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11week old will only take 30 min naps, and miserable afterwords. He puts himself to sleep, and he's not awake too long between naps. Advice?

12 wk old only latching about 5-7 mins. Hasn't pooped 48 hours and slightly fussy. Sleeping all night and one 4 hour nap. Making enough milk?

13 months baby sleeps only 30 min during the day and 12 hours at night, she wont take longer naps and if she did she'll stay up longer. Normal?

18wk baby will nap on me for up to 2hrs however when in cot which is where I want nap times,she's wide awake in 30min and won't go bak 2slp any advice?

19 days old girl slept @ night for more than 4 hours and skipped a meal time. Do I need to wake her up for feedings? She usually eats every 3-4 hrs.

2 months old cried last night for 6 hours refusing to be out down in bed. Only slept when put on tummy. What's wrong with her?

24wk baby with virus & fever sleeping 4 hours? He stirs when i try to wake him, falls back to sleep or only awake for a short time? Drinking half feed

3 months breastfed baby is now sleeping for 4 hours straight at night, when will she start sleeping 5-6 hours & is it safe not to feed for that long?

3 mos baby is sleeping good at nite, but fights nap time& barely sleeps how many naps=length?

4 m old bf baby goes to bed 9 -10 pm wakes 1:30-2 pm for a feed then wakes again about 5am. Friends formula baby sleeps 9 hrs and says there's a prob?

5 month old was sleeping thru the night (~12 hrs) for past 2 mos but now sleeps only 6 hrs, then wakes ~every 45 min. How can I get her back on track?

5months old baby sleeps max 8 hrs a day with continuous sleep of max3 hrs without waking it OK or will affect baby's overall growth?

6 mo. old male not taking daily naps for past 5 days. Used to sleep every 2-3 hours for at least an hour at a time. Any ideas/suggestions?

6 wk old does not wake up at night for feeding. Have to wake her up at 5 hours, but she only eats for 5 minutes and falls back to sleep. Suggestions?

6 wk old sleeps a 6 hour stretch at night and could go longer. Should I wake to feed or let her keep sleeping?

7 month old baby does sleep only 6 hours a day. What kind of medicine is best and safe to get her to sleep?

7 week old baby is often sleeping 4, sometimes 5 hours at night before waking. Should I wake him up after 3 hours to make sure he's feeding enough?

73 y o good health 4 hours exercise once per week I need 12 hours sleep since several years. If I nap 2 hours I still need 12 hours...

A1c=5.7, 2hr post meal=140, bedtime glucose=100, trouble sleep through nite, wake up after 4-5 hrs every nite & glucose=40 upon wake up. What to do?

About how many hours of sleep does the average person need per night?

After how many hours are the nodoz (caffeine) going to wear off?

After work everyday, I nap from 1-5pm. Is that bad? I also exercise for an hour and half to two hours.

Any advice? I have stayed awake for 28 hours and wide awake?

As a 16 years old how many hours of sleep in order to grow overnight?

At 42 yrs old n I take min.6 hrs of sleep every night I still yawn a lot during office hours why ?

At 67 I find on most days like today I wake up after about just 4 hrs of sleep. Upon waking should I then drink milk or take a Calcium tablet & sleep?

At 7 months, My bab y isn't getting the recommended 11 hours of sleep she sleeps around 8-9 hours & sometimes wakes up briefly. Cause Dev problems?

At night I woke up after just 2 hours sleep, so took a Calcium/Magnesium/Vit D tablet with water & was able to sleep 3 hrs more & go to work. I am 67.

At what time should a 6.5 - 7mo baby go to bed and how many hours to sleep at night? Usually she goes to bed at 9pm and sleeps until 5am.

At what time should I sleep? Is there any recommended time of the night or should I just get minimum of 8 hours?

At which hour is recommended to go to sleep?

Been months on end - max no of hours i can sleep is 3hr/day and very interrupted. Also feels am half awake when i sleep. What to do?

Best way to recover from 20 hour days with out sleep? Also when I do sleep about 6 hours when i wake up in morning i usually hae lots of pain. Help?

Can a person "fall behind" in on sleep? For example, if i sleep 3 hours on monday and 5 hours on tuesday am i really behind 8 hours?

Can being exhausted from a 8 hour work shift and only 6 hours of sleep day to day cause an increased heart rate? I work late and work early...

Can I die from only receiving 1 hr of sleep a night?

Can I get a good sleep in 5 hours 37 minutes?

Can I split my sleep hours to two sections? For example 4 hrs at night, 3 in the next afternoon and still be healthy?

Can I take a nap after 1hr of work out?Though sleep only for 4hrs in the night.Thanks

Can I take zzz quil during I m trying to conceive 1 time becoz I could not sleep.i sleep 2-3 hrs.barely.

Can sleeping too much be harmful? During school holidays, I can sleep at least 10 hours every night. Is it normal?

Can you tell me is 5.5 hours enough sleep for a 14 year old?

