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'my arms and hands fall asleep after weight lifting?

After falling asleep in my recliner my ankle hurts. I can't even walk on it. What could it be and should I see a doctor?

After your foot falls asleep and you stand up, why do you get that intense tingling feeling?

Am feeling my heartbeat in my legs and arms very strongly. IT s keeping me from falling asleep. ..what could this possibly be?

Any explanation for why i feel pain when my legs fall asleep?

Any ideas why i cannot fall asleep unless there is a pillow between my legs?

Any reasons why my hands and forearms fall asleep in the hot tub?

Any reasons why my legs fall asleep on bus rides and what can be done to avoid it?

Any reasons why my legs keep falling asleep randomly?

Are there any good ways to prevent my legs from falling asleep when i'm in a wheelchair 24/7?

Are there ways to make my foot stop being asleep?

Arm falls asleep at night, should I be concerned?

Arms are falling asleep at night and it's very painful afterwards?

As a kid i was sleepwalking and fell downstairs to a concrete floor. I did not wake up at the bottom. Why would such a fall not wake me?

At night while i'm in bed and in the mornings, both of my hands fall asleep and start hurting really bad. Also, in both elbows too.

At times when i awake from my sleep and get up and start walking.. My leg goes numb and i fall to the ground what can this be?

Best way to sleep with a neck and back pinched nerve, can't fall asleep.

Both Arms and both legs keep falling asleep while sleeping? Waking up three-four times and urinating but can't move until they are fully awake.

Can damage be done by falling asleep with an erection aide on? He fell asleep with a ring on his penis. Can it cause damage

Can someone tell me what I should do? My left hand keeps falling asleep, can anybody tell me why?

Can you tell me if throughout the day what do I take for restless leg syndrome not to fall asleep?

Could being tall (6'4) have anything to do with my legs falling asleep when sittin on the toilet?

Could I have a blood clot from falling asleep in tight pants? I fell asleep (5 hrs) in sweatpants that have tight cuffs around my knees. 19 yo female.

Could my knee falling asleep be nerve damage?

Could myoclonic jerks be from cervical spine stenosis. Before I fall asleep sometimes I have this jerk and I bite my tongue. Happens like once a month?

Could you tell me why i occasionally twitch violently right before falling asleep?

Could you tell me why my hands fall asleep when i lay down and use my phone?

Could you tell me why my legs fell asleep while sitting down and what can I do to wake them up?

Diabetes: does arm falling asleep is one common effect?

Do I have restless leg syndrome if I kick like I am startled when first falling asleep?

Do you have any idea why my right arm keeps falling asleep? I have scoliosis.

Ever sense i had my daughter 6 weeks ago my arms will fall asleep when i sleep elevated on my back why is this & what can I do?

Every night my leg falls asleep even when I am sitting and it hurts BAD what should I do?

Feel tingly legs also before falling a sleep i will have quick jerks not allowing me to fall a sleep..What can cause this, ?

For many nights recently, my foot keeps falling asleep at night multiple times, why?

For the past 3 days my arms keeping falling asleep. It's not only at night but throughout the day as well. What could it be?

For the past few week when i lay on my back at night my feet will start tingling and they will fall asleep, how can I fix this?

For the past week my feet keep falling asleep overnight. I wake up to one being numb. I sleep on my back and have never had this before.

For what reason do my legs fall asleep on bus rides?

Hands fall asleep everynight and in pain. Been wearing stints and now my wrists are itchy. What could be?

Haven't slept well in 4 days. As i start to fall asleep something twitches; sometimes arms sometimes legs. What can I do tot prevent this & get rest?

Help docs! my hands and my foots are always falling asleep. Why?

Help please! i don't know why when i was falling asleep i felt like my body was being lifted?

Help please? What to do if my hands and feet fall asleep a lot?

How can help myself fall asleep with shoulder discomfort?

How can I prevent my hands from falling asleep?

How can I sleep comfortably if I have a broken arm?

How come my arm falls asleep when I play guitar?

How come my feet fall asleep every time im seated for 10 or more minutes?

How come my hands and arms twitch as I am trying to fall asleep?

How come my hands and legs fall asleep after I exercise?

How come my legs fall asleep on even short bus rides?

