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things couple times and count like 1234 1234 and touch it and do it over and over it take me long time to turn light if because i turn on and of 1234?

1 month postpartum, why havent i been able to keep food in my system longer than 5 minutes without vomiting or having to go to bathroom? Normal? :(

10 days postpartum and having heart palpitations since delivery. They come and go, but usually happen for a few hours every day. Worse after eating.

11 weeks pregnant i have noticed that i can start an activity full of energy and not even 10 min into it and i'm drained & have to rest is it normal?

11wk old went from 20 minutes on each breast to barely eating for 10 minutes total and it takes much longer for him to latch. Should I worry?

12 weeks. What can I do to kick my nausea, at least for a little while?

13 year old male always having to use restroom after eating a meal within a hour time span. Normally feels like diahrria. What can be done about this issue

13.5 pregnant, woke up to urinate and could not. After some movement 30 mins later finally went. Very scary. Is this a common pregnancy symptom?

18 yr old female. Since a nap 2 hours ago, I have been getting sudden short bursts of faintness above my eyes 5-10 times a min. What's going on?

20wks pregnant, started having kidney pain 12 hours ago. Was able to sleep a few hours but woke up at 2 am in pain, no obvious fever? What do I do?

23 weeks pregnant. Usually lots of kicks all day but last few days just few kicks every couple hours. Should I be concerned or is this normal?

28 weeks pregnant. Back to work after long break and don't notice much movement during day. Kick count is 10 kicks in 15-30 min. Should I be worried?

37 weeks, contractions every 5 min, have lasted for 6 hours, dialated at 2 cent and not much fluid left. Doctors want to send me home. Stay or home?

38weeks and 3 min apart lasting aroubd 40secs contractions but not painful at all just uncomfortably tight!! Hospital now or wait till more painful?

40 weeks pregnant. Contractions 3-5 min apart for a little over a hour not horribly painful but very uncomfortable . Should I go to the hospital?

6 weeks old baby cries after 4 hrs of travel. We took 30 minutes break every 1 hour. Eating well, no fever. But crying loud like hurt & not sleeping. Is she under pain? If yes, can I give tylenol (acetaminophen) ?

6 weeks pregnant. Not used to exercising. Started 30 min walks 2 weeks ago. Today i did some fast running for short intervals. Felt slight cramp. Be ok?

6 year old son had sudden onset of frequent urination. About 4 days ago he started going about every 10- 20 minutes.

8 days of soaking through the highest absorbancy tampons in 2 hours or less. Starting to feel weird should i go to the emergency room?

8yr son was standing for several minutes, said he was thirsty 2x, knees buckled & slowly went down. He was pale, shook a little & seemed to straighten his body. Within minute he was alert and drinking water. Should we take him to a ER/Doctor?

A few hours ago i accidentally hit myself in the stomach with a 12pack of soda & since then i've been having steady mild cramps. Should i go to the er?

A few months ago I randomly began getting 1-4 hicups every hour or some days every 10 minutes. Is this something I should get checked out?

A not is on my sphincter muscle it is as big as a grape do I need to go to the er it just happen an hour ago

Accidentally Left lite tampon in overnight between 8-9 hours. When would TSS symptoms start of i develop it?

After a 3 hour eve flight the next day I woke up with severe blurred vision for about 30 minutes.But was fine coming home.Due to fly again.Wt was it?

After a heavy night of drinking I have been receiving heart burn the next morning that lasts for up to a couple of days. Why? How can I get relief?

After an hour of study in morning, i usually get tired, is that normal?

After colonoscopy, is it 24 hours before returning back to work?

After going number 2, I usually have to wipe again 30 minutes later. So frustrating. Anything I can do?

After i eat i immediately go into a severe "fog" for hours and hours. When this happens i can't even carry on a conversation because I'm so out of it.

After suffering heat exhaustion, is it normal to not be able to hold any liquids down for 4 or more hours afterwards?

After taking just a few sips of wine or any liquor I get an intense aching in my shoulders and back and it subsides after about 15-30 min. It's happen?

