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"stomach bug"vomiting/diarrhea also very hypoglycemic (non-diabetic) can't keep (eat/drink) anything down all day.Sugar dropping to 60's. How to treat?

+1 Ketones in urinalysis. Sugar normal.Cause of ketones? I always get weak and shaky. Is this a symptom of something?

13 month old sometimes shakes/quivers for a few minutes after waking from a nap. I don't think it's related to blood sugar as she eats often all day?

17 and in the best of shape, been tested for everything except blood sugar for my problems. I crave sugary drinks and am constantly thirsty. Possible?

18/m. I feel drowsy all day, esp afternoon. I don't smoke/drink/do drugs. Jog 5k 4-5days a week. I eat 3 meals a day, little/no sugar.Sleeping 6-7h/day

2 year old shakes when waking up? Normal? Signs of diabetes?

24 weeks pregnant have been feeling weak lightheaded after sugar. Borrowed friends bloodsugar meter and it was 92 1 hr after sub and sweet tea. Normal?

25y/o male if i go too long without eating, i get hot, slightly sweaty, and shakey fingers. Could this be diabetes?

34 yr old smoker with hypertension not diabetic i don't think 235 lbs have dumbness in my hands and drop things sugar has been over 400 and i get fatigued easily and can't stay awake thristy all the time can't get enough fluids and it runs through my blad

70yrs sickness and diarrhoea for over 2wks. Very tired all the time. Type 2 diabetes but otherwise healthy. What could it be?

About 1/2hr. after breakfast I feel totl rundown,thirsty,dry mouth.That moment glucose level stays 92to93mg/dl.But if I exercise or cycling I feel ok.

After a low blood sugar why do you have to go take a nap and very tired for awhile?

After eating stuff high in sugar, I begin to get a vague headache and I feel out of it. Blood sugar normal. Sometimes severe fatigue with it.

After eating sweets I feel sleepy and my BP was 96 over 60?

After every meal i feel very dizzy n weak hands shake every day for 2 month random glucose norm insulin level low doc said viral infection what is it?

After I drink something sweet I get a headache but not after I eay something sweet could this be diabetes?I have no other symptoms of diabetes

Almost 24hrs since my friend took the insulin 70units and non diabetic. Not getting shaky and dizzy and ssleepy?

Always thirsty, tired, headaches - should I get checked for diabetes?

Always tired no matter what I eat or how long I sleep. Cannot have low blood presure,i eat a lot of salt.

Always tired/hot/sweaty after eating? Bp fine, Sugar fine, Thyroid fine, heart fine. What could be cause? I do have GERD and IBS, could it be those?

Anorexic and hyperthyroidism is out of control haven't slept is 4 days. BP ok but dizzy weak & shaky but have loads of energy. Thyroid or restricting ?

Anything i can eat or take for my pancreas to be more in balance having hypoglycimia?I bike ride a bit and seems to make my sugar low.Was 80 then 100

Are people with diabetes hungry b/c they're urinating or thirsty more? Do other symptoms accompany hunger symptoms? I've noticed I've been hungry a lot lately. Also getting nervous about my upcoming physical. I drink diet soda. NOT diabetic. 78gl

Are there any conditions that make you beef better with low blood sugar on 60s and feel worst in 90s??

As soon I eat a meal I start feeling very sleepy infact very very sleepy. Is it sign of stuff like diabetes etc?

At 90 mg/dl I feel weak & need to eat something. Is this normal for a diabetic?

Ate a little in morning. By 4 pm, hot and shaky. After eating I felt better. No diabetes, been tested. Is it low blood sugar from not eating all day?

Been eating very unhealthy for couple of days. I feel yuck and lazy and after a few hours get a shaky fatigue type hunger. When & how will it improve?

Can sugar can make menstruation more painful?

Can a drop in sugar cause dizziness, naseua, lightheadedness and no balance and what can I eat to help?

Can a person be addicted to sugar? When i try to cut out sweets, i feel crummy and crave them even more. How can I cut down w/out feeling like that?

Can a sugar rush cause me to forget everything else?

