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Can chronic pain be cause someone to lose their appetite, feel depress, and start losing sleep?

"Recovered" from my eating disorder but since my surgery my weight has been dropping. I'm never hungry and I'm always dizzy. Why can't I eat normally?

13 weeks 4 days pregnant and im throwing up and still have bad head aches and always sleepy but losing weight..Is that normal?

15 mnth baby is throwing up daily for 2 weeks. Losing weight-tummy bloated. Lack of apatite. Doc says constipation but i'm not happy with that diag.

1yr old runny stools no appetite at all, no energy. Been to doctor 2x still not better, seems worse, has even lost weight, only wants to sleep?

21 yr female sexually active have an increase in appetite stay hungry and more bowel movements what could be wrong ?

6 months pregnancy, low appetite, doesn't eat much on every meal. Any problems n suggestions?

After dieting for 3 months, I have been so hungry lately? Why is this the case?

After working out my abs, I always feel very bloated and may even gain a pound or two.. Why is this?

Always feel hungry.Wake up in morning extremely hungry and anxiety level high.Eat all the time it seems like and never gain weight.Drink liquids alot.

Any tips for controlling appetite when stressed? I tend to over eat.

Approx. 3-4 weeks no appetite so hardly eating, almost every bite seems to cause nausea and feeling of fullness?

Been on remeron (mirtazapine) 45mg at night for three years and I've gained yo much weight and here lately no energy depressed can't even get outta bed ?

Been really unwell and have had severe diarrhea for 3 days I've lost 6lbs in weight & can't eat should I go to the docs or will it go away on its own?

Before my period my appetite increases and I feel really bloated and obese I notice I gain 5pounds is this normal?

Begin to lose appetite because i was worried about eyesight. Eyes are healthy. Appetite is gone. Feel fine in stomach no pain when eating. Opinions?

Bloated stomach, gaining belly fat, no weight gain, stomach feels constantly tight, flutter feeling , twitching, and pulsing.What could be the cause?

Can anxiety depression cause loss of appetite and sleeping problems currently i have no appetite and sleeping can i eat meals evan i am not hangry ?

Can anxiety&depression cause nausea & no appetite? I can hardly eat anymore & am losing weight. What can I do?

Can being worried/stressed cause you to lose 5-7 lbs in a week? Eating the same amount and no loss in appetite.

Can depression make you feel like you ate dying ? I feel sure I am but dr says no.Could he lying? No energy.Weak.Weight loss.Cant do as i used to

Can increase of sudden appetite for a 17 years old male normal ! the last two days i cant stop eating i am eating too much anything i see why ?

Can it be diabetes?No appetite but when I do eat a little i feel like vomiting headaches nausiate and loss 5 lbs in 1 week. Not sexually active im 17

Can metformin stop you feeling hungry i haven't been hungry since i increased my dose of metformin is this normal

Can mono cause permanent effects like permanently throwing off your appetite (I can feel hungry, just takes a while).

Can not eating fruits and veggies and a lot of eating out give me lack of appetite? Im 22 and my appetite hasnt been strong like usual lately

Can you tell me how I could lose weight without feeling as if I want to give up or feeling as it is not worth my time?

Can't eat anymore. My appetite is diminishing. I take a few bits and i feel nauseous. I have a healthy mind sight about my weight and i'm not pregnant?

Complete loss of appetite, food makes me feel sick? 8 weeks. How much longer?

Concerned 8yr son pale tired no appetite weight loss not himself , still waiting for reply off his peadatrition twitchy when sleep what can cause this?

Could i be pregnant if I have morning sickness throughout the day, headaches, sick feeling in my stomach, gained a lot of weight, tired all the time?

Currently eating 1100 calories/day burning 350/day to lose weight from hypothyroidism. Now my sleep is disturbed due to hunger. Any suggestions?

Dieting to loose weight, reduce cal by 500 a day. Feeling starved and nauseas at night and cant sleep. Why is it? How can I reduce this feeling?

Do anorexics get tired?

Do I have hyperthyroidism? I'm skinny but i've been hungry and tired all the time lately and i've been nervous. If I do have this what's the treatment

Doc said have ibs. How can I get a appetite back & not be so tired?

Does implanon increase hunger? I've been really hungry lately and I cant control it

Does metformin cause hunger? That's what i've experienced lately.

Does vomiting make you lose weight? I just recently started purging after each meal and now I always want to & if I don't or puke a little I feel sad

Don't know if this related to my uterine fibroid; felling full, lots gas,not felling hungry,losing weight,getting my period every two weeks..

Dr i am stragling with dizziness and a great appetite bt when i eat i vomit what might be wrong about me dr?

Everyday I have the same problem i'm hungry but I have no appetite I am a little over weight I do have a light meal towards the evening why ?

Everyonce in awhile I get really tired for a week or so and lump under my armpit. And lose my appetite. What could this be?

Everytime Im having mestruation, my cramps in abdomen kills me. I also have a loss in appetite but Im hungry, when Im trying to eat I feel vomitting.

Excessive hunger in the last few weeks. Thyroid TSH has been anywhere from .2 to 8 in the last four months. Why so hungry no matter how much i eat?

Experiencing loss of apatite, dizziness, vomiting (mainly water and green stuff) can't sleep been up for 17hrs but am super tired?

Extremely tired, muscle aches, blurry vision, mentally/physically exhausted, gaining weight, bloated 2months after coming back from trip to Bali?

Feel the need to take deep breaths a lot, one month of no period, discharge, loss of appetite but still hungry, what could this be?

Feeling bloated and lose appetite for 5 days. What is this?

Feeling bloated and.Lose appetite for 5 days?

Feeling hungry all the time and can't gain any weight. Do I have disease? Others say it's a good thing?

