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I wake up with cold numb arms even though I sleep on my back. I also stop breathing mid sleep and suffocate, paralysed, until I finally Gasp for air ?

1 yr old nephew has no appetite, runny nose, wet gurgling noise, shortness of breath, isn't sleeping through the night because he struggles 2 breathe?

16 yr old has a constant cough & sniffle for years. Only when he's awake, when sleeping he's fine. What can that be?

1yr.old cries, snores, stops breathing while sleeping. purposefully Bangs head a lot (in good moods). & had several ear infections. Related?

2 month old GERD on apnea machine and Zantac (ranitidine) propped up and puking choking and not breathing machine didn't even go off?

2 week old baby snorts when she breathes and sounds like she's snoring when she sleeps. No fever and appetite is good. Is she ok?

2 year old only coughing at night.It is not chesty or wheezy. He cough and then sleep for goes for abt 30 mins and then sleeps thru night ?

2.5 year old had his tonsil and adenoid removed yesterday due to sleep apnea. He still snores and gasps forair like before. Is this normal or will it get better?

21y/o female shiver/chill spells several times/min when sleeping. Also talk loudly/shout sometimes and snore. Hard for people to sleep beside me.

3 weeks: Difficult to breathe lying down (very sideways).Worse in evenings.Tickling cough.Hard to sleep. No fatigue.Never smoked, no alcohol. Serious?

3 year old gasping in sleep? It started last summer and again this season- often when my son goes to the pool that night he gasps for air in his sleep

3 year old mouth breaths, moans , wakes often and sometimes lightly snores at night. What should I have checked out. He hasn't ever slept well?

3yo daughter coughs only during nap or bedtime. Last 2 days no other symptoms. Our air quality is bad outside. Related?

3yr old disturbed sleep twitches holds breathe throws himself around bed grunting noises what can make him like this?

60 year old man experiences coughing at night when he goes to sleep. Sometimes he wakes up in the middle of the night because of the coughing???

7mo old w gasping cough that sounds like its burning her throat. She can only sleep upright on my chest. I've tried all docs suggestions. Thoughts?

About two years, when i go to sleep, i feel dizzy, I have palpitation, my hands numb my mouth is dry and i can't breath very well.And i can' t sleep.

After masturbating, I tried to sleep but I feel that my breathing is short. Is that normal?

Allergy for 5 mnth, congested when trying to sleep+when exercising; prevents sleep, makes breathing harder.20yrs old, corti-strds don't work. Advice?

And i mainly get dizzy at night and someone please tell me why when i just doze off i wake up like im gasping for air like i don't now please help?

Anytime I fall asleep laying on my back, I wake up with fluid/congestion in my lungs. What could be the cause? I'm 29, non-smoker, & normal weight.

Around 8pm breathing gets hard. I have to take an inhaler twice a night to sleep. We are traveling and it is persistant. Some morning congestion.

As I lay down to sleep and my breathing slows, my breathing stops and I immediately wake up and frantically start breathing again. What's happening?

At bed time if am not asleep within half an hour, I experience dyspnea and wheezing sounds and productive cough. Also at time of getting up in morning?

At night sometimes i feel im woken up because i stop breathing.My friend said i was heaving in my sleep. Could it be something serious?

At night Sometimes my husband has a tightness in his throat and can't sleep. It usually goes away after a bit & Sleeps. What is this?causes it ?

Baby 9 months snores reflux wheezy allergys noticed he seems to hold breath in sleep and gasps in sleep occasionally ? What could cause this

Been losing sleep for a week, mass feeling in throat, constant awareness of breathing, and continuous waking. Could this be sigh syndrome?

Before bed time I feel weak and wake up gasping air (I stop breathing). My pulse is 104 right now and my breath is shallow. I take quetiapine, smoke ?

Boyfriend stated I gasp for air and choke in sleep. Does not wake me up. Very lightly snore. Wake up with dry mouth. Wake up 1-2x a night no reason.

Can anxiety affect the tongue? Mine feels like it blocks my airway while relaxed, awake or asleep, and I gag on it! (no allergies)

Can anybody help my wife's problem, every time she sleep at our air condition room she is sick with ashma?

Can gaining 20 lbs cause one to start snoring more? When I was thinner I only snored when I had a cold. Or could it be stress,or new environment?

Can i give my 1 year old son his inhaler while he is asleep?

Can nasal congestion cause temporary sleep apena? Waking up gasping for air when nose is congested. Husband says i don't snore.

Can sleeping with a cold,breeze coming in overnight cause chest pain when I wake,up?

Can waking up gasping for air due to acid reflux actually stop my breath and kill me? It's very scary

Can you be awake when thay put in a breathing tube?

Can you get a cough syncope while you sleep?

Can you get cough syncope while you sleeping?

Can you please explain how phenabarbital puts you to sleep when it was used for sleep.Caused me shallow breathing and eyes rollin unable to wake?

Can you tell me how could i avoid breathing through mouth while sleeping?

Can you tell me how i could avoid breathing through mouth while sleeping?

Can you tell me when you sleep are you suppose to breathe in and out of your mouth or your nose to sleep better?

Can't even breathe and it's really scary because it's like i'm choking. Is it healthy to have sleep paralysis so often?

Can't sleep. My nose is blathering me and my throat is very itchy specially at bed time?

Choking feeling while sleeping... Unable to breathe through nose suddenly?

Clozapine, drooling. I wake up drowning in my own saliva. This can't go on. Please suggest anything OTC that can help with drooling.

Constant acidity,dry cough,burning in throat+chest when exercising,breathing trouble.Is my sleep apnea causing this or is it acidity causing apnea?

