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10 month old baby congested from common cold. Won't sleep on flat surface n no swing. Is it safe to use carseat for 1 night next to couch?

2 year old has started sweating from her head only during her day time naps. Is this normal? (Room temp 76 degrees with light blanket same as night)

2 yr old with 102.7 temp. Very irritable. Won't drink. And has purple bags under her eyes. She tries to sleep but tosses turns moans and grunts.

2nd morning in a row, woke up completely drenched in sweat. Cool room & I sleep in usual t and shorts. Should I be worried? Is overheating dangerous?

2yr old with heart disease has been having terrible night sweats to the point his pillows and sheets are soaked. But he isn't warm. Should I worry?

3 weeks old, sweats a lot during sleep only, wears only a diaper at home, kicks light blanket off since week 1, only sleeps with receiving blanket.

31mnth boy cold night sweats for a month. Cool to the touch. Breezy, cool room, not too warm! No other symptoms. Ok/normal? (Apnea. T&A in 2 weeks).

32wks preg.Was stuck in room for 1 hour where i think i had a hot flash.Was sweatin lots &couldn't do much.Can this harm baby?Could i have overheated?

50yrs old is unable to sleep in AC room. Only some times she feel shivering even for mild AC cooling.she come out of room? Before she is fine,only now

5yo is always hot, even sweaty. Even in winter she sleeps in undies while I'm all bundled up. Never fever just always hot. Dysautonomia? I have it

6wk pregnant have accidently left the electric blanket on 2 overnight 3 times. I woke up very hot. Can this raise body temp too much and harm baby .

7yr old says she's hot but it is not hot in the house. The air is on and she stripped down to undies and was still sweating. Could there be a problem?

After a couple of 7 hr Flights from Hot climate have a hissing noise from ears especially at night time when in bed any treatment suggestions please?

After i stay at a room with air-conditioner on for a period, my both hands start to sweat. Why?

Always get very hot when sleeping but as soon as I'm awake for more than 30 seconds I go back to cold (even without changing clothing, blankets, temp)?

Always tired. Frequently cold. Dry skin. Caffeine only puts me to sleep. Some salt and Gatorade help but barely.

Anytime i try to sleep, i either sweat excessively or get cold feet and hands, and it's affecting my sleep, what do I do?

At night I'm hot and sweat all night even with my window open and 2 fans on high directly on me. I still wake up wet w/sweat. I'm 24/female. Plz help!

Boyfriend has night sweats so bad It soaks the entire bed and blankets. Wondering what it could be. Has had B12 bottom out, and other low vitaminD etc?

Boyfriend loses erection sometimes during sex, & recently he has not been sleeping well. He wakes up with hot or cold flashes. Should he be concerned?

Can a baby with after fever who has rashes all over the body to use fan or should he be using aircon in a room?

Can going to bed with your hair wet make you have arthiritis?

Can heat when sleeping raise heart rate such as being hot from the blankets or covers and furnace?

Can I get colds if I sleep even though my hair is still wet from bath?

Can I keep my ceiling fan on low with my 2 wk old in the room? Will it harm her in any way? I bundle her up really well & sometimes the room gets hot.

Can male hormone disorders cause skin to feel cooler to touch, but warm up to normal temp after falling asleep (when exhausted) for two hours?

Can my heavy winter clothing make me tired?

Can SAD be non-light based? My room is 100% dark when I sleep and temperature inside is constant, yet on cloudy days I wake up depressed and vice vers

Can taking a hot shower before bed help me sleep longer?

Can u get sick by sleeping w the windows open if it is around 50 degrees outside?

Can you get body aches/stiffness by sleeping under a ceiling fan?

Can you really get sick by going to sleep with your hair wet or walking outside with no coat like grandma says?

Can you sleep with the window open with out geting a cold or geting sick?

Can you tell me if someone is rescued after falling into cold water, why is it important to get them into dry clothing.?

Can you tell me some way to make the room less dry.?

Cold before bed and can't warm up, then wake during the night or in am soaked in sweat.?

Cold weather make my bladder more active while sleeping and wakes me up frequently even iam well covered by blankets? What maybe the problem?

Could sit in layers of clothes & blankets & feel cold for hours but as soon as I fall asleep I feel like I'm so hot but as soon as awake I'm cold ?

DD always sweats when she's falling asleep and for first hr. Then cools right off. But her temp is always around 100.4 q night. But feels fine. ????

Difference bw night sweats and sweating bc you're hot? More often than not I wake up with sweat-soaked clothes no matter the room temp/outfit/bedding.

Do babies sleep better when it's hot or when it's cool ?

Doctor I have never this before its just a lightly damp sweat only on my chest I do sleep on my stomach cause it maybe be a heat issue ?

Does consuming caffeine for a period of time cause our body to become warm? Today my feet were very hot while walking and I felt sleepy during daytime

Does sitting under a ceiling fan many hours cause dry and other eye problems?

Does sleeping in too hot of a room cause night terrors?

Does sleeping with a electric hot blanket cause infertility in women ?

Does the "morning wood" effect apply to whenever you wake up too?

During the day i nap, b4 i even fall asleep if i do, i sweat all over except hands and feet. Soon as I sit up I stop sweating. ?

Even when im at my warm home, my feet and hands are colder than normal. When I lay down in my bed to sleep they need 30min to warm up. What shal I do?

Every night I get very cold when lying down. I wake up covered in sweat every single morning but I'm even more cold than when I went to sleep. Why?

Every time i sleep my body acts like a furnace. I literally heat up the room making it uncomfortable for my husband and myself.(do this by myself too)?

