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2 weeks my work schedule has changed i go to bed at about 2 am and wake up around 9:30 am . when i wake up my back hurts especially around kidneys.

issue where I feel like I haven't slept, no deep sleep. But time goes by fast and sleeping partner says I did sleep just Wakeup often, what is it?

2 month old baby's sleep apnea monitor goes off more when she lays on my chest. Why?

2 or 3 of my fingers are asleep when I wake up it has been going on for at least 4 or more nights in a row ?

6 months baby sleeps for 6 hours then wakes up to feed and goes back to sleep. How can I make her sleep 9 hours straight?

8 month old vomited over 90 mins. When lie on back, she attempts to vomit again...even in sleep. What to do?

8 month old wont sleep through the night. Feeds about 2 oz every 4 hours. tried co-sleeping, and just a paci. sleeps on back, side or stomach. ?

All i wanna do is sleep all the time. I am able i sleep all day and go to bed early. Is this normal?

All i want to do is sleep and lay around all day. I'm not sick so what could be causing this?

Always so tired especially in morning. If no one woke me up I would sleep all day no matter what time I go to bed. Why would it be so hard to wake up?

Any explanation for why i feel restless when i try to go to sleep if i just came from the gym?

Anyone know what is a way to go to sleep really fast?

Are sleeping pills good for you? Like if u had to wake up 3 go to the bathroom at night and u took a sleeping pill before u go 2 sleep will u wake up

As i lay in bed trying to go to sleep, i feel as though my body goes to sleep, tingles, but i cant doze off and start to panic when I do. Anxiety?

At night when i go to bed , lots of things keep circulating in my mind, and as a result,my sleep never comes even after 2 hours of lying in bed. Help!

Before i go to be I am exausted and surely ready to go to sleep, but once i lay down I am wide awake. I have tried many things but none work. Why?Help

Before i go to bed and when i wake up. Could it be arthritis or might i just be worrying too much?

Before I go to bed I sometimes feel a cut off of oxygen, but not all the time. I sleep fine at night it just happens in the beginning, what's wrong?

Can I pass out in my sleep? More than a couple of times in my dream everything just goes black, I get panicky, and can't breathe. Then I wake up.

Can my husband get shingles by sleeping in the same bed?

Can stridor disappear when asleep but as soon as you wake up come back ?

Can you die from not sleeping? (insomnia?) or would you pass out before that happens? Haven't been able to sleep more than maybe an hour in days.

Can you let me know how many hours do you have to wait to go to sleep after hitting your head?

Can you tell me how i can not be scared to go to sleep ?

Can't not go to sleep for more than an hour and wake up gasping for air. This just started today should I go to the ER?

Can't sleep at night nomatter how hard i try and even if i did iwake up in the middle of the night and can't go back..Am really tired no energy at all?

Can't sleep cause every time I drift off, I get a night terror and am awake again. Arms also go numb. Psych appt next week. What can I do till then?

Can't sleep. This is like night 4 of not sleeping. Don't fall asleep untill like an hour before I have to get up. Any ideas to make me sleep.No meds.

Can't sleep. When i do, i never stay asleep, and sometimes i can never go back to sleep. I don't know what to do to make it better. Please, help.

Cant sleep when it is fullmoon?

Constantly tired, bags under my eyes, sleep for 10 hours every night. What's the deal?

Could it be bad that i didn't sleep for 24 hours and more straight?

Could it be healthy to masterbate naked in bed before i go to sleep.?

Could menopause cause your fingers go to sleep during the night?

Could remember, I have slept for 11-14 hours straight every, and what is bad about sleeping so much?

Could you tell me what happens when you have a concussion and then go to sleep?

Curious as to how much sleep do I need/when should I go to bed?

Difficulty sleeping something is horrifying me as I am trying to sleep I will go to bed fine and wake up in the middle scared with my stomach twisting?

Do you need to relax first to go to sleep?

Do you sleep a lot before you go into labor?

Does it mater what time you go to bed at night? If you get 7 to 8 hours of sleep no matter the time..?

Does sleep hygiene mean being clean before you go to bed?

Does waking up for 5 minutes to go urinate in the middle of the night count as interrupted sleep?

Even if i can't sleep at night, can I get my sleeping schedule back on track?

Every morning I wake up coughing and have trouble breathing. It only happens in the morning and it goes away as soon as soon as I get out of bed.

Every night before I go to bed my stomach always hurts it's usually the minute I decide wow I need to sleep?

Every night when i go to bed its very hard to sleep i don't know what's wrong. What do you suggest?

Every night, when i sleep, my arms will "go to sleep" or go numb as well. This happens after a short period of time and no matter how i lay.

Every time I lay down to sleep I start to sweat?

