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Took dramamine (dimenhydrinate) 2 days ago and i am having troubke breathing since. Am out if the country. Will it wear off soon?

want to makeDr appt advil (ibuprofen) pm addict but it seems very pointless Intake 8 pills then 2 1 hour later for 2 just don't wanna seem weird in room?

12y/o took 1 250 naproxen and not even half of another. She is feeling drowsy and felt dizzy awhile ago. Can she go to sleep? Will she be okay?

150mg of Benadryl (diphenhydramine) with 15 mg cyclobenzaprine for a panic attack. Is this bad? I took both about 12 hours ago and i feel very strange right now.

1st prescription aderall but even high dose 30-40mg didn't do anything, made me feel weak, taking concerta 72 mg & feeling weak butnot hungry.whyisthis?

2 weeks ago my face started feeling like it was burning, 11 pm. Happened again last night about same time. Antihistamines ineffective. What is wrong?

2 years ago i smoked synthetic weed and got very dizzy and every since i still get these headrush falling feelings why i take celexa (citalopram) for anxiety now?

21/2 weeks since started taking Levothyroxine and I've been having this feeling like I'm drunk almost falling over and bumping into things! Help!!!!!

22yr old female feel dizzy when i move my head and slight nauseous. Can walk normally. Takin sertraline 100mg?

24hrs ago drunk, he downed 1/2 bottle celexa (citalopram). Threw up. Seems ok now, dialated eyes, dizzyness, won't cal doc is he still in danger or past the worst?

29m chest tightness I use nicoderm (nicotine patch) patch step 2 plus i take trazadone 50mg for sleeping tightness started yesterday what should I do?

57 yrs. old why do i still feel pms. 3 yrs. post....... all these symptoms due to post. cant take meds. side effects. what else going crazy?

8 days ago I took 10 pills of acetaminophen (normal strength) in less than 2 minutes. Should I go to the hospital? My stomach has been feeling weird.

9 hours of sleep last night. Woke up feeling like I had taken muscle relaxers with a migraine and slight dizziness.

About 26 hrs ago I yook my 2nd dose of ergocalciferol 50 000, now I feel like I have a urine infection. Could you tell me if there is a connection pls?

After a bad throat inf. When bending down, or hoovering i get very dizzy, short of breath and have feeling of faint.I am on distonocalm and atarax (hydroxyzine)?

After a night of drinking. The next day i would take my ritalin (methylphenidate) and it would make my hands numb and tingly for awhile. Why does that happen?

After a night of drinking. The next morning i would take my ritalin (methylphenidate) and my hands would get numb, tingly and turned it a bit. What causes this?

After a seizure my voice changed & sounds like I've inhaled helium. It's been like this from Sun-now(Weds). My neuro & ER's will not take me seriously?

After i just took 1 dose of oxyelitepro (fat burner) now for 2 months my head feels weird and tight one nostril clogged i don't feel normal :( 20yo?

After i took 1 dosage of oxyelitepro and protein shake nostril altr my head is so tight and i don't feel normal for 5 months now what's happening ?

After i took just 1 pill of oxyelitepro (fat burner) my head feels tight wierd and my nostril alternative why I've been like this for 2 months now?

After i took oxyelitepro just 1 pill not more now my head feels tight and one of my nostril block alternative for 2 months what could be going on !

After taking Paxil (paroxetine) 12.5mg?How many hours after will i feel relief?Thnks...Im asking for pateince bec im scared to feel realy drowsy, thnks

After taking prolisec in the morning, i can't go back to sleep and i feel wired, why is this?

Am i addicted to pain pills? I can sometimes feel my mouth wattering over percocet or vic. And i get shakey sonetimes if i dobt take it for pain..

Am on 137.5. Tsh became .05 was feeling good started getting skipped beats. Doseage reduce to 125 started feeling bad after 2 weeks back to 137.5 ?

An upset stomach yesterday, hence took an imodium (loperamide).Today morning after waking up, had an attack of dizziness&everything was spinning around facing right.

Any treatment from dmaa? I feel not normal after oxyeltiepro taking just 1 pill not more my head feels tight not normal for 3 months almost !

Around 3:30 today i took 600mg of Benadryl (diphenhydramine). my heart doesnt hurt. now its 11:23 im scared to go to sleep. would i have died by now?

As a patient of hepatitis b, I have taken telbivudine for one year. Sometimes I feel muscle uncomfortable. Is it gonna be serious?

At the hospital, i was given two doses of albuterol nebulizer and prednisone. I feel jittery and restless. Will this feeling go away soon?

Bb started sleeping 8-9 hours. I breastfeed every 2 hours during the day. Now at night i feel that my breasts are about to explode from pain.Wt to do?

Been in hospital for nearly two weeks and was on a pca morphine i came off it wednesday at 2am and i still feel very spacey n light headed how long wi?

Been off Effexor (venlafaxine) for a week....Feeling nauseated and a little dizzy i came on a one-day trip with my husband and left medicine at home. One day trip turned into a week without meds.