How did I make my hand fall asleep?

How long should I wait to see the dr i did something to my neck the other day now my hands and arms are falling asleep?

I am 5 months pregnant & at night my arms fall asleep. Funny part is that its not the one i might be laying on. ?

I am breastfeeding my son and I have fallen asleep with his head resting on my arms. I wake up with arm hurting. Am I doing long term damage to arms?

I am just concerned about my husbands ring finger suddenly falling asleep while driving. Is this a warning?

I have a burning at the bottom of my feet and sometimes they fall asleep what could be the problem?

I have an issue with my legs. They are always sore and often one leg or both feels as though it is falling asleep but they never actually fall asleep?

I haven't slept all night. When I'm fixing to fall asleep, my hands and feet spasm. How do I stop it? What's wrong?

I often black out when standing up and legs/arms fall asleep very fast---what can cause this?

I sleep on my side and my leg will fall asleep. It takes 5 min for it to wake up with pins and needles. Do I need to worry it will cause bloodclots?

I take mirtazipine 15mg for insomnia. I almost always fall asleep and wake up in the same position with my knees bent and achy legs. What causes this?

I think I had dislocated my shoulder during my fall from bed when I was sleeping last night?

I was doing a lot of sanding with a triangle sander and now my right hand sometimes left, tingles and falls asleep?

I'm 40 years old and most mornings I wake up in my ankles and feet feel heavy and tingling like they fell fallen asleep but it goes away minutes after?

I'm wondering why are my hands and feet falling asleep immediately when i lay on bed at night?

If a person has diabetes, do both their hands/feet fall asleep?

If a person's hands and legs 'jerk' immediately upon falling asleep, what does it mean?

If CTS is causing my hands to "fall asleep" during rest, will imbolization while sleeping help keep the CTS from progressing further?

If I'm combing, cutting my hair, screwing in a lightbulb my arm will fall asleep, tingle quickly for both arms.

If somones foot falls asleep a lot is that bad?

If you foot falls asleep all of the time, does this mean that you should go to the doctor? I have diabetes.

Im 33 years old and after sitting for a while my legs fall seriously asleep. Is this normal?

Im having issues sleeping. Falling asleep is easy but, i wake up to my body jerking. Sometimes it just my legs other times my whole body. Any ideas?

In the last couple of months i wake up with bruises all over my legs. Am i hitting myself in my sleep?

Is floppiness after legs falling asleep a sign of a nerve condition?

Is it bad if your hand fall asleep and you don't wake it up for a long time?

Is it bad to have a spinning sensation before you fall asleep?

Is it normal for hands and feet to fall asleep?

Is it normal or is it caused by pregnancy for yoyr arms ans d feet to fall asleep?

Is it normal that your hand is still asleep if you fell asleep on it? My dad fel aslep in his hand and now he is complaining that his hand is still asleep and like an hour has passed

Is it normal to twitch and jerk your arms when you fall asleep or is that something to worry about? My husband does that a lot!

Is it ok for my 1 month old to sleep in my arms all night long?

Is it possible for you to get a shock from legs falling asleep?

Is it weird that when i had knee surgery my doctor help my hand while i fell asleep?

Is my legs falling asleep, when sitting certain ways, and then my feet and ankle being temporary paralyzed for maybe a minute or so, normal?

Is ok 12 month falls asleep while being roked in my arms?

Lately my hands and feet will fall asleep alot, it even will wake me up at night ?

Leg falling asleep while driving?

Leg falling asleep while sitting crosslegged?

Leg hurts and shakes after falling on a ski jump. How to tell if it is serious?

Leg twitches during falling to sleep?

My 4 months old baby will only like fall asleep in my arms, is it bad?

My 6 month old daughter lifts her legs and slams them down all night in her sleep. Why is she doing this?

My arm fell asleep and won't wake up. Panicking?

My arm is "asleep" it has been for several hours.... Why?

My arms and hands from shoulder to fingertips are falling asleep all of the time in any given position. have history of RLS. HELP?

My arms fall asleep all the way down into my chest when i sleep?

My boyfriend, 39, white, has vitiligo. His legs jerk really bad all night every night and are never still after falling asleep. Why?