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1 month old awake for 12 hours, won't sleep - warm bottle, swaddle, dark, quiet, car rides, lay on my chest, singing, rocking... I'm worried...

1 month old awake for 12 hours, won't sleep, tried rocking, singing, swaddling, warm bottle, car ride, lay on my chest, dark, quiet... I'm worried...?

1 year old sin doesn't sleep at night, never has. He fusses all night & wakes up at least 4x tossing and turning. Has never slept 1 full night. Help?

11 week old started in the last 24h chocking on her saliva when asleep. There's a lot of saliva when she's done. I've put a wedge in her bed.Worrying?

11m old baby not sleeping even at 11pm. If I try to soothe or rock she jumps out of my hands and starts to roll on bed. How to soothe her?

18 month old boy still waking at 3am on a consistent basis. What is the best approach?

19 mnth toddler, currently undergoing diagnosis for ASD. Have a good sleep routine, tried all advice, but wakes night & can't fall asleep. Melatonin?

19fem and still fear what's in the dark don't know what i think is possibly there an i can't sleep or walk past a door that is open or crack at night?

23 M old still BFs to sleep. I keep this a secret. My Mom says I've left it too long to wean. Any suggestions?

23y/o female, I wet the bed for the 1st time last night could this be a undefined medical condition ? I was in a deep sleep I had no idea until I woke

25m 6'3" 87kgs;am suffering from back pain, use to sleep only 6 hrs (4+2) in a day, will this help if i start sleeping on bed without matters.

2yrs girl vomited in bed for 1st time 5 min. After putting her down. Now she never wants to sleep w/o someone holding her hand in bed. What do we do?

3 yo has gone from great sleeper in own room to now being scared of his room in the last 2 weeks. Have returned him, tried ferber many other methods?

32 weeks pregnant, I use smartphone 4 browsing the net, atlest 8 hrs a day.But i don't spend more time on voice calls maximum 1 hr.Am i harming my babe?

32yr old healthy M started bed wetting every other day this month.Diagnosed with sleep apnea last year and has been wearing dental device ever since.

3mon old screams approx 6/630 every night.should that be bedtime? Is it way too early? Usually we feed her 630-7 and to bed after that.

3yr old only sleeps for about 4hrs in 24hrs no matter what time i put him to bed. What could be wrong with him.

4 y/o taking off panties peeing on floor for attention refuses to go back to sleep 1-4 a.m. Three days in a row. CryingSays she misses us at bed time.

5 in kinder having a lot of trouble listing and doing his work.Goes to bed at 830 pm-630His doctor suggested a sleep test.Had both hearing eyes tested?

5mo face plants on sleep while on her belly. I can't get a full night of sleep monitoring and changing position. When I do, she wakes up. What to do?

7 month old constantly wants mommy to pick him up and hold him. He cries until she gives in - tried 45 minutes max stretch. How do we break this cycle?

70yr old aunt hallucinates mostly in evening/night. Said she "sees zebras all over the room, on bed, on top of her" or 1 huge zebra. What could it be?

8 yr old boy. Bedwetting, periodic night terrors, deep sleeper. Catheterized as toddler in er. On 1/2-1 ddavp (desmopressin) .2 nightly for 2 mos. What is next step to help him? Long trm effects of ddavp (desmopressin)?

85-90 grams of protein too much for before bed in one sitting (shake)?

89 y/o grandma suspected to have "oil" in her blood. Currently struggling to stay awake or sit up (and can't open her eyes. Is her condition critical?

9 month baby never slept through the night wakes up around 5 times never fall deep in sleep teeth already erupted not ill naps for 1/2 hr 3x?

9 months baby never sleeps through the night & wakes up around 5 times crying & never go deep in sleep she's not teething or ill she naps 3x for 1/2 h?

92 discharged at 530pm sundowning, weak after 2 nights of little sleep. Refusing antibiotic for uti. Just fell sound asleep in recliner. Let her sleep?

A 83-year-old man wakes up around 6-8 times during a 10-hour bedtime. What can be done to decrease the number of awakeness?

Acid reflex at night. 5-3",110 pounds. Drinks, eats and sleeps like a college student. puts high expectations on herself, others expect a lot as well

Active teen girl migraine same time every night start around 5 last all evening advilhelps sometimes have reading glasses and i wear them but no help?

All night I tossed and turned. How can I prevent myself from sleeping on my job?

Am I having a set back? Depress sad cry everyday 3kids from 4yr 1yr and 5 weeks I don't eat I don't get hungry either g ey no sleep what so ever

Am I the only teenager who can't stay awake later than 9pm and can't sleep after 5am? This prevented me from previous New Year fireworks, concerts etc

Any risk to college girl from working, studying for hours in basement with lots of servers?

Anything that I can do to make me sleepy? Jet lagged/went e to w.

Are muscles jumping and twitching when falling asleep common for being on suboxone? I take 12mg daily, last at 6:30 pm. I go to bed around 11:00/12:00.

Are olaying for hours with trains and reading all day signs of autism?

Are there any health concerns from sitting on a train for hours on end?

Are there any risks of sleeping with ur cellphone next to ur head?

Are there effective alternatives to cpap? I have sleep apnea. My level of energy is very low, i fall asleep any time I am sitting still for more than an hour, when I am driving distances, and when at the movie theater, i cannot make through a movie withou

Are there ways to make my self sleep knowing I have bed bugs ?

Are you totally put to sleep to have a colonoscopy?

At what ages can I start sleep training my baby? She's 2.5 months old and the minute i put her in bed she starts screaming.

Autistic 3-year-old wakes up very early (around 5:30 a.m.) and wanders around the house. How can I keep him safe? He sleeps in a crib but climbs out.

