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17 y old having severe sleep apnea + snoring + huge day sleepiness. Which treatment ? Fear mask a lot. Extremely poor memory, can it improve student

18, insomnia 2-4 hrs sleep a night 5-7 average hv panic attacks during or before sleep for 3 yrs. Will this length cause disease hv POCS nt overweight

19, sleep deprivation for many years. Could this give me heart disease or dementia in the future? 5-6hrs wake up in night 4hrs 2 gt bk 2 sleep smtimes

2 tonic-clonics in under a year (normal EEG and MRI), depression, tremors in left hand, sleep apnea, mouth ulcers, freq. infection. What's wrong?

200mg modafinil+225efexor, severe sleep bruxism snoring, hb >15 beats increased, drowsiness, i can't see psychiatrist every week.My life is falling.

22 month son had tonsilectomy 2wks ago due to obstructive sleep apnea. Still waking 4 + times a night. Improvement in sleep habits & behavior soon?

23 yo m, no signs of aggression, autism, or other mental illness; what causes nighttime head bouncing, what helps? Sleep not restful, have done since 4

23yo with a good ECG/echo. Onset insomnia, persisent (health) anxiety and derealization, weak limbs, daytime sleepiness.

28wks pregnant. Ob ordered sleep study. I haven't gotten results but sleep dr is ordering a multiple sleep latency test. Why? Cant i be just tired?

3 year old moans/groans and chews in sleep. Just had 2nd set of tubes in and his adenoids out. Hoped symptoms would clear but haven't. Sleep disorder?

31 yr old female. I am tired a lot. Have had a sleep study twice and both were normal. And always hot. What does this mean?

31yr male -sleep internal tremors, sleep apnea.wake up gasping for air, GERD for 1yr, high bp, sinusitis,awake muscle fatigue. What's causing tremors?

4yo girl has lack of REM sleep.Diagnosed with parasomnia & intermittent explosive disorder.What is the best treatment to help achieve REM sleep?

50 yo male Hypothyroid and mild apnea and can't stay asleep, why? Wake up after 3 hrs. Been on Synthroid and TSH is now .3, free T4 is 1.5. On CPAP also. No prob falling asleep so not a hygiene issue. Tried every sleep med, Melatonin and herb.

58 yr old f in hospitl w/ confusion. Non-compliant cpap (apnea), o2 at times down to 60% while awake. Staff report she's clear when she first wakes?

5yo child diagnosed with sleep myoclonus, sleep is interrupted, what r essential blood tests required to see wat medical conditions could b causing it?

5yo with ADHD has started talking in his sleep.. also still wets the bed and snores... sleep apnea? Or is it all ADHD related

65yo dad just diagnosis with severe central sleep apnea. Ahi 35, 0 min REM sleep. Causing poor memory, concentration problems, difficulty problem solving?

Absent deep sleep during sleep study. Is this stage necessary? What would the symptoms be? How to get deep sleep?

Acid reflux, chronic sinusitis, sleep apnea and lack of sleep. Are they responsible for my dizziness and nausea?

Always tired. Fitbit tracker says low sleep efficiency. Videotape confirmed constant tossing during sleep. Should I do a sleep study? Recommended tx?

Am sure i don't have sleep apnea. Am not overweight. Father.Mother.Brother also snore. . I have large tonsils could it be the reason. Treatments?

Any clinical significance to very long sleep cycles? I have 4 hour REM latency and only 2-3 full cycles per night. Confirmed by three separate PSGs.

Apnea test, never put on CPAP, but as usually couldn't fall sleep even though always tired &eyes closed.Think slept 3-4hrs. Does Mean I MAY have apnea?

Are add and delayed sleep phase syndrome connected?

Are overactive kidneys related to sleep apnea. I get up about 3 - 5 times a night to void.

Are sleep apnea, trouble breathing awake and asleep and GERD part of pure autonomic falure or multiple system atrophy? Thanks.

Are the effects of chronic sleep deprivation reversible? I have been having trouble sleeping for past 3 years, and can the damage done be repaired?

