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1. I snore a lot and from last 2 months, my mouth gets dry after i wake up. Pls help. 2. I feel very weak after sex and releases very soon. Help.

16 y/o male, major headach, temples. Gets clammy/sweaty extremly tired from them. Going on for a really long time.Barley sleeps but not by choice?

16 yr old girl with insomnia and caused by breathing problems she wakes up feeling out of breath .When sleeping doesn"t feel like she gets enough air .Wakes up with headaches in the morning .Tired no matter how long she sleeps .Has a lack of concentration

17w preg. Constantly tired (been goin on for a month) no matter how much sleep i get, headache for 15 hrs now, can't catch my breath for a week now...

1st stge my eyes will feel hard to focus, 2nd headache, 3rd I will vomit everything I eat.I sleep about 3 hours, then i'm heal.What is happening?

20 & underweight, haven't had a normal period in 2 months, lower back stiffness, headaches, a lot of sugar makes me sick, sleep alot, wet feel vagina

28 yrs around 72+ hours a week.i constantly forget so many things & can't concentrate it just tiredness or could it be more.

2wks after 5/week exercise but feeling more tire and having constant need for deep breaths, more tired and sleepless, reasons?Eating and drinking well

6week(first trimester) feeling tired and exhausted. Not waiting to do anything. Is this normal and what things to avoid?

7mths old. Have this habit of fighting sleep. Currently she crys once she start feeling sleepy to fight it off. Don't really know wot to think of it.

98.8+temperature+child+in+celsius, child is four years old and feels tired and with a headache. Should i take her to the doctor?

A few hours before I get a migraine I get very tired an fatigued. Why does that happen. No aura just really fatigued?

A friend falls frequently, feels weak, and often can't get up after sitting, gets sick when reading on the computer. Neurologists can't find a problem?

A lately I have been light headed easily i also am very tired after doing simple tasks like going to the store is that bad?

After sex, my husband gets 8hrs of sleep but feels very exhausted & heavy headed throughout the next day. Is this normal? How can he regain energy?

After travelling for the first time, I've been a little fatigued for the past 2 days and my stomach is also upset, am I jet lagged? Does it last long?

Although I usually get a good 7-8 hours sleep, I feel tired 24/7. Could any of my existing conditions be causing/linked to this? What can I do?

Always have a headache, always pee, bitter taste, can't sleep, easily get tired, can't breath properly at night?

Always tired even when I get enough sleep, along with always getting lightheaded. ?

Always tired lately i've had a 3 week long period plus my wrist have carpool tunnel and bad constipation can't get through the day without a nap help?

Always tired,i eat clean,work out 5 days a week and get 8 plus hours of sleep per night. Im so exhausted that its hard to function what could b wrong?

Always when I get up after sleep,I feel terrible taste and breath in my mouth.l can sleep only 15 minutes but that feeling appears.what's the problem?

Am 29 weeks pregnant w/ 2nd baby. 0 issues. Have been dizzy while laying down on&off for last few weeks. Has woken me up from sleep. Dehydrate easily.?

Am a surveyor so i get tired after work what should I do?

Am alwaya really tired after bein at the beach.. Is it true the sea air can make me this tired ?

Am i bipolar I have mood swings that can last for weeks and i can get by on 2 hours of sleep sometimes and still be really hyper and other times even when i get 12 hours of sleep i'm still really tired and i ge really bad headaches all the time for no rea

Am i pregnant imy period is 10 days late, and it is a new month now. My breast are super sore and swollen. I have cramps on and off. I have trouble sleeping the whole night through, i wake up and can not fall back to sleep for awhile. When i eat i become

Am i pregnant? I have been having tender breast, nausea, vomiting, headaches, fatigue, gas, i can smell food that is not even near me, i sleep then i can't sleep I have these outrages sex dreams that seem so real. I cry at the drop of a dime, i get so ang

An year ago i used to hve sound sleep of 9 hrs/day. I felt fresh & active i was interested in sports & art but now its not same i feel helples & tired?

Any tips for handling stress? I keep getting tension headaches and I can barely sleep.