Been working nights 23:00-07:00 usually fall asleep by 8-9 and wake up at 20:00-21:00 is this unhealthy ? Note most days I'm up at 13:00 with kid.

Believe may be depressed. Nights and days have flip flopped going on 4th week of falling asleep at 7am. Solutions? Prefer not to see doctor

Below my knees sweats while at sleep. i m 39 yrs old and work at night.

Blocked nose thanks to a spray. Cant sleep well at night and i wake up multiple times. What to do? I use Cola to be alert for school.

By exercising early, can a pavlovian response be created linking waking-up (even w/o exercise) & a quicker awake/alert-state?

Can a teen be put to sleep for chalazion removal ?

Can chronic stomach pain prevent me from entering the deeper stages of sleep even when i am able to fall asleep?

Can going on your phone before bed in the dark cause brain cancer? I have headache on phone for 5-6 hrs per day

Can I do sports during sleep restriction therapy? I'll start of by sleeping 3h per day.

Can musterbration is harful if v do regularlyy?

Can night terrors in adults cause jumping out of bed around the room and strange screaming for about 1 minute? Thank you

Can sleeping 5hrs a night, every day, cause any cancer?

Can someone tell me if sleeping 6 1/2 hours bad for growth?

Can there be anything done for very deep sleepers?

Can this cause cancer? Every night I sleep with my phone under my pillow this way the vibration from the alarm clock will wake me. Is this dangerous?

Can u have an over active bladder in your early 30's and what causes it? I find myself going pee a lot and it disrupts my sleep =(

Can you get used to sleeping less? I have school and soccer and i need more time for soccer and i'm trying to sleep less for it.

Can you suddenly turn into a sleep walker?

Can you tell me if a sleepwalker is physically incapable of walking, does he sleep crawl?

Can't find a comfortable position to sleep during my pregnancy, any ways i can be comfortable and stay asleep, or is this truly a never ending battle?

Cant sleep well, i work as a field foreman on sugar estate for long hours. What do you reocmmend?

Causes of adult bed wetting after 25+ yrs of dryness. Can fatigue play role?

Could it be healthy to sleep 1hr30min in the afternoon on school days when you're 16.?

Dad with parkinsons/lewy body dementia.Was eating on own, sitting in wheelchair, etc.3 days ago stopped eating, sleeping constant, in bed.Ideas?

Dementia pt sleeps excessively, when awakened not on his own accord becomes combative with CNAs. Is this reason for him to miss meals (and calories)?

Do firemen take particularly deep naps because they are always on call?

Do I have to use monastat 7 before bed or can I use during the day. The box says before bed. But i work overnight and my sleep schedule is weird.

Do they keep you awake when they remove a trach?

Does sleep training really exist? Is it achievable at 7 weeks? I try to set routines but they don't normally work and I'm playing things by ear.

Dr i'm 52 my back ache whn i'm sleepng only i bought a recommended expensive mattress bt it doesn't help.I spend most of my time in bed if not at work?

For 3 days my wife has been falling asleep while doing house hold choirs. Is this just her body telling her to rest or could this be serious?

For days that I'm not able to do much tummy time with 5w newborn, how can I avoid flat spots while she's on the crib sleeping at night or napping?

From few months even after training hard (Muay Thai 3 hrs) can sleep only 4-5 hours; but still feel very relaxed. Is it okay ? or should i sleep more?

Gf been bed ridden due to vertigo and anxiety. She's having hard time adjusting to sitting up after months of bed. Can her dr get her home therapy?

Going soon to a vacation in Canada (-6h). When I will return home (+6h), is it okay to take naps while jet-lagged? Are alarm clocks a good choice?

Good morning, I'm seeking as to WHY I fall asleep several hours after eating anything even a handful of Almonds . I have Barrett's Esophagus/ApneaCOPD?

Had knee surgery 5 days ago, using c.P.M. Machine 9 hrs a day.Being bed ridden i feel sluggish, are there any excercises i can do while sitting in bed?

Have been waking up screaming and sitting up in bed. I clearly remember what i said last and the last bit of related to it, but how to prevent it?

Have night and days backwards, and sleep abput five hours at a stretch. But i'm retired with no real demands on my time. Am i in danger? I feel rested

Health issues due to falling asleep in a computer chair several nights in a row? Is it due to the monitor?

Hello doctors, My friend was clever but now he feel asleep very often and he cannot finish her studying, is there anything that can help her? Thx

Hello I am a 22 year old male weight 290 lbs height 6ft 3inchs I am having trouble staying awake in the afternoon i feel like i can sleep for 24 hours?

Help. Need tips on helping frail sundowner into a regular bed. Any suggestions for a single boomer daughter who cannot lift 115lb mom easily? Thanks.

Hi what is this I woke up at half 8 but my alarm on my phone was set for 7 but I don't recall turning my phone alarm off and taking it to my bed?

Hi, a lady with dementia ( 89 yrs old) will be staying with me for a bit over a week , how would you suggest helping her be most comfortable her?

Hi. How can I motivate myself to wake up early and workout? Thanks, Nam

Hi..i am 20...i have to study very hard..through out the day...exams are near...pls suggest some medicine so that they can keep me awake at night??

How can I fall asleep and stay asleep at night on a regular schedule? #nqlu i'm a graduate student and under stress for deadlines and grades!

How can I get my 1yr 8mos to sleep without him putting a fight, kick and scream every night? How do I create a good sleeping pattern?

How can I make reading in bed easier on my neck?

How can you crawl out of the PMS pit of despair?

How do I avoid sleeping in when my neighbor keeps me up late?

How do I create the best bedtime ritual?

How do I help my 6 yo with night tremors? She sleeps in room with her twin sister watches no bad tv we read before bed she hates bedtime - been 4 months

How do I stay awake at work when I am at work and I start to nod off in front of my computer?