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I am dizzy,tired,uninterested in anything,weak,im a shiftworker and my productivity is down. What could be wrong. Have been diagnosed with anemia.

15 yr old son's CBC is normal. Stool sample normal. But still very anemic and very tired all the time and short of breath. Could it be thyroid?

17 weeks pregnant, horrible shaky hands and upset somach. Bs is 85- should it run higher while pregnant? I'm having major issues with hypoglycemia symptoms.

18 mo with decreased appetite, vitamin B12 level at 1569, not sleeping, arm pain, and dizzy spells. What could this all mean?

21 yrs old, sat. 11%, ferritin 7, tibc 475, = iron 51.Loose tons of hair, can't run a mile(hard to breathe) super fatigue. My doc. Says nothing wrong? How?

22 male feel weak and tired on and off for past few weeks. Had diabetes, thyroid and anemia test normal. What else should be tested.

27 yrs old iron level is 11.2 most of the time I feel tired.I crave ice chips everyday and night.My periods are heavy with blood cloths. Am I anemic?

3 yrs old. Blood work was normal, no anemia or thyroid problems. I still have extreme fatigue and I am always hot! Eat healthy and get good rest, et?

33Yrs old Male, feel weakness in body, feel lack of energy. Blood Sugar & BP levels r normal & no fever. May know y these symptoms..?

A few days before start of period feel lethargic but have insomnia, cannot concerntrate, fog brain and low. Why?

After fainting 2 times in one day, my doctor gave me a paper on near-syncope...Even though my iron level was 3, and i'm extremely weak. Is this normal?

Aif i'm always fatigued. What vitamins would be best?

Always tired low energy low iron not anemic but bordrline dizzy spells light headed loss of balance n i-site bldwrk done 4 low bldprss came back nothing? Stiffness and pain in joints achy everywhere.

Am 22yrs old. I feel weak. Could it be from a lack of vitamins?

And sleep habits. I also was diagnosed with anemia (iron defficient) I have been having shortness of breath lately. Could it be realated?

Anemia and hunger. Can not enough iron be causing extreme hunger?

Are avocados good for you, especially if you're anemic?

Been very tired lately. All blood work is normal. Pcp wants to start me on a mild stimulant to help with fatigue. What are the benefits of this?

Been wanting to eat dirt...iron levels are normal but also eating alot at night and exhaustion had dizzy spells since sepsis in 2011 any ideas?

Can a higher theraupetic level of tegretol..10.5 cause one to feel tired and forgetfull?

Can a low levels of iron make you become dizzy?

Can a person experience some symptoms of anemia without being anemic? Borderline anemic? His hct was about 40, he is often tired, pale, eats ice, etc.

Can accutane make one feel fatigue? I have been on a low dose accutane of 20mg/day. Its been my 10th month im feeling extreme fatigue. Pls advise.

Can B-12 deficiency while pregnant, cause dizziness and fainting?

Can having pso, high prolactin levels and being insulin resistant make u feel dizzy and lightheaded sometimes, maybe also bit weak and shaky, ?

Can having a high stress level make you feel tired?

Can having a low htc (but not low enough to be anemic) still cause some of the symptoms of anemia? (ex. Tiredness, paleness, coldness of fingers/toes)

Can having low magnesium make you dizzy?

Can i experience k def. Symptoms like strong heart beat, muscle cramps, hypoglycemic feeling, tiredness and sleepiness with k level 3.7?

Can it be dangerous if your ferittin is only 4 ml at age 19 and have had constant anemia for over a year?

Can it be dangerous if your ferittin is only 4 ml at age 19 and have had constant anemia for over a year? What could be causeing it all to be low?

Can low estrogen or progesterone make you sick? Nauseated, sweaty, diarrhea, sleep problems, achy joints, shortness of breath. Happens 1 month x1week

Can low iron make you cold and tired?

Can low T4 free cause one to feel cold?

Can low testosterone make you feel extremely weak and fatigued?

Can low testosterone make you feel fatigued?

Can polycythemia vera make u shakey and anxious?

Can you tell me are my iron supplements are making me extremely tired?

Constantly tired. Heavy and very painful period. Hair loss. Blood work is good. Only low in vit. D. Thyroid is good. What could be the problem?

Cortisol saliva test was VERY high, but my symptoms are LOW bp, fatigue, weak muscles. also, I feel GREAT when on steroids. does this make sense?

Could i be low in iron if im cold alot?

Could iron defiency and anemia make me feel like i'm going to faint?

Could lack of iron make you tired?

Could my IgA deficiency be the reason im feeling always fatigued?

Currently on levothyroxine and 10 weeks pregnant. Very tired. Is it b/c I'm also hypothyroid? Doc says all ok, but I'm just so exhausted, fatigued.

Did blood tests. Doc said I'm a bit anemic. Hb is around 11.7 also I feel weak or tired a lot. Solutions? Please help? Thanks.

Dm1, controlled. Exhausted all the time. Rbc count normal, so doc did not want to test thyroid (not sure why). Tired of being tired. Any ideas?

Do low platelets count make you tired, headache and weak?

Doc said I have been on boarder line of anemia for awhile now. It this why i'm so fatigue & tired? Lack energy.

Does having low platelets make you tired?

Does having siadh/hyponatremia make you extremely tired ?

Does my neutropenia cause me to be tired all the time?

Does potassium of 3.2 make you tired?

Don't know why I'm so tired all the time, I barely eat all I want to do is sleep. Could it be my thyroid acting up or low iron?

During a heavy period can your iron levels get low? Can this make you feel dizzy?