Are there any medical reasons for dozing behind the wheel of a car? Get enough sleep at night, but past 2 weeks have been abnormally fatiged. Labs WNL

Are you more likely to get seizures if you are tired?

As the week goes on I start to get tired and by midweek too much sluggishness so what can I do to?

Because of my job i don't get much sleep. Since getting the job I have been very easily agitated. Could this be related to less sleep?

Been a little stressed and sleep deprived lately. When i take my glasses off i experience technicolor spots and occasional streaks. Any correlation?

Been depressed for around a month. Lack of sleep and barely eat. Drank heavily. I've noticed that my strabismus is worst than it has been in 14 years. My left eye also feel heavy and burn a little. I'm worried. Could this be related to my depression?

Been on inderal (propranolol) 80mg for 3 years never had a problem getting nor keeping an erection but lately I been having trouble keeping one not getting one?

Been overloaded at work started to get lightheaded muscle twitches and feeling of overwelmed not sure why not sleeping well either?

Been tired (out of the normal for me to take naps), been moody (along the lines of crying) , also my hips hurt all the time. Could i be pregnant?

Best herb to help with fatigue? Caffeine seems to make me more tired!

Binge often. What do you do to keep yourself from getting tired or bored or stressed and triggering it?

Can a high hr 90-120 all the × make you feel exhausted, and just want to sleep alot, it veries so × not as bad feel ill can sleep 14hrs an still run dow?

Can being underweight make you have constant neck, shoulder and back pain? And also insomnia? I dread nighttime cos it takes me 3-4hrs to get to sleep.

Can getting too much sleep be as bad for your health as getting too little of it?

Can headaches make you tired. Light headed. And make your eyes seem hard to focus.

Can i get some advice for mild asthma-sleep apnea and i feel nauseated?

Can lack of sleep and feeling bit stressed bring on mouth ulcers if so how do I stop them ?

Can lack of sleep causes yellow eyes?please help me because I was getting worried .I'm just a teenager.

Can my Asthma make me feel weak and tired even though I sleep through the night? Can it give me night sweats??

Can ritalin or Adderall help with chronic pain? I've had chronic pain for over 5 years, lately, probably the past 2 years, i've noticed that i've been extremely fatigued during the day, i fall asleep at work, and my memory is completely shot. I haven't i

Can sleeping too much make you itchy?

Can stress make you feel extremely drained and tired? I am currently in counseling to work through other issues. I've been taken iron regularly too.

Can you feel symptoms if u had sex 6-7 days ago?

Can you tell me is a lack of sleep going to affect me alot?

Can't fall asleep. It's hard to wake up. Frequent headaches. Hard to concentrate. What diseases show these symptoms? Has been going on for 3 months.

Can't seem to get enough sleep, extreme fatigue. Not as hungry as usual, barely eating at all. Lots of other symptoms. What could this mean?

Can't seem to sleep more then 6 hours a night even if I'm beyond exhausted. Was told that I have a deviated septum awhile back is there a connection?

Can't sleep since being on trazodone and keep getting tingly feelings in upper body?

Cant sleep at night then tired all day. I have the worst problem ever. Can you suggest any solutions?

Chr fatigue?anxiety?All My labs good, ALWAYS tired, inactive, want eyes closed all time,in bed early but I have not slept a full night in forever!

Complete fatigue during chemo unable to get out of bed is this normal ?

Constant headaches for two weeks mild to severe moment I wake up. Always tired no matter how much sleep. change in mood. Could I be pregnant?

Could sleep abnea make your lega weak?

Couldn't sleep any longer than a couple hours last night, I can't get back to sleep. Racing thoughts, upset stomach, feeling dizzy. Anxiety? It also rained all morning, weather involvement?

Dad has not slept for weeks, now acts weird, talks nonstop, gets dehydrated, looses concentration. Never hpnd before. What could be the problem?

Difficulty leeping when I should but am always tired lately. I know I don't drink enough, in PM pee 3-4 times before sleep eyebrows thin feet swell?

Do it possible.. That if you exercise in morning.. You had light headache.. And you feel sleepy... ?

