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Am mk dhawan am nigh sleep and my nigh fail plz tell me treatment?

An adult suffers from insomnia for reasons unknown to the medical profession, who already practices good sleep hygiene, what's safe to take nightly?

Anxiety and sleep issues. Recently prescription trazodone still having anxiety...Helps get to sleep but still waking up at 3am...Any OTC for anxiety? Thanks

Any advise for a good sleep aid/ antidepressant with little hangover. I've tried ssri's but they make me very anxious! looking for sedation relaxation?

Any meds I can take over the counter for my depression and sleep??

Are there alternative medicines to deal with my sleep problems?

Are there alternative therapies for excessive daytime sleepiness?

Are there any medicines I can take for my sleep apnea?

Are there any medicines that can stop snoring? Nasal strips and sleeping on my side aren’t working. I don’t really want surgery. Is there anything else i can try?

Are there any physical effects from sleeping on your stomach over time?

Are there any safe meds to help a 2 year old sleep?

Are there medications to treat sleep walking?

Are there sleep meds that induce sleep but don't impair judgement - if I have to get up4kidmergency?

Bad insomnia, haven't slept in days i haven't been able to sleep in days. I take multiple sleeping pills to help with insomnia but they're not working. What can I do?

Best natural sleeping remedys for insomnia, sleeping disturbance? Instead of having to take sleeping pills / painkillers to sleep?

Best non addictive medicine for sleep?

Can accupuncture cause you to have hypersomnia instead of insomnia?

Can amoxicillen affect sleep?

Can any doc tell me what's the best over-the-counter sleep med besides melatonin?

Can chronic insomnia (20+ yrs) be cured? I've tried meds (otc & rx), cbt, sleep hygiene, meditation, sleep study (ruled out apnea). None seem to help.

Can I take over the counters sleep medicine when feeling lightheaded for me to try and sleep?

Can I use tylenol (acetaminophen) simply sleep for insomnia in pregnancy I'm 24 weeks and can't sleep I just started taking Buspar for anxiety 2 weeks now?

Can I use xyrem for my chronic insomnia?

Can melatonin cure sleep apnea related rbd? I've been using melatonin for a week, not getting any better.

Can nobligan (tramagetic) give sleep problems never had problem to sleep before i used them?

Can nyquill cause any type of sleep walking?

Can psychiatric meds rewire the brain to create a neverending insomnia? I can only sleep using Benadryl (diphenhydramine) & am worried for my future. Everyones sleeping

Can sleeping on your side make a diffrence on your sleep and health?

Can someone tell me how people sleep with simvastatin induced insomnia?

Can taking sleep medication help relax my legs at night?

Can trika 0.5 is a used to sleep any person ?

Can withdrawal from alcohol cause nightmares or general problems with sleep?

Can you tell me the best alternative for taking Oxybutin as my husband is suffering from restless legs and lack of sleep. He has been taking it more ?

Can you tell me what number of days does it take to sleep after going off an antipsychotic?

Can't sleep naturally at all anymore.Supplements don't work. Worried, what to do? Have psych med usage ruined my natural sleep processes?

Cant sleep whatever i try. Shall I use sleeping pils?

Ciuld I take herb for relaxing and sleep with othersleep meds the meds by themsel dont work anymore?

Could avil 25mg make me sleep when I am out of proper drugs?

Could you drink neuro sleep if you are on some type of medication?

Cronic insomnia from last 3 months.tried sleep hygine,herbs every thing but no effect.wht should I do now.

Dear doctor, for temporary sleeping problem which group of sleep pill may i take just for 3/4 nights. Please suggest.... ?

Deos sleep treat anxiety?

Do night time cold medications have sleep stimulants?

Do sleep aids like tranquil stop working over time?

Do they do sleep studies for children? I had issues, and now my children have sleep issues as well. Melatonin isn't helping much. It takes up to 5hrs.

Does amoxicillen affect sleep.?

Does anti-seizure medication help with sleep walking and sleep talking?

Does anyone know if the herbs and melatonin in somnapure are at a level to have any effect on sleep, either good or bad?

Does headaches caused by clonazepam get better with continued use? I'm taking it as a sleep aid.

Does melatonin treat sleeping issues?

Does taking levothyroxine cause problems with your sleep patterns?

Due to my depression & biploarism disorders I have trouble sleeping at night. Is it safe to take a 25 mg Benadryl (diphenhydramine) every night?