Everytime that I go for a night out, some drinks, go to sleep around 4 am, I only sleep for 4 to 5 hours, how can I fix that, don't rest enough.

Fall asleep fine but wake after 3hr every night & cannot go back to sleep. Only way go back to sleep is a sleeping pill or zolpidem. I'm diabetic and use a cpap. Ideas bout cause or a solution plz?Thx

Fell sleep 4 a few hrs woke up couldn't get back to sleep. kept waking up every 30-60 minutes with anxiety and stomach pain. Dream were very constant.

For about 30 days i have been vomitin when i get bed to sleep. whem i'm sleeping i wake up and coughing i start vomiting?

For about 4 or 5 days now, its hard to sleep. Its not hard to go to sleep, i just keep waking up at 5-5:30 no matter what time i go to sleep.Thoughts?

For the last two weeks i've been having trouble going to sleep and when i finally do I have nightmares. How do I get over this?

For the past 11 months I have not been sleeping properly. Wake-ups after a couple hours resulting and cannot go back to bed. What is causing this?

Get up at 4.20.Sleep at 11.30.Go for morning walk mon to fri 4.40 to 5.20.Feel sleepy when i get back.Is it o.K to sleep.Can i sleep after lunch.

Go to sleep at 7 am everyday for the past 3 weeks what happens if you don't go to sleep until 7 am everyday but still get 8 hours of sleep?

Going for a colonoscopy tomorrow. I'm being put to sleep. I am scared i won't wake up, what should I do?

Haven't slept well 3 days, I don't get deep sleep, not sure if I do fall asleep, time goes by quickly. Wakeup not tired, irritable. What's wrong?

Having trouble going to sleep.never get drowsy. feel like i have lost my ability to go to sleep.what do i need to do..

Hello doctors, I am m 28.I find too much difficulty in sleeping.I will go to bed by 10 pm but i can't able to sleep.I am keep on awaken up to morning 4.

Help, I can't go back to sleep after peeing. What would work for this?

Help, what time should I go to bed when working the night shift?

Hey Doc's! I have noticed that when I go to sleep at night and wake up, I see my head is on the bed instead of the pillow. What causes this?

Hey I am very depressed and I want to just lay down and not wake up what do I do to get help?

Hi !! I get bad headaches when I wake up in the morning? It usually lasts all day!! Mabye it's the way I'm sleeping on the bed?

Hi I am 16 year's old I have been constipated for 3 days know it really hurts I cant get no sleep I only have up to 3hours a day what should I do?

Hi I've had a headache for 3 days. It tends to be worse first thing in morning and late afternoon. I also wake up with it, but didn't go to bed with i?

Hi, if i wake up naturally in the middle of the night, should I get up or go back to sleep? If i go to bed an hour earlier i wake up an hour earlier.

Hi. I was sleeping and in midnight i just feel that my stomach is too acidic and it wake me up. How can I stop this thing immediately at night. Help?

How can I get a full nights sleep? Keep waking at 2-4am

How can I get a good sleep without waking up throughout the night?

How can I get more hours of sleep per night if i can't go to bed early?

How can I get more sleep? I want 2 go back 2sleep, but i can't. Its morning & when the sky's awake, i'm awake.Has been happening for a week. Im tired.

How can I shut my mind down and go to sleep?

How can I sleep better? I can go to sleep easily but i usually wake up earlier in the morning and can't get back to sleep. Feeling sleepy in the day

How can I sleep when I keep having to go to the bathroom?

How can I train myself to sleep on my back instead of my stomach?

How come i can lie awake the whole night without sleeping?

How come i can sleep 14-18 hours a day? Is this serious?

How come I can't clench my fist at night when I go to bed?? Or when I wake up in the morning

How come i keep pissin' myself in my sleep everytime i get drunk?

How come i move around in my bed during sleep?

How come i move around in my sleep a lot?

How come i sleep so much?

How come i sneeze as soon as i wake up in the morning and before i go to bed?

How come i twitch when i try to sleep?

How come when someone is sleep walking, you are not supposed to wake him up?

How common is it to rock your body to help go to sleep?

How do I get back to sleep after having a nightmare?

How do I get my baby to sleep on his back? He keeps rolling over.

How do I get my sleeping pattern back on track? My sleeping pattern is messed up and i'm trying to get it back on track but i keep waking up at night

How do I go from being diurnal to nocturnal when I go back to school?

How do I go to sleep on a plane?

How do I help my girlfriend get to sleep earlier? She has trouble sleeping any time before midnight.

How do I know when to go to bed?

How do I relax to go to sleep when I have a cold?

How long do I have to stay up after hitting my head .? And if I was to go to sleep how would I be able to sleep ?

How long should I lay in bed if i'm trying to sleep?