Doc I always feel tired and fatigue .pls tell me some ways to get rid off it and to wake up early?

Does coming off the pill make you tired and less energy? Maybe even dizzy with headaches?

Does going to sleep with wet hair give you headache or make you feel dizzy? Thank you.

Does laryngitis make you tired and also very dizzy when you wake up? It takes to much work to talk, im so tired, and when i wakeup my head feels heavy

Does winrho make your body tired? They increased the winrho this tuesday.I have been sleeping and hurting

Dont sleep enough, abt 6hrs per night(have exams).Past 2 days Im so tired eyes close uncontrollably, I collapse from exhaustion.Feel narcoleptic.Help!

Dont want to get up on a morning getting headaches short temper feeling tired but can't sleep. Had enough at work too much pressure?

Dry mouth, very thirsty, peeing often while going to sleep. Also constipated regularily. Had blood work and came back normal, why is this happening?

During the summer time i become very lazy. I also feel dizzy all the time. What should I do to avoid this?

Even though I sleep early I still feeling drowsy after waking up. Should I get my vitamin levels checked?

Every night before bed I get shaky (vibrate) & air hungry (sigh a lot). Is there a hormone we secrete when we're sleepy/tired? I know it's not nerves

Every time I have a bm i get extremely sleepy and can't function well what could this be?

Every waking morning- i wake up and while im still in bed my legs feel very crampy and fatigue. Start to feel better when i get going, why could this b?

Everyday I wake up im dizzy and eue sight not that great and allways shakey and tired. What could be wrong with me? I had tubes tied 16yrs ago.

Everyone keeps telling Me I look tired. I don't feel tired as such. I am 19 year old female.

Experiencing fatigue all over my body soreness I can't seem to get enough sleep. Would like to be more energetic hard to go to work. ?

Experiencing migraines, dizzy, lack of sleep, muscle tension, not myself also abnormally worried or anxious at work. Working long hours no breaks?

Experiencing: drowsiness, headache (occurs ~12 PM for 3+ hours), I always feel like vomiting, but never do, I can't focus/stay awake after I eat. Help?

Explain difference in tiredness and fatigue. When should I get concerned about this tired sleepy thing?

Extremely tired after eating a normal meal. Is this when Excessive Daytime Sleepiness is at its worst?

Eye twitching for 3 weeks, definetly not from stress, being tired, or caffeine. It happens on and off throughout the day. What could be causing it?

Fatigued, makes me irritable, going to bed at 9pm, wake 1 time last 3 nights. No thyroid medicine finally correct, i'm desperate?

Feel abnormally tired the days i wake up early/exercise for an hour,that cant sleep at night and mostly get panicAttacks those nights.sensitive to sun?

Feeling fatigue sleepy although sleeping 7-8hours a day.cant drive car .short of breath some time.loose of appitate.leg pain .what happing to me?!

Feeling fatigued and drowsy all the time, especially before dusk. What other tests might be helpful to consider?

Feeling really tired and run down lately. Cant seem to get enough to drink. Increased bathroom use. After napping can only last a few hours.6'2 300lbs?

Feeling very low and feverish. Haven't got sleep the entire night. Recommendations?

For past 7 months, I have been unusually more fatigued. I get 9hrs of sleep but I drag during the day. I'm 18

For the last 2 years my eyes have felt heavy and tired. No matter how much I sleep, they just never feel normal. People tell me I look tired?

For the last 4 weeks I have been getting tired spells where all I want to do is put my head down on a desk and sleep. It comes and goes. Coffee helps a little but not always. Food doesn't help much. No Change in sleeping or diet in last 3 months.

For the pass week I have been having troubles sleeping at night. The problem is basically every time I get into a deep sleep I get a painful headache?

For the past 2 days I have felt very fatigued when i wake up and i get about 7-8 hrs of sleep. No other symptoms. I'm 22 female 112lbs 5'2?

For the past 2 yrs, I have been so tired.I get up in the morning feeling so tired, like flu like symptoms, body ache, even i get 8 hrs sleep.