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I always fall asleep during the day, when im at class, during traveling and even when im standing i fell down the floor, is this normal?

I am 23 and i have night falls twice in a month is it normal or it will cause other problems?

I am 23 years old i get night falls twice in a month is it normal?

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I fall a lot, why is it when i fall on my right knee every time i fall? Each time i fall it takes longer for my knee to heal?

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I fall from bicycle in my childhood, i want to know can it damage my cervix?

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I have sometimes fallen for no reason, is it cause i have hip implants and i still wobble a little, can that make you fall?

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I'm wondering is it possible for the uterus to fall out from a hard fall?

I've read that red heads with freckles have a tendency to not fall fully asleep during surgery. How would i know if i fall in this category of redhead?

Im 28 year old. Im suffering from night fall. I have night fall in between 10-15 day. Plz help me?

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What can cause falls when theres no snow outside and youre walking and all of a sudden you fall and didnt see anything to trip over? is it medical?

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