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2 yr old has huge tonsils touching. Disrupted sleep, gasping at night, had antibiotics with no relief, snoring - what do you do?

2yr old snores really loud at night & sometimes gasp for air. Could it be large adenoids or sleep apnea? He also have iron deficiency anemia. Thanks

3yr old son had is having difficulty breathing and snoring while sleeping after a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy 2 days this normal.

9 year old boy snores very loudly and has night terrors what can we do to reduce his snoring and nightterrors?

After years of smoking fentanyl I now snore while I'm awake even after I've been sober 3 months. Any insite to why the day time snoring won't stop???

Any ideas to curb loud snoring for a guy?

Are there any natural solutions that can stop my husband snoring?

Are there any solutions/cure for "very loud" snoring?

Are there good over-the-counter solutions to solve loud snoring?

Can a septoplasty cure snoring? I'm weighing the pros and cons of getting a septoplasty. My doctor wants me to get one, but i don't usually have that much trouble breathing. But I do snore quite loudly. If septoplasty could help, that would be a huge pro

Can anything be done to reduce or eliminate snoring? My husband doesn't have sleep apnea but his snoring prevents us from sharing a bed.

Can having a tonsillectomy cause snoring problems?

Can i get a prescription sleep aide if I have really loud snoring?

Can there be some ways to reduce the loudness of someone snoring or completely stop their snoring?

Can wearing nasal strips end snoring?

Can you suddenly develop loud snoring later in life?

Can you suggest a good solution for heavy snoring?

Can you tell me how to cure loud snoring?

Can't sleep well during night time. Is there anybody call tell me how to solve and cure this snoring problem?

Could snoring means morning breath?

Do snoring rings work?

Doc if i hve tonsils and i snore loudly in the nite....So is da snoring bcoz of tonsils?And also if i drink hot water can I get rid of snoring?

Doctors! what actually leads to snoring?

Does my snoring come from my stuffy nose from allergies , my deviated septum , or could I have sleep apnea? I snore a lot since sev. mos. How to know?

Does snoring relate to having a deviated septum? I cannot breath while snoring and i often wake up with headaches.

For 10 years my husband never snored. Now he snores! why now and never before?

For the past month or so, my 4-year-old has been snoring loudly every night. Does this need to be checked out?

From my previous question.Usually when i snore sometimes i stop breathing then i wake up.What can I do to permenately stop my snoring?

Help! my husband snores super loud! is there anything, med or a trick that can make him stop snoring?

Help. I snore at night keeping my partner up. I tried vicks, sprays, mouth guards. And I do not have sleep apnia?

Hi there, I having a snoring habbit. Is there a way to overcome it? Changing pillow? sleeping style? Or anything that could stop my snoring habbit.

Hi... Is there any way to get rid of snoring.. My mom has a srver problem of snoring...

How can I control snoring problem at age 45?

How can I control snoring problem in age 45?

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How can I get my husband to stop snoring?

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I am 18 and i snore loudly - help?

I am told i snore really bad, is there a way i can help my body not snore at night? Or control this at all?

I can't get any sleep because my roomie is snoring?

I have a "nasally" voice and I snore is this normal or is there a way to stop it?

I have a 4 month old son who has been snorting and snoring for 2 months The dr says its adenoids but can I give him anything as he can not sleep!!

I have a loud snoring roommate help!?

I need to know if there is any solution for loud snoring?

I snore loud, what can I do to stop it, without going to the dr.?

I snore quite a bit, will my open-mouth snoring lead to dry-socket in the night?

I snore really bad but only in the wintertime ... Anything what do you say doc?

I snore very loudly and it is disrupting to my roommate. I am overweight so that may be the problem, but I need some instant solutions to stop snore?

I think i'm suffering from sleeping apnea s my breathing stops intermittently n snored a lot too so any quick remedy im from india?

I was just wondering how can I help my dad with his loud snoring?

I'm 32 years ago and skinny. However I have issue with loud snoring. I have quitted smoking and drinking. My dad also snores. Can this be inherited?

I'm just 23 years old and snoring quite badly. My friends are telling me they can't sleep because of my loud snoring. How do I stop snoring?

I'm wondering how to cure loud snoring problem?

I've a problem of snoring during sleep I can't breadth properly whts wrong with me I can't breath from nose im 50 yearz old?

If I am not bothered by my own snoring and feel well rested, should I care about the snoring?

Im snoring a lot at sleep what should I do doc? Nd thank u a lot.

Is loud snoring in a 1 yr. Old child a concern?

Is my son's snoring and sneezing due to adenoid he had as a baby, he's almost 6yrs. What can i do about this nightly snoring?

Is snoring dangerous?

Is there a an easy cure for snoring?

Is there a good way treat my snoring?

Is there a reason to be concerned about my really loud snoring?

Is there any advice to stop my boyfriend from snoring?

Is very loud snoring normal in a 22 yr old nonobese female?

My 1 month child is snoring, when she sleeping and even if she awake, is it normal, how to treat that snoring?

My 3 month old snores. Loudly. Is he ok? More risk for sids?

My 3.5 year old snores rather often & quite loud. ENT took her t&a's out 7 months ago. Is this continued snoring ok??

My 7 year old daughter has started to snore loudly while awake. She also snores during sleep but less so. What could be causing this? Thanks.

My 9 month child has a snoring noise while breathing. What could be the reason?

My baby girl is 19 months. Is it normal for we to be snoring ? Should I do something about this ? Is this affecting her breathing ?

My dad snores loudly and mom is not getting enough sleep and i feel sorry for her..How can you deal with snoring?

My dad snores really bad. What to do?

My daughter 9years old snores loud pitch and then suddenly starts to cough. Is it sleep apnea for her ?