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I am bipolar, have ADHD and general anxiety. Since i started college i cant sleep and i have anxiety attacks regularly. What can i do to sleep?

Broken light sleep with vivid dreams, wake up every hour, small pupils, muscle twitches for last 2 months. 25 years old. Do I have fatal insomnia?

18, 6/7 hrs restless sleep a night wake up breathless anxiety. sleep deprived 3 yrs, mostly go to sleep after 12am. Health effects? cancer cause?

19yo,I have anxiety and insomnia,I'm obsessed with sleeping yet can't sleep or wake up alot,also I sleep better every other night,what can I do please?

21, male. 40 days and no sleep. Its tired I have dreams while awake and can get only minutes of stage 1 sleep. Sporadic fatal insomnia?

23years old wake up a lot during the night and I do have anxiety any tips?

27/f i've had a nightmare every night this week what does this mean? I'm afraid to go to sleep as they are so horrible.

33/m, constant tiredness, difficulty waking, using fire alarm to wake me.75 min+ of fire alarm and wife shaking me.Sleep intertia.No narcolepsy/apnea.

5 hrs sleep= easy to wake but not refreshed. 7+= headaches, oversleeping, coma like. Worse with Trileptal (for bipolar). Blood sugar crashing @ night?

A day every wk or 2 am so tired, dozing off while walking. Sleep dr. Seems to ignore complaint. I question if I need stimulant. Do sleep drs prescribe?

After eating dinner I have uncontrollable sleeping. I cannot stop it. Headache present on awakening . Not a refreshing sleep.?

All i want to do is pop sleeping pills, and sleep my life away. Why do I always feel so depressed?

Am always getting dreams even for 5 minutes sleep, more than others 3-7 dreams at a sleep.It wont be in limits. Is that any problem to me or my brain?

Anxiety --- can't sleep, throwing up, stomach achesadvice, what to do?

Any reason why am i having fits of terror in my sleep and how can I deal with this?

Are there any medications that suppress dreams so I don’t' have sleep terrors?

Are there beds that can help sad?

Are these normal experiences to have for sleep paralysis, or do I have some sort of schizophrenia maybe?

As go sleep, think about something (helps). But now many different thoughts appear, panic! wake up. Thoughts stop. Try sleep again, thoughts again?

Began waking up short of breath, Dr said it was anxiety and put me on Paxil, (paroxetine) which is waking me 3+ times /ngt (sweats) . Would sleep study be better?

Belly no longer stays taut when relaxed. From sleep deprivation or discontinuation from antipsychotics, antidepressants. Is it something deal with now?

Best medication(s) for anxiety and panic attacks mainly in sleep, suffering from night terrors and sleep paralysis causing hours of lost sleep and sleep deprivation and added increased anxiety etc ?

Best medication(s) for anxiety and panic attacks mainly in sleep, suffering from night terrors and sleep paralysis causing hours of lost sleep and sleep deprivation and added increased anxiety etc ?

Bipolar 2/anxiety/insomnia. Sleep deficit- Exhausted in afternoon but can't nap, often get anxiety attacks in bed. Trazodone only for bedtime. HELP?

Can anxiety and tension cause a hungover feeling in the morning? I've had sleep studies - not apnea.

Can anxiety cause a bowel movement in your sleep that you are completely unaware of and do not wake up during?

Can changing your sleeping schedule cause anxiety attacks?

Can fatigue from depression take you over to the point you want to sleep all the time??

Can I have rage and slight depression because the last 3 months i never slept during the night? I only sleep during day.Got my sleep cycle is inverted

Can insomnia/some form of it be the main cause for anxiety? I'm stressed but i think my sleep is more the prob. I got to bed at 10 pm& sleep by 3 am.

Can poor sleep and feeling sick give you anxiety ?

Can sinusitis distrub sleep in some nights? If yes, what should we do?

Can sleep deprivation (slept about 3 hrs total over 3 days) and/or stress cause me to hear voices?

Can someone die after having anorexia and bulimia on and off 20 yrs? Lately I am so exhausted and sleep 12 hrs a day. Is it a lack of nutrition ? So

Can someone tell me how people learn to cope with sleep paralysis & fear of sleeping in dark?

Can staying indoors too often cause anxiety?

Can the flu cause insomnia? I literally haven't slept in two nights

Can there be an illness that causes a person to constantly want sleep?

Can trazodone cause rebound anxiety? Been on it for 3 weeks for insomnia. Helps me sleep, but i wake up feeling really anxious. What's the deal?

Can vit d effect your sleep pattern. My daughter can't fall asleep. It's been 3 days could she be depressed?

Can you consciously control problems like night terrors or sleep walking?

Can you please tell me why it'sso difficult for us to be awakened during the deepest sleep?

Can you tell me some suggestions on how to get sleep when your tired anxious and have a major migraine :(?

Can you tell me some tips to combat sleepiness at work or when studying?

Can you vomit in your sleep without knowing it?

Can't sleep at night, then am extremely tired during the day. It's severely impacting my life, i'm in bed all day and missing most of school. Help!

Can't sleep more than 2-3 hours Cause dreams waking me up I've been stressed before I'm not sleeping well since a week, please some ideas appreciated?

Can't sleep tonight - could this be the first sign of depression?

Chest weakness after waking up. extreme insomnia issues (won't sleep for a day, then sleep for over 11 hours), 22 years old, aniexty and depression?

