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10yr old is obese snores &whistles with her mouth when she sleeps &wakes up2x nitenearly choking&coughing gasping .is it sleep apnea? or is it asthma?

As i just drift asleep i wake gasping for air I do have anxiety and don't have sleep apnea what else could be going on?

Asthma, headache, can't sleep 2nd night now?

Can a 2.5 year old have sleep apnea WITHOUT snoring? Or do they go hand in hand? He has up to 30 sec pauses in breathing but no snoring.

Can a child have sleep apnea that does not stop breathing or snore?

Can anything else stop your breathing during sleep other than sleep apnea?

Can GERD cause you to vomit in your sleep, when you are unaware and you only wake up because you are choking on it?

Can having sleep apnea cause shortness of breath when falling asleep?

Can psychiatric medications cause collapsed airway or apnea? I am never able to fall asleep even when very tired

Can severe sleep apnea cause chest tightness in an overweight person?

Can sleep apnea cause difficulty breathing throughout the day?

Can you snore while in a coma?

Can you snore while you're in a coma?

Can you still have sleep apnea if you don't awake during your sleep gasping for air or choking? I have fatigue brain fog and occasional snoring.

Could loud snoring just be anxiety while sleeping?

Could you tell me why i stop breathing when i sleep?

Difficulty breathing through nose at night the cause of sleep apnea?

Do you have sleep apnea if you sleep with your mouth open? What are some reasons someone would sleep with there mouth open?

Do you still swallow in your sleep?

Dr doctor i wake up by coughing each day three times sometimes two times other time one times to pee is it sleep apnea why the nocturia number vary?

Everyday I feel short of breath no matter what I am doing. yes I have asthma and sleep apnea but I don't like sleeping on my sleep apnea machine?

Excessive daytime sleepiness, yawning, feeling air hungry, fatigued, and lightheaded all the time, usually in the morning. Can this be sleep apnea?

Good day I have difficulty breathing after i wake up from sleep ?

Headaches. Difficulty of breathing can't sleep.. Nightmare

Hello I have bad anxiety as i sleep i suddenly wake gasping for air i don't have apnea is this anxiety?

Help! can anaemia cause gasping for air when sleeping?

How can you sleep when having a wheezy cold?

How do I know if I have sleep apnea?! I have sinus problems and they've been closed and Everytime i fall asleep I wake up gasping

How do you know if you stop breathing when sleeping

How many respirations should a seven month old have while sleeping?

How to sleep quiet without breathing through mouth?

How to tell if I am okay to sleep after a choking spell?

I can't breathe when i'm sleeping. What should I do?

I cough a lot and can't sleep what can it be?

I cough at night and can't sleep.

I have a sleep problem when im about to sleep I immediately wake up its like sleep apnea but it doesn't cuz I dont snore and im able to breath.

I have all of the symptoms of sleep apnea, but I don't make noises everynight. Can that happen with apnea?

I have all sleep apnea symptoms, but I don't choke or gurgle to catch my breath every night. Can that happen with obstructive apnea?

I have asthma and i can't sleep at night.I feel chest tightness but i can sleep in the afternoons. Please help?

I have chronic anxiety and when i just about to drift to asleep i wake gasping for air and sometimes during the day is that anxiety?

I have issues breathing can't sleep?

I have periodic sudden involuntary gasps of breath. I'm not asthmatic. I have no pain. I have been told I have sleep apnea. What might this be?

I have sinusitis but i can't breath well nor sleep ?

I have sleep apnea and am currently on BiPap at 21/15. Lately I have been very tired and achey on most joints most days. Even with 8-10 hours sleep.

I have sleep apnea but is it ok to take sleeping tablets if I have a breathing machine that helps me breathe in the night?

I have strep throat and every time I doze off, 8 wake suddenly in a panic and it feels like sleep apnea, wake up to my snoring or in this fear State?

I have trouble sleeping, i wake up every 10 minutes. What can I do to help me sleep?

I have trouble sleeping. Earily in the mornings I have trouble breathing. I wake up out of a good sleep gasping for air,what could this be. ?

I have trouble waking up in the morning. I'm groggy and irritable. I think I might have sleep apnea. How do I test myself for this?

I just stopped breathing in my sleep and now i'm afraid to sleep. Help please?

I snore so I sleep on my side but my doc said I should sleep on my back for my broken collarbone what can I do for my snoring?

