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I had mono 4 years ago and have never been the same. I can't exercise anymore as when I do, I need to sleep for two days afterwRd.

11 month old sleeps 10 hrs at night then naps at 9,12,3 and 6. Is this too much? Why is he so tired? Born full term healthy no history

18 year old female, 4-5 hours sleep for past 9 months. How will this effect my health? Very anxious too and POCS. Can napping during day be worse?

18/m/5'10"/185lbs will biphasic sleep schedule affect my physical growth? Thinking of doing 4.5h core+1.5h nap. Not enough time for monophasic sleep

38 Male feel sleepy all the time. 115/80 BP no meds. I also sleep 1 hour in noon but after 8 hours of sleep i am not fresh.

3yr old is eating a lot less, sleeping more, has bad gas and her stool hasn't been normal. She is acting fine and has plenty of energy when awake?

4-5 hrs sleep from a month due to work schedule. Though i stay active throughout the day. Lack of sleep don't effect my routine.Does it effect health?

6 month-old sleeps max. of 7 hrs/night, & takes no naps (literally, none) during day. Is this sufficient sleep for healthy cognitive development?

A few times a day i feel sudden and very severe energy losses while working with the computer. I sleep 7-8 hours, do breaks every 2h. Whats up?

A friend of mine admits he's not getting enough sleep, but doesn't think sleep is very important. Can anyone give me a long/detailed list of benefits?

Actually how long does 250mg of diphenhydramine sleep aid stay in system?. Im 36 year old 200 lbs male, thanks!

Age 24f,If i sleep for 7 hours and wake up earlier despite of that i feel tired until evening bp low,low energy example:from 12am to 7am.What causes ?

Although i hope I am not bipolar, I am sleeping very little hours w/lots of energy and have a lifetime of far above normal productivity. Thoughts?

Am student in a faculty of medicine , so I should study hard everyday , I have sleep for long hrs , is there any taplets can help me for awaking long ?

Are humans the only animals who sleep in 1 block of time? I have heard some animals are "polyphasic" and sleep multiple times per 24 hours.

Are sleeping pills the only answer to helping you go to sleep? Could you become too dependent on it?

Are there any negative effects of getting too little REM sleep?

Are there health benefits for people that use oxygen when they sleep?

Are there solutions to not being able to sleep for multiple nights in a row?

Are we supposed to lere a baby with chicken pox sleep long during the day or make sure he sleeps at night?

At what point is lack of sleep going to have a negative impact in health and job performance? And how? Is 5 hours/night enough?

B/c i work the pm shift, my sleep suffers & i'm tired during the day. (i'm fit & healthy otherwise) would b-12 shots help perk me up & give me energy?

Been getting 3-4 hrs. Sleep/nt. And getting more migraines.Due to that or decrease in topamax (topiramate) from 400 to 100/day?Need sleep study also?

Been sleeping 2-3 am every night for long time. Trying to fix by going to sleep 11-12 at night. Best ways and supplements for sleepiness?

Bi-polar, aspergers. Huge weight gain last 6 months. Taken of sleeping aids. Therapist/nuitritionist suggest k2 & calm for sleep.

Can a 21 year old temporarily function on 4 hours sleep?

Can add make one fatigued? I would fall asleep at work and need daily naps with lack of energy. Sleep study and blood work were all normal.

Can extra strenght melatonin keep you up? It has nothing else in it but melatonin

Can i get taller if i sleep enough e.G 8 hours during the day?

Can I use melatonin to help me sle ep throughout the night?

Can lack of sleep reduce your life say if you had under 5 hours a night ?

Can naps count towards your total night's sleep?

Can sedatives like doxepin make you get better quality sleep in a shorter time period?

Can six hours of sleep per day lead to exhaustion ? I haven't been able to sleep more bc I met someone and it's generating a lot of excitement etc...

Can sleep aid supplements cause a person's back to hurt?

Can the brain stop producing melatonin. I use it every night to sleep now but i ran out.During school i never needed it?

Can the night time use of melatonin lead to daytime fatigue? I take it at 7:30pm, go to bed at 9pm and wake at 5am.

Can there be any health risks of having just 2 hours sleep every night?

Can thinking about a person all the time disturb your sleeping habits ? I don't take long naps anymore and wake up through the night.

Can using an eye mask ("siesta mask") during sleep negatively affect circadian rhythm and/or healthy sleep?

Can workin 10hour day shifts for 7 days followed by 7 night shifts 10 hour followed by 2 days off cause insomnia? Or sleep difficulty of any type?

Can you be meant to sleep with a bra on?

Can you let me know how many hours of sleep a night do you think you really need to be able to function properly?

Can you let me know how many hours of sleep is required for better skin?

Can you please discuss the ingredient in a cigarette that allows me to get back to sleep when?

Can you really be forgetful when I haven't had a decent nights sleep in over 2 weeks how dose it affect you ?

Can you tell me is there any type of sleeping pills i can take, so I am able to sleep for two whole days?

Can you tell me when should I eat if switching to a different sleeping schedule?

Can't sleep more than3-4 hours. Have sleep apnea and use machine nightly. Ca't take unison etc. Makes me to drowsy in the am. Two months now.

Cannot sleep at night between 2 am to 5 am. After 5 am generally i catch sleep. But as I am awake in night i used to get late very often. Kindly help?

Continue to have nightly tachycardia that keeps me up alot of the night. Daytime and nightime feeling of being on high doses of speed. What the heck can cause this? Never relaxed!

