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been spotting for 3 weeks, last two weeks have been feeling tired all the time with 9 hours sleep nightly and feel full fast, not pregnant though. ?

1 year old is not sleeping and I am losing so much sleep because of it. I feel tired, fatigued and a little off balance during the day, what do I do?

18 yr old female. Oversleeping 12-14 hours even when sleeping early. Feel so tired. Not depression; I feel very happy and optimistic. What is this?

2 days... cant sleep, not even tired. im not overly hyper i just cant seem to get tired. i have not taken any meds or stimulants. what's wrong?

99% of the time i feel physically and mentally better at night (espec. After midnight), and worst at 5pm, yet i never was a night owl. Why is this?

Afraid to go to sleep cause when i wake up i feel depressed an achy an stiff an sick sweats an anxious why?

After every meal i feel myself sleepy. What should I do?

After masturbation i feel very tired, lazy and sleepy. How can I avoid that?

Almost every morning i wake up feeling like i'm in a trance for about 30 minutes. I then feel lethargic throughout the day. What could be the cause?

Always feel tired and sleepy , what can it be, iam 47yrs old very healthy person?

Always feeling lethargic. All I want to do is stay home and rest. Sleep & wake up tired. Energy kicks in until evening for some reason. Whats wrong?

Anxiety make me sleep bad and tired all day, I can't sleep at right hours and my day is exhaustive. Can you help me?

Anxiety over sleeping pattern, I've had anxiety all day because lately when I wake up I go back to sleep n oversleep which makes me feel weird nervous?

Any reason why after being up for 24 hrs straight and sleeping for about 10 hrs, i still feel so tired, sore and sleepy?

Are narcoleptics always tired or do they have days when they feel awake? And is it possible to get sleep attacks even when you feel awake?

Are people with narcolepsy always tired or could they just have a day every week or two where they feel like they're going to collapse and sleep?

At 2oclock everyday i get tired, no energy, weak, fight to stay awake, what is wrong with me. It lasted the rest of the day,

Been sleeping a lot lately. When i wake up i feel so tired the whole day. Only stay up about 10 hrs at most before going back to sleep. What is this?

Brain fog, tired all the time, sleep 14 hours a day. This has been happening for almost 5 years. I just don't seem to have much energy. ?

Can a lack of sleep cause you to feel bloated?

Can any doc explain why been up for 24 hrs straight and slept for about 10 hrs and i still feel so tired, sore and sleepy?

Can excessive masturbation cause one to be sleepy and tired all day?

Can fall allergies make you tired and anxious?

Can getting too many hours of sleep make you feel tired and groggy the next day?

Can having sex 3 times then on third night when you tired from 8 hour shift tired and bored and don't want to cause erection to do down?

Can lack of sleep make you dizzy?

Can lack of sleep. Not normal sleep times. Cause dizzy ness at times. Make u lack appetite & feel not motavited.

Can only sleeping a few hours cause you to wake up dizzy, loopy and feeling like your balance is off?

Can oversleeping make you feel groggy/dizzy/headache/spacey? I slept 11 hours last night and now that I'm awake I feel icky and a bit derealization.

Can you please help to make my body less tired and sleep less?

Can you please recommend some effective sleep aids that work without making you feel hungover the next morning?

Can you tell me how to stop waking up having to pee its ruining my sleep and I get tired?

Can you tell me if someone is tired/sleepy, if the person uses an eye drop, will they feel more awake?

Can you tell me what you suggest if someone is tired/sleepy, if the person uses an eye drop, will they feel more awake?

Can't sleep at night feel adjitated?

Can't sleep, but feel jet-lagged. How do I get rested?

Can't sleeping at night. Very tired during afternoon, but impressively active & awake at 4a.m. Nauseous during day pga lack of sleep?

Cant sleep and I'm not getting hungry anymore. What can I do about all this?

Cant stop eating, im diabetic always feel the need to eat, after i sleep 4-5 hrs then feel really thirsty, it's makin me stay awake till 6am :(?

Constantly thirsty even after drinking bottle n bottles of water, and tired even after 8 hours sleep lack of energy dont feel rested?

Could it be bad for you to work out when you're really tired or sleepy?

Dear Doctor, I feel tired every day despite of long hours of sleep I take. I feel headaches and sleepy during the time of working. What is the cause ?

Diagnosed with diabetes, on metaformin for three days, am so tired am falling asleep at work what can I do to stay awake, and not feel so fatigued ?

Do I have depression? I barely eat anymore and sleep in a lot.

Doctor my exams are going on and I can't sleep whole night and I feel so sleepy in exams and tired.I was thinking to take sleeping pill.

Does no sleep and being stressed make you sick ?

Does progesterone only BC make you tired? I seem to be unable to wake up and/or stay awake. Is this normal or should I be worried?

Even after a good 8 hours sleep I am still tired during the day. How can I feel more awake and active during my day?

Even i take 8 hour sleep,i still feel so lazy throughout day. M 17 yrs old . i feel sleepy specially in class and afternoon.

