 10%of my lung collapsed

Can lungs function after you quit smoking?

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Can my lungs clear up after I quit smoking?

Can my lungs heal themselves if I stop smoking?

Can my lungs recover from smoking?

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Can smoking marijuana worsen my asthma?

Can smoking meth cause cysts on lungs?

Can smoking pot cause asthma?

Can smoking pot cause the black phlegm from smoking cigarettes to leave your body?

Can smoking weed once a week give you lung cancer and/or emphysema?

Can someone tell me how long will it take the lungs to heal once someone quits smoking?

Can the smell of cigarettes (not the smoke) affect a person's lungs?

Can the tar from the cigarette go away from the lungs during passive smoking?

Can there be a way to heal and clean lungs after smoking?

Can you die from smoking just one time?

Can you get ARDS from smoking?

Can you get hyperinflated lungs from smoking?

Can you please explain why cigarette smoke is harder on your lungs?

Can you tell me how could a pulmonologist help a smoker to stop smoking?

Can you tell me if i smoked heavily for a long time, can it lead to emphysema?

Can you tell me some ways to help lung health after smoking cessation?

Can your lungs heal from second hand smoking?

Could breathing in steam help your clear your lungs from smoking?

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Could smoking weed lead to emphysema?

Could someone get emphysema from smoking paper once?

Could u die from having a hysterectomy and having copd(breathing problems) I smoke cigarettes?

Could you die from holding smoke in your lungs?

Could you get emphysema from one pack of cigarettes?

Could you pick up asthma if you smoke?

Did smoking cause my asthma?

Do I have tobacco lungs or asthma?

Docs, could a person with any lung disease smoke without consequences?

Does asthma occur in cigarette smokers?

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Does marijuana or tobacco do less damage to your lungs?

Does quitting smoking result in shortness of breath im 49 and haven't smoked for 4 or 5 days now?

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Does smoking always affect your lungs?

Does smoking cause emphysema?

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Does smoking really increase your risk of a collapsed lung again?

Go away from the lungs during passive smoking?

Healthy breathing and lungs cleaning for smoking person?

Hello doctor i've been smoking for almost a year now and have quit a week ago,can u tell me how do i clean my lungs and tar in it.

Help please? How much time does it take to cleanse my lungs after a cigarette?

Help please. Could an asthma inhaler of some variation, help clear lungs after quitting smoking?

Help plz! Can smoking weed lead to emphysema?

Help? I have been smoking for 4 months already. I smoke 3-4 cigerettes per day. If i quit now, can my lung recover to its normal state?

Hi docs, will your lungs heal from 2nd hand smoking?

Hi docs, would my lungs be permantly damaged from smoking?

Hi someone told me that smoking e-cigarettes can put water into your lungs ?!? Is it possible by any way?

How can I clean out the tar in my lungs from years of smoking?

How can I recover my lungs from smoking?

How can I recover your lungs from smoking?

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How detrimental or addictive can smoking be if you take in the smoke into your mouth and exhale without taking it into your lungs?

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How long will your lungs take to clean themselves after you quit smoking?

How many cigarettes a day to avoid lung diseases?

How much could your lungs heal themselves after being a smoker?

How much damage has been done to my lungs? Is there something i can do to reverse this damage? I am 29. Smoked for 8 years about 6 cigarettes a day. I quit smoking 30 days ago

How much tar is in my lungs from 7 pack year history?

How much time our lungs take to heal ashes from our lungs after smoking one cigerate?

How much time will it take for lungs to repair after smoking?

How much time will it take for my lungs to heal from smoking weed?