Are there any complications related to sleep apnea that causes swollen feet?

Are there any support sites for partners of those w/ sleep apnoea?

At sleep study i had zero apnea's, 2 centrals and 14 hypopnea's resulting in pulse ox lowest of 83. How is this considered mild? Very overweight :(

At what point should I be concerned about having a sleep study done for narcolepsy or other sleep disorders? My symptoms are too long to list

Been diagnosed advanced sleep phase disorder and i'm 35 and healthy. Light therapy not really working. Is something wrong with my brain?

Been suffering severe sleep apnea diagnosed at 17 but much longer than this.feel deprivation and BAD effects daily.HATE CPAP. can oral device help me?

Boyfriend swears I jerk my body in sleep. Could jerking explain high spontaneous arousal index. Had CPAP so low AHI. ZERO recorded limb movements.

Can a history with frequent xtc abuse cause central sleep apnea . Even when awake It suddenly dawn on me that my body was not breathing and then I do?

Can a person who has moderate ahi , sleep architecture passing through all sleep cycles and moderate oxygen desaturation have strong headaches a fat?

Can abnormal circadian rhythms (strange sleep patterns) cause symptoms like erectile dysfunction?

Can an insomniac adult have sleep induced electrical activity interfering with sleep. How is that evaluated and treated?

Can antibiotics cause restless sleep and dream abnormalities?

Can anyone breakdown a "normal" sleep study for me? I have to be my own dr for the most part! do u need stage 3&4 every night? Mine says i skip it.

Can arrhythmias cause major sleep disturbances nightly? (i have already been tested for apnea and night seizures and have differing results...).

Can droopy eyelid(s) caused by lack of sleep be treated by getting proper sleep? I'm only 20 years old.

Can eegs show the different sleep stages?

Can electronarcosis induce deep enough sleep for surgery?

Can having nocturnal enuresis just b psyhcologicol if everything else is ruled out?

Can hypogonadism be caused by varicoecele immobilization/sleep apnea?

Can I be prescribed medical cannabis for delayed sleep phase syndrome?

Can i die in my sleep if my INR is 4.3?

Can I die in my sleep? I'm 41 years old

Can idiopathic hypersomnia diagnosis by sleep study respond to anything besides stimulants & sleep hygiene? Anything off label? Foods? Research being done?

Can inflammation of the meninges be caused by sleep apnea? Thanks.

Can lack of sleep worsen my INTERMITTENT EXOTROPIA and if so what would u recommend? I'm a college student who needs to study up till morning

Can melatonin be used to cure Advanced Sleep Phase Syndrome?

Can mild sleep apnea untreated for years cause autonomic neuropathy ?

Can neurotransmitter imbalances be a primary cause of sleep apnea, such that double bi-maxillary advancement will not cure? If so what tests should you have and what type of doctor should I see?

Can obesity lead to swelling in legs and feet al had echo cariagram and stress test came back ok i have severe obstructive sleep apnea if i loose we9?

Can one detect which sleep stage (stage 1-4 or rem) he/she is in by wearing a wrist actigraphy?

Can Parkinson's cause sleep apnea and pots? I am at the mayo clinic but, they ccan't find my, cause for, two weeks...

Can poor or disrupted sleep trigger a POTS flare?

Can right ventricular hypertrophy in an infant be resolved if the underlying condition resolves? Underlying condition is BPD, PH and Sleep Apnea.

Can severe sleep deprivation for 13 years cause heart attacks, just curious as i know its not good for your health. This is becoming a big problem now?

Can sleep apnea cause memory loss ? And negative thinking ? I got diagnosed with sleep apnea but I am not sure how long i've had it.

Can sleep apnea cause placental abruption? If so is there anywhere can I find more information online regarding this?

Can sleep deprivation cause one to lose their original height due to depression of discs, or can depression cause slumped height, or just posture?

Can sleep problems be a sigh of cirrhosis?

Can sleep problems cause chronic chest muscle pain?I snore very badly. I am waiting on results from sleep study. All heart tests are normal. Thanks.

