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Can a person with impulsivity harm a person ??i always try my best not to take a recently i have done it.God saved me from doing it.guilty!

my mom didnt tell me i have ODD she doesnt want meds idk why but how can i "control" it? i hate being mean i dont try to should i ask my doctor?

Natural calm for Anxiety, 1/2 tsp hot water at night, feel relaxed but spacey, is that normal? 1 tsp very anxious. Should I continue 1/2 tsp daily?

Suffering from extreme fatigue, started 3 weeks ago, not got better at all unable to leave house, struggling to leave bed. Blood work shows nothing?

1, f, 5'5" 400lbs. Tried everything. In therapy. Scared, depressed, ashamed.What should I do?

15 yrs of DepoProvera told to STOP due to severe osteo induced by Steriods from having MG! Off 20 days now,CANT handle emotions/crying etc. take klono?

18yr. Bad anxiety+PTSD from child abuse.5 yrs therapy with 3 docs..nothing. 2 yrs until med school decision.Can't go like this.How to make it go away?

19 year old niece struggling with depression & marijuana. Her only option is to come stay with me, they throwing her out. How do I convince her to com?

25yo whte male.No energy/focus.Lost job. Fiance passed nov2011.Dc Adderall (dextroamphetamine and racemic amphetamine) from previous dr&now nothing gets done.Can't find dr I can afford w no ins.

3 weeks ago I use hemp first time and its intoxication is very bad nd lasts 3 days and i think its gone but now i m feel very anxitey and fogy brain.?

30 min after app w therapist. instead of feeling better I feel anxious bc to much to do this week. how do I cope w/out self harm or breaking down?

3rd driving test on Friday, keep failing as I get nervous, upset and can't control legs shaking so keep stalling, kalms don't help me what can I do?

40 yr old bf vapes pot for severe ADHD.He wont take ADHD meds cuz speed made him nervous&sick as kid.What else to take?BAD heart disease in his fam.

5 mgs of ropinirole for 8 years of RLS isn't working anymore. I cut one in half making it 7.5 mgs which works great for now. Is this ok? Please help!

6yrsVicodin 4qday sciatica fromback surgery.Trying to figure out Y my anxiety keeps getting worse/daily. NEVER taken more than4qday! Can this b cause?

8 wks PP and I have been depressed over my c-section I can't stop crying I have anxiety attacks over knowing I won't be able to ever deliver natural. ?

9 years clean. Don't drink or smoke .Constantly in gym working out. Doc what r your thoughts on clonidine for anxiety and will it affect me at gym ?

A doctor recently told me ok to take imitrix during pregnancy. I thought that sounded insane. Neurologists? Obgyn? Specialists? Thoughts?

Advice! im OCD when it comes to keeping house safe. No matter what i do, accidents happen & if i find a screw, etc on floor, i panic & assume 2 yo ate one. I see dr &take meds. How can I stop panic?

Afraid of another AD, I think Lexapro (escitalopram) can help me. Bad days are getting vry bad. Trying SAMe, not sure it's working. Feeling scared Have u had success?

Am I able to just cut out Melatonin if I have been taking 6 mg a night for 23 day? Noticed emotional changes that I thought were from no smoking.

Am i manic? I a m always happy energetic and on the go.I work 45 hours a week and very functionable. I am afraid i will come down.

Am not sure if I have clinical depression or it's just anexity.. But this feelin of dissatisfaction been like 2-3 years now.. I need to know if there're ways to help myself. Therapist appointments n my country r very busy n take long time. Am 25yo f?

Am thinking of taking clonazapam 2x a day for the next 4 days to get through hard time. Will i get addicted can I stop after 4 days and be ok?

Am unable to bring self to see anymore mds bc of bad experiences in past and am relying on literature+mdpublished ebooks. Good idea?

Anemic, anxious depressed since death of my mum .at my wits end diasapam helped but doctor won't prescribe many more tablets don't know what's next?

Any suggestions for a good phone app to keep track of my moods? Have MDD, PTSD and want to keep it in check and gain insight into what makes my symptoms better or worse.

Any tip make a prednisone taper below 5 mg less taxing? I'm REALY struggling & it's affecting my job. I told my doctor & he just said keep tapering.

April 1st, started saphris---first 3 weeks great, then problems, the other day doc increased it from 10-15 mgs, when will i get better?

Are antidepressants safe? Dr. Says I have used up all the feel good chemicals in my brain due to stress and need an ad to fix. Scared to start.

At the hospital - am going to get meds to help me sleep, and calm down my PTSD, hopefully this will help me to get back on track with my life so tired?

At what age can I stop feeling guilty about taking DES in pregnancy decades ago?