During night time i usually can't sleep well, tried to take pills and still i can't sleep well. Any medications? Am i suffering from insomnia?

Each night my sleep is disturbed. Is there a non prescription safe sedative that I can take each night to get a well rested sleep?

For what reason can't i sleep on adderrall?

Has anyone taken sleep meds and do they work for you?

Have cpap. Tried multiple sleep drugs. Still no sleep. What can I do? Nothing works so far aside mixing alcohol and sleep pills. Not a good idea I kno

Have had chronic sleeping problems for some time now, have tried several with no change. Ambien (zolpidem) 10mg worked for a month. Changed to restoril, no luck.

Haven't had a good night sleep in years, have tried everything- including prescription sleep aids. Nothing helps. Any suggestions?

Having circadian rhythm disorder since past 5 years. Sleeping pattern always messes up. What holistic supplements can be used to address this?

Help please? What is the best over-the-counter sleep med. I have tried melatonin but it doesn't really help?

Help! need to know if there's a drug to reduce drowsiness and sleep and help me get up in the morning?

Hi I am having problem trying to sleep and maintaining sleep. Clonazepam is newly prescribed to me but it causes suicidal tendencies.What should I do?

Hi there, I have been having trouble sleeping at night. Wondering if I should look into ambien or some other type of medication. Is there anything that is safe and over the counter I can try? I have only had about 3-4 hours a sleep a night for the last 2

Hi, do you think I can drink neuro sleep if I'm taking any kind of medication?

Hi. I can't sleep at night so i also eat between 7 - 10 valium(10) each night to sleep... What is stronger sleep medicine?

How bad is it to take care of sleep insomnia with alcohol?

How can I assure safe sleep while I'm talking Suboxone and have sleep apnea? Thanks

How can I cure sleep disorders and how to massage to take better sleep.?

How can I get some pentobarbital for my chronic insomnia? I think that would help.

How can I treat insomnia without medication. Try to go to bed by 10:30pm sometimes up till 3am : I am caffeine free.

How can we improve sleep for my partner? (Besides meds, which he's tried extensively?) I jerk around in my sleep. It wakes him several times a night.

How do I fight insomnia when my pain medications keep me awake?

How do I find what's the best medications for sleep problems?

How do I treat insomnia? I'm dying to have a good night sleep.

How do you feel about sleeping medications?

How effective is the medicine to treat anxiety? Do you end up groggy and sedated on it?

How exactly does lavender induce sleep?

How many nights can I go without sleep before its considered insomnia?

How much sleep medication is considered an overdose ?

How safe is self-Acupuncture to help with sleep problems?

How to cure sleep insomia?

How to get back on a better sleep pattern without using sleep meds?

How to prevent daytime sleepiness without taking in too much caffeine?

How to stop antipsychotic sleeping medicine from working?

How to take care of sleep depravation?

How to treat anxiety that only leaves with sleep?

How will pain interfere with sleep?

I always wake up at around 3am and have trouble getting back to sleep. I used to take medication for insomnia. What seems to be the case now?

I am 50 I have had 7 back surgeries and i don't take any med i don't sleep can u help?

I am a thirteen year old girl with severe insomnia. Nyquil helps me sleep, but i know it is bad to rely on. What should I do to?

I am bipolar 2 with ptsd and have problems sleeping. My doc said i could use melatonin to sleep but have felt depressed after taking it.

I am currently taking melatonin every night. I like to know besides helping me to sleep, are there other benefits.

I am diabetic, i often sleep while working?

I am experiencing addiction to smokeless tobacco. I only use it before I go to sleep. I have had insomnia for years. I am over the insomnia. But, I have great fear and anxiety that if I don't use the tobacco before I go to sleep that I won't be able ?

I am having trouble sleeping...anything I can take that is over the counter? Can't sleep

I am suffering from depression and anxiety. can you suggest some anti depressant or sleeping aid which is safe to take while breastfeeding?

I am suffering with chronic insomnia and fatigue. I 've taken anti depressants anxiety and sleep medications for years. They've all stopped working.

I am taking antidepressants since 15years I feel excessive sleepiness at daytime and lethargy please suggest treatment ( any herbal medicine)?

I am taking lorazapem 2 mg 2 tabels before sleep and i don't sleep, I have using it for about more than 5 month, please tell me new medicine to sleep?