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12 yr old son wakes up with bad tummy ache off n on for months now. Says it make him feel like puking. Then takes bath to make self feel better?

2 weeks with so called pleurisy shouldn't I be feeling better by now? I've been staying hydrated but don't feel progress anything else I can do?

About how long before an antibiotic will start to make you feel better? Is it normal to feel worse before better? Today is my 2nd day.

After sleep during the day i feel dizzy، but consuming sweet stuff make me feel better, only day long sleep make me bad.Venlafaxine sr 1500 per day. ?

Are there any pain medications that don't make you tired?

Are there ways to make my eyes feel less tired through-out the day?

Been sick for 7 days, I have the flu can amoxicillin make you feel confused and like high but not a drug hi I feel weird I don't feel myself?

Can vitamins make me nervous and jittery feeling?

Can a boil make you feel run down and ill?

Can a dental cavity make you feel sick and tired?

Can a few hours of exercise make your labyrinthitis feel better?

Can a hearing aid make you feel nauseous?

Can a hernia make me tired?

Can a UTI make you feel sleepy all day?

Can acid make u feel sick and make your gullet feel tight i also have a tof condition?

Can allergies and sinus make you feel dizzy?

Can allergies make u dizzy weak and make ur sinus hurt?

Can allergies make you dizzy all day?

Can allergies make you randomly feel fatigued?

Can an under active thyroid make you feel unwell?

Can antiibiotics make you feel tired?

Can anxiety Make you feel nauseous, weak and make your stools soft?

Can b-12 make you dizzy?

Can c. Diff mess your heart up? Your brain up? Can it make you drowsy. Feel slow. Confused at times. Just make u feel like u don't care bout nothin

Can caffeine withdraws make u sick if haven't had it for a week or two? When would feel better if back on caffeine?

Can cefpodoxime 200 mg make you feel like you are high?

Can clif energy bars make you feel faint?

Can clindamycin make you dizzy and feel out of it?

Can clonazapam make you feel tired all day?

Can coffee make u feel like you pregnant?

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Can coming off the Depo-Provera make you feel sick?

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Can dehydration make you really tired?

Can dicloxacillan make you feel tired?

Can eating a lot of salt make you feel uncomfortable?

Can estrastep make u nauseous?

Can having anxiety make someone feel "high" and actually like it?

Can having arrhythmia make you tired?

Can IBS make you feel nauseous? What are your expert opinions?

Can melatonin make me nauseous the whole day?

Can menopause make your feel different?

Can microgynon give you headaches and make you feel lousy?

Can Migraines cause diarrhea, jitters and no energy and just make you feel blah and horrible?

Can NyQuil make you forgetful ? feel out of it ? I've been taking NyQuil for a cough and lately I just feel so lost and out of it could this be why

Can over excertion make you ill?

Can ovulation make you feel sick? Thanks.

Can pms make me feel shaky?

Can reading to much make you feel sick, dizzy and make your eyes hurt?

Can sleeping too much make you feel sick?

Can sleeping with contacts make you feel dizzy?

Can someone please tell me does leukodystrophy make you feel so tired that you feel half doped?

Can someone please try to make me feel better. I am just so blue every spring?

Can strep make u feel like u have the flu?

Can strep make u feel like u have the flu?

Can stress make you feel dizzy?

Can symptoms from thinogenics make you feel pregnant?

Can the bcp make me feel tired run down and no energy I feel really sluggish is this from my bcp which I've been on for 2 months plz?

Can the flu make u feel like u pregnant?

Can the steroid in a pain block make me ill or feel bad?

Can there be anything i can take to make my throat feel better?

Can thyroiditis make you lightheaded or groggy?

Can tramadol make u feel anxious?

Can vertigo make u feel antzy and shaky?

Can vertigo make u feel antzy and shaky?

Can you feel nauseous in the morning if u don't get enough rest ?

Can you let me know is ibuprofen supposed to make all my teeth feel weak and sore?

Can you tell me how i can make humping a pillow feel better?

Can you tell me how I could feel better about myself?

Can you tell me how I could make my allergies feel better?

Can you tell me how to make this nauseous feeling go away?

Can you tell me if multivitamins make you feel any different?

Can your mind make you think that you have an STD or just make you feel sick?

Could arrhythmia make you tired?

Could cold medicine makes any one else feel loopy?

Could fish oil be making me feel dizzy ?

Could forgetting the pill make you feel unwell?

Could multivitamins make you feel different.?

Could someone please tell me does leukodystrophy make you feel so tired?

Could you tell me why my iron pills make me feel really sick?

Developing sensitivity to some types of light. Feels like I have to squint and sometimes it makes me feel tired.

Did fibroid make you tired?

Diuretic is making me feel faint. Is there a way to avoid that?

Do any antibiotics make you feel dizzy like you are walking on a boat?

Do thyrod meds make you dizzy or feel like fainting?

Doctor, i may have diarrhea. I have a flight tomorrow; how can I feel better before that? My gut does not feel good.

Does 1000 mg of niacin make you nauesated.

Does a AAA make you tired?

Does anemia make you feel cold?

Does bronchitis make you lightheaded?

Does cold air make you feel better ?

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Does leukodystrophy make you feel so tired that you feel half doped?

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Does the patch make you moody?

Does too much caffeine make you feel tired?

Had tobacco for the first time and i feel dizzy and shakey! i had 1 beer before i diped so did that make it worse?

Hai, doc tell me how can feel myself much better.