Can sleep stages be detected by wrist actigraphy?

Can someone with sleep apnea w/ oxygenation drops become delirious if she hasn't been using her cpap? Mom in hospital w/ severe confusion.

Can spinal cord injury (due to aggressive osteoarth) cause sleep apnea and drops in oxygenation? Still waiting to see if mom's cpap helps w/ o2 stats

Can things in your teens lead to later sleep disorders? My son stayed up late online through jr and sr years of HS and still sleeps 3 to 10.

Can turbinate hypertrophy cause neck muscle twitching due to lack of oxygen and sleep apnea?is nasonex (mometasone) effective?

Can you be diagnosed with sleep shift work disorder if you happen to be a stay at home parent?

Can you develop heart disease or diabetes type II from a week or so of lack of sleep and interrupted anxious sleep? :/

Can you die from obstructive sleep apnea? What causes death? Is it preventable? What test do you need to have run on you?

Can you get drowsy for having delayed sleep phase disorder?

Can you have narcolepsy but rarely get sleep attacks? I usually can feel it coming and lie down to sleep, but i meet all the other criteria.

Can you offfer any sleep tips for an acute insomniac?

Can you tell me if a person has sleep apnea, is it dangerous to be on seraquil if it may depress the nervous system and make him not breath enough at night?

Can you tell me what you suggest if a person has sleep apnea, is it dangerous to be on seraquil if it may depress the nervous system and make him not breath enough at night?

Can't keep eyelids open at various times during the day. Central sleep apnea treated with vpap. Don't feel tired. 6.25 mg Ambien (zolpidem) cr. Apnea related?

Can't sleep due to tachycardia (184) waking me up every night all night. Not cardiac or anxietyanxiety. What can it be? Very fed up with Canada healt

Could bradycardia be a sign of apnea of prematurity?

Could I have hypertension due to not enough sleep?

Could increased brain electrical activity lead to sleeping problems? Could it be detected by EEG while iam awake? What're the possible other symptoms

Could it be inattentive adhd? I've gone to two different doctors about excessive fatique. I'm a college student, and i sleep twice as much as all of my friends. Some of them call me narcoleptic, although i know i'm not. The first doctor ran blood tests to

Could not sleep naturally for @home apnea test, so I took Benadryl (diphenhydramine) for sleep. Will this effect results of the test?

Day 3 cpap. Sleep study ahi 59. With resmed auto ahi 4.5 --22 clear airway events. Wore mask 7.2 hours. Implications? How long before I am not tired?

Diagnosed with advanced sleep phase disorder, why did this happen? Age 35 female in good health. No shift work. Work 8-5. Normal brain mri.

Diagnosed with severe apnea should I stop trazodone at night?

Did 1 night sleep test from home, diag w mod sleep apnea. How does one develop it? Can the cause of it be found and fixed? Oxyg 89% a few times.

Difficulty standing on two legs. Is this due to anxiety, sleep deprivation, depression, poor circulation, or any other things? Used to squat over 500

Do any doctors work with patients having disruptive sleep patterns not related to breathing obstructions? I am having a shortage of deep sleep, and non-standard sequencing between Deep and REM stages.

Do any psychiatric drugs or their withdrawals lead to arrythmias or to the development of sleep apnea or is this neuromuscular or a different issue?

Do cardiologists routinely ask their patients about sleep problems, apnea in particular? Or is sleep kind of a secondary concern for cardiologists?

Doc has suggested possible tracheal widening surgery for breathing issues inc sleep apnea. Could you tell me pro / con? Thanks.

Doctor was confused with test results. Said pathological I have narcolepsy but my sleep study shows dsps. Said it was intriguing. What is going on?

Does anyone know if a person doesn't get there tonsils out in adolescence can lead to sleep apnea?

Does central sleep apnea cause urinary frequency or memory problems ? Combined with my condition and meds what diagnosis fits ? Iam a dental student

Does electronarcosis really induce a deep sleep... And is it uncomfortable.For the patients?