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1 week taking citalopram 20mg. It makes me quite light headed/dizzy. Worried about exercising. Is there anything you'd advise to help with dizziness?

200mg of iron supplements, twice daily. almost 24 hours since my first 200mg dose and am feeling extremely nauseated. Does this go away? What can help

29w pregnant.Hemoglobian11.2 takin slow release45mg ferrous sulfate every other day.Makes me feel spacey/high lil dizzy as if I took benadryl (diphenhydramine).Normal?

4 months taking duolexotine 60mg little Improvement. Should I choose to go off( tired of feeling sleepy )or wait till full 6 months?

After i eat i get nauseous i get soo sleepy and tired everyday i took 150clomid this month and im also taking metformin i have pcos.

After taking anti biotic light headed feeling us normal?

After taking vitamins I feel nauseous... Why? What should I do?

Always after i take a meal i feel dizziness, what could this mean?

Amitizia made me nauseous & dizzy, will linzess do the same?

Are there any OTC or herbs that can help with feeling lethargic?

Are there any withdrawal symptom of cefdinir. I finished the prescription yesterday and am feeling shaky today.

Are you supposed to feel sick on your period because i feel really sick or is that from taking keflex my antibiotics?

Atenolol makes me a little lightheaded 50mg a day. But I get even more dizzy if I opt to take a little extra dose of 25mg. Why is this?

Bactrim: started taken today (took 1 pill) for sinus infection. Had dizziness, shaky feeling & nausea. Should i call dr back or give med more time.

Been given prednisone 20mg per day for 5 days for wheezy chest/asthma. Took first dose 5hrs ago now feeling tired/ spacey/ nauseous can I stop them?

Been on Citalopram for 2 weeks now. Anxiety makes me nauseous and in very emetophobic. how long until nausea goes away on these tablets ?

Been on sulfamethoxazole tmp ss tablet for two while days i feel tired nauseous and have had a dull headache. Is this an allergic reaction? Or no?

Been taking (2) phentermine per day, over the past 2 weeks it no longer works. Feeling very bloated, what should I do?

Been taking 150-200mg of fluxoimine on and off for 7 months now but every, time i start taking it again i feeel sick vomit? Is this normal?

Been taking nortriptyline for headaches. Almost a year on it. 40mg before bed. Headaches are better but waking up in mornin & feelin alive is hard?

Been taking. 50000 iu vitamin d for 3 months. Lately feel very tired stopped oct vitamin d. Should i go to ER bc i also feel "off" mentally?

Best time of day to take amlodipine night time or morning ..Currentley taking it in morning but feeling awefull tired.

C. Diff. On flagyl. Feel light headed. Dizzy. Loss appetite. Really weak. Diaherra more after taking med. Normal to feel this was? Am in hospital

Can 1 take florinef (fludrocortisone) 4 dizzy spells prn only? Florinef (fludrocortisone) 0.5mg resolved dizzy spell in 2 hrs.Took 2nd dose next day when not dizzy & have gained 7lbs!

Can 15 mg prednisone cause me to feel shaky? I've been on this dose since August 6this year

Can being on the pill make you more emotional? I've been feeling very teary and upset and irritable since taking it

Can coming off prednisone make you tired and weak? Been tapering for 2 weeks. Last dose was Tuesday 5 mg. How long should this last for?

Can Flexiril make me tired / fatigued next day? I have been taking 10mg before sleep for neck pain for few days now.

Can Gerd cause dizzy spells and headache. currently on pariet suddenly not working? do drink wine

Can i poop after taking the morning after pill? And why does my stomach feel funny after taking it?

Can i take a diuretic if im on phentermine? i feel extremely bloated in my abdomen. thank you

Can i take diflucan (fluconazole) and ferrex 150mg in the same say? Should i feel dizzy?

Can Lexapro (escitalopram) make your stomach bloated and nauseaous?

Can metaxalone cause nausea? I've had nausea all day since i took one and can't seem to feel better.

Can Norvasc (amlodipine) amlodipin 10 mg taking everyday for the past 10 years cause me with gastritis. Feel hungry all the time. Eat and full then again hungry.

Can olmetec 20mg make me feel tired?

Can one 500 mg pill of Tylenol (acetaminophen) make me dizzy or lightheaded if I'm only 100 lbs. it's giving me anxiety ?

Can quetiapine cause hypoglycaemia? I take 150mg nightly and sometimes before my dose I get dizzy, unable to concentrate, sweating and shaking spells

Can taken vitamins, and ibropohen.and hydrochlorothiazide.make you light headed and swetty?

Can taking kickboxing classes make me feel dizzy and nauseous?

Can taking Trileptal 600mg with calcium and food at night make you dizzy and your mouth numb?

Can there be a supplement i can take to stop feeling dizzy and fatigued on a diet?

Can you feel tired just because you're taking amoxicillin?

can you get withdrawals from coming off pizotofen. I'm doing it slowly but feeling sick n heady? is this normal. I was taking it for migraines.

Can you have dizziness and feel like you will pass out being on beta blocker? Plus i feel sick in the stomach should I stop taking the medicine?

Can you still feel light headed from taking losartan 50mg for a little over a month?

Can you take cyclizine and stemiltel together ? As am suffering dizzyness and feeling sick ?

Can Zocor (simvastatin) 20mg make you dizzy with a headache and very tired with first time use? I took it last night before bed.

Clonazepam .5mg during day got very dizzy then escitalopram 10mg on night woke up dizzy, burning feeling can I be allergic to these? Is there another

Could someone possibly feel dizzy after not taking antidepressants for three days?

Didnt take my klonopin (clonazepam) today but feeling severe dizzy lightheaded weak tired. Its sunday nor sure what to do?