Chronic insomnia (not total sleep deprivation) doesn't cause psychosis or hallucinations does it? I have a huge fear of going crazy (ocd) and this worries me a lot because i've had trouble sleeping .

Chronic insomnia feel tired & exhausted, but when trying to sleep mind doesn't shutoff Ambien (zolpidem) when up for days then only sleep 2 hours. Treatments?

Could mild narcolepsy be associated with hypersexuality in some way? (My strongest urges happen when I wake up from a dream at night or morning).

Crippling anxiety. I'm so tired but as I fall asleep, I get cold all over and wake up. The Xanax (alprazolam) is just making more tired, but not helping,Pleasehelp?

Day 3 I still didn't sleep at all maybe 4 hours overall but didn't know if I slept or not my mind can't stop thinking what should I do I'm exhausted ?

Day time fatigue & sleepines..feel bettr at night..more alert and focusd. hard to fall sleep bt deep sleepr 8hrs. How can I be more active during day?

Didn't want to be a worry wart , but my partner twitches in his sleep sometimes , is that common? I've heard of twitching before sleep , I do that.

Do i have PTSD i cant sleep nightmares wake up panicy and sweaty and my heart hurts .often get flashbacks so confusing?

Do I have sleeping disorder if unable to sleep after tea or coke at 3?

Do you get more random memory flashbacks when you are tired and wanting sleep?

Do you have any suggestions for my anxiety and deppression affecting sleeping and eating?

Does "sleeping on the floor" cause depression?

Does anyone have this sleep disorder where you sleep but wake up at every slight noise?

Does anyone understand the difference between being really tired and having sleep deprivation?

Does being depressed lead to sleep terrors?

Does coffee stop you from getting symptoms of sleep deprivation?

Does sleep deprivation cause irrational fears?

Does talking in your sleep mean anything ?

Does trazodone not provide any nrem sleep? I don't feel refreshed in the morning just very fatigued weak tense..Can't sleep without it. It's torture

Every day I wake up and have no energy. I have battled insomnia since childhood, but even if I do get a good night's sleep, I wake up exhausted.

Extreme drowsiness even after sound 8 hrs sleep in daily morning....?

Feel irritable bad tempers and want to sleep all the time but don't sleep well at all?

For the past 3 days i had 6 or less hrs of sleep due to my crohns disease.Now i am extremely scared and anxious about sleep.Any ways to reduce anxiety?

Getting MRI soon for neurologist.I get sleep paralysis and brain zaps in my sleep and when i wake up i feel tired and in a dream like state .What is ?

Getup 1hour after sleep with fear,sweating,shaking,reality confusion,walking aimlessly then hardly remember.panic attacks or sleep terrors?what to do?

Had 2 sleep studies with diff docs for insomnia. I never feel tired since 4 yrs. Couldnt sleep at study. Doc1=apnea, doc2=psych. Confused!

Had a sleep study 18 months ago no apnea. Had a few times waking up feeling like I can't breathe lately. I haven't gained weight. Hist gerd anxiety?

Had abortion six weeks ago, I hate myself, I don't sleep if I do I have nightmares, I'm anxious all the time what should I do? I feel so alone!

Have no energy during the day can't concentrate an bad memory an at night I'm wide awake can not sleep with sleep aids an mind races day/nite help??

Have PTSD(2008)on meds, having horrible daily nightmares, flashbacks, am in therapy- causes restless sleep,feeling very fatigues all the time, help?

Having night terrors combined with hallucinations, what is going on?

He stopped answering my text I should be okay with that he raped me, but now I can't sleep at night and crying myself to sleep now, not healthy?

Heart races during the day thinking about sleep since I haven't slept well in a week. Is this from anxiety? How can help myself and sleep?

Hi , Please can you help me with this problem I am having lots of bad dreams were I am shouting and lashing out in my sleep this is ruining my life.

Hi and thanks in advance. Is excessive sleep, sleep attacks, grinding teeth, and itchy face and scalp caused by my ocd, depression and anxiety?

Hi doc, my question is I have insomnia. I can't sleep at night. I have a lot of things to think about... My hair is breaking too much. What can I do?

How can a racing mind let you sleep?

How can I best manage anxiety that is keeping me awake at night?

How can I get my brain to shut down so i can sleep. I've held conversations with my wife while sleeping. Constantly tired and no energy?

How can I get rid of sleep paralysis? Please, I am 18 and I even have hallucinations sometimes .. It's terrifying.. Thank you

How can I get sleep when acting as a caregiver?

How Can I improve my sleep. I tend to Lay awake at night and think of all negative thoughts.

How can I sleep peacefully with no stressful thiughts?

How can one tell if waking up often at night is normal or a sleep disorder? Assume no side effects or feeling sleepy during the day.

How come my anxiety tend to escalate before bed time? I have had a hard time falling sleep, and when I sleep my mind is racing...I feel I don't get a good night sleep's like I am anxious in my sleep..I would wake up in the middle of the night,

How do I know if i'm suffering from depression? I feel sad, anxious, and lonely. Can't sleep well, it takes me forever to fall asleep and i wake up in the middle of my sleep. I cry for no reason and feel like no one understands.

How do sleep when you are restless, and thinking about so many things?

How do you handle 2 year old sleep regression.

How many hours of stages 3 and 4 NON REM deep sleep do I need a day? I am dreaming a lot and feeling EXHAUSTED and weak.

How much time without sleep before hallucinations start?

How serious are very really dreams about suicide? Dont have suicidal thoughts during my waking hours but this makes me not want to sleep.