I snore while am wake..people think am in a deep sleep when am actually awake... what causes that? It always happens to me...what can I do to improvee

I understand that a person with sleep apnea can experience obstructive breathing during inhalation while sleeping. Can this also happen during exhale?

I wake up in the middle of the night thrashing in my bed, jumping in the air cause i can't breath. Sleep apnea? What's the cure?

I wake up many times during the night. My one nostril is sometimes blocked. How can i know that i have sleep apnea?

I wake up with headache/gasping for air often.. Could it be sleep apnea? Im 23, not overweight. Also is klonopin (clonazepam) for sleep unsafe with apnea?

I weight 400lbs. I sleep in a recliner and i still puke in my sleep. I can't wake up and i asperate the puke. What can I do? I'm asthmatic, apnea etc

I woke up in the middle of the night because I had stopped breathing. Could this be sleep apnea?

I'm having palpitations it wakes me up and then I can't sleep. any suggestions?

If I at night keep cough when sleep? What can I do

If I ever wake up at night choking, does this mean I have sleep apnea?

If i snore a lot and wake up in the morning feeling like i didn't sleep, does that mean I have sleep apnea?

If I wake up choking from throwing up, does this mean I have sleep apnea?

If you are sleeping and you wake up and have an asthma attack, what could have caused that?

Is continuous diffulty in swallowing be a sign of sleep apnea.I have poor sleep and wake up with sore throat.MD dismissed sleep apnea as iam not obese?

Is it common for one to have bad breath while sleep deprived?

Is it fine to sleep a lot when you have emphysema?

Is it normal for my 2yr old son to snore loudly when he sleeps and naps?

Is it normal to have bradycardia while sleeping?

Is their anything i can do to sleep with having pneumonia ?

Is this sleep apnea? My partner said that my breathing stopped or was slow in the middle of night, but i don't snore and i didn't wake up.

My 3 month old is waking up from her sleep gasping for air I have taken her to the doctors many times and her dr says nothing is wrong with her. Help!

My 3 month old pauses for breath when sleeping is this normal?

My 3 yr old woke up gasping for air and breof cough , then back to sleep twice this month. No snoring, sleeps well & naps. What cd this be? Go to Dr?

My 8 year old and 5 year old snore very loudly when they sleep. Should i be concerned?

My daughter is 6 months and she snores and briefly stops breathing when she sleeps. Could she have sleep apnea?

My friend snores and twitches during sleep. Should I tell his gp?

My neighbor have sleep apnea very severe what is good for that he wake up all doing the night ...

My snoring is really bad. Sometimes I wake myself up?

Please advise how to sleep with bronchitis?

Sleep breathing problem? Wake up with snort sometimes.

Sleep study normal. At times have dreams where can't move, breathe. Don't wake up gasping. Is it just anxiety/stress?

Sleep symptom of daytime drowsiness, but I don't even snore . . . Why am I drowsy?

Sleeping and absent breathing wake up in panic.

Snoring, light daytime sleepness.Fatiguein the evening and sudden waking up in the night with a feeling of lack of air.What is it?

Sometimes i wake up from sleep with suffocation feeling, breathless.Plz suggest?

Sometimes when im falling to sleep i run out of breath and wake up. Can that be related to asthma.

Sweating, crying, snoring, stops breathing during sleep, what could cause this?

Sweeting during sleep?

There is a tightness of the chest when i try to sleep and when awake. Please help?

W/ in the last month a few times a week, I jolt awake gasping for air right before I fall into REM sleep. I do not snore and am not overweight. ?

Waking myself up with a snort does it have to be apnea?

Waking up with arrhythmia/heart racing / sweating. Could it be sleep apnea? If so what can I do to fix it without a sleep study? I'm only 23

What are normal breathing sounds for 92 yo? All night long has gasps, lapses, loud breaths, not typical snoring. Never noisy before. Sleep apnea?

What can I do to stop mouth breathing during sleep?

What causes involuntary gasping or snorting?

What causes me to get woke up from gasping for my breath.I have sleep apnea. For over a yr now.

What causes my dry mouth sometimes when asleep even when there is no nasal congestion during the day? I do not have sleep apnea.

What causes pausing of the breathing during sleep at 25 years old?

What causes snoring during the time when a person is sleeping?