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Borborygmi is really embarrassing for me, especially when I'm in a quiet environment. My bum makes loud disturbing noises when I'm anxious. help!

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Can you be hypnotized so you can't hear traffic or anything when you sleep?

Can you tell me are rain sounds good to listen to while sleeping?

Can you tell me, are rain sounds good to listen to while sleeping?

Could hearing a scary sound in the middle of the night after going to sleep depressed be an auditory hallucination? Or part of a night mare?

Could you advise us for sound sleep?

Does listening to white noise really help you sleep, or is it a waste of money?

Does listening to white noise really help you stay asleep?

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Fans blowing on you when you sleep, harmful?

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Hearing sound effects while i sleep. What could this be?

Helps please! my teeth makes noises in sleep! what is this?

Hi , i haven't had enough sleep , i sleep around 4-5 am , it has been happining for about 1-2 months , almost every Day , Is That Bad ?

Hi dr, I have a problem with my left ear. It keeps on vibrating in quiet places and most of the time i'm unable to sleep. What can be the cause?

Hi, everytime i sleep, i snore so loud that no one can stand. Please give me some sugestion. Thank you.

Hi! my sleep is very heavy, so I have a very noisy alarm in order do wake me up on time. Is it any heart damage on waking up "frightened" every day?

How can I make my 2 months old sleep deep ? I guess his hearing is very good that's why even a little noise can wake him up, how can I help him?

How can I stop myself from becoming anxious about loud noises?

How can you sleep through loud noises?

How can you sleep with noisy neighbours? I don't have ear plugs by the way.

How can you tolerate a loud! irritating snore ?

How come i fart and snore when i sleep and how can I stop it?

How come i hear footsteps when i go to sleep?

How come i need to have constant sound to lull myself to sleep?

How come people who snore really loud die and don't wake up from the loudness of the snoring?

How come when I try to sleep and put my head on my pillow, I hear a noise?

How do I keep loud noises from driving me crazy?

How does a loud snorer not wake up from the noisy snoring?

How is it possible that someone who is a light sleeper can sleep right through his own loud snoring?

How is it that a man who is not ordinarily a sound sleeper can sleep right through his own snoring?

I always sleep with music, it is hard to sleep without calm music playing, why? I fall asleep alot faster when I have my headphones on with music

I am very sensitive to noise, and that disturbs me a lot when sleeping. How do I sleep without earplugs?

I can't sleep. Sleeping is hard for me because when i heard a little noise or the air was warm increase, i'll be wake up. What should I do?

I cannot sleep with any type of noise/light, what to do?

I get loud noises in years when falling asleep often. Not tinnitus but loud flashes that can happen once or constantly when trying to doze off.

I had a newborn baby days ago and haven't slept at all. I feel very confused, hearing voices imagining conversations and almost dreaming while awake?

I hallucinate in my sleep.!? I "wake up" seeing things, talking, moving stuff around. And then i snap out of it. But i'm awake? What causes this!

I have a 5 week old newborn. He used to sleep through anything, loud noises, etc. Now he wakes so easily and isn't sleeping for as long? Normal?

I have bad habbit of making noise of tooth at night time. I don't even know that I do this. People sleeping around tell me about this.

I have everything i need, but i'm very depressed. Almost every noise irritates me. Clocks ticking to my boyfriends breathing. What could be wrong?

I have pneumonia and am exhausted! want to sleep but when i lay down there's a loud rattling noise and makes me cough! how do I stop this?

I hear loud crashes, explosions, and voice chatter when falling asleep & when awake. What is this?

I keep hearing voices and seeing things when i try to sleep. What could be wrong?

I sleeps overnight but i will not hear the louder alarm, what makes it so?What all things I have to care for wake up early morning

I want to block noise so I can sleep. Buy noise cancelling headphones vs cheap earplugs?

I was told by roomate that I Make a weird slurping noise when I sleep almost like im drinking something. What causes this & how to stop?

I wear earplugs nightly when sleeping. Can this "pack" earwax in, in a bad way?