Can you tell me is 6 hours of sleep enough for a 16yr old?

Can you tell me what happens if i don't sleep for more than 72 hours?

Cannot sleep because of random erections in the middle of the night lasting hours. Usually around 3 or 4 am - 5 or 6 am. Solutions ?

Cant sleep at night because of erections lasting for hours (2-3 hours) ? Solutions ?

Dear Doctors, Hope all is well, Zheer has sleepiness only is sleeping 6 hours from 24 hours. I have tried local doctors which they said it is normal.

Despite not drinking anything a few hours before bed, i wake up 2x a night to urinate. Is this normal?

Do I need to wake up my 15 days old girl for her feedings? She started sleeping more than 3 hours.

Doctor Lin, my grandmother has been is sleeping much more now a days, even during day time (about 12-14 hours a day). She even dozes off while having ?

Doctors, what are the consequences for have 2-4 hours of sleep everyday?

Does it affect sleep if I take my laptop to bed to work on till I finish?

Does it take a while for body the adjust to sleeping changes from 10 hour to 7-8 hour?

Dr. Told me it is important to sleep b4 12am.Why? How many hrs should I get a day?If i got 4 hrs 1 day, can I makeup for it by sleeping extra next day?

Due to school work, I sleep 6 hours during the night and 2 hours after school . Would that still account for my total 8 hours of sleep. ?

During the day I just drop off in a sleep for 3-4 minutes then wake up. What is this called?

Every time I eat no matter what it is, half hour after I'm dead tired. I sleep8-10 hours a night. is this normal?

Everyday after school I would nap for 2-3 hours, how to stop?

Excessive sleep. Psg/mslt tests; awaiting result. Mslt sleep occurred at: 10am (3.5 min), 12pm (4 min), 2pm (4 min), 4pm (12 min), 6pm (none). Ideas?

Fell asleep while feeding my baby w/ a tampon in for a total of 11 hours, should I be concerned?

For 4 days my 1 month old has gone 5-6 hours between feedings at night. Should I be letting her sleep so long?During the day she eats every 1-3 hours.

Haven't slept in about 47 hours, and I'm curious. What would be the average time limit to start to worry about a lack of sleep?

Hello doctor ..I am going for a trip 14 hours in plan and 14 hours in airport ...Please i need somthing for sleeping for my baby ( age 1 year )?

Hello, 5 hours of sleep per night is enough or not? Thank you.

Hello, i have a 9 days new born and my preocupation is that she's not waking up to be fed. I wake her up every 4 hrs and it takes me 15min to do so.

Help please! is almost 4am still cannot sleep i been laying in bed for 6 hours now -.- some one help?

Hi. Sometimes I end up taking a nap for 2-3 hours in the day or evening, and then I go to sleep for 7 hours. Is this in anyway dangerous?

How can I brake my 4 month old babies internal clock. She wakes up every 40min to the minute all day during her naps.

How do I be less dehydrated during school hours?

How do i last longer in bed? i last not even one min :(

How good is it to take a day time nap for 30 min?

How long aperson has to sleep in 24 hrs?

How long can I survive on 1-4hrs of sleep per night? Only one night of 5 hrs in last 10.

How long can you survive off of six hours of sleep before it harms you?

How long does a newborn sleep usually?

How long is okay to let my 3 month old sleep at night without food? He is now going 8-9 hours but I often have to wake him up to eat after that

How long should a newborn be awake afrer feeding and diaper chsnge? My month old only sleeps approx 2-3 hours during the day. Thanks!

How long should adults nap for?

How long should teenagers nap for?

How long shuld I sleep daily ?

How long the 20 years old adult need to sleep every night ? 6-8 hours is enough?

How long till lack of sleep turns fatal? Ive had 2 hrs, 0 hrs, 2 hrs, 8hrs, 4 hrs, 5 hrs, 5 hrs for this week.

How long would it take for an 87 year old man to wake up after 2 hours of sedation?

How many hours baby want to sleep in fifth month?

How many hours needed for healthy sleeping ?

How many hours of bed should children who are 10 get?

How many hours of sleep a night is a person supposed to have?

How many hours of sleep do I need at 59?

How many hours of sleep does a3 year old boy need to get a full nights rest?

How many hours of sleep should a 12 month baby get?

How many hours of sleep should a 4 in a half year old get? She's in preschool for 3 hours. Should she still be taking a nap?

How many hours of sleep should the average person be getting?

How many hours per day, do I requiere to sleep? I am 42 years old

How many hours should a 6 months baby sleep straight in total at night?

How many hours should a man must sleep?

How many hours sleep usually for two month old baby .

How many hours would it take to wake up from anesthesia after a tonsillectomy?

How many house should a 7 month old be able to sleep through the night without eating? Mine sleeps 9 hours and then needs a bottle

How much hour is nomal sleep hour for 1 mo baby, per 24 hour time ? My baby seems have lack of sleep (wake every 1-2 hr).

How to figure out why i can't sleep longer than a few hours at night?