Episodes of weakness/shaking. Feel fluish/fatigued regularly, rashes. Platelets low. What specialist do I see?

Everytime I eat I get severe diarrhea after with lots of mucus in it. My vit D levels are very low 12.8. Could I have malabsorption? Always tired too

Excessively weak and tired in bed for 2 days w zero energy. What are the possible reasons. Pls help this weakness is too much and weird. Sugar,BP ok?

Extreme fatigue despite blood tests coming in normal and getting adequate sleep at night. What to do?!

Fatigue. Insomnia. Brain fog. Vitamin c deficient. Any idea what is going on?

Feel weak. Lack energy. Get headaches. Lack appitite. Loose stools. Rbc count is low. Hemoglobin and hematocrit. Would that cause these symptoms.

Feeling out of balance, lightheaded, & weak x16hrs. Normal CBC & BMP. No dehydration or lack of food. Normal echo & ekg 8 MOS ago. Causes?

Feeling very weak and cold all the time. Could this simply be iron deficiency?

Feeling very weak and cold all the time.Could it simply be Iron Deficiency?

Flu DX 1.5 wks ago. Still running a low to moderately high fever and feel crummy w/low energy levels. When will this end? I want to be better.

For the past 2days ,i've been feeling tired ,& now i feel like my breathing very low.What could be the cause?Low Iron ,Or No blood /oxygen?Help Fast.

Found out im anemic, and am still feeling weak, tired, dizzy, etc. I start college monday and took a 300mg iron supplement. Will i be ok by then?

Good old c diff. Why does it make you so tired? Fatigue so bad. Weak and energy drained

Had an iron infusion 2 days ago & now im super hungry/ gained 2.5kgs in 1 day!!! Im really scared as i have an eating disordr. Do iron inf cause w/g??

Had mono bad at 16, last 5 yrs been weak, fatigued, high wbc. Could it be epstein barr? I am so tired of being sick, i want to get healthy; please

Had some blood tests done. Doc said I'm a bit anemic(due to iron def). Doc wrried I'm not eating picky eater. Always tired too. Help pls?

Have lupus. Is it normal 2have energy,feel normal one day & terrible fatigue the next day? I'm not depressed, sleeping well.Only off lab is low WBC.

Have myasthenia gravis haven't been feeling good did labs tell me my sodium is 128. That I need to seek a regular doctor. Is this why I feel weaker and tired and etc.

Headaches...Dizzy..No energy..Tired all day even upon awakening..Always hungry..Bad anxiety..Could this be an iron. Potassium.Or magnesium deficiency?

Hello, I am extremely exhausted lately.I have had a blood test which said I am anaemic and for two months now have had tablets but i still feel it?

Hello, i would like to know why I am always low on energy, dizzy, stomach bloating. I have been diagnosed with anemia.

Hemoglobin is 11.0 and was told to take hema-plex. Been having headaches here and there and tired as well. Do I need to see what kind of anemia I have?

Hi dear, I just find out my iron stores are low, I feel very tired long time now, plus I got all the symptoms.can I be of work?

Hi My concentration level is very weak. After a little time restless in doing any work and need a break. How can I improve esp. during exams ?

Hi, I have a vitamin D deficiency. But when i take vitamin D I have a bad reaction. I feel agitated. My heart beats faster no sleep. My brain fogs?

Hi, I have crohn's disease and I'm extremely fatigued. Will exercise give me more energy or make my fatigue worse?

Hi, my vitamin D level is now 35 ng after a month but I still have fatigue and I'm weak most of the time. When shall I feel better?

Hi. My wbc count is 14000 and my neutrophils are 10000. Been VERY fatigued and weak with night sweats & cold all of the time. Memory loss, foggy heade?

Hi. Thrombocytosis and luekocytosis together, tired and weak. Blood work has been up and down, never wnl. On iron. Really want to feel better. Help?

Hi..I've low haemoglobin around 9 n low BP around 86/49.I am thalassemia minor as well..I am feeling extremely weak, dizzy, unable to concentrate.Help?

How bad does iron def anemia have to be before it causes heart problems? My hemo is 11 (116) and iron is 8. Have chest pain and sob and low BP and dizzyness and restless legs. So sick slways!

How can one feel, and what are the symptoms, if someone has a b-12 deficiancy?

How can i be able to tell if I have iron deficiency anemia? I donate blood regularly and I'm always tired, I get regular headaches and I'm extremely dizzy when i get up from sitting or laying. Recently I've been having these horrible chest pains to.

How can I tell if I'm dizzy from having low iron or from anxiety ?

How do I know fatigue related to cancer?So"times i feel low in energy in the morning but doesn't last for more than an hour then okay, is that diff?

How do you know when your anemic, or can being anemic cause you to become tired or hard to breath?

How does low oxygen make you feel and how would you know?

How to fix low iron due to my menstrual cycle making me so tired and wanting to sleep so much thank you.?

How to tell if my iron supplements are making me extremely tired?

Husband took sulumedrol and oxycodone 2 months ago and everyday since then he's been extremely fatigued, anxious and no appetite, and low blood sodium?

I always feel tired and never want to do anything. My iron levels are fine. And I don't have diabetes or any other condition. What could this be?

I am 31. Blood work was normal, not anemic or any thyroid problems. Still tired a lot and hot constantly. Help! !!!

I am always feeling tired. I was born with an iron deficiency and weak immune system. What can I do go make myself more energetic?

I am anemic but the last time i went to the doctor i was two points from having a normal iron leval but I am still extremely tired most of the time wh?

I am B12 deficient only getting shots once a month will have 3rd one in 1 week. Feel very tired and weak is that from low levels?