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1 yr old baby wakes up shakey every morning.It doesn't happen 4 her naps&usually gets better aftr breakfast.What is the cause?Was just dx w nystagmus

10 months daughter dont sleep whole night instead she sleeps early morng.I can't stop her from sleeping in daytime as she becomes irritated.Pls help?

12 weeks pregnant and read online that I should stop sleeping on my back in second trimester. Is this true? Surely a good night's sleep (on my back!) trumps tossing and turning on my side all night?

18 y/o male had 2 sleep studies, first one they gave me a sleep pill, indicated i had osa. I am worried about them being accurate cuz i didn't sleep long?

2 1/2 yr old boy has issues sleeping . Wakes me up 2x a week screaming though it seems he is still sleeping; has reg bed routine. Whats the deal?

2 y/o wakes up 2+ times a night. Tried Ferber. Mostly whines then will go to sleep if we pat her but still wakes up again. GP says no issues. Thoughts?

20 weeks pregnant.Which is the best position of sleep for me?Mom said i hav to sleep on left. But am NT always comfrtable. Any pblm of sleeping right?

21 male. Not slept for 6 days, can't get past stage 1 very very light sleep. I think I have fatal insomnia, who should I go to? I'm freaking scared!

23 M old BFs to go to sleep. Wakes once /night needs boob to settle. Tried everything! Any suggestions to wean?

23yo female worried incase i dont wake up when i go to sleep?

36 weeks and have really bad restless legs. I'm getting 3hrs og sleep a night for yhe last 3 weeks. Please help!

3rd night woke up from sleep troubled by negative stories heard on news when I wake up I don't think about it at all. Could PMS cause this?

3wks before my period,i'm constantly having a genital arousal,esp when i'm sitting down or when going to it normal?

4 year old twitches in his sleep - seems to e getting worse, any ideas?

40 year-old man unable to sleep since 7 years-old, sleeping 2-4 hours a night and having unusual dreams. Why, and could it be epileptic.....?

48/F - was wondering if sleep changes at this age. Over the past 4 months Ive had a few nights a week where I'm tired but wide awake at 2 and 3 am.

5 yeras old boy takes 9 hours sleep even though when gets up for school vomits off n on reason? Is there any entiemetic or stimulant for kid ?

7month baby SLEEPS VERY LATE AT NIGHT nd cry a lot while sleeping.This makes us tired.Tried everything but nothing helped.pls suggest how to sleep her?

8 yr/0 has JIA and says she can't get comfortable at night so she doesn't get any sleep. Any suggestions?

Actually I'm so lazy and I can't do anything but sleepin specially that I'm in a vacation.. So I wanna an advice to help me be active..

Afraid due to recently sleep paralysis... No conditions... How can I stop this? It scares me...

Alot of headache after coming from coaching . 8am-4pm . Why does this happen ? Even 8hours a day i sleep.Though after sleeping 1-2hrs it becomes fine.

Always have to pee, bad sleeping habits, up all night sleep all day. Breasts tender. Bad eating habits. 2 weeks late. Am i pregnant? Am a bit stessed to

Anxiety attack in children, how to help? She's 4yrs old. I don't want to put her on meds but it got bad today, she cried herself to sleep. HELP!

Any advice on how to get daughter to go to sleep at night. She just wants to play, shes 3 yrs old.

Any tips on how to get good sleep? Zeo showed problems

Apnea test last night, as norm couldn't sleep but yet always tired. Never put on mask. Think slept from 2til he woke me @6 & I was out! Possibe apnea?

Are sleep studies accurate? Because im on a bad sleep schedule and have a sleep study scheduled 2 days from now and i hope its gonna be accurate.

Are there any health consequences for going to bed late, say around 1-3am every night, but still getting enough sleep (8-9hrs)?

Are there any ways or old folktales about a 6 month old sleeping throughout the night without a 3am and 5am feeding? I really need more sleep.

Bad to sleep in your contacts?

Barbiturate sleeping pill was given to my son at age 15 to sleep it cause us to not be able to wake him just rolling eyes almost seiz like is this pos?

