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I self cut into a mole i think i hit a blood thing cause it wont stop bleeding it will slow down some but wont stop. Its been an hour now.

Any deep psychological reason why I keep stuff. It's like I never stop saving. What can I do?

Any good tricks or things that have worked for me to help stop chewing tobacco?

Any hope trying to stop someone from driving under the influence?

Any suggestions to get a 14 year old to stop thumbsucking ?

Any tips on how to stop diarrhea?

Any tips to stop nailbiting? I've tried everything I can think of, and for a little they do work, but I very quickly begin again.

Been on every antipsychotic under the sun, but can't stop the bad thoughts, what should I do?

Been purging off/on since 2011. In therapy for a year. I know how bad it is for me. Why don't i want to stop? How do I make myself want to stop?

Best way to stop snoring? Weight loss done. Smoking stopped. Alcohol stopped. Nasal strips tried. Mouth guards tried. Nothing has worked

Big debate! Stop flecainide gradually or just stop?

Can a healthy person stop breathing helpppp?

Can a shrink help me stop drinking?

Can anyone tell me what can I take to stop throwing up?

Can cutting or burning yourself to help with emotional pain become addictive? I'm having a really hard time stopping.

Can I get medical treatment to stop craving alcohol?

Can i have seizures if i drink alot over my friend's birthday weekend and then stop? Or is this only caused when a chronic alcoholic suddenly stops?

Can I stop and start antebuse whenever I want?

Can i tell me how i can stop overthinking about something (especially when trying to sleep)?

Can people be addicted to sugar? I feel like I am. If we run out of sweets, I almost panic(not that bad really).How can istop this before it stops me?

Can you heart just stop? Or do it needs to a major problem to stop

Can you lungs just stop working and can you heart just stop working? I worry day to day about it. Its one of my biggiest fears i get like this all tim

Can you please help to make my asthma stop bothering me?

Can you please tell me the best possible way to stop drinking?

Can you stop being balemic, without professional help?

Can you stop producing mucus with hypnosis?

Can you tell me how could i stop getting diarrhea?

Can you tell me how i can stop cutting fast?

Can you tell me how I could get my 14 year old sister to stop eating her buggers?

Can you tell me how I could get my 6 yr old daughter to stop burbing?

Can you tell me how I could get my dad to stop drinking?

Can you tell me how I could get my daughter to stop eating what she shouldn't?

Can you tell me how I could make my dad stop drinking?

Can you tell me how I could stop getting morning wood?

Can you tell me how I could stop worrying and get a good sleep tonight?

Can you tell me how to get my mom to stop drinking?

Can you tell me how to stop being nervous about horses?

Can you tell me is there a way to stop allergies permanently?

Can your gallbladder stop working & is it dangerous?

Can your lungs just stop working?

Cant stop purging, suggestions on getting over this?

Cause of my bad anxiety I keep on yawning and cannot stop, any tips?

Co-codamol is the only thing that stops me shaking, help?

Could stress stop you from getting wet?

Could this stop us from heaving kids its called a varicocele vain?

Could you explain why do I perform these strange habits and how can I stop doing them?

Could you tell me what happens if i tell my therapist i tried to cut myself?

Could you tell me what happens when you completly stop drinking liquids all together?

Do you have days when you just can't stop eating? It happens to me every couple or 3 days.

Do you think hypnosis can be used to stop someone drinking?

Doc im 35yrs old and single i ask u a favor about how to stop dringking alcohol and how to stop smoking cuz my face looks 43?

Does anoerxia people should stop exercising or decrease it ?

Does anybody know how to stop or lessen a bad snoring habit?

Does starving or self and same time having bulimia stops your growth, at the age of 14? Is there any other way to get back in track and finally grow?

Don't want to sound needy, but i cut myself sometimes and i don't know what to do or how to stop?

Every morning and most evenings i gag/ dry heave from 1-10 minutes. This starting happening about 10 years ago. I need it to stop please help?

For some reason, i literally can't stop eating! help?

For what reason do I crave drugs and how to stop?

For what reasons might an 18 year old suddenly stop talking to everyone?

Having headaches once a day and when he talks most time have to stop and rest. What is wrong?

Hello dear doctors..I do masturbation for 7 years.I startet from 18 years old.Please help.I am going to kill my self if i cannot find any way for stop?

Help me I have anxiety and keep phoning my daughter in middle of night how can I stop this worrying?

Help! need to know if there's a way to stop allergies permanently?

Hey i think I have diarrhea and how do I stop it from happening ?

Hi I am 23 yrs old.I am college student .I want to stop drinking .I am not an addict but for 5 yes I am doing it occasionally like once in a month.

Hi am 27 years old.I ve no bad habits like smoking and drinking.But I have a bad habit i.E i masturbate alot.Will it cause any problem.How can stop it?

Hi how do i stop always being frightened & checking stuff?

Hi I have accidentally became obsessed with someone but i don't want to be anyway how do you stop being obsessed with someone.

Hi im 38 years old im a male and I have been drinking for years and I have two fortys im shaking and can't stop i took a nap woke up shaking and can't stop help me

Hi my 14 y.o son while playing video game on PS3 gets dizzy or vertigo after a while then he stops. What the cause of this? Anyway to stop this?

Hi, I'm 16 and i can't stop blinking and when I do start I can't stop for a good few seconds more. My breath hitches, and it's really stessful. Thanks

How can one stop themselves from becoming burnt out?

How can I get my doctor to stop cutting me off the moment i try to explain my symptoms? Pay more money?

How can I get my girlfriend to stop cutting herself?

How can I get my husband to stop drinking but he don't listen to me.

How can i get my son to actually listen to me and quit back talking me and also get him to stop ignoring me when I ask him to do something.

How can I get myself to stop over-eating and exercise more?

How can I get myself to stop procrastinating?

How can I get myself to stop worrying about my weight?

How can I get rid of the smiling all the time and stop crying when i laugh and stop crying for no reason?

How can I help my boyfriend stop drinking?

How can I help my son stop stammering?

How can I quickly stop sleep talking please?

How can I quickly stop sleep talking?

How can I reduce masturbation?I want to seriously want to totally stop it.Is dere any medicine to stop it.Please help me in this regard.

How can I stop being shy and make friends?

How can I stop being so paranoid that i'm going to break a bone?

How can I stop constantly losing things?

How can I stop drinking every night and still be able to sleep?

How can I stop eating completely and become skinny?

How can I stop eating my nails? I have tried so many things i can have them ok for months, if I have a stress, nervous or afraid, i eat them again

How can I stop getting homesick?

How can I stop giving partner our money for alcohol especially when yelling & says he wants more? Won't come out of the fix 4 days so far.

How can I stop going back to smoking?

How can I stop making a noise when I orgasm?

How can I stop making excuses and continuing to eat?

How can I stop my dependent from putting himself in dangerous situations?

How can I stop my eyesight from going bad?

How can I stop my habit of cracking my bones? I have to crack my back constantly and i can't stop. Is there a way that i could get rid of this addiction?

How can I stop my son's bad habit of spitting or his sakiva out at me or anyone else?