Can coffee raise blood pressure? I seen my doc drank water and gateraid ate mc donnalds BP is 90 over 62.Feel weak and foggy minded.

Can diabetes make a person that angry that he can loose his control over his body and can beat some one ?

Can hyperthyroid cause low blood sugar? I get bouts of dizziness if I don't eat every 2 hours or upon waking. Eating helps a little but doesn't resolv

Can one feel ketones in his mouth during hypoglycemia?

Can one get headaches because of eating sugar even if just a little?

Can someone faint by not eating properly?

Can suddenly dropping carbs and sugar intake make a diabetic feel sick?

Can u have blood sugar probs without diabetes? I get weak and tremble and feel better after food. A1c-normal, dr said no but still happens. Need help

Can you be hypoglycemic if not diabetic? Keep geting really hungry and weak and shaky and anxious an need to eat something

Can you feel sick a lot and have problems with diarrhea when you have type 2 diabetes?

Can you get hypoglycemic symptoms sometimes without actually bring hypoglycemic? I feel really hungry am weak and shaky for no reason sometimes

Can you real sleepy from too much sugar?

Concerned w/ my bg levels. Excessive thirst, urinating frequently, very tired/dizzy. Fasting bg was 96, 1hr after very light meal it was 167, is this bad?

Could Bactrim (sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim) be giving me a tremor? Or maybe low blood sugar (shaking hands, sweating)? It's affecting my appetite so not hungry. No diabetes.

Could i be lacking vitamins if i feel hungry and weak all the time, I have tested my blood sugar an it is normal?

Could I have diabetes if I feel hypoglycemic once every couple of weeks?

Could not producing adequate stomach acid make me fatigued and dry eyed about an hour after meals, I feel poisoned almost-not food allergy/blood sugar?

Could you feel fine and not know if you have diabetes?

Could you tell me if the feeling of hunger stems from low blood sugar, would a diabetic never feel hungry?

Cymbalta (duloxetine) is surpressing my appetite, but my blood sugar is not dropping without the foodhow is doing that?

Diabetes I have been getting tired after i eat and sometimes fall asleep afterward. I am 47 years old and have been under a lot of stress at work and because of a lawsuit. What is the best way to know if I have diabetes? If I have a glass of red wine o

Diabetes in partents, ill get it soon. Does excessive thirst mean that you crave it all the time or does it just mean that you drink a lot?

Diabetes runs in my fam it skipped some generations i'm thirsty and hungry all the time could I have it. What are some other symptoms? I'm worried

Diabetes? lately whenever i eat i'm always hungry minutes later. don't know why. no other symptoms and grandmother was only one with diabetes. help?!

Diabetic, sugar 540, extreamly high keatones, headache, feel sick.

Diabeties. Is fine at bedtime but wake up in the nite or early moring with very high sugars and don't understand it and body is in a lot of pain?

Dizziness & vertigo -bp is good, but i mostly get dizzy for hours after i eat and lately when i don’t eat. What test should I get?

Dizzy high sugar diarrhea fell down twice my sugar was 347 and i dizzy and i vomit and fell down twice and had diarrhea since

Do diabetics feel very hot if they eat a lot of sugar?

Do I hav hyperglycemia if I get blurred vision after eating sugary foods and starches eg rice?also get very thirsty at night and muscle aches.eyes ok.

Do I have diabetes if my eyes go blurry and i feel thirsty after i've skipped breakfast?

Do my symptoms show that I have a risk for dm if nonstop appetite, thirst after salty snacks?

Do people whit diabeties have mood swings ? N when do they get hot headed when sugar is up or low...

Does deficiency of sugar in blood will lead hunger, like after you eat, and feel cold easily when others are not?

Does food intolerance cause suger levels to go up cause everytime I eat eggs my sugar levels go upto 12. I am really scared only seeing a doc in 2days?

Does gestational diabetes cause dizziness? 26 wks, dizzy after eating. Does GD have symptoms?

Does sugar make you pee?

Does too much sugar in one's diet affect depression and anxiety? Am under tx but eating a little more sugar and not feeling as well as before.

