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. The derm has been treating my son for fungal infection in groin. I think it is inverse psoriasis how can I tell the difference. ?

3 months of jock itch treatment + hand rash ongoing. Would a dermatologist be able to test and determine root cause if treatment needs to change?

7-year skin rash, no diagnosis?

8 month baby have on and off fever and rash for 14 days. Diagnosis kawasaki but do not respond to ivig or steroids treatment. What to do?

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Currently I have severe itching with no rash. Previously I had a rash, was misdiagnosed with scabies then with dermatitis, given steroids which helped?

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Dermatographic urticaria. Diagnosed at 30 yrs old. Never had before. Why? How to treat? Trying many antihist to see if any help.

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Have a rash on my face by my nose. ? Psoriasis. Been there for one week, treating with natural oils with no relief. Worsening and spreading. No pain.

Hello Doc ! my daughter she is 20 months old she has very dry skin the dermatologist diagnose as ichthyosis. i need proper treatment. Is it possible ?

Help please? What is the best treatment for facial rash?

Hi doctor, my dermatologist did a skin biopsy of a rash lesion when i was having drug eruption, can my doctor see whether I have herpes simplex1?

Hi, A month ago i had simultaneously non itch rash on the bottom of both wrists. I neglected them because they were non-symptomatic.

Hi, I have a heat rash above my ankle, the symptoms being quite similar to milaria. Could you suggest a possible treatment?

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I am suffering from blisters around the nippleĜŒwhat is the treatment, ?

I had hep c. I'm now cured but my skin has been really itchy after treatment. My cure date was over 2 years ago. Why am i still so itchy?

I have a rash I my armpit that isn't going away, what can I use to treat it or at least treat the pain and itch?

I have a rash on my face. My question is that I'm trying to find out if it is a bacterial fungal or viral infection so I would know how to treat it. ?