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Alot of conventional cigarette smoker has turn to electric cigarette, i don't know how safe it is to our health, especially the lungs. Please help. Tq?

And tobacco smoke depletes ozone more poverfully?

Any idea at all what cardiovascular implications the vapor type electronic cigarettes have are they any better than reg. Cigarettes at all?

Any over-the-counter help for someone who smokes?

Are clove cigars just as harmful as a regular pack of cigarettes? My fiancé doesn't seem to think so but i think he is ignorant.

Are e cigarettes and vapor cigarettes just as harmful as real cigarettes? Can they cause cancer as well or are they better for you?

Are e cigarettes safe? If not, are they better than regular cigarettes and how? I want to quit smoking, my body doesn't need it but my mind wants it.

Are e cigarettes safer than cigarettes? No by product from burning tobacco right?

Are e cigs unsafe and can they become addictive?

Are e-cigarettes bad for me? Are they at least better than regular cigs?

Are e-cigarettes not as bad as actual cigarettes? Ive been using one to cut down on cigs and eventually quit but it irritates my throat more than cigs

Are e-cigs a lot better for you than normal ones?

Are ecig aka electronic cigarettes bad for your teeth and gums?

Are electronic cigarettes safe for health?

Are electronic cigarettes safe in pregnancy?

Are electronic cigarettes safe to use to quit smoking?

Are electronic cigarettes safe? My son son is using one that uses juice and and no nicotine.

Are electronic cigarettes safer than regular cigarettes?

Are electronic cigarettes used to help quit smoking or just as a replacement?

Are electronic cigarettes without tobacco or nicotine safe?

Are electronic ciggerettes safer than tobacco?

Are incense sticks and candles carcinogenic?

Are menthol cigarettes safer to use than regular cigarettes?

Are menthol cigarettes worse for you or are the health hazards identical to non menthol cigarettes?

Are Menthols the most dangerous cigarettes?

Are nicotine free blu cigs bad for your health.

Are Nicotine free hookah pens bad for you?

Are nicotine vapes harmful for a teen playing sports?

Are non menthol cigarettes worse than menthol? I ask since menthol is used in cough drops. I know both are bad so please dont answer with that

Are non menthol cigarettes worse? I ask since menthol is used medicinally. I know both are bad and i should quit so dont say that please

Are non nicotine electronic cigarettes bad for you?

Are non nicotine vape pens bad for you?

Are non-nicotine vapor pens bad for you? I tried one once and I just liked the blueberry flavor.

Are portable vaporizers safer to use to smoke marijuana?

Are the cancer-causing chemicals in cigarettes natural?

Are the e-hookah xhale o2 electronic cigarettes safer than normal cigarettes?

Are the new fire safety cigarettes more dangerous?

Are the nicotine free water vapor hookah pens/e-cigs bad for you in any way?

Are the vapor e-cig healthy for you? Will they harm you?

Are there any side effects, pros or cons using a vape pen without nicotine oil just flavored oil?

Are there more cases of deaths linked to people using e cigarettes compared to real cigarettes?

Are tobacco and nicotine free hookah bad for you?

Are Vape Pens bad for you?I have never smoked before and some of my friends are starting to use vape pens without anything else besides the smoke

Are vape pens with no tar, no nicotine, and no tobacco bad for you?

Are vaper pens bad for u if its 3% nicotine in it?

Are vapor cigarettes better than actual smoking?

Are vapor electronic cigarettes bad for you? Are they dangerous to your health?

Are vapour/smokeless cigarettes bad for you? Why can't you use them on airplanes or other public areas if it is just vapour?

Are vapours okay to be used only for the flavours and not for smoking or niciteen?

Are vegetable glycerin/nicotine-free e-cigs still bad for you?

Are water vapors without nicotine dangerous ?

Are water vapors/non nicotine vapors safe for people with asthma? But that has never smoked.

As a child I used to smoke paper without any tobacco did this do anything to my body?

Blu electronic cigarette bad for health?

Can anyone explain what carcinogen is?

Can asthmatics smoke the e cig i dont smoke but i heard it helps asthma ppl put eucalyptus liquid in it is this true?

Can homemade ciggaretes with herbs and leaves be unsafe also? As much as reg ciggarettes?

Can I buy anything that will prevent me from breathing cigarette smoke?

Can I have some tips on buying a e-cig vaporizor?

Can i smoke nicotine, tobacco, and tar free hookah pens while on orsythia birth control?

Can males become sterile from menthol cigarrettes?

Can my acne be due to electronic cigarette?

Can smoking a hookah pen thats nicotine and tobacco free cause wrinkles around lips?

Can someone explain to me how weed contains carcinogens?

Can someone get ill or die smoking an electronic hookahs & e-cigarettes im very concerned. Please tell me all the details of this product?

Can the smoke from a cigarette or vape in contact with skin cause beard damage ?

Can there be any harm in blu e-cigs if you get the nicotine free ones?

Can there be any herbal smoking blends that have the same feel to tobacco when smoked?

Can tobacco flavored ecigs contain actual tobacco?

Can vaping e cigarettes cause nose bleeds?

Can vaporizers be bad for you if they don't contain nicotine or tobacco?

Can vaporizing from e hookah irritate bronchitis?

Can you detect cigarette use as a doctor?

Can you explain if it's true that weed is safer than cigarettes?

Can you overdoese on nicontne if you chain.smoke?

Can you please tell me, should a cigarette help me calm down?

Can you smoke a electronic cigarettes with a ruptured ear drum? Or just a regular cigarette. Been told by different doctors yes and no for regular cig

Can you tell me are e-cigarettes safe to smoke around babies?

Can you tell me are e-cigs still bad for you if they contain no tobacco or nicotine?

Can you tell me are electronic cigarettes safe?

Can you tell me are non-nicotine vape pens bad for you?

Can you tell me are relax 'herbal' e-juices for e cigs bad for you?

Can you tell me how i can remove nicotine from lungs in natural way ?

Can you tell me if there are any herbal smoking blends that have the same feel to tobacco when smoked?

Can you tell me is propelyn glycol (e-cigs) harmful to the lungs?

Can you tell me, are e cigs better for you than normal cigarettes?

Can you tell me, are e-cigarettes safe to smoke around babies?

Can you tell me, are electronic cigarettes better than normal or risk free?

Can you tell me, are nicotine free ecigs safe for nonsmokers?

Can you tell me, are relax 'herbal' e-juices for e cigs bad for you?

Can you tell me, are water-vapor cigarette's safe ?

Cigarettes have been my best friend for 50 years, how do I replace that?

Could a person who smokes cigars only on special occassions not be addicted to nicotine?

Could herbal shisha vapour actually contain carcinogens?

Could hookah vape pens contain tobacco/nicotine?

Could it be harmful to smoke basil leaves?

Do cigar papers or wraps have nicotine in it?

Do cigarettes and the smoke contain anti-viral substances?

Do dry sockets happen after a week? Does using electronic cigarette jeopardize the clot after a week?

Do electronic cigarettes cause cancer and are they harmful to your body