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1 month old will not sleep through the night, please help with any tips to stop this!?

After trazodone or other sleep med wears of and wake i cannot go back to sleep because of hypnic jerks and limbs shake me before sleep. Whycantbreathe?

All i want to do is sleep. Is this some sort of condition?

All my kids have a hard time going to sleep and my dr told me to give them melatonin. I now have a 2 yr old and she has the same sleep problem. Can she take it? It's the weekend so I can't call him.

Any reason why I am so restless when i sleep every night and how do I stop it?

Can a person be nocturnal? I have never been able to sleep very good at night and i find it easier to sleep during the day.

Can paracervical put you to sleep?

Can there be any sleep apnea beds that i can order?

Can you be put to sleep for a hysterscopy?

Can you make up lost sleep?

Can you sleep with a tampax?

Can you tell me how am I still unable to sleep?

Can you tell me how i can sort out my sleep routine?

Cnt sleep properly?

Could I have a conversation while sleep walking?

Could it be good to sleep naked alone in night ?

Could you offer advice to help me sleep?

Docs can you explain, is it worth losing the sleep you need to wake up for school in the morning?

Does anyone else stay up all night and sleep all day? Am I the only nocturnal one?

Does mirtazapine cause one to sleep too much and is hard to wake up or is it easy to wake up and just enough sleep?

Does sleep apnea, or lack of sleep, make kids look like they have adhd, or does lack of sleep actually cause adhd?

Does trazodone mimic real sleep better than any other sleep aid? Will i eventually be able to sleep without it one day?

Does unrestorative sleep cause a puffy face?

For the last few weeks I have been having a really hard time getting to sleep and staying sleep. I've tried everything i could find. Advice?

For the whole night I was not able to sleep. What time should I sleep today?

For three days I have been unable to sleep. I have no pain. I have tried sleep aides but I am still unable to get comfortable and fall asleep. Help.

For what reasons i can't sleep when i work out?

Have sleep problem.Like a bat i can't sleep at night, sleep day time.Wakeup at night and I am more productive.Think faster, smarter and more energy. Why?

Having problems with anxiety. Keeps me up at night can't sleep maybe only two or three nights out of the week I may actually sleep. ?

Having trouble going to sleep and stay asleep. Tried sleep aids. Very little stress in life but still having this problem?

Health month old waking up and not gojng to sleep at night .. ?

Hello, I can't sleep properly and always wake up very earlier. ?

Help docs! i'm trying to find out what causes wavy vision upon waking from sleep?

Help sleeping needed please?

How can I figure out what is disturbing my baby's sleep?

How can I get a more comfortable night´s sleep?

How can I go to sleep faster and fix my sleep pattern?

How can I sleep easier its 01:30 in the morning and i can't sleep i was wondering if there is advice for a decent night sleep?

How can i sleep in right time ?

How can I sort out my sleep routine?

How can I talk to my doctor about sleep problems?

How can you beat insomnia and get sleep?

How come I have restless sleep after exercising?

How do I get my 5 year old to sleep and stay asleep through the night. he has a lot of trouble going to sleep and wakes up around 1230 am every single?

How do I know how much uninterrupted sleep is necessary to remain sane?

How do I know if I have sleep apnea? I sleep really smoothly at night now (as far as i know!) no snoring . My only complaint is being easily startled.

How do I treat sleep walking?

How do you diagnose sleep walking?

How do you sleep through noise and train yourself to go to fast sleep easily?

How many hours should i need in order to have proper sleep at my age? im 17

How much sleep is necessary?

How to figure out why i can't sleep before a night shift?

How to figure out why i can't sleep with a knee support?

How to figure out why it is really hard for me to sleep?

How to know if i talk and walk in my sleep or is it a dream?

How to sleep easily in night?

How to sleep on your side so your zeo can track?

How to stop sleep movement?

I absolutely cannot sleep, what can I do to fix my insomnia?

I am doing a sleep study next week. If it is found that I have sleep apnea, will i start feeling better?

I am having issues with insomnia at night. I toss and turn and think a lot. I have a hard time shutting my mind off. It makes it difficult to sleep?

I am hearing my teeth grinding and i'm not being able to move my body during sleep. Is it possible to be awake during sleep?

I am not able to sleep all night.What should I do?

I am not able to sleep and am shaking at night. What could it be?

I am not able to sleep or get into deep sleep unless i'm very exhausted (eg after only sleeping 2hrs the night before) for 7 years. Is this insomnia?

I am not able to sleep properly in night time?

I am not able to sleep well?

I am not going to sleep well and not concentrating good... kindly do needfull?

I am NT able to sleep at night...i don't know why what id happening to me. there was a time i loved sleeping and now when i wana sleep its impossible.

I am too dependent on things to help me sleep. What can I do to sleep naturally again?

I am unable to sleep properly. Will meditation help ?

I can hardly sleep well. I want to have a deep and comfortable sleep. I travel a lot.

I can't sleep at night most of the time, im also anemic. Is this why i couldnt sleep?

I can't sleep at night some times when I am siting watch tv i follow to sleep?

I can't sleep last night and in the day today .. That gives me pressure to be able to sleep tonight? How to cope with it?

I can't sleep properly at night is this insomia?

I can't sleep properly...even if I'm really tired and if I sleep I just don't feel refreshed..I have tried yoga and other relaxing methods as wel.

I cannot get to sleep before 2am. I can I adjust my time to sleep. Thanks?

I cant sleep 8hrs a day only 6 or 7 why?

I cant sleep regulary ..!! Why .??

I feel fully awake and i cannot sleep at all. Is it possible to have sleep apnea and insomnia together?

I feel suffocated in my sleep. Help needed?

I find it very hard to sleep at night! should I try sleeping pills?

I fine it difficult to sleep at night .What are the causes and the solutions?

I have a 16mon old baby at night she is very restless it's hard for her to sleep but @6am she falls in a deep sleep how can help her sleep at night?

I have a real hard time getting to sleep at night but I sleep perfect in the daytime what is wrong with me?

I have a sleep problem (wake up 4am) and I don't know what to do?

I have been having trouble sleeping. Waking up around 12:30pm every night and not being able to go back to sleep. Any suggestions to get a better night of sleep? sleep

I have been sleeping for a while now with the tv on. Almost over a year. I listen to it! how can I ease into getting to sleep well at night?

I have bipolar 1 and I haven't been able to sleep much for the last 5 nights, any suggestions?

I have not been able to sleep good. I just toss around and once i wake up I am so tierd what could be wrong? Those it have to do with my hypothyroidis

I have not been able to sleep, what should I do to fix my insomnia?

I have sleep delay. No matter how try hard or how tired or how lack of sleep I only can go fall sleep in the morming like 5 am. Often sleep shallow?

I have sleeping problem. I spend lots of night with a sleep or at leasta tight refreshing sleep. That makes me lethargic all day. Please help. Regards?

I have trouble being comfortable when trying to sleep. What can I do?

I have trouble sleeping at night and focusing during the day. Time for a sleep monitor?

I have trouble sleeping i can go three to five days with no sleep then im in a daze how can i make myself sleep?

I haven't been able to sleep for two days. Is it something psychiatric and why?

I haven't been able to sleep in 4 days. Should i go to the doctor?

I haven't been able to sleep through the night with my cold. How can I sleep through the night?