Been on 10mg of Lexapro (escitalopram) for a month. Forgot to take the bottle on a trip. 2 days and I feel very tired. I get it back tomorrow. What can I do in mean?

Been on 20mg Paxil (paroxetine) for 6weeks i woke up today took a shower ate banana took Paxil (paroxetine) felt tighting in my head finger tip blood pressure 158/91 why?

Been on plaquinil since april 15 (now june 11) when does it kick in ? There was a week i was off of it on accident... I feel so run down

Been taking cephalexin 500mg for about a week now after i had testicular torsion surgery. Have been feeling dizzy and nauseous. What does this mean?

Been taking metprolol not the atenolol have had been sick little like a cold pulse been around 85 to 110 during this and anixty not helping?

Been taking seroquelxr 2 days.Slept 14 hrs last nite &took nap; still drowzy. Feel like i'm shivering but don't look like it. Call dr in am or ER now?

Bleeding ulcer. Started omeprazole today. Fairly bad panic attack tonight. Took xanax (alprazolam). Unusual attack though. I feel very strange. Should I stop omep?

Bp. Of 155/103 my husband has had this reading for a couple of hrs now should I take him to the er. He feels fine just shivers can Paxil (paroxetine) cause it?

Can 30mg of prednisone make you dizzy and give you a headache? I just started today and I'm on 30-30-20-20-10-10 for six days. My legs feel weird too.

Can flexeril/Tylenol combo taken last night make you feel weird next day such as feeling funny drained slight headache on left side?

Can i break my .5mg alpazolam in half and take that daily to taper off? I tried to skip a dose, wasn't feeling anxious today but got dizzy.

Can i take 1 mg ativan and 25mg benadryl (diphenhydramine). Together and be fine like not die. There such low does it should be fine right ?Just make me tired right?

Can i take another 10mg methylphenidate?Psychiatrist prescr for first time today. Felt great, then wore off. Tired and spaced out, dr gone now

Can Lexapro (escitalopram) cause aniscoria? I started this med 2 weeks ago and I woke up today with an enlarged left pupil, but responds normally to light. Worried.

Can lidocaine give you a "hangover"? I was given lidocaine for a cervical biopsy on Wed. Had a bad panic reaction and have felt flu-like since.

Can Lipitor (atorvastatin) make you feel tired, shaky, sore like you just went to the gym for 10 hours straight, short of breath and mess with your stomach gastritis?

Can melatonin be used if I take diltiazem for mvp without regurgitaion? I toke one night and woke up in the middle of the night, feeling very cold!

Can sleeping pills cause heartburn? I took diazepam for 5 days in a row and now experiencing heart burn.

Can strattera (atomoxetine) make head feel funny if the dosage is 2 low? Took 40mg for a wk & now making head feel funny. Should i take the 80mg tomorrow as dr said

Can taking methodone n getting really bad dehydrated causes your heart to race?

Can verapamil cause flushing and sweating tension and burning sensation ? Should I stop it or I am gonna use to it? I take 240mg daily for 5 days now.

Can vistaril (hydroxyzine) cause slight quivering in the lips? I took four tabs (25mg) yesterday. Wasnt able to sleep it all off now i'm tired and my face quivers.

Considering no sed w/colonoscopy last time propo felt bad for three days don't like fentyl flying overseas three days later?

Could I have had a stroke? I felt tingly & weird sensations on 1 side then all over.Thought I was going to pass out/die,then took xanax (alprazolam). what was it?

Could I still be feeling dizzy / disoriented / headache from tramadol 24 hours after taking it? It won't go away. Immediate release form, 50mg.

Could Zoloft cause bad circulation?Today, thought I was gonna pass out/die.Tingly, ears plugged & weird temperature flushes throughout body.Took Xanax (alprazolam)

Crankiness is there a pill for it? Seems i'm driving the wife nuts by being cranky but its is when i'm in pain and loratabs only ease it from a 8 to 7

Currently take 10 mg of lexapro (escitalopram). Went out drinking last night and had 4 light beers while golfing today. Feel very anxious and like I have to force myelf to breathe. Could there be a medical issue?

Day 11 of Lexapro (escitalopram) 10 and i'm extremely tired and very sleepy all day.I take it at night bfr bed. As days pass it gets worse.How long bfr it gets beter?

Day 2 on half a tablet lovan (prozac) I have been going to the toilet frequently! feeling tired & nauseated. Also, worried about gaining weight :( thx?

Dear sir,i drunk 17ml of gudnit liquid yesterday at 2.30pm. but i dont feel any symptoms of that till now today 8.08pm here. ?

Dexilant (dexlansoprazole) 60 mg, i took one pill a week ago and felt pins and needles in different parts of my body - today i tried again.Same thing . Whar should I do?

Dizziness, nausea, anxious while i'm working almost every day and at places like walmart but at home i'm fine?