Could sleeping for 10 hrs every night worsen my anxiety/depression? I feel my best at 10 hrs but I think it might not be so good in long run?

Daily i found myself cum while sleep. Does it reduce any energy?

Daily routine is hectic and i feel tired all the time . Plz help.. Sleep is NT enuf for me i think. Proper diet is missing i think.

Dark half circles under eyes from lack of sleep/weird sleeping pattern. How long after returning to healthy sleep will it take for them to go away?

Dear doctors, I have two problems. First I don't sleep and second I don't drink water. I sleep 6 hours. I'm tired and my skin is VERY dry. ?

Dear sir. Currently I might working in a night shift job and in day means after my shift I can't sleep what to do its affects my body I think pls tell?

Despite effects of jet lag, is it also possible that during recovery, a person to experience dreams even in daytime naps? I would like that! :)

Despite working out four to five times a week with a trainer, I have gained close to 15 pounds in 8 months. I also rarely sleep through the nigh.Help!?

Didn't eat properly. Been peeing a lot (is tea the reason) and couldn't sleep properly. Is this normal? Very anxious about it

Do we really need to sleep a cetain number of hours at a time, or is it just personal choice?

Do you know of people that feel perfectly refreshed and functional with just 3-4 hours of sleep every night?

Do you lose blood when you don't sleep, or don't sleep during night hours, but instead when it's getting bright (going to bed around 6am for example)?

Does 8 hours (good) sleeping Contributes to bone strength?

Does adult ADHD affect quality or quantity of sleep? I can't seem to fall asleep or stay asleep most nights.

Does daylight-saving time have any negative effects on people's health since it interferes with our sleep schedules?

Does eating late at night (eg. 1-2 hours before sleeping) really have bad effects on your brain?

Does geodon (ziprasidone) provide normal sleep architecture or restorativ sleep? In the past caused sleep for 10-12 hours but after felt rested, yet dark eye circle

Does our immunity quite decrease when we are sleeping at night?

Does promethazine cause my pupils to be smaller than usual? It made me sleep for 14 hours and im irritated and still tired. Is this all from this med?

Does sleep increase your effectiveness or is it for another reason ?

Does sleeping 4h, getting up for 15mn then sleeping for another 4h count as 8h of sleep, medically speaking?

Does sleeping and waking up late bad to ur health and internal organs(kidney,bladder,ect..)? or it just effect ur sleeping time rhythm ??

Does sleeping in an airtight room (window close) affect sleep quality and muscle mass?

Does sleeping late and waking late harms the liver? or harms the health other wise?..,thanks

Does sleeping w bra on safe? Does it cause any illness?

Does stress cause urticaria? My fiancé has high blood pressure and could sleep at night. How does she go about it at least to be able to sleep.

Does taking a few grams of melatonin create a hangover effect the next day? Feel fatigued from sleep deprivation but got some sleep from melatonin 4g

Does taking a short mid day nap release significant amounts of growth hormone, since HGH is released during the first hours of sleep.

Does the brain rest better if you lie down and sleep as opposed to sleeping while sitting? Even if you sleep for the same number of hours? Why?

During final exams what is the minimum amount of sleep I should be getting ?

Every evening for 2-3 hours i feel very low - energy and mood. I want to sleep, but if I do i'm up all night. Help? Eating patterns don't change this

For someone on a nights awake/days asleep schedule, what's the best dosage of melatonin (long-term) to approximate the normal levels naturally produced by the body (both as antioxidant & to assure restful sleep/circadian rhythm alignment)? Thanks!

For the last 5 years I haven't had a healthy sleep schedule. I did however get enough sleep. Could a variation of 3-4 hours cause long term effects?

For what length of time can a person survive on stimulators like caffeine without sleeping?

Going through menopause. Have times of very little sleep per day for about a week at a time (2- 3 hrs a night). Is this harmful to my health?

Have a problem sleeping in the night. Not more than 5-6 hours. Cannot concentrate on studies. I'm 20 and obese. Feel irritated sometimes. Any remedy?

Have been off mobic (meloxicam) & melatonin b/c of upcoming surgery. Does one of these suppress REM sleep? I'm now dreaming alot & having more restorative sleep.

Have problems with sleep and do not sleep for more than two three hours .Though there is no stress but wondering if my gum inflammation and bleeding?

Have slight sleep apnea--use 1.25 klonopin (clonazepam) for sleep also use s pap this safe?

Have to take deep bradhing at night other wise i can't sleep?

Haven't slept a whole night not 1 minute of sleep&now I have a long day ahead of me will I be okay only health problem I have is pituarity gland tumor?

Heard that the best time to sleep for the body to recouperate is from 10 pm to 2 am thus it's best to sleep by 10 pm.Is it true?

Heart racing right now & for a week. Mostly when I lie down to sleep. Keeps me awake. I had caffeine. Also taking Vit D 50,000iu once a week. Help?

Help please? What is duration of healthy sleep usually?

Help please? What is it when i take sleep medicine at night and it makes my whole body irritable instead of falling asleep?

Help quick please! i'm 18 and didn't get good sleep last night but I have a sleep study tonight, will it be okay or will it affect my results?

Help, I can't sleep due to tonsillitis. What can I take?

Help! Is 5 1/2 hours of sleep enough on a regular basis for a growing teenager?

Hi there. I'm curious if there are long-term effects to losing sleep temporarily. Context here is that I have a project I'm working on, and I'm only getting 4-5 hours of sleep per night. This will only last for a month or two. Should I be concerned ab