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1 month old baby only slept 7hrs in the past 28 hrs, I am exhausted. Is that normal on at 1 month, she never done this before. :(?

1 year nursing student, I got 2hrs of sleep due to studying for imp test. I woke up extremely queasy, eating didn't help, voiding didn't help. Why?

2 1/2 month old someways sleeps all day and barely eats next day up all day and eating all day! why? Do i wake her she sleep from 10pm til 7am

2 days in a row I took a nap for two hours, and both times I woke up with a pounding headache. Why??

21 years old n can't sleep am i goin crazy? I'm 21 i sleep maybe a hour a day n this has gone on for a year now. Before that i ween up to 8 days with no sleep i was tired but unable to fall asleep. Same as I am now but i take 12 Benadryl n sleep a hour

23 weeks pg been had insomia for 3 days mayb slept 2hrs.. Since then what can I take to get rest?

29 weeks pregnant II get good sleep bt for the past twio days ifve had a headach and instantly fall asleep throughout the day..Eewhy?

2nd cortisone shot in elbow yesterday.Was wide awake until 430am only to wake up at 8 wide awake. Today lightheaded and i can feel my heartbeat.Normal?

36yr old husband is excessively sleepy all the time. Blood work was normal except bilirubin was a 2 but doctor said it was hemolyzed and was not worried. Hubby says he feels better( less sleepy) on weekends when not at work. he sleeps 8 hrs a night.

3mo baby fell asleep early & skipped last bottle of the day due at 10:30 pm. She took 20 oz instead of usual 24 oz. She's 12#6oz. Underfeeding? Wake?

4 week old baby slept at 1:30am woke up at 7am is that normal ? I got worried as she usually wakes at 3/4 but this time she didn't and slept through

6mo w/ insomnia? My son barely sleeps. Will take 1, 20 minute nap/day, approx 9hr/night. I've tried everything. well-check-up soon but feeling lost

6yr old. Sleeps a lot. Ex: All night n noon till 10pm. Up 3hrs, than sleeps n sleeps n school till noon? Bags on eyes, eats less. Doc said allergies??

8 year old has 101-102 fever ONLY starting at 3pm until bed. No meds given. Why does it only occur in late afternoon/evening? Nothing hurts her.

93 and sleeping 14 hr per day. My husband did that before he died. Is it bad>?

9th week pregnancy .I have sever anexity , I sty awake for more than 48 hours until I can sleep again till I become very exhusted.

About ten o'clock pm i started to feel a little sick very hard to get to sleep kept waking up through the night one of the times my feet were a sleep?

After a 12hr night shift I can only sleep 2hrs in the day. I feel nauseous is takes me a couple of days 2 recover is this normal?

After getting up at 5am and being busy during the day, I am tired at 5pm almost every day. Is this normal to be tired after 12 hours? (35 male)

After years of sleeping late, I can't sleep early even at 10pm.My mind just races for hours till 2-3pm.Next day I feel groggy.How to fix it?

All sleeped all day today buy I now I have no energy?

All sudden my 17 month old doeant want her bottle like two days ago started with this, only takes it at bedtime and is falling sleep, shes very active?

Almost fell asleep on escalator, have started to doze while walking. Usually happens on fridays, 7am ish. Have sleep apnea (treated w/ cpap). ?

Any ideas on why i'm so tired everyday even after sleeping in till noon?

Are you agree with nap at afternoon (Catnap)? I sleep for a hour every day but after few hours, my BP gets down and I feel angina. Is there any relati

Arrived 2 days ago in Tokyo from London. I have been going to bed at midnight and normally wake up 2 hours later with pounding heart and anxiety.

At 47 years old should I expect to wake with an erection every morning?

At nine weeks her sleeping pattern is 4 to 5hrs. But she feeds very well and very active too. Do I hv to worry abt her erratic sleeping hrs.

Baby8mo sleeps 11hrs at night, she used to do 2 naps a day up until 2-3weeks ago..Now shell barely sleep in the afternoon what should I do?

Bb is 6months, i put her to bed on her back when she sleeps, 10 min later she would flip on her tummy or side and sleep like that all night for 10 hours?

Been naseous for two weeks and the past two days can't sleep?

Been nauseous and vommiting with diarrhea for the past few hrs. I think I need to sleep it off. Should I take sleeping pull or will it make it worse?

