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19 month old baby is waking up screaming after she as slept. She's is in a lot of pain. What could it be.

2 month old. Projectile vomiting. Wakes up when I lay her down. Prefers to sleep on tummy. Wakes up screaming.

3 year old twitching in her sleep. Is that a bad sign ?

4 year old suddenly crying at bed time, waking up at night crying for me not going back to sleep. Had 2 accidents at night (awake) but trained since 2?

A few nights a month I wake up feeling like I'm about to faint- never when awake. Never actually faint. Could this be sleep apnea or anxiety?

After waking up (3-4, 30h) i can't seem to fall in to deep sleep. Its like im dreaming but not actually sleeping hence i wake up exhausted. Why ?

Always tired even after 9hr sleep. I dont snore. I nod off constantly, dream instantly. If I dose for 10min I wake up from a dream & can hardly move?

Are there any signs of going in to REM sleep to quickly?

As soon as a fall asleep i start dreaming even if it's just a short 10 min nap. I dream constantly and never feel like I sleep or wake up rested. ?

Awaken/startled from a very loud noise at 3am. Couldn't sleep then got really tired. My body jolted as i dozed off? Woke me up as if out of breath?

Been having disrupted sleep for few weeks. Wake up in the middle of night, sometimes few times a night. Difficulty getting back to sleep. Pls advice.

Can being cold while you're sleeping cause you to have bad or more vivid dreams?

Can someone tell me how to start sleeping and waking up on time?

Can you ever wake up from dts?

Can you tell me how I could stop waking up agitated early in the morning?

Can you tell me how to know when someone will forsure wake up from a coma?

Can you wake someone completely up from a night terror by holding them?

Can your own flatulence wake you up?

Can't seem to sleep through the night. I wake to roll over then fall back asleep, esp. @ 5 & 7am. I don't wake gasping for air so no apnea, right? :-/

Chronic fatigue that doesnt go away from sleeping.Nothing can wake me from sleep, so naps last all day.Intense headaches upon awakening no meds help.

Could you tell me what happens if you sleep on a bruise?

Could you tell me what happens to caffeine when you're sleeping?

Dear doctor My mother always suffers of not sleeping well. Whenever she hears any sound, she wakes up and can't get back to sleep! What could we do?

Difficulty waking up, any good tips on how to wake up and get going?

Do colonoscopies hurt if you wake up?

Does falling asleep constantly during the day and feeling tired mean that I have narcolepsy?

Does morning sickness happen when you wake up? Everytime I wake up either in the am or from a nap around noon I get very nauseous.

Dreaming lots and waking up exhausted in the morning for more than a week. Sign of anything? Or normal?

Drowsiness these days, unable to sleep at night, waking up many times when sleeping. Exercising but this happening since 4 weeks. ?

During my sleep, i felt like i couldn't breathe, i felt like i was halfway between my dream and waking up. Is this sleep apnea, and how do I cure it?

Early morning waking happens nightly and then im sleepy all day, why?

Every morning I wake up and throw up stomach juice and some blood. I have trouble sleeping, and wqke up at around 4am. When I wake up my body twitches?

Every night that I have a nightmare i wake up shaking and scared for my life. Idk if its just a night terror but why am i shaking?

Every night, wake up sweating, remove sheets; wake up again very anxious with obsessive fears; finally at ~9 AM, wake up feeling normal.

Every single night I have interrupted sleep. Any little noise wakes me up, help!?

Every time I'm trying to sleep once I'm about to drift off to sleep I wake up with my pulse racing and itchy. Stomach is upset as well ?

Feel like im going crazy can't sleep and when i can I wake up constantly like im not in REM sleep do I have fatal isomnia?

Feeling hard erection during sleep but lost as wake up?

For me, it is always very hard to wake up, even sleeping during 8 hours. How could I wake up and be immediately excited for the day?

For what reasons might the sneezing start when i wake up?

Having problems sleeping unable to sleep well n constantly wake up during the night. I can't take milk what else can I do to help me?

hello Doc,Every morning,after I wakeup i get 5 to 6 sneezes continuously & never throughout the day.It happens everyday,only when I wakeup,Is it ok?

Hello doctors, i need help with how to regularly wake to an alarm!?

Hello, i asleep alot, around 8-10 hours per day, and I have difficulty in waking up. Thanks?

Help, I can't sleep and wake up constantly fixating on random unimportant things?

Help! diabetic wake from sleep when hypoglycemic?

Hi, when I'm just drifting off to sleep I swallow and it wakes me up, I have no control over it and it happens about 10 times a night! Help please! ?

How can I stop moaning and groaning in my sleep?

How can I tell the difference between a nightmare and night terror? I wake up during the night and walk and wake up not remembering anything

How can you wake up early with gerd?