Do any of the doctors have any info on giving reglan (metoclopramide) and benedryl by IV for headaches i was given this and became very anxious and RLS kicked in bad?

Do your pupils dilate when you od? Not sure if i've taken too much but they're really dilated & i'm tired & feel wierd. Don't want to waste ambos time

Doc gave me 325mg of ferr.sulfade for 10/12 anemia. i didnt take one today so is feeling dizzy/woozy normal? even tho 10 isnt far from normal 12?

Doc says i can stop xanex after takin half of a half of 0.5 for two months. I fear i will have a seizure.I get dizzy and feel confused ?

Doctor prescribed 5,000 UI D3. I've tried 2 brands and both make me feel drained by the afternoon. It's like my muscles feel paralyzed. Alternative?

Does apo-hydroxyzine supposed to make you feel cloudy headed, like your out of it, a doctor subscribed it for a itch all over my body.

Does nitrofuratoin make your nerves more sensitive? Sometimes my hands tingle a little. I have been taking it since Friday night. 100mg 4Xday for 7d

Dr Nathan I had sinus surgery 2weeks ago but am still feel sleepy and drug like felling and also very tired .Can it be related to the anesthesia ?

Dr said ok to stop Xanax (alprazolam) after 2 wks. Of .5 or 1.0 every couple days. 3 days after stop feel little weak, shaky, some nausea, anxious, flushed. If too short a time for withdrawal, why feeling this?

Drank cappuccino today and feel really wired/hands trembling 3 hours after finishing it. Effects kicked in hour ago. Is this normal if not used to it?

During indoor cycling tonight i started having brief sharp chest pain it would come and go, my HR was around 175-187 for most of the class a little higher then normal for me. Took 30mg of meloxicam today. Should i be worried?

Every time my husband takes Zoloft (sertraline) he feels as if the pill is still stuck in the middle of his throat even if he drinks more water & it's painful.

Extreme emetophobic and have been given Cipramil (10mg). So afraid to take it each day because I'm petrified and make myself feel sick. help!

Feel edgy, tearful, slight nausea, sleepless nights, On metronidazole for C-Diff . Went to ER. gave me Xanax (alprazolam) 0.5 mg RX. Should I continue the Flaygl?

Feel my legs are shaking why? Haven't taken vyvanse (lisdexamfetamine) in a while or klonopin recently.Also feeling like I cant stop moving when standing.siting im fine.

Feeling weird still ! i overdoses on about 950 mg of diphenhydramine about a day ago. Would it be out of my system by now?

Feels like I have something struck i'm my throat. Been doctors he gave me amritriptyline tablets with no joy please please help?

Fibromyalgia and anexity I have been using hydroxyzne to control my anexity for years. It works to control my panic attacks but even on a 1/4 of a 5 mg pill i feel drugged up and extremely tired to the point once where i slept for 15 hours straight. I am

Five days ago I overdosed on 2000mg of ibuprofen and 2000mg of diphenhydramine on the fourth day I had violent stomach pain, vomiting, and diarrhea. I am feeling almost normal now, should I make it a point to go to the ER anyway. I have no desire to be ad

Five hours ago I took the first dose of MSMZ-TMP 800mg.When I stood up my head feels tight,vertgo dizzeness&very shaky and nervious.I can not reache ?

For two days have been really weak and cannot wake up. Feel like I took a really strong pain pill that will not wear off?

Given 1 mg of lorazapam did not seem to work then given a second mg of lorazapam, fell asleep for 4 hrs now feeling very odd what do you recommend ?

Given 2 mgs lorazapam passed out woke dizzy sick shaky felt like was out of my mind, was not feeling 100% normal to presc this med for job stress?

Given 2 mgs of lorazapam by mistake i either passed out or fell asleep but felt very strange after i woke up for several days can that dose be harmful?

Given clonodine for Lortab detox.Took 1 yesterday,don't feel I need anymore.On day 3 detox.BP is great,feeling better.Ok 2 stop since only used once?

Had a filling today and another next month. The numbing epinephrine makes me shake/sweaty and doesn't work. What can I do?

Had colonoscopy 7am w/ propofol. 3pm feel weird and dizzy when stand up and shaky. I don't remember feeling like this last colonoscopy w/ propofol ok?

Had lactose tolerance test today now exhausted feel drugged like on sedatives can lactose intolerance cause that Also lightheaded an hour into test.

Had pain pump 4 a mth doc put clonadine for booster to dilauid but dizzy is bad i fell and hurt myself twice. Doc still wants 2 leave BP med in pump?

Had shingles and been given 100mg gabapentin. Taken first one this morning about half hour after felt really dizzy and sick. Is this normal?

Haven't slept well in a few days, anxiety is crazy. Scared to take ativan (lorazepam) but therapist and ER told me to. Everything feels like a dreams. Took .25 and I'm not even tired. Dose is 0.5 x2 A day.

Having dump feeling in left hand and foot. Very afraid what it might be? ( currently taking erythrocyte for strep throat and Xanax (alprazolam) for anxiety.