After taking my shower i break out in hives this started about 10 days ago some days thire real bad other days light they go away in 3-4 hours?

After urination ( male) feel that I am done but then a little comes out couple sec to min later - doesn't happen all the time. Is that normal?

After waking in the morning, within just an hour i often feel i need to go back bed due to overwhelming tiredness. Why is this? I have pain conditions

Almost 29 weeks. Baby is so active I will feel 20+ fetal movements in 5-10 mins. But today I have felt 5 in 3.5 hours. I am worried! help!?

Am having periodic stomach aches that happens at least once every three months, they usually get better when i vomit , ?

Are there any tips that anyone has to kill appetite for a couple hours?

As i m 25 years old and i m going to marry soon but I have a problem that i discharged so quickly as within a minute , what can I do? I m really worri

As of lately. I have been extremely stressed let me say (not my problem). Every morning after I have my first sip of coffee I throw up within minutes.

As soon as I got home from work I took a few gulps of water and was overcome by the worst cramps I have ever had. I had to crouch down and hold my stomach for a few minutes. I could only take small breath, shallow breaths and when they finally subsided I

At the end of the day, after I am in bed, my body begins to spasm. It usually begins abt 20 min after i've laid down. Starts with my legs and goes upw?

Bed time dyspnea, wheezing, coughing, (if i am not asleep within half an hour) and same in morning, last for 10min resove automatically, occur rarely.

Been belching (loud and long....Every 5 seconds) continuously for 72 hours. What could it be? No other symptoms. Cannot go to school or work.

Been on antibiotics for heavy cold for a week now but its still not gone. It starts immediately after i wake up from nostril is always blckd?

Been peeing non stop every 10 min sine yesterday I probably went 50 times just clear and a lot how do I stop anxious every time I think about it I go?

Been sitting for the last 3 hours & my resting HR is about 130bpm. Dizzy and nauseous. Should it get checked out now or can wait till tomorrow?

Bit my tounge about an hour ago whiile eating, still bleeding quite profusely. Should i go to ER or give it more time?

Body is usually fine with me mostly starving but yesterday i blacked out. Will this happen again if i keep this up?

Brief period of vertigo followed by nausea and diarrea lasting just 3 or 4 hours. Fine now almost 12 hours later. Bug?

Can a seizure last only a couple of minutes?

Can acid reflux make it where you have a bowel movement 5 or more times in a 24 hour period when you normally go once every 3 days or longer?

Can braxton at 37 weeks be as frequent as 7 to 10 min lasting hours? 

Can breaking into a cold sweat followed by loose stool and feeling bad have anything to do with alcoholism. This passes in a couple hours.

Can hyperventilating for too long cause other problems, such as after a couple hours?

Can i go longer than 4 or 5 days without eating. I normally eat a couple bites of something very small every 4 or 5 days, and then immediatley purge afterwards. I need to know i can go a full week without dying.

Can sinus tachy start on its own and last for several hours?

Can the heat cause light headness ? I ate earlier and i layed down for about an hour. What can I do if it doesn't stop ?

Can throwing up for 6+ hours cause a 2week old neck fuision to break ?

Cant take one deep breath it happens every few hours - it started a week ago 2 days beforeni had a syncopal even t andnits been happening ever since?

Distance runner. Went for long run this afternoon (6pm), still coughing 4 hours later. Took albuterol before the run and 3 puffs in the 4 hours after.

Dizziness in morning 1 hour after waking, also before,during,after breakfast. Goes away when I lie down even few seconds. Goes away after belching. Y?

Dizziness when I first get out of bed every few days. This started approx. 2 months ago. ?

Do HIV rashes comes and goes in 1-2 hours and comes again after 1-2 days.

Do i need to go to the e.R.? I have had diarrhea for the last four hours about five times an hour. I took imodium but a couple minutes ago i just vomited twice. I don't seem to have a fever but I am starting to get very worried. What should I do?

