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Taking metformin 2000 mg in the evening feel sick shaky nervous cannot focus anxious and cant stop using the bathroom. Is this normal ?

Taking Metoprolol50mg for 5 days now for hiBP. Makes me feel tired for an hour or so after taking. Will my body adjust and the tired feeling stop?

Taking omeprazoleand bisoprolol feel bloated .Taking meds have been having pain middle breast and dizzy spells. Waiting for heart scan?

Taking oratan can cause sleepiness or not? I take oratan 10mg to treat acne just start today. I feel sleepy and a bit headache and dry?

Taking propranolol for migraine for4 months now but this week every now and then i feel like a heartbeat or missed heartbeat in my throat what is it?

There are times when i suddenly feel sleepy. Its almost like i've been drugged, but i haven't taken anything. What causes this?

Today is my 2nd day on levothyroxine 25mcg. Can this cause dizziness? I've been feeling dizzy.

Took 200mg of diphydramine and not feeling tired at all and I really got to sleep, taking test is it OK if I take 200mg more for 400mg I'm 110 lb?

Took 20mg of dicyclomine- felt nauseous, dizzy, lightheaded and shaky until the next day/ took 10 mg & same thing happened.. Is this normal side effec?

Took a 300mg gabapentin tablet but i also took 1 500mg paracetomal for toothache and now i feel dizzy and sick and headache is increasing what's wrong?

Took first half tab of Zoloft (sertraline) today and i feel so sick..Dizzy, nausea, weak, what do I do?

Took iron pill at 9 am then midol around 5 or 6. All of a sudden feeling dizzy/stomach ache. I'm on period could this be my anemia? Why dizzy?

Took Percocet for one after surgery and took my last dose last night. This morning I am feeling "foggy" and a little lightheaded. Is this normal?

Took Prozac (fluoxetine) 10 mg for 2 weeks, was extremely tired and feeling cold, have not taken it for the past 5 days. How long until it is out of my system?

Took tizanadine 30 mins ago feel extremely nauseas and just threw up plus headache what do i do?

Toprol (metoprolol) only med for 150days. Leg fatigue started 3 weeks ago (no other symptoms) tons of dr testing, all neg. Off for 6 days, when will i feel better?

Very nauseous and belching for a week. Could it be pristiq (desvenlafaxine)? Started taking three weeks ago, but felt fine the first week. No vomiting.

Was on taximo200 twice for 20days for UTI but moved to levoflox750 once but feeling dizzy pukish&difficulty sleeping should antacid help(once or twice?

Was taking 300mg of Lithium, now taking 450mg, 2nd day & feel dizzy when I move my eyes or move very much, and sometimes short of breath. Suggestions?

Went to bed with migraine woke up with out one. Feel a lot better but still really queasy and shaky.Normal? Not on prescrption meds for it just otc

What are side effects to Abilify (aripiprazole) I have been really dizzy my body feel different I been feeling nauseated I only took it one day I feel like fainting ?

What do i do, i took too much Chlorphenamine? i want to make myself safe. ive been drinking a lot of water. feel a bit dizzy pls help

What do you recommend if i take lisinopril 20mil and atenenol 50 mil I have been feel sick and thought it was fever but my blood?

What do you suggest if I have been taking metformin, for diabetes, for two years.I soon started to feel sickly now and again.?

What is a reasonable dose of nortriptyline for headaches. Dose that side affects don't happen? At 40mg and feel bit drowsy and dizzy

What to do about being dizzy and nauseous on tramadol?

What to do if i had 600mg of temzapam should I be concerned. Feeling really woozy?

What to do if I have been taking elavil (amitriptyline) for about 9 days. it made me dizzy and I didnt like it. when will the dizziness go away?

What to do if I have been taking metformin, for diabetes, for two years.I soon started to feel sickly now and again.?

What to do if I have shaky hands taking mycophenolate?

What to do if i was feeling better when i started to take Synthroid (thyroxine) and now i feel terrible. What happened?

When i get a headache sometimes i feel tired is that normal or should i be worried i only get headaches the most on days i take my vyvanse (lisdexamfetamine)?

When i take vitamin d, in any dose or brand, i often feel not only headachey but very giddy, almost like im high, less anxious too, why?

When i took in the ciprofloxacin, , i felt dizzy , headache and sweat a lot on evening, why?

When will nausea and loss of appetite go away if only took 15 capsules of fluoxetine? Cause I want to feel better.

Why after I take the pill 'marvelon' do I always feel slightly sick and my stomach feels weird 24/7 ?

Why do I feel awful as soon as period is over? For about a week I have zero energy yet I'm jittery, nauseous and have headaches.

Why do I feel sick after taking my pill's for restless legs syndrome?

Why do I feel so nauseated 24/7 for bout a month now i had the flu and took some meds for that .?

Why do I feel tired after taking vitamins?

Why does my urine smell like penicillin when i'm not taking penicillin? Also, i've been feeling very tired lately.

Why does tiazac (diltiazem) 120 mg.Make me feel very dizzy?

Will taking potassium make you nauseated?

Woke up very dizzy, very nausaus, cold sweating, . Stopped after a few mins, now I have a headach. Its not anxiety. I take wellbutin. ?

Would it be common to feel horrible during the first few weeks of taking levothyroxine?

Would it be common to feel nausea after taking cetalapram?