How come I am so tired when I wake up?

How come i wake up in the middle of the night or early am frequently and cannot fall back to sleep?

How come we twitch a lot while we sleep?

How come when I wake up in the morning I am always very dizzy?

How come when i wake up lately i wake up wondering what day it is, its happened before but not as often as now, im 54 and im okay when im up, just the?

How do you know if you're getting lockjaw? Do you just wake up with it?

How to know when someone will forsure wake up from a coma?

How to sleep when i constantly have to pee all the time?

How to tell why i always twitch randomly when i sleep?

Husband has started jerking in his sleep and wakes up confused lately. We just had a baby, lack of sleep? Something else?

husband wakes up angry . Like he's annoyed and ready to snap at any moment. but has no idea why.just wakes up that way.What could cause this?

I always seem to wake up with blood on my teeth. What could be happening while i sleep?

I am always wake @ 4:00, i fell tired for lacking sleep. How can I do?

I am constantly waking up in terror/ choking .I need help please!?

I am having sleep paralysis alot lately, always after or before a nightmare. Should I be worried?

I am so tired but lately the minute I hit my bed I am wide awake what can I do to stop this please help?

I am sometimes sleeping and then i wake up feeling like I am pealized?

I am waking from sleep to urinate after drinking lots of fluids during the day. Is this normal?

I am waking up crying several times this week i wonder why what's wrong ?

I can't open my eyes when I try to wake up from a dream. I am scared to sleep because this is such an awful feeling. Please help.?

I can't seem to sleep all night. I either wake up several times or wake up very early. What causes this and what can I do to stop this?

I can't wake up with three alarm clocks even if i go to bed early the night before, what can I do?

I cannot get deep sleep and wake up too often and have bad dreams and feel tired during daytime for two years, do u have suggestions?

I cant sleep before 3 a.m and i wake up after 11:00 am what should i do ? tnx

I constantly have bad dreams at night and often wake up at night sweating from the effects of the dreams. I sometimes move around and even try throwing things in my sleep. What doctor should I see?

I constantly sleep for 10+ hours each night. I turn off alarms in my sleep, have trouble waking up, and feel groggy all day. What could be the cause?

I don't hear my 16 month old daughter cry while I'm asleep. Could I possibly have a sleeping disorder?

I don't sleep all night I wake up sweating and dry mouth I am type 2 should I have my Lantus before I go to bed I am tired in mornings?

I don't sleep well at night but wake up with no problem. Is this bad?

I doze off the moment I sit down irrespective of the sleep that I have had.

I drool a lot in my sleep and always wake up with a puddle of it next to my face. Is there anything i can do for it?

I fall asleep no problem but minutes later wake up feeling like i cannot breath gasping, what's wrong?

I feel in a daze or like i'm dreaming while awake?

I feel like sleeping at daytime but couldn't sleep. why does it happen?

I go to sleep and have bad dreams but I see everything In the room I fell asleep in so I wake up confused not knowing if the dream was real or not ?

I have a problem while I am sleeping i pee and do not feel that untill i wake up?

I have a problem with waking up on time for work i can't hear my alarm or i wake up and fall back to sleep i also have to study at night /work days?

I have anal spasms every once in a while. They always happen in the middle of the night, and wake me from sleep. My dad has them too. What could cause?

I have bad dreams once in awhile and tend to wake up stiff, achy and exhausted after a nightmare or particularly vivid dream. Why is that?

I have bad nightmares in my sleep that feel real, I wake up multiple times in the night, I wake up w/ bruises, and I feel like I got zero sleep, help?

I have been experiencing REM while awakening. It happens for a couple of seconds & only when I awake at random hours of dawn. I often think earthquake?

I have been having hallucinations when waking up from sleeping, they are getting worse and last night it lasted for 5 minutes, is it treatable?

I have been having sleep issues lately, but why now when i fall asleep and I am dreaming/awake I cant move and wake up? Happens often now and itsscary

I have been having trouble sleeping at night and i wake up feeling helpless and being alone a lot. What is happening to me?

I have been up for over 24 hours what's wrong with me? Its hard to sleep at night i just toss and turn and i woke up gasping for air.

I have been very anxious lately, and i think causing me to wake up after only 4-5 hours of sleep, what can I do and could this be the case?

I have like a sleeping disorder I keep waking up at random times during the night, but don't know why this happens?

I have more trouble going to bed early and waking up at a normal time in the winter. Could it be from the time change?

I have problem sleeping. Feel i won't wake up. As i get to sleep i wake up in jolts like stopped breathing. Scary wake up in panic. Wat can cause this?

I have severe insomnia & wake up constantly throughout night. Don't feel like I'm sleeping at all. Very tired during day. I'm scared of FFI and SFI.