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18 years old but no energy and I could sleep a whole day. I sleep around 8 hours but I HAVE to nap around 2 hours everyday otherwise I have no energy!

4 yr old had sleep study that showed decreased REM sleep &frequent wakings &arousals (7.5 per/hr).She also snores, sleep talks &walks, wets bed.Causes?

7 week old Doesn't sleep during the day or night time She will sleep for 15 mins on her crib yesterday she only sleep for 5 hours total. Normal?

A lot of times I wake up with headaches and mainly they are long night sleeps. Could it be because I get too much sleep? I mostly sleep more than 8h.

About 3 or 4 days out of the month i can sleep about 20hours out of the day is this from fibromyalgia ?

After a suicide attempt, I haven't slept through the night in years. I wake up 4 to 5 times a night. What can I do if I can't take any sleep meds?

After a week of sleep deprivation (4 hours sleep each night) and being exhausted, does the brain need only 1 full night sleep to get back to normal?

After eating lunch n waking from sleep during daytime I have high pulse what could be the reason?

Age 51 postmenopausal. Lots of insomnia. Some days no sleep other days a few hours of sleep. Tried sleep hygiene doesnt help. Very worried. Any ideas?

All I ever do is sleep. No matter how long I sleep, I'm always still tired. I can't even function anymore. Help please!

Any ideas on why i'm so tired even after 8 hours of sleep?

Are multiple naps better than a full night of sleep?

Are naps good for you?

Are there any ways to return to sleeping at night after waking up, while staying awake during the day and afternoon?

Are there good ways to get a good night sleep and a good afternoon nap?

Been having disrupted sleep for a week no. Wake up in the middle of night & won't sleep again till 2 - 3 hrs later. What can I do and what is this?

Body clock out of synch. Go to bed wide awake and can't sleep. What can I do to make sure I'm tired and ready to sleep?

Can 12-16 hours sleep be considered hypersomnia? What if the sleep is after waking up after 9 hours sleep and being tired and going back to sleep.

Can a 12 month old todler oversleep? 14 hours at night 3 hours for a nap. Is this ok/normal?

Can any doc explain why can't i sleep fast and stay asleep? I lie awake for hours i need to sleep for my muscles to recover?

Can exercise help reset my sleep cycle? I can't sleep at night anymore - i get super drowsy in the afternoon but perk up around midnight...

Can five hours of sleep every night harm you?

Can I get by with 5 hours of sleep per night?

Can i give my one year old melatonin to help him sleep at night instead of the day? how much should i give him?

Can i go off trazodone as i been taking 100 mg for sleep during the last 10 years. I was put on it for sleep deprivation. ?

Can I sleep in tampons if I wake up to change in 6 or 7 hours?

Can i stii be drowsy tired sleepy 36 hours after deprivan for gastroscopy?

Can magnesium help me to sleep longer?

Can naps during the day accumulate with the sleep you get the night after the nap?

Can someone decrease the hours of sleep needed each night and still feel awake?

Can we need more than 6 hours of sleep?

Can working on the computer before bed effect my sleep?

Can you attain deep sleep in four hours during polyphasic sleeping?

Can you let me know how many hours a night do you usually sleep?

Can you let me know how many hours a night of sleep should I be getting?

Can you let me know how many hours do you have to be sleeping to be in a deep sleep?

Can you let me know how many hours of sleep do I need?

Can you let me know how many hours of sleep does a 12 year old child need?

Can you let me know how many hours of sleep does a nine year old need?

Can you let me know how many hours of sleep does a person need?

Can you let me know how many hours of sleep is considered insomnia?

Can you let me know how many hours of sleep should I be getting a night?

Can you let me know how many hours should I be sleeping?

Can you let me know how many hours sleep do you get a night?

Can you tell me if 8 to 9 hours of sleep is enough than why am i still tired?

Can you tell me what number of hours to take melatonin before sleep?

Can't seem to stay awake for more than 12 hours for some reason. sometimes sleepy after 5-6. sleeping 8 hours while not doing much but sleepy all day.

Consistently wake up at 3 am every night, and stay up for two hours every night. Advice?

Constant fatigue for 8-10 yrs, never wake feeling rested regardless of #hrs of sleep, alcohol, or caffeine; go to sleep fast, stay asleep, hard sleeper, dream a lot every night, normal sleep study '08?

Could it be "normal" to wake up after only 3-4 hours of sleep? I sleep great for 3-4 hours then I wake up, and fall back to sleep, a ton after that.

Could it be good to get 6 hours or 7 hours of sleep?

Could you tell me what's the best way to end a day before bed, and induce sleep?