Do I have medication side effects or something worse? Been feeling dizzy, unable to concentrate, sleepy all day and flushed for a week - prometrium (micronized progesterone)

Do you always get dizzy when taking klonopin (clonazepam)? Like spinning dizziness?

Doc advised me to take metformin twice daily. I feel nauseated and tired so I am taking oly one.Is that ok?

Doc put me on Zoloft (sertraline) 50mg yesterday. Took 1 dose. Lightheaded, dizzy, shaky, headaches and nauseous. Is this normal?

Does Effexor have negative side effects if you forget to take it? I forgot to take my 75mg last night and 75mg this morning so i took it this afternoon but i feel very out of it. I can't stand up without feeling dizzy and nauseous and my brain feels like

Does low dose sertaline work as feel tired k bit nauseous ?

Dr gave me aldactone (spironolactone) for acne, it worked but i feel extremely tired, weak. I do not have hbp. Is this possible should I stop taking it?

Endep10 for my weak bladder as I think I have a uti, get results tomorrow. Decreased to half as it makes me tired next day. Zombie headache dizzy??

Ever since i quit taking Xanax (alprazolam) 4 months ago, I have been sick. Weak, dizzy, getting viral infections. Is there a connection?

Feel like i want to eat but no appetite. This all started about 10 days ago. Taking amoxicillian for bronchitis?

Feeling a little dizzy& sleepy & tired all the time , although i sleep 8-9 hrs/day ... I am taking cipralex 15 mg for 2 months ..... Is this normal !

Feeling dizzy and nauseas after taking co-codamol ?

Feeling dizzy and nauseous 2 weeks after stopping taking sertraline is it withdrawal symptoms ?

Feeling dizzy and tired and not myself anything I have to do is a chore, could this be down to herbal tablets I have been taking for fertility?

Feeling dizzy like off balance when i walk. Not taking any meds. What can this be and what can i do to stop it?

Feeling hot and shaky. Having nausea and vomiting. Just started taking Paxil (paroxetine).

Feeling nauseated while taking 875mg amoxicillin? What's going on

Feeling sick while on anti-depressants. Should i stop taking them?

Feeling very sick while taking Macrobid at night why does this feeling only occur at nightime?

Fluoxetine i feel very bloated and heavy now im taking this, what to do?

Forgot to take Lexapro (escitalopram) & i'm dizzy, super tired and i slept like 14 hours today. I am also very irritable. Is this normal? Took it 40 min ago?

Forgot to take Lexapro (escitalopram) for 2-3 days 15 mg once a day. Not sure if this is why but I feel really off, weak, shaky, not tired, dizzy, light headed, hot

Good morning Would taking two Claritin cause dizziness and lightheaded? Thank you. Have a good day

Had 2 hrs of sleep, & has been over 24 hrs since I have taken Trileptal (been on it since December). Feel dizzy, jittery, tired, & anxious. What 2 do?

have bromocriptine 2.5mg tablet 1 every night &when I do have it I feel nauseous my stomach makes noises should I stop it I have it cause period stop

Have dysautonomia pots, when I take 150mg ranitidine hcl I feel weak and more light headed?

Headace for 8 week everyday been docs they do nothing has a few diff tablets not worked it's all over feel tired and moody ?

Headache n dizzy after taking 3000m garlic tab?

Hello Dr, three years ago i had a total thyroidectomy, ever since i take Oroxine 100 mg nil on Sundays why do I feel dizzy and lightheaded on Sundays?

Hello I am a 22 year old female and i feel nautious almost everyday. I have been taking over-the-counter gravol daily to help with my nautiousness.?

Help always dizzy no energy.Sometime pain in legs what do I hv?I take betaserc for dizziness&take cipralex for anxiety please help I am so worried

Hemoglobin was at 10, took iron pills back to normal. Stopped for a few days now feel dizzy/tired. Could it lower again? Should I keep taking pills?

Hi Can I take promethazine after 5-htp? I have been sick for days now and can't eat. Before this I has some mdma which is why I think I feel sick now

Hi . I was feeling very tired and sleepy 24/7. I start taking iron. Fargon. Is it side effect of iron to feel pain in my colons and kidneys ?

Hi I am always tired and find myself taking naps. I am on neurontin(3mnths) but I am tired way after taking it. could it carbs like bread? Thanks!

Hi I take atenolol for HHR when I sleep in a little or I pass 12 hrs I get really dizzy what could be the cause of this not dizzy if I take atenolol?

Hi my mom has been taking amoxicillin 500 mg three times a day but she says that she votmits and also feels dizzy what do I do?

Hi. Does taking multivitamins cause nausea and fatigue? I noticed that after taking them for more than 2 weeks now.

Hoe can I relieve the nausea I feel from taking propanolol?

How come I felt dizzy after taking a 5 hour energy this morning?

How do I prevent feeling nauseous after having blood taken?

How do you get over the withdrawl feelings during the evenings when taking aderal?

How long can you have lisonopril withdrawal symptoms? I have been feeling, dizzy, lightheaded, and light faint since i stopped 1 month ago

How long does the foggy feeling last as a side effect of nurontin 300mg nightly last? In the morning and until around noon i feel foggy headed.

How long will i feel anemic symptoms. Im taking feramax 150mg twice a day. ?

How should you feel after taking methocarbamol?

How soon does florinef (fludrocortisone) work? Can I take it for only 1 or 2 days for a dizzy spell episode? My doc wants me to take if only for my dizzy spells.

How to make dizziness go away and tiredness? I took a nap today and a bath those helped a little but i'm still tired and dizzy.

How to stop the nauseous feeling while taking citalopram? Feel awful! on 20mg only taken one so far started today