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Im so lazy that I will jog to my car half way just to get there faster. lol. its getting to be unconscious half of the times. why do I do this?

•I'm 19 can not get sleep at night •during the day I get tired and take a nap. •how can I prevent this from happening?

18/m. Getting extremely drowsy at noon for a couple of hours even after getting adequate sleep 8hr. I jog 5 days a week, eat healthy. No smoke/liquor?

23/24 weeks pregnant and making a 6 hour drive. Do I have to stop and walk around? If so how often?

4 weeks old baby is it possible during the day to stay most of the time awake? Can her staying awake alot be the result of reflux?

6 weeks pregnant.spend all day at home.up at 5 every day for hubby to pack lunch and make breakfast.go back to sleep at 7.why do I always oversleep?

A little anxious and might want to take something before I go to bed. What is okay?

A lot of times i'll sleepwalk at night but i remember it in the morning. I always go back to bed after. Is there any special condition i have?

Able to stay up all night and the day after for certain reasons. Do sedatives wear off eventually without sleeping?

After about 20 min. Or so it's like i've taken some kind of sedative. What are some things i can try to stay awake? Caffeine?

After eating breakfast i feel lathargic, weak, sleepy, and ready to take a nap. Not ready for the day at all, more like ready to be done.

After getting off very long flight and to hotel, should I walk or sleep?

After waking up in the morning i eat breakfast, start getting a headache, weakness, sleepy, and ready to end the day not begin my say?

All I do is sit on my chair all day using my computer, occasionally eat, etc. How long will i still be healthy?

Are there any downsides to constantly going to bed late, but getting enough sleep?

Are there any long term effects to getting bit by bed bugs? What's the worst that could happen?

Around 10-12 hours after waking up i get really tired and sleepy for no reason. was able to stay awake for longer before. I get enough sleep at night.

At what age should couples no longer try to have kids?

At what point should I no longer let my baby nap in the swing. He is 2 months old and takes all of his naps in the swing.?

Been on bed rest a few months. Finally stood up and walked a few steps. How will this get better if I can't even sit up right in bed? Frustrated. Thx

Best tips for waking up early? I've been working on getting up earlier in the morning, but i'm usually too tired to get out of bed.

Best ways to overcome fatigue? I'm up at 4:30 in the morning and usually don't get home till at least 7:30 in the evening.

Body is totally exhausted!, takes every ounce of energy just 2 move - would lying n bed all day 2 totally rest 4 one day do more harm than good?

Can anyone suggest activities for someone on bed rest?

Can being on bed rest for several weeks make you feel spaced out and dizzy when raising your body up on the bed?

Can i give my 3 year old melatonin? He's 3 years old and never seems to get tired. He stays up til 11:30-12 at night. We've tried the whole routine thing. I've tried doing a visual sticker game with him, which works up to the point of going to bed... He j

Can i give my 4 year old melatonin since its natural? It seems his mind just wont stop to allow him to rest and fall asleep!

Can my sleep routine change? Used to go to bed late? Now i go to bed at 11 pm before use to b 2 am sometimes 5 am latest. New bedtime couple of weeks

Can prolonged bed rest cause body to shut down eventually?

Can staying in the tanning bed too long lead me to feeling disoriented?

Can you be put on bed rest for cramping in your first trimester?

Can you please tell me why it'simportant to remain awake when going into shock?

Can you suggest some home remedies or anything! ill try whatever it takes to feel better and fall asleep?

Can you tell me how could i get back to my normal bedtime routine?

Can you tell me how i could get back to my normal bedtime routine?

Can you tell me how to do better on tests and get my brain to be more alert and awake?

Can you tell me how to get my 15 month old back to sleep once I am no longer nursing?

Can't sleep at night hardly get 3 hours, in the morning I am not exhausted and carry out my chores, can you recommend some vitamins please?

Consistently sitting at one place for a long time can feel you tired and less sperm production?

Constantly sleepy at school. Why does it start so early? Everyone knows teens stay up late.

Could having fibromyalgia cause the body to shut down where you are unable to walk, get out of bed alone?

Could it be good to take a nap or get up and exercise when you're tired?

Could you recommend foods i can take, or methods i can use to keep from feeling tired?

Does exercise help get rid of the depression for your life or just an couple of hours?

Does it matter at what time you get your sleep (from 3am to 11am for example), or simply as long as you get 8hours of rest, you're fine?

Does your body start to shut down after 30 hours of no sleep and you eventually pass out?

Does zero physical activity actually make you more prone to pvcs? I find that the more i stay home and in bed the worst they get..Am i totally off?