Bad Gastritis has re triggered horrible insomnia- was using weed, occasional NyQuil for the last year, now I stopped them and trying to heal stomach. Cannot sleep, severe anxiety. Start weed again?

Bad reaction to shots of risperdal consta. No thought, barely speaking, staringzoned personality gone. Muscles in legs hurt can I take something forit?

Been crying alot, gettin angry and even cut my thighs one time. No $ to pay for a pschycologist. Any suggestions on how to overcome this depression?

Been depressed today i cut myself 5 times. I spoke with my therapist but i still cut. She calmed me down a bit. Anyone have any other ideas?

Been in therapy so long, not helping to stop my obsessive picking out eyelashes. 30 years. Im attached to the nice feeling. Im ocd, on medicine too..

Been taking a thyroid pill for 3 weeks now and i've been getting really angry. What could be the cause of this? Be happy one minute then angry the nex

Best way to deal with bruxism (gurning) when taking mdma? Any tips?

BF has agoraphobia & fear of manikins? On Valium as needed. Older & to stubborn to go to therapy . Any way I can help, and will he get worse over time

Big let down/depression after incredibly fun weekend w/friends at end of summer events. Clean wknd (no liquor/drugs). Feel VERY down now. Normal??

Bipolar.Deeplydepressed now,crying all the time.C psychiatrist&therapist&on meds,tried almost every med but worse every yr.Cant do ER cuz my dogs.Help?

Can a patient currently going through chemotherapy take medicine for anxiety and anger if he feels he became sensistive and angry always?

Can a person develop performance anxiety after years of working, i started to get anxiety at work was given way to much work and started to lose sleep?

Can being happy instead of sad relieve the bad effects of stress?

Can brain damage caused by SSRI be treated? Who should I go to Im desperate I never became my former self after taking SSRI. I feel so detached foggy.

Can cipralex not work for anxiety and repeated ideas hurting me altough i know they re not realistic. Am on 10 mg since 24 days. Am 69 yrs old.

Can hormones give you lower backache and depression anxiety ect.Plus im so scared of being alone in house as my daughter is goin back to uni tomorrow?

Can i please have the name of any medicine for stopping bingeing . Ive got BINGE EAATING DOSIRDER?

Can I stop plavix after 9 months I am having depression and aches. Medicated Stent went in Jan 24 2016. It's making me bonkers. Only med I am on.

Can i tell me how i can stop using my anxiety and possible ADHD and past nervous breakdown as an excuse for everything?

Can never swallow my pills, I psych myself out and thing I'm gosh yo choke, physically won't let me swallow them. Any tips, Accutane is a must 2 take.

Can Soma (carisoprodol) withdraw cause someone to snap and like start flipping out over Nothing? Like my mom just started flipping out

Can you go into the mental hospital for wanting to ween off Depakote, everytime I've tried my bad thoughts return and I go crazy.

Can you have a nervous brake down for years given a continuous bad/ stressful situation. One after another and not getting help?

Can zyprexa (olanzapine) cause one to get aggressive and angry or is it supposed to take that away? I feel like the aggressiveness is my body trying to balance bak

Cant afford doctor visits not sure where to turn i definetly have major symtoms of adhd but cant find help?

Child 7 yr old that has episodes of freezing and not remembering what he was doing or where he is. He freezes and stopes whatever he is doing and dose not remember what he was doing or where he is. He seems to only do this when he is very sleepy. The free

Cnshypersomnia, have been on provigill, adderoll ect. They always work @1st then notso much, reiki worked better then qigong any idea what to try next?

Coming off warfarin in 3 days. Can i go back to eating and drinking what i want? My nurse said "i believe so", not a comforting response.

Curious if I can get help for probably bipolar 2 or if I have to wait the several weeks to see a psychiatrist...was taken off depression mess because of too much mania. Pretty sure I have ADHD too; disorganized, jump from hobby to hobby quickly, can conc

Date with a doctor tonight, i'm so nervous I heard doctor social skills are bad. Trying not to get sick from being so nervous. Any advice? Maybe I should be tipsy for this? I haven't given a guy a chance with me in a long time.

Dependant on stimulants. No prescription. They feel like a miracle. I want to tell my doc the truth. Scared tho. I can go w/o them. Think im add anyws?

Depressed for over 1.5 mo. Seeing therapist. Trying to get pregnant. Should i go on anti-depressants? Do benefits outweigh risks?

Depression and my mod can chane in the drop of a hat i'm not a very god ppl person and can'tkeep job cuz this and i've try sev med any suggest?

Depression. Started at 12 and never went away. Easy, at home fix?

Derealization / Depersonalization . How do I get rid of it? How do I cure it? Do I need medications or do I just wait? I got it from smoking pot.

