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25,5 weeks pregnant and have insomnia. Can i take benadryl (diphenhydramine) 25 mg every night at a bedtime as a sleep aid?

25,5 weeks pregnant and have insomnia. is it safe to use lemon balm liquid extract at a bedtime as a sleep aid?

5 month old baby will not sleep without the use of Benadryl (diphenhydramine) d. Used a few times to help her breathe at night. Now she won't sleep without it.

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Are sleeping aids bad for you?

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Are there any over-the-counter sleep aids that don't make you tired in the morning?

Are there any safe, non addictive sleeping aids available?

Are there any sedatives used to aid alcoholics going through dts to sleep?

Are there any type of sleeping aid for someone with rls?

Are there good over-the-counter sleep aids that aren't addictive?

Benadryl (diphenhydramine) for sleep aid a good idea?

Can i take 2 50mg equate sleep aids?

Can i take a sleep aid called sleep/relax made from valerian hops passionflower and skullcap together with clonazapam for sleep?

Can i take adipex during the day and nyquil sleep aid at night to sleep?

Can I take an over the counter sleep aid the night before a Colonoscopy?

Can i take an over the counter sleep aid the night before surgery?

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Can there be a sleep aid not containing an antihistamine?

Can there be any good healthy sleeping aids?

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Can vicks-zzquil cause anxiety? What can be used as a natural sleep-aid?

Can you mix a herbal sleeping aid like melatonin and alcohol?

Can you please describe common natural sleep aids?

Can you please discuss the over-the-counter sleep aids I could use to help me fall asleep at night?

Can you tell me is 25 mg Benadryl (diphenhydramine) allergy safe to use as sleep aid?

Can you tell me is it bad to take the sleep aid "zzzquil" every night?

Can you tell me what is the best OTC sleep aid to use from time to time?

Can you use gravol as a sleep aid?

Can you use melatonin as a sleep aid while on luvox?

Can you use melatonin to help your child sleep? If yes, then what dose for a 6 year old?

Could rexall sleep-aid really work?

Do eyeshades with lavender and other scents help you sleep?

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Do pills that aid studying actually work?

Do you agree with using phenergan (promethazine) as a sleeping aid? What are the effects?

Does diphenhydramine hci 25 mg affect you the next day when used as a sleep aid?

Does health a2z sleep aid work?

Does nyquil sleep aid have asprin in it?

For 30 years i take cannabis and alcohol to aid sleep. I want to stop. Will my doctor give sleeping tablets to help me sleep?

Having trouble sleeping through a whole night help? I don't want to take sleeping aids.

Hello doctors, i need a sleep aid recomendation?

Help docs, is hydroxyzine a good sleep aid?

Hi, can I take a nighttime sleep aid containing diphenhydramine & a nighttime decongestant?

How advisable is it to take zzzquil as a sleeping aid?

How is trazodone (desyrel) used as a sleep aid?

How is zopiclone (the hypnotic) used to aid sleep?

How long does the night quill zzz sleep aid stay in your system? I took it at 11pm last night.

How much is too much sleeping aid? I took 400 mg.

How much melatonin is okay for a 175lb adult? Is it habit forming, or safe?

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How safe is zzzquil sleeping aid and what are some side effects?

I am someone who is wide awake with most all sleep aids. What is suggested.

I can't sleep at night. Is it time for me to get a prescription for sleep aids?

I can't sleep without taking an over-the-counter sleep aid. What should I do?

I can't take anything with an antihistamine. Is there a sleep aid without it?

I have a cpap and take restoril (temazepam). Have tried other sleep aids but still wake up 6 to 10 times a night. What else can I do to sleep more soundly?

I have been prescribed ropinirole for rls.. I was wondering if i could take an over-the-counter sleep aid as well?

I have valve disease and not sleeping is it ok to take a sleep aid?

I take 3 times the recommended over the counter sleep aid. Is this Ok?

I take at least 200mg of the active ingredient in Benadryl (diphenhydramine) and or sleep aids every day. At the same time.To make me sleep.Is it dangerous?

I take trazodone 100 mg for sleep, but it is not working as well after a year. Are there any other effective sleep aids?

I took 400mg of sleep aid, is this harmful?

I'm 50 yrs old and have problems sleeping at night. What is the best OTC sleep aid?

I'm not sleeping at night. I've tried prescription sleep aid otc sleep aids and nothing helps. Please help me?

I'm not sure but is hydroxyzine a good sleep aid?

I'm not sure I can ask anything but is it safe to take DayQuil and an over the counter sleep aid?

If i need to take them what is the best OTC sleeping aid?

If i take sleep aids at night but still don't fall asleep, will the sleep aid kick in later in the day or does it just run through your system anyway?

If I use sleep aids to sleep more, will this boost my immune system?

If melatonin is the 'natural' sleep aid, is there a 'natural' aid for anxiety? Does something like that exist?

Im on drug court and i want to take a sleep aid because i can't sleep I have a generic sleep aid but it has diphenhydramine hci in it will this make me test positive for anything or will it be ok to take it

Im taking four sleep aids a night to sleep what should I do?

Insomniac: how can I learn to sleep without aid?

Is 150 mg of unisom sleep gels lethal?

Is 400 mg of diphenhydramine to help sleep to much?

Is alteril (otc sleep aid) safe for the elderly?

Is chlorpheniramine maleate safe to use as a everyday sleeping aid or at least for occasional sleeplessness?

Is co-sleeping safe?

Is it abnormal for a child 6 years old to be taking "trazodone" as a sleep aid?

Is it dangerous to mix prescription sleep aids with alcohol?

Is it harmful to take sleep aids if you have bradycardia?

Is it inappropriate to use alcohol as a sleep aide?

Is it not good to take unisome sleep aid pills every night?

Is it ok for a kidney transplant patient to take melatonin as a sleeping aid?

Is it ok to drink alcohol during the day and still take a herbal sleeping aid?

Is it ok to use childrens benedryl as a sleep aid?

Is it okay for me to take 2 50mg diphenhydramine dollar general sleep aid to sleep instead of just one?

Is it okay to take melotonin or other sleeping aids the night before a surgery?

Is it okay to use clonazepam as a sleep aid?

Is it okay to use piriton just to make you sleep.?

Is it safe to give an 8-year-old child ibuprofen every night for sleep aid?