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I sleep on my stomach and forehead in the pillow so I can breath well. But my forehead is all black now numness for hours after wakeup. Please help?

I start to fall asleep my body feels like it's vibrating & heavy. stomache & have to use the bathroom. Feel wide awake. Lay down & it starts again. ?

I've been noticing that my legs twitch in my sleep, not often but maybe 1-2 times per night and it wakes me up. My hands also cramp and hurt for hrs!

when i lay in bed at night, i feel the need to move my legs. My boyfriend says i kick in my sleep. IS it restless leg syndrome?

10 weeks baby moves her head to right and left several times while I try her to get sleep at nights. She also drooling while awake. Is it normal?

13mnthold does jerking movements with his legs, weird arm movements&makes moaning noise while sleeping.Also does unresponsive blank stares while awake?

16w pregnant. Start sleeping on my left side at night but wake up on my back. When i'm aware, i change positions but sometimes i'm sound asleep. Harm?

19 yrs old keep feeling tightness and my arms muscle, though out the day. is it my sleeping position?

1mo baby moves erratically side by side while asleep, bending and extending limbs, eyes moving, and kinda whimpering. Could this be seizures? Scared

2 weeks RS hand & foot falling asleep, and mouth novacaine feeling to now 3 weeks of vertigo feeling. Any ideas? Should I get medical attention?

31w prego.Can barley walk from my room to living room without falling asleep. Cant keep anything down. No energy don't feel right. Should i go see doc?

33 M, this year limbs falling asleep, wake me up in pain at night, can't button shirts sometimes now bc of numbness, not diabetes. Diagnosis?

4year old has tonsillitis. He is asleep but keeps jerking and making funny sounds. What is this?

5 year old complain of headache on top. He can't lie flat has night sweating and waking up dur nyt Doc didn't seem concerned but I am. Any advice?

5 year old moves around a lot during sleep, twitches and body will tense up and shake for a couple seconds? What is this?

9 month old grunts while rhythmically moving legs and arms gets red in the face and starts drooling and then will cry does this for an hour?

A little bit sound can wake me up when im sleeping,after that i hard to fall asleep again until that a disease?should i see doctor?

Aching arms during the day and then at night they are constantly falling asleep with pain after. It doesn't matter what position i'm in.

Acid reflex (Felt in lower neck) always happens after a bad night sleep, or just not enough sleep. Have noticed this correlation for years. Why?

After crying for like two hours, my head is hurting me so badly that i can't sleep. What should I do for the headache ?

After having many scary vivid dreams, i wake up each time with a very tight chest and pins/needles feeling. Any idea what could be causing it all?

After I masturbated I fell asleep.. After around an hour I was awaken by numbness at my whole right shoulder.. Is that okay?

After I wake up either from a nap or a full nights rest if I try to eat or yawn my jaw hurts! what could this be?

After i've had a couple of beers my hands hurt while i'm asleep?

After sitting for awhile the lips of my friends vagina gies to sleep feeling. Is this smething she should be concerned with.

After taking my meds & fall asleep, i feel 2 heavy 2 turn my body & lift my head. Same feelin when i awake and try 2 get out of bed. What causes this?

Allmost every time i wake up one time after a hour slep, i am Allmost paralized in my left in 7 sec. My left eyelid is very heavy also. What is this?

Any methods that can help me wake up my arm?

Anyone else have this problem of inability to move right before falling asleep?

Anyone ever wake up and been unable to move?

Arms feeling weak like was exercising. When wake up arms are asleep and hard to move. Is this from sleeping on them wrong? 32 weeks pregnant.

Arms hurt so much from raking all day. What should I use to sleep tonight?

Arms numb/tingling after waken. Takes heating pad applied to get feeling back. Sleep in recliner due to sle pericarditis. Happens in bed too.

As soon as I start moving around my right leg and hand falls asleep, and mouth and tongue get a novacaine feeling. Any ideas what may be wrong? Help!

At least three times a week i wake up tired, body aches between shoulders, in hands, legs and no energy. Naps seem not to help.

At night before i go to sleep, sometime i can feel my pulse in my feet, should I worry?