Been on sertraline 6 months, I take it in the morning since starting have had trouble sleeping, wake up feeling like I've not slept ?

Been spending late nights studying getting 2-3hrs of sleep for apprx couple weeks. Starting to feel bad and exhausted. How do i stay well and study?

Best time to go gym.... Morning? Evening? Afternoon?

Blacked out for 1 second earlier in the day, is it safe to sleep?

Can ayone help me i wake in the mornings for about 30 minutes im fine then i get jittery is tht a form of general anxiety disord this is how it all started i drunk tuesday nite about twelve beers went home an slept it off then i woke up an i was shaking w

Can coffee cause you to urinate in your sleep?I've been going every hour. I took a nap and I woke not wet but my room smelled very pungent and tart

Can i take another 5mg of zolpidem if i wake up in the middle of the night and can't go back to sleep? I took 10mg 7 hrs ago. Slept 5.

Can lack of sleep cause pvcs? I'm getting a lot today and i haven't slept much this week.

Can over sleeping cause u to feel weak/tired next day? I slept 18 hours yest cos of my depression.. had full bloods done yest all fine

Can sleeping late like 6am and waking up at 3pm cause pimples on forehead?

Can you tell me of the sleeping pills that would be super that I can't wake up for 6 hours?

Can't sleep more than 6 hours, usual is 9. Just got new job wake up very early 3x wk. Other days sleep in but always wake early. Is job the culprit?

Can't sleep, jet-lag. Only went 1 hr away?

Daily headache feel like tension but ibuprofen will not stop it. Starts about same time everyday late afternoon. Go to sleep and it's gone when I wake?

Daughter 29 months old.Recently started sleeping 2:30pm (nap time) to 6:15am most days.Waking for dinner didn't work.Should we worry?Ideas?

Daughter is 4yrs old. Has nf1 and is extremely hyper all the time. She wont go to sleep until real late. She was up yesterday for 20 hours straight.

Dear doctor, recently I am experiencing tiredness. I am 22 year old male. How many hours of sleep is required by me?

Diagnosed as hypothyroid. Started Synthroid (thyroxine) from Nov 23, 2014. My sleep cycle is off since. Wake up after 4-5 hours sleep and then feel groggy. ?

Dizziness while i sleep at nights jus came off night shift last week?

Do I need to wake my baby up for her Amoxicillin? She went to bed earlier tonight. On day 5 of antibiotics.

Does lack of sleep cause weight gain? On weekdays/sundays i get 7-8 hours and on fridays/saturdays i get around 10. I'm an 18 year old female.

Dr. I have noticed that i sleep a lot as compared to roomates and i feel tired most of the time. I am 172 CM tall and weigh 185 lbs.

Early on in all my pregnancies I have had really strange movie length dreams. They are so full on, i wake up still tired, is this common?

Ever since having surgery , I have had extreme insomnia i'm maybe sleeping 2 hours a night if that . Is this normal ?

Ever since i started mu diet I've been very tired..Ill have 8 hours of sleep and take a 1+ hour nap and still sleep earlier than i used to.?

Ever since I turned 30 I can't work through the day without having to take a nap. Is this not good?

Every month around my period beginning I have insomnia. I will go to sleep just fine but by 1 or 2 am I am awake. What can I do?

Every morning anxiety wakes me up stays til evening and don't know why.Strtd over 2 yrs ago. Bfor that slept great.Try relaxation but not too effectve?

Everytime i go sleep late and wake up early the next day my eyes are red. Why?

Fall is here, and i find myself comstantly cold and tired. I have taken a nap evry day 4 2 wks. Why? I do have kids, 2 15m5- olds

For 4 years i've vomited once every 1-3months. I get chills, &nightmares& i feel sick in the dream until i wake up. It takes 4 hrs to finally vomit.

For a little over a year now, I haven't been able to sleep 8 hours straight. I always end up waking up after 4 hours then feeling sleepy again at 7am.

For past 3 years wakeup feeling nasueas in morning not eating so long before bed eating before bed nothing helps n doctors say its cuz of my anxiety?

For past few days i have woken up with hicups which can last for a few hrs any reason for it?

For the last year, I have been taking naps during the day that last 30-60 mins. I am getting enough sleep 12-7:30am. Why do I still feel sleepy?