Coughed twice this week sleeping on my back (3 sec cough). Two fans on, ceiling and oscillating. Could this be related to fans or heart failure?

Coughing in the night making my unable to sleep. What do I do?

Coughing when i lay in bed. Not relieved by 40 mg of Prilosec. What to do. I can't sleep.

Coughs 24/7 even sleeping hours. Propped up with two pillows. Not sick/asthma. Heavy smoker. Coughing 6mos or more. Could this be COPD? Congested 24/7

Could cpap help you breathe when you're sick?

Could I have weak muscles around my mouth as a reason for drooling in my sleep?

Could you tell me why i wake up gasping for air and feeling like i stopped breathing?

Do we swallow when we are asleep, and if so how many times in a regular night of sleep do we swallow?

Does having a cold lead to difficulty in sleep?

Dry cough jaw hurts can't sleep. Now going on 1 week. ?

Dry intermittent cough for 3 weeks with throat and chest tightness. I do not smoke. Not an issue when working out or sleeping. Starts a couple hours after waking up. Can pnd cause all of this?

During naps i wake up choking on my spit. When i sleep at night i won't choke, but wake up with a sore throat. Is this something to be concerned about?

During periods of severe stress, I swallow a lot of air in my sleep. I don't have sleep apnea. I took 2 Gas X but no help. Any advice?

Every morning for the last few months I have been waking up with a runny nose and very stuffed. I thought it might be seasonal but it is not going away. Anywhere I sleep/nap it comes back. Do you know what might be the cause or how I can treat this?

Every morning I wake up with gas discomfort, i was told I'm Breathing through mouth while sleeping, how can I change this unconscious habbit?

Every once in a blue moon, once i cross over from the awake to sleeping stage, i wake up coughing, and needing air. Its so weird.

Every so often I wake up in the middle of the night unable to breathe? It takes about ten seconds to return to normal again. It's scary. What is it?

Every time I sleep with a fan on (cold air) or sleep with my hair wet I get sick and start coughing. Now Im coughing up green thick stuff, what is it?

Feel anxious and stressed, difficulty in falling sleep and awaken early, throat is sore and it hurts to swallow , what kind of nutrition can help me ?

Feel like throat closes when laying down is it sleep apnea. I've been snoring more too since c3-c4 discectomy w fusion a couple yrs ago?

Feels like i stop breathing at night. I do not snore?

Feels like I struggle to breath / shortness of breath only when am trying to sleep ? Then in deep sleep no one can wake me?

For the last few days I find myself yawning alot and after yawning I kinda gasp for air with a snoring sound.

Frequently wake up in middle of night with hard time breathing. Sounds like i just finished running. Chest is tight usually. Sleep apnea vs. Asthma?

Had a tonsillectomy today and i keep waking up choking on my own saliva. Help?

Had sleep stdy & dr said I woke q 2 min for 6 hrs. Said airway collapsed but didn't call it sleep apnea. Is thre anothr wrd or is this smthng else?

Had sleep study done came back good. However when I fall asleep at times I feel like I can't breath and gasp for air.

Hello Sir, Since i have shifted from India to Saudi Arabia, i am constantly having difficulty in breathing and dry mouthn while sleeping. Please advis?

Hi doctors, my breathing stops during my sleep, sore throat and enlarged tonsils plus sleep apnea. Help?

Hi I continue to bite my lip while I'm sleep & cannot stop until I wake up then I cough.... Am I having seizures??

Hi I have a four year old son he breathes with his mouth open at night during sleep and snores a lot some nights ?

Hi I keep waking up with a dry mouth and headache and body aches but my roommate says I'm not snoring. I have acid reflux but antacids don't work! ?

Hi, I recently had to get up from sleeping and had to throw up. I was gasping for air for about 10 seconds. Why? And how do I avoid it?

How can I settle my difficult in breathing as i can't sleep my doctor thinks I have chronic alticaria?

How can I stop myself from waking up in the middle of the night coughing? I have a head cold.

How come i wake up choking and gasping for air?

How do I keep my throat and chest from drying when i sleep?

How do I know if I have sleep apnea? I woke up in the middle of the night and could not breathe for about five second, i'm sixteen and very worried about this.

How to reduce cough while sleeping?

How to stop chesty coughs halfway through deep sleep?

I am 32 weeks pregnant and have trouble with nose and ear congestion.Cant sleep at nite and triggerss anxiety.Decongestant pls. Safe for me?

I am being treated for strep throat with Azithromycin. I close my eyes to sleep I am awaken by choking or no air.What can I do to get some sleep?

I am experiencing wheezing (worsened by: in the evening, at night, lying flat) . PFT is normal, chest X-ray is normal, no allergies, asthma has been ruled out, sleep apnea was ruled out through a sleep study, I do snore very loudly though. ?

I am feeling tightness in my throat I have a hard time getting to sleep. I also have severe sleep apnea. What can I do?

I am pregnant with 23 weeks. I have observed that my nostril has enlarged and became hard. To the top of it at night my breathing is not regular and I am snoring very hard and unlikely. Kindly advise how do I making my snoring less with peaceful sleep and

I am suffering from nose block while sleeping.. It is very difficult to breath.. If am sitting under fan or sleeping under fan causes nose to block..

I can't sleep at night because of small tention?

I can't sleep because of my bf's heavy breathing at night, what to do?

I can't sleep right-hand side down to bed as it chokes my nose and can't breath. Left-hand side down to bed too breathing is not easy.

I cant breathe well during when i lie down or duck, mostly every night, i have a cold, any solution so i can have a good sleep/?

I cant go to sleep. Whenever i felt sleep i been pulled by a cough and wakes up.Mucus builds up in throat.ts been 2 days without any sleep. Any help?