Every once in awhile when im watching tv or talking to friends my body will go completly numb what could this be?

Every time i go into afib I am always so tired afterwards, like i need to take a nap. Why is that?

Feeling lousy w 3 weeks of bronchitis, give me some suggestions please why? Do i stay in bed ?

Fingers swelling every night close to bed time, and when i wake up in the morning, what causes this? And what steps can I take to prevent this?

For my job i walk a lot and start early and finish late so get hardly any sleep between shifts. So im always tired. I keep getting poorly, viruses etc?

For the last month or so within 10-15 minuted after I eat I quickly fall asleep. Cant make myself stay awake, seems worse when sweets are eaten. Why?

For what reasons might the sleepy feeling go away after you stay awake for a long time?

Friend can't stay out long hours because of lack of energy because she lays in bed everyday and may get up once each day. What meds could give energy?

Friend is going through rough time in her life and can't sleep or eat, she's on day one of this. What should I expect on day one?

Friend says bed frame that is very low is bad for back as it is harder to sit up or get out of bed compared to higher bed. Is that true?

Getting a endoscopy next month will I be awake enuf to drive home?

Getting a hernia sergery 4 hours away I was thinking about driving my self I am staying 4 days there and then hidden back home is it safe ?

Got trazadone to help stay asleep. Tried a few x, woke up 1-2x, very groggy in the am. How many nights should I try it to see if it'll keep me asleep?

Got up too early now groggy. Should I force myself to stay up till regular bedtime, take nap or go to bed early?

Had a viral had a lot of bed rest. Now i just feel like I have no energy. Get tired fast. Can this be to to much rest? Use to be be fully active

Have been out of work for a while and i've been sleeping quite a lot longer than normal but is this bad?

Hi dr, I wanted to ask is it better to go to bed and sleep with the bra or without ?

Hi i have the worst headaches when i wake up anythig that i can do to change this such as changing the way i sleep what i eat or what meds i take?

Hi. I think I have had anxiety for as long as I can remember. But this is the first time I'm reaching out. I don't really know where to go from here?

Housemate has rls, takes mirapex, (pramipexole) but is obstinate, argumentative, stays up all night, refuses to get adequate sleep. How do I get him to get rest?

How can I avoid taking long naps after I come back from work?Cannot function without

How can I change my sleeping schedule, i'm more of a night person and don't start being productive till like 5pm?

How can I ease panic enough so that I can stay in the hospital?

How can I fall asleep easier?I haven't slept properly in a very long time and ive talked to my family doctor about meds but they don't seem to like it

How can I fall asleep faster and sleep better without exersing? (I arrive home from work at 10-10:30 pm) thank you

How can i get my 2 month old son to stay awake longer during the day?

How can I get my baby to nap? He doesn't like to take naps.

How can I get my stamina in bed back to what it used to be?

How can I get my toddler to give up the bedtime bottle? He has a hard time going to bed otherwise.

How can I get my toddler to start sleeping on her own instead of in our bed? She's 18m old now.

How can I get reasonable sleep during unreasonable times during the day?

How can I last longer in bed with my girlfriend?

How can I last longer in bed?

How can I live with always being exhausted no matter what i try?

How can I stay awake while getting a head ct?

How can I stay calm during an exam while on my period?

How can I stop feeling so tired? Take multi vit, get 8-9 hours sleep. Exercise. Tests come back normal.

How can I wake up faster? I have been struggling to get out of bed for the last 3-4 months. Moreover, I have had less energy during the day.

How can one get a good nights rest? I tend to stay up quite late and get up around 9:30 &11 depending on how i sleep but I am alway so tyerd all day.

How can we can get our baby out of our bed without making him miserable? He's a natural late waker.

How come some people are able to meditate for half an hour?

How come sometimes when I get like 5 hours of sleep the night before and try to take a nap late in the evening it doesn't work??

How do I get my child to stay in bed?

How do I get my non sleeping 13 month old to go asleep and stay asleep all night long ? She seams to have a harder time sleeping than my other childre

How do I hold out longer in bed?

How do you meditate to get max benefit?

How long after a spirial tibia fracture can start using a ladder on there loft bed, so they can start sleeping in there own bed again? In weeks?

How long after cervical cerclage is bed rest?

How long can humans go without sleep?

How long do you have to stay awake after getting a head injury?

How long do you have to wait to sleep after you eat?

How long does a little kid need to stay awake after head injury?

How long does a person have to lie in bed for before getting a bed sore?