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? This am re narcolepsy dr's machanic and ali answered but did u look at my records? How could i be cpap compliant without a study? Osa diagnosis 1993.

Abnormally enlarged lingual tonsil, night time itching, irritated by CPAP machine, creating log cough, cannot sleep or sleep using CPAP machine?

After 2 sleep studies, my husband was diagnosed with moderate obstructive sleep apnea. Is it standard for a physician to prescribe cpap without talking with the patient?

Altitude (8, 000 ft). What effect will this have on my sleep apnea?

Am a snorer. Does it mean I have sleep apnea . Can snoring be cured?

Am i at risk of having a stroke if I have sleep apnea?

Any relationship between sids and sleep apnea?

Apnea hypopnea index is 23 on bipap machine. I have mostly central brain apneas.I aalso have obstructive apnea and hypopnea?

Apnea-hypopnea index, how bad an index must one have to have to go on cpap?

Are allergies a cause of sleep apnea?

Are alternative treatments to mild obstructive sleep apnea(AHI of 8/H) other than CPAP/BiPAP! Are there any side effects that will arise from them?

Are any special tests needed, or can a regular doctor see me for my obstructive sleep apnea?

Are large tonsils responsible for sleep apnea?

Are there any home remedies for sleep apnea?

Are there any medications (non-surgical) to treat sleep apnea?

Are there any natural ways that can treat sleep apnea?

Are there any new sleep apnea surgery?

Are there diferent kinds of sleep apnea doctor told me I have two kinds, what does this mean?

At my last check up, I forgot to tell the doctor about obstructive sleep apnea. Is that ok?

At what point can a sleep apnea patient stop seeing sleep doc? Copays too high, in debt. Machine showing .4 ahi for 30 days.

At what time of the night am I most likely to have sleep apnea episodes?

Been diagnosed with osa. Does it always require the use of a cpap?

Can a medical doctor said to you definitely you don't have sleep apnea but you went to a sleep study specialist he told me i have osa?

Can a medical doctor tell you definitely don't have sleep apnea without you going to a sleep study specialist?

Can sleep apnea cause colitis ?

Can 14 mos old develop sleep apnea?

Can a benzo cause sleep apnea and should a benzo be stopped if you develope sleep apnea?

Can a dental appliance help sleep apnea?

Can a deviated septum cause sleep apnea?

Can an abg be preformed at sleep?

Can an apnea monitor be used with my 6 month old?

Can anything dental, clenching or psychiatric medicines cause, lead to sleep apnea?

Can asthma in a kid lead to sleep apnea?

Can benzodiazepines cause sleep apnea?

Can bipap help with sleep apnea bipap?

Can breathe right strips treat sleep apnea ?

Can central apnea be treated?

Can cpap be used with a perforated septum? Severe obstructive sleep apnea that septoplasty did not help

Can cpap treatment lead to onset of central or mixed apnea for pateints with OSA and OHS? I understand that such cases should be treated with bipap.

Can custom oral appliances help with sleep apnea?

Can dehydration worsen sleep apnea?

Can having restorative sleep problems be dangerous?

Can hydrochlorothiazide cause sleep apnea ? Can any docs explain?

Can i claim disability for sleep apnea as a result of being sleepy all day?

Can I die from obstructive sleep apnea if I ignore it?

Can I have sleep apnea if I don't snore?

Can lupus cause sleep apnea?

Can medications cause sleep apnea?

Can mild obstructive sleep apnea cause rv enlargement in the heart?

Can obstructive sleeep apnea cause mild autism?

Can obstructive sleep apnea cause dementia?

Can obstructive sleep apnea make anxiety symptoms worse?

Can one have both sleep apneas & narcolepsy?

Can one year old still have apnea/bradycardia?

Can oxygen help with sleep apnea when cpap, surgery and mouth piece are not an option.

Can paranoia cause sleep apnea.

Can psvt cause sleep apnea?

Can rhinoplasty influence sleep apnea? I am suffering from obstructive sleep apnea. Snoring at night and difficulty falling asleep are usual things for me. I am about to have a rhinoplasty. Could the change in the shape of my nose reduce my sleep apnea?

Can septoplasty cause sleep apnea? I've read sleep apnea is due to obstructed breathing. So if septoplasty leaves a lot of scarring, could it be enough to obstruct breathing and cause sleep apnea? My sister has sleep apnea and uses a cpap machine. I don'

Can septoplasty cure sleep apnea? I've been using a cpap machine for a couple of years. I hate it. My doctor wants me to have a septoplasty for my deviated septum, but she won't say whether it will cure my sleep apnea. .

Can sleep apena be cured?

Can sleep apnea be affected by altitude?

Can sleep apnea become a chronic condition?

Can sleep apnea cause a person to have nightmares?

Can sleep apnea cause achalasia?

Can sleep apnea cause copd ?

Can sleep apnea cause gum problems?

Can sleep apnea really lead to heart disease?

Can sleep apnea still make you tired even though you are on c-pap treatment?

Can sleep apnea tests ever be wrong?

Can someone tell me how to get rid of or treat mild sleep apnea?

Can Suboxone cause sleep apnea?

Can the BreatheRight nasal strips improve airflow during sleep? Don't get ahead of yourself; I'm not asking if it is a treatment for OSA. I'm asking if it can improve airflow during sleep.

Can the drug versed be fatal if you have sleep apnea?

Can there be an alternative sleep apnea diagnosis method other than an overnight sleep study?

Can trazadone cause snoring?

Can using a cpap for sleep apnea really be worthwhile?

Can we die during sleep from sleep apnea?

Can we die during sleep, if sleep apnea?

Can you cure sleep apnea without a breathing machine?

Can you die from central sleep apnea? I was just diagnosed and cant tolerate cpap. I want to find out the reason for csa. Ep said not heart. Now what?

Can you die from obstructive sleep apnea?

Can you give me information on deep sleep treatment called narcosis?

Can you have sleep apnea only in certain sleep positions?

Can you let me know how many health problems sleep apnea could lead to?

Can you please list the risks associated with using a sleep apnea machine (cpap) that's not yours?

Can your doctor say to you definitely you do not have sleep apnea but you went to a sleep study specialist he told you do have osa?

Central apnea--do I need drug or cpap?

Child with sleep apnea that does not stop breathing or snore and can not use cpap! Alternative treatments?

Completed sleep study and have mild sleep apnea. Oxygen recorded during sleep 86%. Will a CPAP machine help ease my high rate of PVCs (20,000) a day.

Completion of Disability benefit questionaire for Sleep Apnea?

Consistent oxygen saturation of 89-90 while sleeping. Is this considered obstructive sleep apnea?

Could a cpap machine improve the health of someone with sleep apnea?

Could a swollen gallbladder cause obstructive apnea?

Could having sleep apnea for so many years be the cause in having breathing problems when i exercise?

Could I have obstructive sleep apnea without having enlarged tonsils?

Could it be that my sleep apnea leads me to my severe add?

Could mouth guard help with sleep apnea?

Could sleep apnea be diagnosed with embletta?

Could sleep apnea cause you to suffocate to death in your sleep?