Finally getting appetite back after months of barely eating due to depression now hard to sleep is it cuz im eating more food and energy from eating?

Fluid retention in the body, ..Gain weight, ...One week ago i m feeling tired and weak?

For 1 1/2 month I have had zero appetite, Ive lost 30 pound Ive been making myself eat, and double vision and fatigue. Whats could be going on?

For 2 weeks ive had no appetite, lost over 2 kgs, and my tounge is very white, i sleep all the time to now?

For the last 6 months I have suddenly gotten really light headed, occasional diarrhea and very weak. I have also unintentionally lost a lot of weight?

For the pass two days I've been sore all over, tired && I've had an loss of appetite. What could this be?

For the past month i sometimes get sick after eating, wake up with stomach aches, I've gained weight, am bloating, and am easily tired. Why?

For the past two weeks I have been having excessive hunger and very sleepy throughout the day! I've gained about 4 lbs! What could it be? I'm worried.

Frequent urge to urinate. Unintentional weight loss. Been trying to gain weight still feel need to urinate after I just urinated, no pain though. ???

Got help n meds for dep but lost a lot of weight and my appetite 6'2 105 pounds what's best way to gain back appetite n weight. Everytime i eat get stom cramps and diah short after eatin cuz of this pro?

Had the stomach flu 5 days ago and since then i feel nausea when i eat. Keep losing weight because of it. Is this psychological?

Has any one lost feeling after a boob job?

Have CKD stage 4 and keep feeling drained and tired ... No appetite and just thirsty .. Is this normal ?

Have had this horrible feeling like something is in my throat since october. Lost ton of weight and I have absolutely no appetite. Feel it constanly?

Having extreme hungers pangs that burn since having my gallbladder removed a year ago, and I end up overeating to stop the pain but im gaining weight?

Having runny lime green poop, loss of appetite, very tired and pregnant. This has been going on for about a month.What's wrong?

Headaches.Nausea.Sleepy.No energy.Eating a lot gained a lot of weight...Spoting around menstral time but not normal...What can this mean?

Hello Dr. I have had severe night time heartburn for the last two weeks. I can not sleep at night and have lost my appetite. I have lost 7 pounds.

Hello. Lately i being getting dizzy especially when i bend down. I know for a fact i'm not pregnant. I have lost of appetite and lost like 60 pounds?

Help? I have lost 23 lbs and feel fatter?

Hey I been having these night sweats for almost a week. I shake and have the chills, I've notice I haven't really had a appetite. I'm loosing weight I sometimes feel weak and really tired. I haven't taking any for doctor medication it or seen a doctor

Hey I what feels to me a pulse in my stomach and not over weight but I been eating more lately to gain some weight but so I be concerned?

Hi , I have noticed a change in my energy level, i feel tired and weak and i lost some weight ..What is it with me?

Hi I have been losing weight constantly for over 2 years now. I weight 92 right now. I cry all the time because of the pain in my stomach. Any ideas?

Hi my aunty suffers with dizzy spells and hair loss she also very obese and feels full all the time but she doesn't eat much. What could this be ?

How can I get my sexual appetite back to normal? It's been really low lately.

How can I get myself to eat. Recently i've had no appetite. I just don't feel hungry. I've lost about 20 pounds. I also have sjogrens?

How can I loose weight faster? I feel like i never have any energy and i'm always tired

How can I sustain fullness throughout the day? I'm 29 weeks pregnant, and I'm hungry all day. I think I'm gaining too much!

How come I haven't much of an appetite for 3 weeks?

How do I stimulate my appetite. I have gastritis and haven't the desire to eat as I have no appetite. I have been drinking fluids though.

How soon will i get my appetite back after surgery, been 4 weeks and still no appetite?

How to deal with loss of appetite? Don't feel like eating.

I am a married woman and is 27 years old. I have been suffering from fatigue and weight loss for the past 4 years. I feel very tired all the time.?

I am 17 yrs.old, I am concern about my appetite because I am constantly wanting to eat. Is it normal? And Is there a way to stop from constant eating?

I am 20 years old & currently 242lbs which has caused my energy to be excessively low. I would like to loose alot of weight what can i do i feel alone?

I am 23 yrs. I am 15 weeks pregnant. I don't feel hungry. I seem to have lost my appetite. Please advise.

I am 23, 15 weeks pregnant.I have lost my appetite.Please advice?

I am 5"3 and 53kgs. Sometimes I feel sluggish and bloated, am I overweight?

I am a 17 year old teenager with a bmi of 24.0. However, i am constantly feeling hungry. Is this normal?

I am a 40 yearold female who has lost 34 lbs. Since december have been feeling lightheaded and lousy before meals is this diabetes?

I am a recovering bulimic and haven't relapsed for months. Haven't had an appetite in over a month. I can barely tell when I'm hungry. What is wrong?

I am always tired and forget a lot of things. I am still breastfeeding my 19m old and have not lost weight, feels like I gained. Can it be my thyroid?

I am bloated, have diarrhea, gained 3 inches on my waist. Haven't made a major diet change. Please help me to stop feeling this way.

I am constantly hungry. I am not getting full, I am only eating myself sick. I don't know what to do because I'm gaining a lot of weight.

I am falling out of love, and don't want to eat, no appetite. Is this normal?

I am hungry constantly and lose weight despite eating more. I'm also tired, thirsty, sore, dizzy & have adult acne. I'm not diabetic so what gives?

I am on thyroxine for hypothyroidism , lately I have started to feel very anxious and have lost a bit of weight , could i be over medicated?

I am over medicated on Thyroid, so they cut me down by half. Will I regain my weight once the meds kick in. Is it normal to feel tired and sluggish?