Drowsy nd weak for 30 min instantly after eating anything sugary..Experimented by taking capsule filled with sugar, no drowsiness or weakness..Why?

During exercise: shaky, weak, light headed, white blotches in my vision. I had eggs and oatmeal with honey for breakfast prior to exercise.

Eating a 1400 calorie diet, feeling faint, shaking going in and out of sweats. What does this mean?

Erratic blood sugar, shakes and fuzzy when low, ttc soon - any hope?

Every day from 12 to 2 p.m. feel tired and sleepy..I tried everything multivitamin and eat breakfast nothing it cortisol crash o adrenal fati?

Every once in a while I get really bad low blood sugar. After taking a nap today it was the worst I've ever had it! the only thing I know to do is eat!?

Every time I eat a meal I feel very exhausted, fatigued, short of breath, and rapid heart-rate. Sugars/thyroid/BP all fine. RX of p.o.t.s but it's under control and this feels different. Ideas?

Every time I eat something with a high sugar content Approx 30 mins later I start feeling really tired, lethargic, nausea, headache, dizzy, irritable, jittery. Effects last for several hours before I feel somewhat normal again.

Every time i eat sugary foods/carbs i get dizzy, foggyheaded instantly after i eat and it lasts for hours. Blood sugars are normal. Is this an allergy?

Everytime i eat sugar I am getting very weak , very tired, and almost dizzy. People are wondering if I have an iron problem or am i diabetic.?

Exercise while feeling a little hungry makes me shake & then I have to eat. Is this normal? Hypoglycemia?

Extreme dizziness and fatigue after eatng sweets,today i ate high carbohydrate food and chcolate,my glucose level was 2.5hours later 89 is it normal?

Falling asleep right after eating carbs and sugar. Is this a symptom of diabetes?

Fast heartrate, fatigue, dizzy, and depersonalized after eating most meals.Have prescription of p.O.T.S, but don't think this is why. Sugars also fine.Possibilities?

Fasted more than 24 hrs yesterday. Had asthma attack. Feeling very weak and tired and loss of appetite. Drank fluids and ate. No change. What to do?

Feel dizzy and disoriented when i dont eat long period of times with normal blood sugar level and when i eat anything i feel better 10 mins later?

Feel faint and sick if I don't eat every couple hours. I got the blood work for hypoglycemia and vitamins but it was fine. Not sure what's going on..?

Feel hungry and nauseated at same time. Feel exhausted and generally weak. No real interest in food. Type two diabetic uncontrolled. A 1C is 9.1.

Feel weak and shaky 2 hours after eating a sugary snack, hypoglycemia? Tested negative for diabetes and thyroid problems, not obese either

Feeling a little shaky, nausea. Not diabetic, but have a glucose meter. Meter reads 75mg 3 hours after eating a couple almond cookies. Is this normal?

Feeling hot especially in the evening. Not overweight. Watch should I check for?

Feeling shaky for hours. Like when blood sugar is low only I've eaten plenty. I have a history of anemia could this cause it?

Feeling shaky on inside. Bp controlled,eating healthy, not diabetic, drink enough water. What could cause it. 42 yr female?

Feeling thirsty all the time? Just a habit? Or diabetes? Otherwise no additional symptoms.

Felt shaky and sweaty at 10:30 am did not eat or drink blood sugar is 126 is this normal ?

For a couple months I have been having hypoglycemic feeling off and on throughout the day. Food helps.

For bout 5mths I've been getting shaky and sweaty. I've chckd my sugar & its low but no lower than usual. What should I do? I feel fine after I eat

For someone with candidiasis: why do they crave sugar and have other withdrawal symptoms when yeast is dying off after going off sugar for a few days?

For the past 3 days, after I've eaten, I feel weak and start shaking slightly. I'm a generally healthy person and have never had an issue with blood sugars. I drive an 18 wheeler and keep a mostly healthy diet. I do balance good and junk foods too. I quit

Friends mom type 2 diabetic.Weak, don't even want to get up to eat. Blood sugar levels normal, bronchitis azithromycin making her sick and weak?Stress?