I will be traveling by bus and I do not want to be snoring loudly. Are there any particular positions or things i can do?

I'm 17, i was lying in my bed trying to sleep and i notice a buzzing or static sound what is it?

I'm 19 and I snore while I'm wide awake sometimes I can't hear it but my cousin tells me to relax cause I'm rushing my breath or struggling to breathe?

I'm not dreaming. I can hear my uncle saying my name but i can't breathe, move, or speak even when i struggle to get up. When i awake i gasp for air.

I'm screaming very loud in my sleep but can't remember this in the morning.They called it night terrors but why do I have it?

In the middle of my sleep i can sometimes find myself sexually moaning aloud. It's loud enough at times that i wake myself. What is this?!

Incredibly loud snoring roommate help, do you recommend anything i can use!?

Is it bad if I fall asleep with my headphones & music on??

Is it bad sleeping with music?

Is it bad to sleep with earbuds in while listening to music? I've never done this but i want to try it a few times to see if it helps me sleep

Is it bad to sleep with headphones on? Would you wake up if they wer chocking you?

Is it dangerous to sleep with earphones in?

Is it dangerous to sleep with headphones in?

Is it normal to hear things that aren't there if I haven't slept in a few days?

Is it normal to hear voices in your head hours before sleep?

Is it normal to make a wheezing noise when sleeping?

Is it ok to be using a 'white noise' all the the time when I sleep?

Is it strange for a 24 year old to sleep with a stuffed rabbit?

Is sleeping to white noise better than new age music?

Is sleeping to white noise better than sleeping to calming music?

Is sleeping with music on bad?

Is snoring unhealthy? Turns out I snore pretty loud when I'm asleep, and I don't know what this means?

Is their concern of my really loud snoring? It's so bad and loud that i can't even sleep in my own bed anymore with my husband cause of it.

Is white noise effective as a sleep-aid?

Lately listening to dubstep or old time music before bed has been causing me to have really bad nightmares is normal and what could be causing it?

Mom snores really loudly & unfortunately to our living situation we have to sleep in the same room. What will help her stop?

My 4 year old sounds like hes snoring while awake playing and sitting what could be wrong?

My 6 month old baby is a very noisy sleeper he makes high pitch sounds he is breathing very well but he's been like this since born only in deep sleep?

My 7 month old baby has been making loud breathing noises since he was 4 weeks old while in deep sleep he's had a heart cheeck and very healthy?

My boyfriend snors so loud i can not sleep I have to wear ear plugs and take sleep meds what should I do and how do I confront him thank you?

My dad sleep make a lot of noise snoring sound like a blockage in the air flow he smokes a lot, its loud and scares me can it be sleep apnea r smke?

My ears are wet when i sleep at night?

My husband is making weird noise in his sleep. First thought was catathrenia, but he does not pause while breathing in or out. It sounds like hmhmhmhm?

My husband snores very loudly when asleep and sometimes he normal breath also noises ? Why is this happening ?

My son is 5, snores abnormally loud and sleep walks. What could this be caused by and is it something I should have him seen for?

My teeth make noises when i sleep. Why does this happen?

Once or twice I have heard whistle kind of breathing sound on my 7day old daughter while sleeping. Do I have to about it?

Please advise if it's normal for me to hear/sense my own snoring in sleep?

Please help docs! is sleeping with earphones on bad?

Please tell me what we have to do for sound sleep?

Roomie lets girls in his bed at nite. Ok but awakened by high pitched squealing. Should I report him?

Screaming in sleep and then making choking noises. What does this mean, help!?

Should i be concerned if i hear deep voices as i'm in sleep paralysis.?

Sleep sound machine, does it cause me to retain memory of that sound?

Sometimes I experience loud ringing in my ears and paralysis as I'm falling asleep after briefly waking up in the morning. Is there a name for this?

Sometimes when I sleep, I cant wakeup .I was totally aware of my surroundings , I could hear sounds , I mean I was awake but I could not move..why?

This happened months a ago. I have been sleeping very loud high pitch and sleep sitting and i sweat so much, my mom need to change my shirt. apnea?