At night when i sleep. Both of my elbows start aching something fierce enough yo wake me up. Feels like they're expanding. Whet could this be?

At night when i'm trying to go to bed my feet feel numb an tingling an i can't sleep an it seems to only got worse of the past week?

Been constipated for quite long, have immense trouble falling asleep at nights, feeling of heaviness in stomach and restlessness in chest, any help?

Been having throbbing in my left foot every 20 seconds then stop for 20 seconds and starts again. Haven't been able to sleep all night?

Been playing the video game from night til morning & sitting in the same position with the cold a/c on my arm is stiff. Blood is not flowing properly & since I can't sleep my head feels tired & lightheaded & tingling like a seizure. ?

Before sleeping I get tingling all over my left leg, and i have an upset stomach, can't sleep because I worry about this, what's wrong?

Both hands shake 24/7. As well my body twitches all over if i sit or lay or sleep. No pain but i'm extremely tired just want to sleep and feel weak.

Both of my big toes are numb i fell asleep waiting on a light to change. My left side hurt to wear i couldn't sleep on it

Can anxiety cause chest pain and tingling? This only occurs at night right as I'm trying to fall asleep. 7 out of past 8 nights.

Can hard excercise give u hands sleeping feeling, my hands hurts a little, and are semi sleep, i and working hard on weights, can this be due to this?

Can MS cause you to feel like you're choking? Happens mostly when sleeping but also when not . Also have parethesia in legs, arms, face & head.

Can nerve irritation cause one to feel shaky?(upper body tremor noticeable with teeth and hands). Comes and goes in daytime an hr after awakening.

Can sleeping with your head lower than body make you feel sick when you wake up? I noticed my head sinks lower in the bed than rest of my body

Can there be something i can use to keep my arms at my side when i sleep?

Can you have pseudoseizures in your sleep and wake up with headaches only on the right side of your head feeling like when your feet are asleep?

Child age 5 twitching in sleep sits up rocking head turning and nodding smacking lips seems restless all night like this what can cause this?

Could sleeping with your arms crossed cause you to feel possed.?

Developing a tickling cough at night. Worse when I lay on right side. Interferes with falling asleep. Possible causes?

Do our bodies become numb while sleeping because in my nightmare I was trying to wake up to pinch myself but I couldn't feel the pinch?

Doc, why i got pain on my back each morning i wake up?. It feels like i slept over hard surface through the night. (i have a good spring bed).

Does anybody wake up after a good sleep with stiff and sore joints?

Does MS symptoms in the legs stop when moving around and after getting some sleep and only start after awhile after you woke up?

Dr. Since 2 months I feel very lazy all the day even when I awake I feel sleepy & body pain specialy in legs so why these all Hapening ? Before I fine

Dream or real? I've had the sensation while sleeping that it's hard to breathe and extremely hard to move but I'm not sure if it's actually happening

Dropping things, bumping into things, urge to lie down/sleep where I am, limbs heavy. Am I "sleepy" or "fatigued" or both? Mostly occurs end of week.

Early in the morning I am many times waken up by my body jerking, head feeling like elec. Is shooting thru and once in awhile my lips smack ?

Early in the morning I am many times waken up by my body jerking, head feeling like elec. Is shooting thru and once in awhile my lips smack ?

Ever since I carried a heavy bookbag & swollen my left side upper back & been playing video games for hours with no sleep. My heart has been beating fast constantly & tingling in behind my head & can't sleep unless I take hot showers. ?

Every Day I wake up early and do some exercise then most of the time after that is just me sitting and eating stuff is that bad do I have to move ?

Every morning im waking up with very numb hand. gotta shake it back im only 20 and it only really happen when i sleep my uncle thinks it pinched nerve?

Every night my body aches when I fall into bed. What do you think might be happening?

Every night when I lay down and close my eyes even before I fall asleep I feel like my bed is shaking....what could be causing this?

Every time I sit I have to keep tapping and moving my leg. I am not nervous or anything I just always move it even when going to bed or studying.

Everytime i go poop my legs and buttom falls asleep....Why?

