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10 weeks pregnant and i can't stop throwing up. I can't even keep liquids down. It's been like this all day. What do I do?

6 month old keeps farting..doesn't seem to be troubled by it. What can I give him to stop him from farting as much?

7 nearly 8 year old boy keeps weeing the bed how can we prevent it from happening?

Am keep getting flutering in my chest what do you suggest i do?

Belly keeps groaning. How do I stop it?

Can i get to keep my shirt on during a stress test?

Can i tell me how i can keep my materialism up when my not eatting?

Can Levofloxacin keep you from keeping an erection?

Can you tell me any advice how to keep my mouth hydrated?

Can you tell me how i can keep myself from getting too dizzy after doing a pique or pirouette?

Can you tell me some advice how to keep my mouth hydrated?

Can't keep an erection for multiple days. Have sex once a day for 2 days and i'm fine. After I can't keep hard. Need to know why. I'm 21.

Can't sleep cause keep choking on mucus, keep swallowing but it keeps coming back. What can I do?

Cant keep fluid or food down for past three days?

Could it be bad if i keep holding in all of my anger?

Could tetris keeps you from getting depressed?

Could use expert help with why i keep having bad dreams?

Could use expert help with why i keep on getting bad dreams?

Could use your help docs! my coughing keeps waking me up!?

Do you think that i could keep getting cold sores if i keep taking creatine?

Does urinating a lot keep you thin?

Don't want to go to sleep because it just keeps bleeding. Will i get dry socket?

Everytime i play video games . Drinking water helps but I keep getting a headache wierd feeling. I'm a gamer.what can this be ? How can I stop this

Feet have been cramping up a lot lately and today after numerous bottles of water can not keep myself hydrated, trying to figure out what is wrong?

Hello I am really worried as i keep snapping at my boyfriend and its not like i no I am doing it and its everyday.. And i keep getting pains in my tum?

Hello, my mum is just vomiting everything up, she can't even keep water down. She had this once, but it went away the next day. what is her problem?

Hi i keep getting headaches , I have no energy and keep being sick any ideas?

Hi i was wndering why i keep getting really bad headaches everyday?

Hi last night i kept wanting to throw up and i don't know why and also this morning i keep wanting to throw up but i just don't why?

How bad is it to keep your contacts in at night?

How can I aid my hand and keep from making it worse?

How can I hold keep my cold at bar for five days?

How can I keep from always getting stressed out?

How can I keep from getting dilute uas?

How can I keep going when i can't have anything i want in life?

How can I keep my 3-year-old from panicking when I take him to the doctor?

How can I keep my abs showing constantly?

How can I keep my baby from getting jet-lag?

How can I keep my head clear while working?

How can I keep my mind clear when i'm under pressure?

How can I keep myself from getting dizzy?

How can I keep track of all the things in my pantry and refrigerator?

How can I relax and keep from freaking out?

How can u keep a four year old hydrated when everything she drinks comes back up? Thank you

How come i keep getting these horrible hang overs?

How come i keep relishing my bad temper to my mom these days?

How do I keep a healthy face with my schedule? Washing it too much can be bad but I am active and sweat at least two diff. Times a day. What to do?

How do I keep from drying up down below husband thinks I don't love him ?

How do I keep from getting "winter blues", this year seems bad. ?

How do I keep from passing out?

How do I keep my baby hydrated?

How do you keep your vagina hydrated?

How long can I keep my demons at bay i can't keep up this struggle everyday ?

How long can I keep my retainers out? I just got them, but after I eat i usually keep them out for a few minutes.

How to keep from getting so hungry while i'm fasting?

How to keep track of my diabetes?

How to keep your vagine heathly?

How to keep yourself motivated?

I always snore and my friends keep complaining about it . Do you have a way to stop this from happening?

I am 16 and I keep getting scared when someone wakes me up during the night. What can I do? Thank you. :)

I am never thirsty. Is this normal? I can go a day or two and not realize I havent had anything to drink. I have to keep a log so I stay hydrated.

I can't keep an erection for more than a minute or 2 and even during sex I can't keep one or if im gettin oral sex I can't keep one?

I get really hot at night and it keeps me from sleeping well. What can I do to help this?

I had a bad drug abuse and have been clean for nine months. What are some things to help keep me in the right track?

I had one c.Section if i keep getting pregnant will i keep having them ?


I have a cold, but i keep puking, can't keep my food down. Any suggestions?

I have an appt. To get my colonoscopy and i keep getting blocked. Can eat or drink anything?

I have been feeling unwell and have an ileostomy bag and keep getting bladder infections. I'm starting to worry. ?

I have had very bad diarrhoea and I keep vomiting and it's not stopping I keep having sleepless nights due to my asthma playing u. ?

I keep almost fainting recently, what do I do?

I keep bleeding through my pants at school. How can I prevent this from happening?

I keep breacking out but i dont know why?

I keep coughing and getting a watery fluid coming up it is also making me weezey and hard to sleep because I keep coughing?

I keep coughing because some liquid (I think) keeps getting on my troath! What's this? How to fix this?

I keep coughing for some reason. Who can I see to tell me what I have and what should I do?

I keep eating and am possibly 5 weeks pregnant , I keep having to go to the bathroom poop, is this normal ? Nothing is staying in my system.Very dizzy

I keep farting all the time. How can I make it stop?

I keep feeling depressed and can't keep going, what can I do?

I keep getting going red and hot flushes every 5mins and my heart keeps jumping and my legs get funny not going through the change already had that?

I keep getting a clear sleep out of my eye?

I keep getting a headache i have had it for 3 weeks now?

I keep getting colds. This has been ongoing for the past 8 weeks. Whenever I recover from one I get another. What can I do to stop this?

I keep getting confused and forgetting a lot. Is this a sign of anything bad?

I keep getting cut off while trying to speak with someone?

I keep getting dizzy during and after eating. I've changed my diets and still get the same feeling ?

I keep getting headaches before and after I wake up. What is causing this and how can I prevent this.

I keep getting headaches everyday its bin none stop for a week at the same time of the day ?

I keep getting headaches, I'm fully hydrated. Why is this?

I keep getting hives. How do I stop this?

I keep getting leg cramps up to 4 times a day, I keep drinking, lost weight and my vision is blurry?

I keep getting migraines when i wake up and threw out the day and makes me sick to my belly why is that and how do I stop them?

I keep getting minor fevers on and off. I'm underage so I can't get a checkup at the moment.

I keep getting pains on my heart?

I keep getting really bad mood swings, what do you advise to keep it under control?

I keep getting severely bad headache, they male me sick, dehydrated &the put me in my bed for couple days. What can I do to stop these?

I keep getting stomach burrps regularly... Want an solution to stop it. Thanks?

I keep having fantasies of leaving the country, why do I keep having these reoccurring thoughts?

I keep having random 3-10 second headaches. What could be wrong?

I keep having the feeling of keep going to toilet even though Nuffin is there plus I keep having a lot of gas ?