Excessive night sweats, bad sleep, back pain since 2 weeks. Can this be due to my new foam mattress and using two blankets as the room is quite cold?

Excessive sweating only on back. Soaked 2 towels.happened a few times now usually just as getting in bed, eats healthy, no health issues but smokes ?

Fell asleep 2 ft. Away from heater/fan. Awoke with racing heart, BPM at least 115. Got up, walked & back to normal 70-80. Could heat have caused this?

For about a year now I have trouble sleeping as my hands are so hot and it keeps me up all night. Why is this and what can I do I end up in tears cos ?

For about a year now I have trouble sleeping as my hands are so hot and it keeps me up all night. Why is this and what can I do I end up in tears?

For some reason now I am always hot at night. I am usually very cold. Like I have to sleep without a shirt, even with fans on. What's wrong with me?

For the past few days i've been waking up during the night very hot. What can I do to avoid this?

For the past few nights when I lay to sleep my feet get freezing cold just my feet I've had EKG stress echo all fine it is cold were I sleep ?

From past few days my aunt 50yrs old is unable to sleep in AC room. Only some times she feel shivering even for mild AC cooling.she come out of room ?

Hi docs, would taking a hot shower before bed help me sleep longer?

Hi, I was wondering if I need to address this issue with my doctor. I often wake up in the night soaked in sweat. Sometimes it's only my heart-area, but other times it's my whole body. I usually have to put on a new t-shirt because being wet makes me

How can I deal with hot temperature in a room?While concentrating?

How can I keep my 4yr old comfortable while he has coxsackie ?

How can I keep my room I sleep in well ventilated?

How can I sleep cozy in bed when it's cold and I have no heating?

How come my tonsils swells each time, when I sleep overnight below fast ceiling fan?

How danger is for a baby of 4 m to sleep near the window at night, his bed is near z window1 m away, its summer but im still worrynof the wind at night?

How long can herpes LIve in a warm and wet environment? Something that doesn't dry out and is room temp?

How to get a fever overnight? Everyone always says sleep in wet sock and underwater. Im asking because i see these questions on the internet

How to remain a cool when you're angry?

How to Stop Drooling in My Sleep. It's really embarrassing to wake up and see the puddle of drool, and it leaves stain on my sheets. Need help please?

I always feel sleepy on dark, dreary and rainy days, but not on sunny days. Is there a scientific explanation? Something to do w/melatonin production?

I always wake up freezing in the morning no matter the room temperature. Then it takes awhile for me to warm up, dad has same problem. Why is this?

I am curious as to why during the night when I sleep I have excessive body heat that wakes me up and I have to take a shower or drink something cold?

I been dry heaving at night only at night for 2-3 weeks now ill do it for hours what would make me do this?

I can't sleep because its soo hot in my room! do you have any tips to cool down?

I don't sleep well, what I should use.A friend said that if I put a open onion in my room heel.Thanks.?

I fart every min when I am in a closed room. It's frustrating. Why does this happen?

I frequently feel cold even when other people around me are comfortable or hot. It will take me hours to warm up in a hot room. Should I be concerned?

I had a headacke yesterday after going out at winter after shower. Today i'm ok. Is it dangarous ? Can not wearing a hat result in hair loss ?

I have a 101.7F fever, and feeling shivery so I want to be under my that okay or should I remove the cover to cool down?

I have a cold and a 2 month old, who seems fine so far. I'm nursing often and being as hygenic as I can. What else should/can I do to keep him well?

I have a habit of sleeping after taking bath in summers and I do it twice at night and sleep with wet cloth over me. Will i get some joint pains or ?

I have a headache high temperature and all bunged up should I go to the doctors or get some night nurse and keep warm ?

I have a problem every night when I am sleeping my feets are so hot and during winter all the time. Is it because of salt in the food?

I have been hungover for 2 days, I have tried everything. Water, sleep, medicine, hot baths. I am miserable, what do I do?

I have been waking up every morning around 430am on terrible cold sweats. I littorally have to lay a towel down under me or move to the couch. I don't wear heavy clothing and I sleep with a fan on. Why is this all of a sudden happening?

I have dreams that im on fire and when i finally force myself to wake up i can litetaly feel my skin burning, and im soaked in sweat. What is this?

I have eczema on the bottoms of my feet it's driving me crazy where at night I can't sleep unless I put something cold or wet on them. Help!!! ?

I have hydrocephalus some times my urine is hot sometimes all i want to sleep.

I have lost 40 pounds and weigh 190 pounds; still need to lose 50 more. I am cold all the time. Even with lots of blankets at night I wake up cold. ?

I have MS and my feet are overheating and tingling which makes it very difficult to sleep in the heat. Is there anything I can do?

I have night sweats and then get cold, my sheets, hair, everuthing is wet. What could this be?

I have night sweats at least 6 nights per week, I do not have cancer, my cool-gel bed topper doesn't help, is there something else im missing?

I have night sweats but it's only my upper thighs I wake up and my sheets are wet and my skin is cold and damp is this a thing ?

I have periods of nigh sweats(sweating is not much) but when I start to use sheets instead of blanket it stops even in winter. Should I be worried?

I have tried everything from chicken soup, medicine sleep and my throat seems to be sore. It's been one week. I traveled from very hot to cool climat?

I keep getting night sweats and I'm a teenager, my bed sheets aren't to hot cause I sleep with them all the time and only some times I get night sweat?

I keep my head tied up with a satin/silk scarf all day, everyday. And i sweat a lot while it's covered.. Is that a bad thing? Should i stop?