Everytime i go to sleep, i wake up with a numb arm--what causes this?

Everytime I wake up I have random jerks like my muscles in my arm that I can't control and I don't know what's going on?

Everytime I'm about to fall asleep my back starts to tremble it feel like it originates from my neck only when I feel sleepy is that the symptom start?

Eveytime i fall asleep, i usually wake up 5 minutes later because i feel as i blackout and my eyes roll to the back of my head. My head now hurts.?

Fall asleep with tremors always, whole body shakes. After, I will stand up and move around a few minutes till it goes away then sleep all night. Why?

Feeling of fullness (almost numb & tingly) in both lower cheeks. Had on off since 12/24. It worsens when I cry or wake up from sleeping. Do I need MRI?

Feels dizziness often specially when walk.Anf chokes often during sleep at night.

Felt like a force was sittin on my body suffocating me, felt like I was moving in slow motion, fading into abyss, half sleep, sleep paralysis? cause?

Fianc├ęs feet jump/move when asleep,every other second or same number of seconds apart.can it be stopped.causes rows & lack of sleep for me every night?

For a week now my right hand falls asleep at night except for my little finger then won't wake up and severe pain hits lasts about a half hour..?

For a year now when i'm in bed usually about an hour after I have fallen asleep. I wake up in pain. Both legs and both arms feel like i've run a marathon while lifting 500 lbs weights. I've noticed that they hurt more when i'm in the fetal position. I

For about a month now I been getting muscle spasms in my leg almost daily at night in bed and when I go to wake up. What could be wrong ?

For the last couple nights I've been getting this weird feeling through out my body that jolts me awake right before falling asleep what is the cause?

For the last few days my legs been feeling numb tingly and aches.I was wondering what this means or just how I sleep. Sorry it's brief I'm a free user?

For the past 3 days I've gotten 8 hrs of sleep. Its like i can't physically sleep. My head hurts and my body aches. What should I do?

Had CVT in 2011, was hospit'sed 15 days.I wake up a jerk. Attimes, as I wake up, my arms fall limp. I've numb right foot & of late this crawling feel?

Hard to sleep constant burning hot sensation in face for more than a day. If i try to sleep face goes on fire. I am bothered alot. Any calm treatment?

Have had really bad ichy legs for about a year can't sleep, happens any time of day more so after showering?

Have woken up with numb arm a few times this week. Never experienced it this much before.Goes away in about a minute after shaking. Just sleeping odd?

He wake up very scared and says that he has really bad pain and pressure just under his chest .this happens every 2-3 days and it wakes me and baby up?

Head feels lightheaded or as if I were upside down and the pressure in the head but lighter. I would also keep flinching awake when trying to sleep.y?

Head hurts took medicine, hand/feet randomly tingle in the right hand. I'm scared to fall a sleep now is this from a lack of sleep. Help me please!

Headaches past few days on and off. Body aches in my arms, legs, and fingers. I was on a summer sleep schedule and now I'm back at school on dif sleep?

Heavy numb feeling in the top of right foot? It goes away when I sleep at night but returns when I awaken Feels like I'm having deep spasms in foot.

Hello every morning when I wake up from sleep my cheekbone hurt what is the reason for that?

Hello I was looking through the responses and it seems maybe you can help with my left arm numbness pins needles and ezcruciating pain T night I have to sleep in a sitting position for it not to be so bad I wake up screaming ?

Hi , keep waking up in the morning with swollen fingers. But goes after about 30 - 40 minutes?

Hi I really need an answer. Im 23 and female. I just wokeup with a restless feeling in my left shoulder. Its so bad I cant go to sleep and its driving me crazy! I want to cry. I have never had this before and its the most annoying and bothersome feeling.

Hi I wake up at night to use the bathroom and when I wake I all of a sudden go cold my neck and jaw tense and pain in my hands and they go white?

Hi my 11 month old little girl is teething badly at the moment, also think she has a bit of a cold coming on, was exhausted after only 1 hours sleep all day, tonight after falling asleep she keeps "jumping and twitching" is this anything to worry about ?