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20 weeks pregnant. I try to sleep on my left side but mostly end up propping myself and sleep at a slight sitting angle. Is that okay or am i harming?

25 weeks preg, having trouble finding a comfortable position to sleep in. Any suggestions of ideas?

34 weeks pregnant and i cannot sleep at night because i feel suffocated & have difficulty breathing. Even when laying on my left side propped up with pillows. What can I do?

3mo girl with RSV. Doctors instructed to allow her to sleep on an inclined position. I'm using a Boppy pillow. Will the incline damage her back?

4 month old baby started rolling on stomach in sleep and is sleeping more comfortably. Will he turn head to side? Sometimes hes face down in matress.

After a concussion, can laying on a very firm pillow too fast exacerbate symptoms or set back the healing process in any way?

After a laminectomy is sleeping with a pillow between the legs helpful?

Always gasp for air when I sleep regardless the position I sleep, on side & back. I thought sleep apnea occur when lying on back.Why is it happening?

Any good way to stay laying on my back while sleeping?

Are there differences between pillows designed for back vs stomach sleepers?

At what age my baby need to sleep on pillow and neck support?

Best sleeping position to correct neck hump.Is it best to sleep without pillow so that my neck isnt being pushed forward?

Best way to sleep to reduce neck hump.on back?where should i use the support pillows?

Blood clot in lower leg. When lying down can I use pillows to support? Or is it better without pillow support?

Breast pain due to sleep in prone position?

C5 disc has broad-based herniation. Should i sleep with a pillow? I tend to be a side sleeper and rarely sleep on my back.

Can a pillow between my legs help my insomnia?

Can a too-firm mattress cause morning achiness, neck & back pain? How do I find a mattress that is both comfortable and provides proper support?

Can bad posture laying in bed cause muscle tension in the neck with dizziness/vertigo.

Can bed rest staying in one position for a month cause Cervicogenic dizziness?

Can being bed ridden for 3 months on back cause anemia?

Can doctors tell me what does sleeping with a pillow between your legs do?

Can head wraps worn while sleeping, and things of that nature, alter your brain activity?

Can i sleep with my shoulder compression on?

Can memory foam beds make lumbar back problems worse?

Can sleeping in a recliner help me breath better?

Can sleeping in an awkward position cause damage to 3 previously cracked ribs.

Can sleeping incorrectly cause costochondritis?

Can sleeping on a firm mattress change the curvature of the back?

Can sleeping positions effect the development of teeth and chin. My chin kind of changed and I don't know why.

Can you explain if it's weird i sleep with a pillows between my legs?

Can you seriously hurt your back if you sleep on a soft mattress?

Can you sleep on your side after a c section, or is it better to sleep on your back? Is there an optimal position? How does it change over time?

Can you suggest the best position and props to achieve the most comfort while sleeping with a torn meniscus?

Can't find a good position to sleep, good for the back and for the ribs?

Chronic pericarditis. SLE. Sleep sitting up.Overnight trip w no recliner had to prop w pillows at much lower angle. Severe pain x12h. When better?

Could a bad sleeping position cause numbness in my the biceps?

Could electric make your sleeping pattern worse?

Could i sleep upright not flat on my back nor staright up just reclined ? Will it hurt my baby??

Could it be strange i sleep with a pillows between my legs?

Could leaving the fan on while i was sleeping give me a stiff neck?

Could sleeping on a poor pillow be the cause of tight neck muscles and tight muscles throughout the head? Have very poor posture also.

Could walking on a soft mattress contribute to bowlegged-ness?

Could you suggest the best position and props to achieve most comfort while sleeping with torn meniscus?

Do i need to sleep sitting up after rhinoplasty? Will i need to sleep sitting up or with my head elevated after rhinoplasty, or can I sleep normally? .

Do memory foam mattresses cause forward head posture. I got one 6 months ago and i'm starting to have back problems. I don't know if its the mattress.

Does change in sleep habit causes head pain?

Does getting braces mean you have to change your sleeping position?

Does lying a certain way help sleep?

Does sleeping electric therapy mattress good for the body in long run?

Does sleeping in a bad position cause sciatica?

Does sleeping on a hard carpet surface help improve posture?

Does sleeping on a single twin size bed without boxspring not lifted make it difficult to breathe all day? Was suggested that by a doc.. No bronchitis

Every time i change my bed to a different position i cannot sleep, what to do?

Extremely dry eyes only when lying down. Sleeping in chair fixes it. Tried humidifier, doesn't fix it?

For sciatica, do you have tips for sleeping positions?

Get this feeling as if I am falling forwards when sleeping on plane - 1-2 second - why?