Ca'nt get to sleep without jerking off. Is this an addiction?

Can any doc explain if you get put to sleep for a biopsy?

Can any doc explain why are my allergies only bad when i sleep late?

Can sleep apnea just start happen if u never had the problem be4 or r u born with it?Just want to no all the info i can get

Can you tell me what to do if i found out that my boyfriend goes through sleep paralysis almost every night. Is this normal?

Can your body shut down when you're pregnant and have insomnia? Just something i heard

Can your gynecologist tell how many people you slept with ?

Can't seem to wake up early or before noon and its hard to slekeep at night on bipolar meds does that cause this?

Can't sleep any suggestions? I'm 20 and pretty healthy. This sleeping habit has recently started i can't sleep at night i normally finally fall asleep around 4am after tossing and turning all night. I have never had this issue, and i've thought about taki

Can't sleep because im restless worried about my mom, kid, job. What will help?

Can't tell when I had conversation (today/yest./earlier in wk?). This happens often. Have apnea/use cpap nightly. Could this be a sign of trouble?

Cant go to sleep unless someones up who i can talk to or i wakeup physically ill and start crying. Whats wrong with me?

Cat hair or something else in My throat. Can't sleep . Was told to eat so it could go down . But nothing helped . Been 3days and i'm worried.

Caught my 7 year old sleep walking. Should i be worried? Any thing i can do to help prevent this?

Constantly getting up having to pee een har to get pee put and can't stay in a deep sleep even with my cpap?

Could it be alright for girls to sleep nude?

Could use your help docs! my wife shakes a lot while sleeping why ?

Dad w/Parkinson lets can't eat,talk,sleeping all day.barely this likely the end?can anymore be done.sleeps while being fed

Didn't sleep at all last night and I have two exams today. How to keep my brain sharp?

Do I have this, my mom does and i think I have it as well, i go to sleep regularily at 10 but I am until 130, 2 in the morning, or later other times?

Do lack of sleep causes yellow eyes?please help me,I'm getting worried I'm just a teenager.thank you

Do you think I should be worried about my roommate sleeping too much?

Does talking about a past partner in your sleep mean anything?

Dr says my baby's seizures may not be controlled cuz of his lissencephaly. He gets them always when he's waking up from sleep. I need better answer. ?

During normal days, i sleep at 12AM and wake up at 6AM, but during holidays, i go to sleep at 2AM and wake up at 9AM. How can it affect my health ??

Ever heard of once somebody's asleep not being able to wake them up? Not even their own kids? Should i talk to my pcp? Its impossible to wake me up

Ever since i can remember I've had trouble waking up in the mornings. Even if i sleep full 8 hrs . Why? I'm 22 yr male. How can I change this. Help

Every now n then i hv problem of constipation.Also happen if i sleep late or wake up early sometimes. is zantac (ranitidine) effective for that ?y is it with me?

Every since I had my daughter I haven't been sleeping at night when she does im up until 7am every morning do I have a disorder I do be very tired?

Exam comin.Why am i so lazy when i know i got thing to fnsh.Slp at 4-6am n keep reminisce scary incident before slp.Wake up late.Lazy all the time.Help?

Exhausted. Please tell me how to get to sleep for kids are returning soon from their dads?

Feeding schedule and sleeping schedule for a 7 month old n need to get a new routine for my son help?

First morning after c pap, im 18 and have sleep apnea, doc told me i wasnt getting any REM sleep, does that mean i didn't develop properly? Im scared.

For six mo. I have found that if I get less than 9hrs of sleep when I wake up I feel like my bones are bruised. Is this an early sign of fibromyalgia?

For the past 5 days I haven't been able to sleep, and I don't know why. Nothing has changed emotionally or physically. I've also developed RLS?

For the past few I been sleeping a lot. I been sleeping great a night. I have had no changes in medicine. I fell asleep at the movies today.