Diag. W/ depression at 8, a suicidal attempt at 14, managed to control but has comeback bad, no insurance or money to get help don't know what to do?

Do I have anxiety? My names lea i live in texas i go out in public and i start to act akward? And i feel like everyone is staring at me n i start to panic. So now i never want to leave my house. I don't know what it is and I do not feel normal anymore. W

Doc cut methadone from 20 to10mg. Not able to stay @ 10mg. Can doc commit me for this?

Doc says symptoms of BP II(depressed in past), I'll stop what I'm doing and randomly pace thinking about other things, then realize this, BP II or ADD?

Doc says symptoms of BP II(depressed in past), Ill stop what I'm doing and randomly pace thinking about other things, then realize this, BP II or ADD?

Doc wont give me anx/panic attack meds till i see gastro doc n my attacks keep me from leaving my house what can I do to get medicine besides antivan?

Docs, my son is 3 and hates taking medicine orally its always a struggle to hold him down and nothing goes in he spits it out..What should I do?

Does birth control cause anxiety & depression over being anxious? I'll start panicking over something then be completely fine about it 10 mins later.

Does bpd make you feel more depressed? I feel suicidal sometimes & cut sometimes. Tried suicide 9x this past yr. In therapy weekly .What else helps

Does depression normally occur when a person stops taking Suboxone after having been on it for a year? I don't feel happy without it and want to get back on it.

Dr gave me xanax, (alprazolam) upon waking i feel so much more depressed. When is it ever going to end? I feel so miserable. I want to give up, am i ruined foreve

Dr quit pratice w/out havin a dr fill in and a persons on long term opiates has to go w/out meds for 2wks can it cause heart problems from not taking?

Drank monster. Worked very well once. After one time does not work anymore, almost like i'm immune .Noting ells works either.Why won't it work anymore?

Driving to a late appointment, was so nervous about tardiness that i had brought on an orgasm. How? I tried to fight it but couldn't and let it go.

Drs say im fine but i can't do hard strenuous work anymore. I. Nervous a lot n under a lot of stress. Getting better slowly.Want old life back.

Drugged & raped last Aug. Didn't deal w/it, started processing in therapy 6wks ago. Bad idea to get into a new relationship? How long do I wait?

Dx maj depression years ago. Gotten worse. Know i need to take meds but can't for some reason. Frustrated w/myself. Drs/therapist at wits end. Common?

Dx maj depression years ago. Gotten worse. Know i need to take meds but can't for some reason. Frustrated w/myself. Drs/therapist at wits end. Common?

Dx narcoleptic w/o cataplexy about 2yrs ago never had audio/vis. Halluc. Til last 2 months does it keep getting worse? Will i get cataplexy rx:ritalin

Every winter for 3yrs anxiety of being alone talked myself out of it this yr n now when someone comes over its like stage fright? How to get rid of it

Everytime i eat. I keep needing to poo. Happening the past 3 weeks now. I suffer with bulimia and taking medication for depression.

Feel high without drugs? 3 days since smoked weed. I felt fine day after. 2 days feeling very high. afraid it's underlying mental condition. Help me

Fiancé tried getting clean Now on methadone and sniffing his lorazapan to get high what can I do!? He sleeps so deeply ALOT. Should I be concerned?

For 30 years ive Ben picking out my eyelashes. I love the feeling of it. How can I stop already on psych meds. And false ones are so hard to apply....

For ocd, should my teenager see a psychologist or a psychiatrist? 15 y.O. Daughter that can't sleep w/o a night-light (sometimes leave the lights on all night) bc right before she goes to bed she starts thinking about people/zombies coming in her room and

For several months I've gone through a lot of episodes of going from Happy 2 sad 2 angry really quickly! Got a GP app 3/07. Any ideas in meantime? ta

For the last few days iam feeling very lathargic and drained out of enregy, could you suggeat some medicine for being active apart from exercise?

Friend passed away last week, been drinking more than i should last 7 days (55 units). Having shake and crying with nightmare. Advices? i see psy soon

Get bks on meds for paranoid schizophrenic?

Given fluoxetine 10mg but I'm afraid to take my meds.have feelings of extra fear,insecurity,&sadness before period. Comes& goes.Unable to express myself?

Goal 4 today;learn how to stop constantly shaking my legs i always shake them since i developed bad anxiety, keeping still makes me anxious, any advic?

Going threw withdrawal from.opiate been to ER and partial detox I have strong urge to tdo stronger stuff what to do ER didn't help?

Got of lexapro (escitalopram) and therapy a year ago struggling with my fear of dying. Found a lump in neck 3 weeks ago by vein now losing control. What do I do?