Getting permanent lines on forehead from my pillow. I sleep on my stomach. I tried a different position like on my back but just can't do it. Help.

How can I train myself to sleep on my back for good posture?

How can you sleep sitting up after surgery?

How come DVT is not a threat while sleeping? Because you are lying flat?

How could i feel so wonderful after sleeping on the floor?

How do I make a stiff neck (from sleeping in a bad position) better for a child?

How do I sleep to fix forward head posture? However i'm sleeping is making it worse or is the cause. On my back? On the floor? On my stomach? How?

How frequently are you affected by sleep paralysis (witch riding your back)?

How might you learn to sleep lying flat on your back?

How should I treat my neck discomfort from sleeping on airplane upright?

How to feel so wonderful after sleeping on the floor?

I am 13 weeks pregnant. Which is the best position to sleep this time? Now am lying towards right.Is it ok? Any problem cause because of this position?

I am 24 but have a very weak back due to poor sitting & sleeping postures all my life and constantly suffer from backaches. What should I do now?

I enjoy sleeping with a body pillow, will that worsen my neck pain during pregnancy?

I fell asleep 20-30 minutes with my flipper on, because was too tired. Can pressure from pressing face when sleeping make teeth shift?

I have a broken bone in my neck, I am wearing a neck brace, is it ok if i lay on my back or is it better if i sleep sitting up the bone is broken on the second verterbrae , is it better if i sleep sitting up or laying down

I have a compressed spine due to boat accident. What is the best sleeping position?

I have a nephrostomy tube just placed on my right. How do I sleep with it? Secure it to my leg, or hang it off the bed? Also can I sleep on my back?

I have a pain in my outer right jaw..I don't think it's tmz or anything..can it be because of wrong sleeping posture.. Or wrong pillow position???

I have a talus fracture for a few weeks now and I am sleeping with this boot on I do not have anymore pain can I sleep bootless? Would like to have an alternative to sleeping without the heavy uncomfortable boot on to walk and sleep in.

I have calcium growth on my C5 & poor curvature in my neck. I love to read but it causes my neck to ache. How should I position myself for reading?

I have cerebral palsy trouble sleeping or getting comfortable before bed. Is there some way i can improve this?

I have cervical strain. can you recommend pillows for side sleeper without causing muscle strain? I sleep with two pillows.

I have difficulty breathing when lying flat in bed but when I prop my head and shoulders it improves. Why?

I have dowagers hump , is it safe for me to sleep on my back?

I have feeling of blood running into my head when sleeping and when I increase pillow height I feel comfortable. I have spondilitis is that the reason?

I have fibromyalgia and severe castrochondritis(sp). Main trigger is laying flat or tossing and turning while sleeping. Doc at loss. Help?

I have had knee pain only at night when i try to lay on my side and lay the inner part of my knee on the mattress. The only way i can sleep is turning on my opposite side and keeping the painful leg off the mattress.?

I have had laminectomy on oct1st, 13. Still facing little sciatica pain, i usually sleep on soft foam, tell me which mattress to buy. Memory or latex?

I have heel pain/burning in the back of my heel. How can I rest it while in bed? Can I use a pillow? I usually sleep and rest on my back. Plz advise.

I have some pain on my arms just below the shoulder anytime I sleep on them. I try to sleep on my sides without laying directly on my arms by curling my shoulders forward while laying on multiple pillows, or by placing the arm on the bed under my pillow a

I have tried a few pillows but none seem to work. I am small and have a long neck... What's a really good pillow?

I keep waking up with a stiff neck. Is there a specific position I should sleep in to minimize this pain?

I lay on my floor and couch could there be something biting me at night while I sleep?

I like my head to be elevated when I sleep. Can sleeping with too many pillows cause back problems?

I noticed lately that I Sleep better in my recliner chair then my actual bed.why is it that when I lay flat in my bed my nose always Get congested?

I sleep on my back all the time.Any other pose makes me uncomfortable. Is it good or bad sleeping on back?Which sleeping pose you advice?

I sleep on my stomach with my knees bent, is this caused by my genetics or a sleeping disorder?

I spend a lot of time working on my computer but laying down on my back in bed. Is this okay?

I thought it was my heart but turns out to be my muscles that are hurting. Anyway i can alleviate this? Posture/sleeping positions? Massages?

I use a pillow under them when sleeping because my knees hurt, why?

I wake up with a stiff neck everyday. Should i change my pillow? Sleeping position? Ideas?

I'm 24 weeks Pregnant. And I Can't Not Sleep On Either one Of My Sides. Sleeping On My Back Is The BEST Position For Me. Is My Baby In Any Risk?