For the past four weeks I've not been able to sleep whatsoever I just lye in bed an day dream all night I've trying sleeping tablets also but no joy

Friend of mine, for some reason sleeps alot, up maybe 30 to 40min. Then back to sleep, drinks a lot of caffeine, but still don't work.?

Getting by on 2-3 hrs. of sleep. Nothing bothering me. No health issues. Where to go from here?

Had 50 seizures today when i went to sleep my mum could't wake me for 8hrs and i had difficuties breathing while sleeping possible consant seizure?

Had intense sleep paralysis last night, now I'm concerned I will get it again tonight. How can I prevent this ?

Had trouble with nightmares since i was a child, used to be same ones recurring. Now i'm 27 and sometimes go a week with nothing but nightmares. Help!

Have a sleep study tomorrow night can I sleep on my side ? Ive been sleeping on my side my whole life

Have you any tips on how to make my 15 month son sleep better at night.Dont think hes had a nights sleep since hes been born?

Havent gotten more than 4-5 hrs a night for 3 nights. Its dark and cool. Im exhausted. Should i talk to my pcp. Sleep is not solid either im up 60-90m?

Having a d and c done.What do I expect? I am afraid to be put to sleep.Scared i won't wake up or it will paralyze me.

Hello Doctor, most of the time while I revise my study at home I usually feel sleepy. Kindly advice me Doctor.

Hello doctor, from past few days I am not able to sleep properly, which giving me headache at my workplace. Could you please help me out or advice me.

Hello, i just can't sleep due to an unknown reason. I wasfine for the past few days, it just occurred suddenly at this time. I have been exhausted and frustrated for four hours.Rolling in bed caused me to be worried. Its currently 3:11 am. I tried to slee

Hello, my mom is 52 years old & she works 10-12 hours mon-sat. She has trouble sleeping every now & then. Any sugestions? Please help. Thank you :)

Hello!It has been few months that i have not been able to sleep well. some incident occurred in my life previously and that do not have any room in my mind now but nights are hard for me to spent. I barely sleep 1 hour a night. The things that happens at

Hey erm i need help with everything starting off with my sleeping problems can I have help please?

Hey there, I am 6 months pregnant and during night time I keep rolling from my L to R sides because I get tired of sleeping on my L side, is it true it's not safe for me and the baby to sleep on the R side?

Hi doctors I have a problem with study when i want study i can't i just feel bad, sick, cry and can't read what should I do help me , please ..!

Hi doctors.. Everydays i can only sleep for around 4hrs.. In between got wake up and sleep again..Is this consider as insomia? It has been 2yrs.Thanks

Hi how can I get my sons age 2 and 5 not to be so active.They don't want to sleep and tantrums alot.Im from south africa?

Hi i have a question for the last couple of days at night i get really itchy and my body jerks/shakes when i try to sleep at night wat it mean?

Hi i have a question for the last couple of days at night i get really itchy and my body jerks/shakes when i try to sleep at night wat it means

Hi I have been having stomatic cramps and going to the toliet a lot and I have been restless and night time and can't sleepwaht could this be?

Hi I would like to ask if you have shingles I can sleep with my husband or we must protect?

Hi sir, i'm not getting good sleep at night.Dreams are distrubing my sleep the whole night..I get dream continously untill i get up..Solution?

Hi there doctors! recently i've been having a shortness in breath when trying to fall asleep. Any reasons? I'm active a lot n am fine during the day!

Hi. 3 days ago I stated to wake up every night at 1 and 4am just to go to the bathroom... What can I do? It stresses me a lot... I am 16.

Hiccups And Feeling of throwing up AFTER taking Zolpidem ( non stop since 1 hour ago. it might last All day. i need to get rid of the hiccups so i can go to sleep. Sleepy. Please help me drs.

How can I get my 24 month old to sleep through the night? He only slept though the night for 2 months when he was 18 mo. Old, not since december.

How can I get my child to sleep thru nite?

How can I help my 6 yo daughter at bedtime? She cries as soon as i mention bedtime as she has 'bad dreams' and she says she is 'scared'

How can I help my 90 year old grandma have a good nights sleep? Should I call at night if she worries about me?