For the past 2 months, I've been waking up between 4 and 5 in the morning, every morning. This is not normal for me. I usually sleep until 7am.

For the past 6 months i haven't been able 2 get 2 sleep til 4/5am when i get up at 8am everyday! no naps during the day just no sleep at night! help?

For the past few nights I get nauseated it causes me to wake up out sleep.Imnot pregnant.I do snack at night but that's normal.Any suggestion of why ?

For the past two weeks i havnt been able to sleep for more than 4 hours, even if im so sleepy i still wake up after 4hours.. Why..?

For the past week i cant stop peeing before bed i try to fall a sleep only to wake up having to pee its 3:29 am i still got to go what's going on?

For the past week i have been sleeping for 10-12 hours per day and when i wake up i am very tired and feel weak.I am not under any treatment or pills?

For the past week, every day, I have been getting severe nausea in the evenings only around 7pm and lasting till I fall asleep. What could this be?

For what reasons every time i take a middle-of-the-day nap it is extremely hard to wake up?

Forgot my dose of cravedilol this morning by 1 i was exhausted slept 2 and half hours woke up with pulse of 117 and week. Took my pill but so tired?

Fot the past month or so I have been waking up at 3am. I then wake up every hour after that until it's time to get up. Any ideas or suggestions?

Gave husband 2 mgs lorazapam by mistake fell asleep for 4 hrs any need for alarm?

Girlfriend been very tired for 4 days, been sleeping and waking then sleeping for hours upon hours. What tests should be run by her GP?

Got dark circles few weeks after not sleeping well. How long will it take for them to go away. Just started sleeping well again.

Got extremely sleepy at 8 pm, woke up at 11 am, went back to sleep for 4 hours at 2 pm, tired again at 8 pm. Why am i suddenly so exhausted?

Grandma wants to know why college kid on break slept till 4 in the afternoon.?

Had PSG & woke q 2 min for 8 hrs. Got cpap & now wake 11xs per hour. Is there anythng else tht can b done? I use cpap @ hme but stll tired all day.

Havent slept for almost 3 days. Its 4am here and still awakesleep hygiene not working, & fainting spells worsening (dysautonomia) im exhausted. Advice?

He's always nauseaus, dizzy, anxious, goes days with sleeping 15-18 hours then days of sleeping under 6 hours. What can cause this?

Headache when I wake up late or sleep for long hours in morning, feels like numbness or frozen and it lasts for about a day?

Headpain when i sleep late and wakeup late?

Heavy cold since a week now and is more aggressive after waking up from sleep both in aft and morning. Taking claritine but isnt very effective?

Hello good evening I have my menstral for 3 weeks now that's not normal for me dress very sore sleepy im very drowsy could you please tell me what's?

Hello, I am 22 years old and for the past almost month i've been waking up in the middle of the night around 2am i've been waking up feeling nauseas and I can't go back to sleep and i've been having extreme fatigue. What could this be? I've taken a few p

Hello! I can't sleep after I ran some miles in evening. What do you recommend to me?

Hello. I want to change my pooping schedule from morning about 10am to evening, how could i do it?

Hello. My daily routine begins every morning at 5am. Every day, at 5:30pm-6:30 I get really tired and sleepy. Should I be concerned?

Help im a night owl!! Everynite I cant fall asleep til around 5 am,then dont wana wake up til 2 pm. What can I do to fix my bad sleeping habits?

Hi a couple of years ago I slept at any hour and I could get up whenever I wanted. I remember waking up at 3:30am without a problem, now I cant...

Hi Doctor, is it normal to urinate during sleeping hours in the night every 2to 3 hours ? Shall I worry? Thanks

Hi Dr, I'm having a colono. & endos. 2morrow, I've slept, 4.5 hrs per night lately and didn't sleep at all last night. What can I do to sleep. Thanks.

Hi i am 16 year old i became vegetarian 15 days ago.I go to bed at 10pm cant sleep till 11/12pm.Before i slept fine.Is this a affect on Vegetarian?

Hi my fiance woke up for about a half hour with no memory then fell back asleep for about three minutes and woke back up with full memory?

Hi, I feel sleepy in day and when ride in bus even I slept whole night. Please suggest any ideas. Thanks in Advance.