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19 y/o. No motivation, low sex drive, always tired etc. testosterone and thyroid are good. I am on a anti depressant and i still feel the same. Help!

2 months after robotic myomectomy, feelings of depression, moody, low energy, sporadic feelings of exhaustion, is this normal any recommendations?

2 weeks after miscarriage i loss my appetite and still very weak.What kind of vitamins should I take to bring back all the energy ?

28 yo/f. Tired all the time, no energy. Grumpy. Not like me at all. Getting 6-7hrs sleep/nite. Take prenatals for vitamins(not preg.) eat well. ?

Acid reflux cause you to feel light headed and lack of energy?

After having big amalgam filling out, why do I feel so drowsy and have low energy?

After workout i feel tired and low on energy. I sweat a lot during workout. Is this the reason why i get tired and low on energy?

All day I've this felling like i'm swelling up, I get really tired all the time, zero energy, motivation because of it?

Always tired, no energy or motivation. Sleep 4, 6, 14 hours, still tired after being awake for 2+ hours. Sometimes I get low blood sugar symptoms?

Always tired, sleep 8-10hrs, low energy, bad moods, lack of interest in things, doctor gave me sleeping pills no blood tests or nothing. Whats wrong?

Always tired, sleepy. Poor appetite. Thinking n't organized & hard to concentrate. Very slow actvty.No diabetes. How to know what's really wrong?

Am diabetic heart patient. Feeling very weak . Can i take multi vitamins to gain some strength and energy?

Am diabetic what can I do to stay fit, i always feel tired after work. I work in the oilfields but would like to have more energy what should I do.

Am feeling weak due to hectic worklife. How can I keep myself energized throughout the day?

Any idea of what i might have? I have had a headache off and on, anemia, upset stomach, dizziness, lack of energy, a skip in periods, increasingly strong appetite but no weight gain, lack of energy, and low temperature for about 6 months now but more and

Any remedies for lack of energy and motivation?

Been feeling down with low energy. Just discovered I have low testosterone. With treatment how quickly can I feel better?

Besides st John wort what other supplements can be good for up lifting mood and motivation. Tired of feeling blah.

Busy month coming up.I need tips for keeping myself energetic, productive and away from mood swings during the month.I'm 19 n study in college.

Can a decreased kidney function (30%) cause tiredness, lack of energy, and feeling faint?

Can Anxiety generate muscles pains, also feel very tired every day when I do exercise or not, I wake up tired and my level of energy going down fast?

Can cfs be the cause of my total lack of energy and feeling that I've run a marathon whenever I do a a simple task. Sleep don't help and bloods ok?

Can exercise make me feel energy less?

Can gabapentin and simvastatin make you feel a lack of energy, or a little tired?

Can I take 500 mcg of B12 everyday for energy? I'm a healthy mom of a 5 month old and I'm constantly exhausted.

Can lack of eating cause me to feel sleepy faster?

Can lack of sleep cause a decrease in hunger? I haven't got much sleep lately because of work and my son. And i haven't had much of an appetite

Can lack of sleep make me sick?

Can lack of vitamin d make a person fatigued or tired?

Can lcl cause dizzy lose of appetite and depleted of energy?or its worst?

Can Multi-Vitamins like Nature's Way Alive Max Potency help with fatigue, tiredness, and low energy?

Can muscular dexorify make a person tired?

Can oxygen do harm? I use cpap with o2 kept feeling worse. I stopped o2 now feel much better with more energy. Stats were in 80's.

Can POTS syndrome cause immense fatigue? I have it but my doctor said he thinks I'm just depressed. I exercise, eat healthy, & still am exhausted.

Can severe fribroids consume your estrogen an make you feel like you never have any energy?

Can u tell me what I can do or take to boost my metabolism I have very low energy I am always tried no matter how much sleep I get?

Can you get chills or loses appetite with lack of sleep ?

Can you have lack of energy because of masturbation all night?

Can you still feel tired and no energy a few days after stopping Bactrim DS?

Can you tell me some good ways to keep your motivation high to work out during times of laziness, and hard times?

Child gets chronically tired in winter and lacks energy, falls asleep during the day and behaviour gets poor.Was tested for nutritional deficiency- ?

Constant mental fatigue, physical energy to workout 45-60 min per day, nap off/on constantly throughout day, strong appetite for sugars/carbs.?

Constantly exhausted/sleepy, no energy at all. Going on for over 4 years, have adjusted sleep & tested iron levels. What else can I do?

Constantly tired no energy hot sweats memory problems can't focus or concentrate could it be Addison's disease or adrenal fatigue I feel exhausted ?

Could hyperparathyroidectomy improve metabolic rate? Will I have more energy?In effect make me feel well enough to go to the gym?Teachrexhausted by 6

Do 91 year olds sleep a lot and is it okay? She seems to have no energy and I have her exercise each day.

