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16 year old girl,peed the bed for the first time in years twice in a week,so embarrassed,why is this happening???

19 years old and for the last month or so i've been peeing the bed when i sleep. Why?

20 years old bed wetting about every 4-6 months, few drops..Never pregnant female?

26 year old male. Been wetting my bed doctor said I have over active blater. She said wear protection. What does she mean by that ?

4 year old is wetting bed again ?

6 year old girl still peeing her bed at night. She will not wake up and she will sleep with wet pee clothes on. ?

Adult dreamt was peeing and wet bed normal?

Any way to help my 8 year-old stop wetting the bed?

Are constipation & bed wetting related?

At any age can a treatment of nocturnal enuresis be started?

At what age is it normal to still wet the bed?

Bed wetting problem even if I drink one cup at dinner. What can I do?

Bedwetting wearing an adult nappy to bed?

Boy almost 16 started wetting the bed. Lives with grandma. Is this normal?

Can weight loss and bed wetting cause Uti in Children?

Can you explain if it's true that girls are more prone to wetting the bed?

Child almost 5 still wets to bed but potty trained at 2 any suggestions on bed wetting &is this normal at her age? She is upset when pees at night

Could use expert help with why i keep pooping myself in bed?

Do bed wetters have neuro damage?

Do I need a new bed?

Do I need adult diapers? I wet the bed often and have accidents during the day.

Does a 8 year old boy have control over wetting the bed with no kidney problems ?

Does anyone have any advice or ideas that could help stop my bed wetting?

Does combing Flexerills with Robaxon cause nocturnal bed wetting?

Does hypnotherapy work on children with bed wetting?

Does nocturnal enuresis have anything to do with add?

Dreamt of peeing in toilet but actually peed in bed. Always tried to "wake up" only to end up still wet. Not sure sometimes what is real. need help.

He is still wet his bed at night. is this normal or not? he is about 5 years now

He is still wet his bed at night. is this normal or what ??? he is 5 yrs now

Hello docs, is bed wetting a sign of stress?

Hello doctor , once or twice I pee in bed unknowingly my age is 26?

Hi i'm 18 i like to know what we can do for bed wetting? Thanks

How can I help my 10yr old daughter who has had trouble over the years wetting her bed?

How can I help my 4 year old son to stop wetting the bed at night?

How can I stop my 8 yr. Old son to stop wetting himself at nighttime when he goes to sleep?

How can you prevent a child from wetting the bed?

How could an 8 year old boy be dry by night but still wetting during the day?

How do I get my 6 yo to stop peeing his bed i've been waking him up every 2 hrs and cut him off of liquids an hr before bed & he still manages to pee?

How do I help a child stop wetting the bed?

How do I stop my 5 yo little girl from wetting the bed?She wets every night.We make her potty b4 bed and try to not do drinks after 7pm

How do I stop my toddler from getting in bed with us?

How do I stop wetting my bed? Do you think I am sick in the head please be honest and kind?

How do I stop wetting the bed at age 18? I am female, 102 pounds, healthy, have a history of bed wetting as a child, and still bed wetting at age 18.

How do you get a bed wetting alarm? How do they work?

How do you stop a child from wetting the bed if he's 6 years old?

How do you stop bed and sleep time itching?

How does a male know if he is good in bed ?

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How to stop elder bedwetting! wake them at night?

How to wake up before ever wetting the bed?

I wet as aman why do men wet the bed do ineed to start wareing adult nappies ?

I always wake up in a wet bed. Should i wear diapers?

I am 16 years old and i am still wetting my bed what to do?

I am 24 years old and still wet the bed , I have tried all meds, alarms etc and nothing helps. I had a cystoscopy a few yrs ago and told was ok. ?

I am 53 and have been wetting the bed all my life I have tried the alarms I only wet at night in the day time I can sleep all day and don't wet at all?

I am a teenager and last night i wet the bed?

I am incontinent and a bed wetter at night, but dont have the courage to go to my doctor... what should i do?

I do bed wet and i don't know how to stop it I Think it's oversleeping butdon't know how to overcome it?

I dont last longer in bed. I do enjoy my time in bed. What should i do!!

I have a 7 year old son who still wets his bed, what should I do?

I have a son who is nine years old now and still bed wetting.What should I do?

I have started wetting the bed at night, what do I need to do? I am a 53 years old.

I keep urineateing in bed when asleep at my age is that unuseall please answer?

I keep wetting my pants in public what can I do to stop embarrassing myself?

I need advice with adult bed wetting?

I wake up everyday at 4am-5am to pee I usually pee before bed is this normal 20 year old male I go to bed at 10?

I want to know why my sister keeps peeing the bed?

I was wondering if wearing a diaper to bed would work for bedwetting?

I wet myself last night in bed and i'm 20..What happened?

I wet the bed as a kid. Took DDAVP (desmopressin) through high school, stopped @ 18. Started bed wetting again at 22. Stopped &29. Now 33 & bed wetting again. Help?!

I wet the bed as a man why do men wet the bed and do ineed a adult nappy on when i wet the bed ?

I wet the bed at night while I am sleeping and I am too old to do that...What can I do to stop it?

I wet the bed everynight. What should I do? Iv tried the following: bed protectors, uraldynamics, using the bathroom before i go to bed and they didn't work. What would you suggests I do or try?

I wet the bed last night! I'm a 22 year old female and NEVER wet the bed as a child. I'm kinda worried it will happen again.

I'm 40 yrs old. In the past two months I have dreamt that I am on the toilet urinating, only to wake up and realize i've wet the bed. Reasons?

I've been constantly wetting my pants with no warning, what could be wrong?

If a child wets his bed frequently, would that be a sign of diabetes?

If my child wets the bed, is this part of urinary incontinence?

If someone who had shingles slept in a bed a week ago, is the bed safe?

Im 16 and have been bed wetting all my life it happens most when stressed what are the best ways to stop bed wetting tried tablets

Im always urinated in the bed every night wht is the cause of this

Im now 29 but I have wet my bed a few times in the last few yrs, what can I do abt this, it embarrassing?

Im wetting my bed at night, i did a little as a child but now i wake up and im socked in urine, help me!

In trying to prevent bedwetting in 7 year old, how long sleep should liquids be drank? Should I ever wake my child to use the bathroom?

Is bed wetting a sign of stress?

Is it abnormal for a seven- year-old to still wet the bed?

Is it good to hold a child down in bed because you aretired of them getting out of bed?

Is it normal for my 5 yr old to still be wetting her pants?She wets bed every night and occasionally wets during day.We make her potty ev 2 hrs

Is it normal for toddlers to be afraid of water? Also what can I so for my toddler if he wets the bed a a lot?

Is it ok to have milk before going to bed?

Is there any treatment for adult bed wetting?

Is there such a thing as a bed wetting alarm for bedwetting?