Every morning I wake up perfectly normal, about an hour later, I am so tired. I can barely stay awake. I am also kind of dizzy. And confused.?

Everyday at 12:00pm i become helplessly fatigued and just absolutely can not stay awake. What on earth can I do to stay awake and not feel so tired?

Everyday i feel so tired and lightheaded, with no energy at all.. Been this way as long as i can remember?

Feel tired and sleepy after jogging. How to avoid this?

Feeling dizzy and tired in early meetings and lectures. It's not from lack of sleep. Help?

Feeling tired 80% of the day after a full 10hrs sleep?

Feeling tired almost constantly. Getting 6-8 hrs of sleep at night. Still wake up tired and am tired most of the day. Any suggestions?

Feeling tired, but can't fall asleep, and are not feeling stressed. Should I try benadryl (diphenhydramine)?

Feeling very cold and so tired all,the tired even though I can sleep,most times . I don't seem to be having that bounce in my step?

Feeling weak and nauseous from no sleep in 3 days. Have had diarrhea. Can not sleep. Tried everything. What can I do. I am out of town now... Help?

For the last two nights, it has been hard to sleep. When I try to sleep it feels like my mind is still awake but I'm tired. Is there anything I can do?

For the past couple days I've been feeling sleepy/ tired, forgetful and can't concentrate (in school). Why? I have minimum 8 hours of sleep every day.

For the past few days while I am going to sleep(never during sleep), i feel breathless and get up gasping and panicked. Is this anxiety?

For the past few months, i've been getting very tired/sleepy during the days. Get sleep at night and eat healthy. What could the cause be?

For the past few years, I've always woke up tired and not rejuvenated. Why is that? What can I do about it or is there an an answer?

For the past two weeks all i've been doing all day is sleeping and i'm still tired when i wake up. Could i be getting mono again?

From last few years i feel sleepy all the time. When I am in activity it is fine but as soon as i sit down i kinda get very sleepy. Daysleep more deep?

Got sleep after being sleep deprived, now i feel funny. Is this normal?

Hard question every time I get sleepy or sleep and wake in 5 min. I feel my body shaky, It last until the sleeping feeling is gone. 6 month with this.

Have I got depression if I am grumpy and sleepy all the time?

Haven't slept almost a week I don't feel tired I feel very alert. My heart races when I try to sleep and my mind is awake. What could this be?

Haven't slept well in a few nights, crying, anxious, upset stomach, headaches, tired but can't sleep. Took my ativan (lorazepam) but it hasn't been helping just making me more tired. What can I do? Please help :(

Having trouble sleeping. I feel like I am but when i awake i don't feel refreshed. I don't snore. Sometime i can't sleep because im hungry. Hormones?

Hello doctor , i just want to know what should i do when i m feeling tired all the time , and for the information i spend almost half of the day sleep?

Help! need to know if there's anyway to feel fully rested when only sleeping 4 hours a day?

Hey doc I really feel sad and at night I don't sleep well I hardly get enaught sleep and during the day I sleep a lot becouse at night I didn't slept?

Hey so i've a question...I've been feeling very tired but i can't seem to get enough sleep and even if i do, i wake up and still feel tired. Advice?

Hi I feel sleepy after every 1 or 2 hour, specially 1 hr later after lunch I can't stay work or drive ... I have to sleep even for 2mnt, I feel fresh?

Hi , am always getting sleepy.. why is that?

Hi doc, my sister can't sleep at night and during the day she feels sleepy and fatigued. What could this be?

Hi i always feel tired during sleep age 57?

Hi meter says hi what do I do im sleepy and shakey

Hi, i always feel sleepy and lazy, even if i sleep 8 hours or more, while sleeping I have vivid dreams i can even control them, i don't wake in the middle of the night, i don't feel i get much rest, help?

How can I maximise my sleep recovery so I feel energetic when I wake up?

How come i feel sleepy even after a 10 hour sleep?

How come i feel so groggy after my nap?

How come i feel tired even though i sleep for 7 or 8 hours?

How come i still feel tired all the time even after i started sleeping at decent hours?

How come when I wake up in the morning after not getting enough sleep I feel nauseous?

How come when it's too hot during the day people feel tired, but when they try to sleep at night, it's too hot for them to sleep?

How do I stay awake all night without feeling too tired?

How do you fix that groggy mid-day feeling?

How important is sleeping.If i slept less last night will i feel more tired when i reach my office after all the travelling?

How long does jetlag keep you feeling tired and off schedule?

How many years could be cut off my life? I never feel refreshed when i wake up and i skip breakfast

How to feel more comfortable when sleeping?

How to sleep early ?!! Are there a food can make me feel sleepy ?!! Thnks doc

How to stop the extreme tiredness feeling? I sleep and take naps sometimes but no matter what, i'm tired.

How to wake up early and still not feel sleepy during the day ?

I alwayes feel sleepy in whole day?

I always feel lazy and sleepy and feel like sleeping more aftef waking up.what can be done to cut off such sleep habit?