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Lately my wife has started kicking, arm flying up and jerking while sleeping. It seems to happen on its on and she has no control of it.

?Hey i was sleeping i waked up suddenly and my body was shaking badly :( what is going on can u tell? I stay depressed sometimes is that reason?

15yr old girl started fainting her eyes go fuzzy funny feeling in nose then wakes up unaware where she is and what's happened what will cause this?

18 y/o male. Urinated during sleeping last night. Drank a lot of water before sleeping. First time this has happened since childhood. Should I worry?

2 days after expected period, been having bad headaches past few days, very vivid dreams and I now feel sick after having coffee & a bagel. Why????

2 times this happened to me just my eyes were rolling and i was limp and very tired when mom tried waking me ER said it was seizure EEG was positive ?

20 yo old, never had sleep orgasm, but now I've been having them a few times a week now and I'm kinda worried. Why am I getting them all the sudden?

2days ago my twin got in a wreck with a semi. She survived but I kee having nightmares about what happened and could of happened?

2x in the past 2 weeks I was walking and started veering to the left.Td I was driving and felt momentarily like the left sd of brain 'paused' briefly.

33 weeks pregnant and will randomly see falling glitter for a few seconds then 2-3 mins later become dizzy is this normal?

8mths postpartum.Now I have horrible nightmares(sometimes about my baby dying sometimes i'm getting kidnapped etc..) i wake up with butterflies.Why?

A friend of mine with learning difficulties was knocked off his cycle. Do you think it hurt him?

A year ago i fell down a flight of stairs and was unconcious for 48 hours. Recently.Ive..Noticed I have memory problems. Are these events related.

About 3 weeks ago my girlfriend was I an accident that caused her whiplash. Since then she hasn't been the same. Since then she has been extremely tired, not much energy, had a tough time reading/concentrating, and recently seems to have occasional parano

After a little nap, my husband woke up with a total body tingling and confusion. He kept asking what day it was. What is happening to him?

After getting shocked, what causes convulsions?

After waking to go to my baby I blacked out, fell down, and limbs began to shake uncontrollably. Low blood pressure or seizure? Has happened before.

After we had sex, we fell asleep and we both had nightmares. Is it normal or not? What maybe the cause of it? We both bothered by it.

All of sudden the past few days I am not eating much but fallen asleep all of sudden for a long time. Please help me?

Almost blacked out at work about 4 days ago, got needles feeling in my mouth and numbness all over my body i've been paranoid everyday like imma die ?

Anxiety out of blue? Can feel fine a few days or when wake up and then all of a sudden it hits me & stays! Is this a normal cycle? Tried CBT & etc

As falling asleep,heard high pitch noises, saw prisms,& was unable to move.I kept stopping it, finally gave in and let it happen to get some sleep.???

been over a year since my brain injury happened felt like I was in a dream before life didnt feel real to me now its starting to feel real again why?

Boyfriend has been under a lot of stress with father just dying and for the past 2 days he's been sweating from his forehead a lot and when he falls a?

Can a nightmare cause strange screaming, jumping out of bed and running around with eyes open for about 1 min? Thank you

Can fatigue cause slurred speech? I only got 4 hours of sleep last night and I've been dragging today. A couple times I was stumbling on my words and it kind of freaked me out a little.

Can nightmares hurt my unborn baby? I have been experiencing very vivid dreams that cause my anxiety and blood pressure to go up.

Can seizures cause violent behaviors in a child and then cause them not to remember what they did my son went off and started a fight and then he went and laid down and when he got up he didn't remember starting the fight and he stared off into space righ

Can you pass out while asleep? I had a very realistic dream where i started shaking in the dream and felt very faint.

Car accident 8 months ago.Now if in a vehicle i start sweating, shaking, heart racing, crying uncontrollably, think im going to get hit again. Whats this?

Confusional arousals- I act weird in the morning (like drunk) right after I wake up and can't remember anything that I do. How can I stop this?

Could acth defeincy be to blame for trouble waking up every morning for the past 2 yrs?