Does exercise help depression like what energy or what?

Does having a bad liver make you lose your appetite and be sick and lack energy?

Does lack of vitamin d make you lazier?

Dont know what. To do feels like I am dying.No energy.None.Fatigue.Weight loss.Poor appearance.No desires.No vitality.No interest due to how i feel.

Exhausted after working a long day. How can I get more energy?

Exhausted, no strength, no energy. What to do?

Feeling blue, how can I boost my mood?

Feeling drained lately I'm not eating right(poor right now lol) . Can a multi vitamin give me a little boost of energy? Is there any cons of vitamins

Feeling lightheaded and tired all the time. How can I improve my energy level?

Feeling low on energy , for weeks?

Feeling tired worries low energy dr.Says it as depression advise duloxetin20mg for a month & clonazedam 0.25 mg for 5 days shall i go ahead?

Feeling very tired this few days despite having 8 hours sleep. Whole body feel sore, lack of energy and has diarrhea. What's causing this? Stress?

For as long as i can remembr i'm always deeply tired. What can I take for energy besides caffeine since I have hbp and diabetes. Exhausted, please help!

For several weeks I have been very tired with no energy and I also have no appetite. I eat about one meal a day then I'm full for the rest of the day?

For some reason I have low energy, i don't know why, I do my best to exercise and eat healthy, since my energy is so low i don't feel like doing it?

For some reason throughout the day im tired often but after supper i get a energy boost and i want to stay up. Is it normal if i'm a 16 year old girl?

Had a hysterectomy 3 years ago. Now I have no energy what si ever. I used to be full of energy what could be the problem?

Had a viral 4weeks ago. Still feel weak. Lack of energy. I run out of energy so quick. Fatigue. Just starting to eat better. This normal. Wat can I do?

Have less energy in work. Is this just all in my head?

Having light headed, no energy, can't sleep. Does caffeine do that?

Hi. I'm feeling low on energy. I never have energy or motivation to do anything. I am on iron tablets but they don't help and i'm tired a the time?

How can be improve stamina and not easily getting tired?

How can I raise my energy levels? I always feel tired and sluggish.

How can you stop feeling tired and keep my energy levels up?

How come I feel really low on energy everyday and my body feels week?

How come I have much more energy at night than during the day?

How come i never have any energy?

How come working out gives you more energy I thought it should make you tired?

How do docs check your thyroid? What do thyroids do? I lack energy. Tired all the time. Could sleep all day. Feel bit weak

How do I improve my stamina? I feel lethargic most part of the day.

How do you overcome exhaustion from school. I feel extremely tired and my head is in a fog. When will I get my optimal amount of energy back?

How to get more energy in body...I feel energy less all the time though i eat a good diet...

How to stop being tired and obtain full energy in the early mornings?

Husband fairly healthy but headache between eyes in AM and low energy. Causes. ?

Husband is in general good health, age 56, but lacks energy...He is a pack a day smoker, what might he try to boost his energy?

Hypothyroid tests good yet very sluggish! how improve energy, concentration, +/or mood on own? Already eat healthy, sleep enough, and exercise a lot.

I Always feeling tired and weak no energy or strength why? And what can I do to change that ?

I am 18 yrs old.But i don't have energy and feel week from the age of 15 as compared to my friends. I m 5"11. Weight is 80 kg. Plz help as it embarases?

I am 25 and always tired and feel run down any suggestions how i can improve my energy levels?

I am 34 years old and i stay tired all the time and no energy and can sleep all day?

I am 38 yr old female for over a yr I have not been feeling well. Lack of energy, fatigue , heart papitation unable to walk around feelIng off balance. some days I'm fine and some days not so well.

I am a 28 yr old female with chf. I have 2 kids but no energy what can I do to get some energy back?

I am a student at medicine and I have a lot to study, that's why I am always tired and I can't sleep well.What cand I do to have much more energy?

I am a very nutrition/health-conscious vegan, but I constantly find myself feeling drained and fatigue through out the day. how can I help myself?

I am always exhausted I have very little energy to start my day ?

I am always feeling tired and I have no energy. I am only 27 years old so i shouldn't be feeling this way. Am i lacking vitamins?

I am always tired and have no energy. What can I do to get my energy level up?

I am always tired and have no motivation or energy anymore. What can I do to get more energy and feel good again?

I am always yawning even after a good night's rest. Am I lacking something?

I am constantly tired and have no energy , affects my fitness?

I am feeling nauseous and dizzy and have been having trouble sleeping and digesting food properly. My energy level is really low all the time.

I am feeling tired and lethargic, is there anything can I eat or what supplements could i take to give me a bit or energy?

I am frequently tired through out the day and have little energy after work. Is adrafinil safe to supplement with?

I am insulin dependant diabetic, but i feel very tired in the afternoons, how do I boost some energy into this body?