Daily how many hours should I sleep to remove stress?

Dear dr.I can't sleep in the midnight :-(?

Dear sir / madam, each day i sleep around 2 am and wake up at 8 :45 am so this sleeping hr is okay ? because i have this habit frm 2 yr

Do afternoon naps for one hour disturb sleep later on at night?

Do i need to sleep at night or is the day fine too?

Do people that take sleeping pills go into a deep sleep or a light sleep?

Do taking naps during the day affect your sleep at night?

Doctor suggested me to take 8 hr. Sleep at night..Bt i cnt sleep diis much..Is it insomnia?...How to have b good sleep?

Doctors, what are the effects of sleeping 4 hours on a daily basis?

Does a nightlight impact your sleeping hours?

Does aspirin help you sleep?

Does it help to sleep 1-3 hours in two days, or does that count as if you haven't been sleeping at all?

Does narcolepsy cause unrestorative sleep? I have eds + dsps. Even after 20-30 minute nap i wake up more tired than i was before.

Does sleep deprivation cause perm. Damage? Last yr i slept typically 6-7 hours, and even went without sleep for 3 separate nights.

Does sleeping more than 10 hours bad for your health?

Does staying awake from 12 midnight to 1 am can cuase highblood?

Does taking a short nap after your lunch ruin the sleep that night?

Does taking melatonin before bed actually work to help me sleep?

Dr. When i get-up in morning out my bed for study after 15 min again i want to sleep & please tell me how to concentrate. Please help me?

Elena (my grandmother) can't sleep well. She sleeps like 3 hours at night. How can I help her?

Even after 8 hours of sleep, i get extremely sleepy 2 hours later. The sleepiness continues randomly throughout the day. Sleep disorder or...?

Even as a kid I had problems sleeping at night but I'm sleepy all day I can only sleep 1-4 hrs at a time is this insomnia even tho I sleep sometimes?

Every 2 hours i awake to pass urine, this disturbs my sleep, please advise ?

Every night i sleep for 4-5 hrs. I wake up for 1-2hrs. And then go back to sleep for a few more hrs. Why? How can I sleep soundly through the night?

Every winter I go through 5-8 days where I only can sleep 3 hours. I'm very tired all day but I can't fall back to sleep after 3 hours. Any ideas?

For about 5 days, im waking up through the night which is new 4me. I wake up every 2-3 hrs. Any help for staying sleep all night so im more rested?

Had CABG 11 months ago. I sleep at least 10 hrs. A night and still sleep at least 2 hrs. In the day. Should i be sleeping that much?

Have sleep apnea, can't wear cpac, awake 4 hrs a day sleep rest, gave adipex no results.What can I do or take to help me.

Have trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep. Can I take Lunesta (eszopiclone) to get to sleep and Intermezzo when I wake in the middle of the night? Thank you.

Hello, i sleep as lecture starts in college and wake up after the lecture, with a fresh mind. I won't sleep during lab hours. I sleep 7 hours night.Y?

Hello. Have a problem with a sleeping time. I can't sleep approximately 40 hours. Even if i come from gym, i can't sleep. What is my problem?

Help i can't slepp more then 4 hours at night ?

Help please? I want to know what are the effects of sleeping 4 hours on a daily basis?

Hi , I am always tired and sleepy . I sleep well 6 to 7 hours but still I am falling asleep in class and unable to study at home .. what can I do ??

Hi docs, do you think it's bad that I sleep 10 hours at night but still wake up groggy?

Hi dr, I am 2have a problem with sleeping. It takes me more than two hrs to go to sleep. During sleep, a minute disturbance wakes me up. Please help?

Hi, I am 7 weeks pregnant and don't sleep well. I wake up at 2/3am and wide awake !

Hi, i'm21 y/o i've a sleeping issue, i've a very deep sleep and i sleep for long hours up to12 or more, and even if i sleep well i feel sleepy all day?

Hi! is it good that I sleep 2 hours a day in afternoon?

Hoping you can tell me, is futon good for everynight sleep or is it only good for temp sleep?

How many hour is normal sleeping?

How can you work with an output of 100% with about 5 hours of sleep?

How come i keep waking up every hour at night when i sleep ?

How could someone be woken from a drug-induced sleep?

How do I figure out why I am so tired even after 8 hours of sleep?

How do I get good full hours of uninterrupted sleep?

How do I go to sleep really early without being sleepy?

How do I sleep better at night? How can I sleep better at night? I already take sleeping pills nightly but they don't help. I have trouble falling asleep and then waking up dozens of times through out the night.