Dentist gave me prilocaine yesterday. I felt euphoric/goofy all day..And i couldn't think straight..That night i had bizarre nightmares. Why?

Did I have a stroke or happen to be in a coma. Had migrain went to ER i received 3 vaccines for the pain when i arrived home i slept for 72 hours straight when i was finally able to wake i was slurred in my talking and i felt like i was slow was i in a co

Do you call it anxiety or depression when u wake up and all you want to do is go straight back to bed bc ur sick of being sick and nothing good is hap?

Dosing off an not realizing it an shaking a little when I come too?

Dr. I have been having severe twiching every night before falling asleep. So severe that I hit my girlfriend next to me. There would be light twich al?

During a job interview both eyes went blurry for 15 seconds , worried me I thought it might be anxiety first time it's happened ?

Even though i`m not drunk the night before, when i wake up i usually don't remember most of the details of what happened. Two months of this expirience?

Ever since i got reaped i can't t get the flash backs out of my head and it happened 3 years ago and I have problems sleeping . And have nightmares?

Ever since my brain surgery 2 years ago i've felt like i'm somehow not real or like i'm dreaming and may or may not wake up one day. What can I do?

Ever since my mother died not long ago, I have 3 attacks of numbness from toes to neck completly numb and was shaking and couldnt control my breathing?

Everything spins when flat in bed. Is this an epileptic attack or just a bad dream?

Few months now I have woken up between 1-4am gasping for breath, i am getting worried?

Following my previous question, today and yesterday the feeling of disconnection and as if I'm in a dream is getting worse. Is this serious?

For the last 3-5 nights I have woken up gasping for air if I slept on my back. This has happened before but not so close together.

Frightened of going blind for no reason and something suddenly going wrong with my vision. I have very bad anxiety ?

Getting the same nightmare every night for the past 2 weeks of being chased by a tall silhouetted man stood behind me all the time, scared to sleep?

Good morning, what could be the cause of one waking up in the morning as early as 6:00am and fe like vomiting?

Got hit in head with textbook by classmate. Already have chronic headache but it feels worse and i feel drowsy. Book wasnt me for me kid has bad aim?

Got in a wreak Thursday evening, having trouble standing for a long time, thinking clearly, speaking well, and my right side is feeling head hurts?

Had a dream that i couldn't breathe & then woke up in the night & was dizzy for only 2 seconds, but also saw yellow words spin away. What was that?

Had a terrible reaction to a 2 mg dose of lorazapam, passed out or fell asleep woke up feeling more anxious then w/o it. Needed sleep what happened.

Had major bowel movement woke me up in bed, got out quickly didn't go bathroom right away, felt like dying almost passed out, so scary. What happened? I am better now I am lucky, it was truly scary.

Had to "put our dog down" today. After, I started sobbing, but suddenly couldn't breathe...could only make this heavy gasping sound until I calmed?

Have epilepsy, fell asleep, could not be woke up for over 10 minutes, awoke, but sounded like different language. Then slept all day is that typical?

Have had a splitting headache starting 4-5 hrs ago. Went on about a 2-3 day bender and I just woke up in a cold sweat after a horrible dream... ?

Having violent shakes at night time. I don't know or feel them only my husband and kids see them. They wake me up and I don't know anything happened ?

Head rush and the split second dizziness right after. Happened three times in 3 hours. So scared it's something sinister. Could it be anxiety?

Hello doctor.My husband said, last night when i had slept, my breath was stop about 1 minute.And i had a bad dream.Is it normal?Why could happened?

Hello, I have been having mycolnic jerks the second I almost drift off to sleep a couple of times for the past 6 months. Should i be worried?

Hello! hope to be fine. I am 18 years old. It's been one year my sister death and after that I have nostalgic. Whenever I am sleeping all the past pro?

Hi all So i smoked weed for the first time in 6 years 5 weeks ago whilst very drunk and had a huge panic attack. Havent felt right since. Please help?

Hi doctor i was wondering can you die from sleep paraylisis because i felt like choking ?