Doctor told me my pulse was 146bpm because of pain. How and why does this happen? They put me on a 12 lead. During my 2 hour visit it stayed over 110.

Does Imitrex cause flu like symptoms? How long will it last? Felt really off for about 7 hours now.

Every 2-3 days i get a rash under my waistband that's gone within a few hours. What's going on?

Every morning flem or mucus i spit out as soon as i wake lasting about a half hour to forty five minutes. I've had about 6mo. What could it be.

Every time i eat rice within 1 hour i get very cold with chills, purple hands.Lasts for 6 to 12 hours.Whats happning?

Every time I try to come off caffeine I start getting panicky with breathing probs after 24.36 hrs. Is this normal? When I go back on symps disapear

Every time I yell when i'm on my period, I get a headache that lasts for hours. Why does this happen?

Everytime i drink alcohol within the first 10 minutes my chest starts hurting and the pain lasts for 20 min?

Everytime i exercise i get extremely nauseous and my throat starts to hurt. It doesn't matter if its 5 min or an hour. What could this be?

Feel like need to pee every 5-10 min, even at night at least once every couple of hrs, which makes me wake up. I usually never wake up to pee. I'm 19.

Feel nauseous today, stomach cramps and gas also. I only got one hour of sleep and usually get 10-12 hours. This the cause?

Feeling fluish, no food for over 24hrs, took 30 min hot shower, fainted afterwards. Head to the ER or just eat something and cool showers till better?

Feeling freezing cold couldn't get heat into me took 2 paracetamol went to bed after 1hour ok what could be?

Feeling nauseated after hot bath . Usually lasts about half an hour after getting out. Any ideas?

Feeling pain in your muscles for the first 20 minutes of a workout, but after about 30 feeling nothing and can continue for another hour or two.

Feeling weird after not having my first cigarette for a couple hours? Friends are laughing at me. Should I go home?

Female, 27 years old, I cant move my fingers start from morning sometimes till evening..what could it be?

Flying 4 hrs and 30 min away. Tips for preventing DVT? How often should I get up out of my seat? Every hour?

Following on from earlier it happens every few hours and I don't wear anything on my wrist ?? Thanks

For how long can a 2mnth old baby lay on their stomach? ( in time eg minutes/hours)

For the last few days i've been running to the bathroom (peeing) at least 5 times within the same hour, should I worry?

For the past week every time i eat, i start burping excessively and it doesn't stop for several hours. What can cause that?

For two months i've had to urinate 5-10 times a day, and sometimes i get sudden very strong urge to urinate that won't go away for hours. Twice there was blood, but it goes away within hours. No pain?

For two months now I've been nauseous no pregnancy. Whatever I try only works for a fews hours at most. What can cause this?

For work reason i haven't slept for more than 24 hours and a couple of minutes ago i felt like i was about to faint. Was that just anxiety or what?

Get very tired after one or two sprints of fast running and then need couple min to came down I am 17 year old boy can I get some help?

Had a total abdominal hyst. 3 days ago at home and i think im over doing it im constantly on the go cleaning with an hour to rest in between am i ?

Had PVCs on/off since age 19. All of a sudden had an onset of 5-6/minute right after my 30 min walk (which I take daily). Alarming? None before that

Have had migraine aura for 48 hours, without it going away. It usually lasts 20 mins. Pain/nausea comes and goes, any suggestions?

He is th rowing of every half an hour and his tummy is hurting what can we do against this?

Headache (face, forehead, around ears, throat region) when cloudy weather, when sleeping long hours, when not eating or drinking log hours / fasting.

Healthy 5 yr old f gets hiccups every couple of weeks for a 24 hr period only lasts for couple of min but will come back that day help cancer??

Heart burn that comes on real strong fades away after a minute to minute an a half. And repeats several times a day even when i haven't eaten?

Hello there I have frequent urination problem from the last 2 years..I have to go to toilet right after 20/30 minutes and while i sleep after 2 hours?

Hello, i have this early morning pain in the tip of my penis after 6 hours of sleep that goes away direclty after peing, its occasional, im 38 thanks?