Hi I drank baron beer and was not drunk but after one can I fall asleep and woke up but as I stand up I black out .. After that I had vertigo?

Hi im 18 and i got smoked pot for te first time and i fell like im in a dream and don't feel good this been going on 2 weeks please help me i need it

Hi, since saturday i have been experiencing a dropping/falling feeling about 4/5 times a day. Its like when you jump as you're falling to sleep. What could this be?

Hi. As I was fallin asleep , I felt shoulders jerk & it woke me up. Little bit anxious now. Ideas? Hist. : anxiety , rhinitis

Hi. I've recently been expereincing weird sensations like suddenly losing awareness or momentarily losing balance. Its happened about 5 or 6 times. ?

How can you prevent ptsd if the bad event just happened a few hours ago?

How come every time i fall asleep i wake up instantly head spinning? I'm only 18 i don't wanna die. I already have enough problems, thinking suicidr

How come my little brother wake up with anxiety in the middle of the night?

How do I know if my friend has had a seizure? Her eyes rolled back and she seemed to convulse and tense up. Afterwards she started laughing randomly

How do you know if you have got myoclonus?

Husband is 70 felt bad for 4 days sleeping a lot trouble breathing has glassy look to eyes today. Could he be in the dying process. I am worried!

Husband just got off 2.5 mg olanzapine after 10 days and feeling very depressed like he wants to go to sleep and not wake up is there anything i can d?

Husband was twitching in sleep it woke him up it was that bad is it something serious?

I always have much saliva. I can't stop it. What should I do? Its driving me crazy. I almost vomited a while ago because of it.

I am 28 weeks pregnant. My hand goes numb a lot! should I worry? It never happened before my pregnancy unless i was sleeping on it. It happens all day now.

I am 52 Suddenly having hard time remembering stuff when should you be concerned?

I am a blood pressure person, during my last flight while landing i started feeling dizzy & unconscious then afterwards i had a sort of paralysis attack? What precautions should I take?

I am having hit flashes still since my splenectomy where I will be sleeping under my blankets and suddenly it feels like my head is on fire ?

I been in bed rest for a few months and just stood up and walked. Felt ok except for feeling anxiety and dizzy. I heard seizures can happen. True?

I believe I got sun poisoning about two days ago, yesterday I blackout once shortly after waking up and nearly again while on a fishing trip, normal?

I blacked out earlier and my mom had to call the ambulance, I've been stressed a lot lately, is that why?

I blacked out for a couple of seconds and don't know what to do. Do i seee a psychologist?

I blacked out for an hour.. What happened to me, should I be concerned?

I can get really jumpy all of a sudden. Paranoid?

I didn't know how to calm down today. I worried irrationally and cried uncontrollably until my nose bled. This has never occurred before. ?

I dream that my gf gets hit with a car or something.. I keep having nightmares about it.. Why won't this stop?

I fell asleep and started dreaming inmideatly. I woke up suddenly and couldn't move, and it felt like an earthquake and a horrible sound. What was it?

I fell on my head when i was 13 yrs , and i lost concious for a few second . From that time on, i started to forget things easily. Is that a problem?

I forgot to set my alarm last night, yet this morning I woke up at the right time. How does that happen?

I get these seizures brought on by chocking.I can chock on my own sylvia going down the wrong tube. I feel it coming on start shaking, no blackouts ?

I got a seizure and I think I got a tumor on my back and cuts on my head. Now while I have trouble breathing, yawning, and coughing. What's going on?

I got drunk on saturday and woke up with a twitching right eye. It's still going on. Eating and sleeping well, taking vitamins. What's wrong with me?

I got in a small car accident nothing happened at all, but I was stressed and now at night I have trouble breathing, i feel nausea, and tingly, why?

I had a dream that my cat died & i woke up to myself crying from my dream. I tried to swallow but my throat is tense & it hurts. Why is that?

I had a dream where I fainted. I fell down, but got up 1 minute after. Is this a part of a health problem? I have never fainted in real life.

I had a fall and cannot remember anything. Someone got me to the doctor. Can hypnosis tell me what happened?