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IHave round. Dots Coming up on my skin after I take vitamins is it ringworm?

-psoriasis on elbows/knees -recently used apple cider vinegar (orally) & olive oil/acv baths -now many bright red spots on thighs and lower leg -help!

“I have a dark red, flat, non-itchy rash under my arms. I switched to natural deodorant about 3 months ago; could that be related?”

1" diam ringworm once a ring, now solid red & raising w/ hair follicle pus. 1 wk a.f. Cream trtmt. When does it start going down? Normal?

11months old has a dandruff like patch in the head. Back when he was 3 months old in india our dr suggested atonide gel. Can we use it now.

12 mo. Ago my wife noticed a white patch below her lip, diagnosed vitiligo. Patch has grown and a 2nd one appeared in the same area. She is pregnant. Treatment options? Odds of successful treatment?

12 month old has what looks like a scratch in diaper area, it is a straight line but slightly blistard. Best way to treat> We are snowed in. ?

16-yo boy itchy all over, small white/pink bumps appearing on skin. Lives in tropical Mex w/ teen athletes. Took antibiotcs 2 wks ago for staph boils?

19 mths,9.1 kg daughter on 3.75 ml acitaminophen every 5 hrs for 5 days.Now we see small red spots in face after dose that fade away. Opinion please.

19yo daughter, diabetic, has severe patch psoriasis on head. White, chick pea size lump arose. Dr. Gave antibiotics. Lump is smaller. Cure psoriasis?

20 years ago I had a tiny and insensitive discolored patch on my wrist. Now I'm fine. Could have been leprosy? Do I've to avoid contact w/travellers?

21 y/o always had great skin, but have broke out all on face, neck & back! How do I treat this? Just on Clotrimazole Troche for oral thrush. Related?

21yo female, STD free. Small pimple like sore on lower right vulva. Was prescribed clotrimazole with betamethasone. Its been 2 months and no change?

21yr, caucasian, i got a sunburn on my knee 8 mo ago, the skin detached and now I have a white rough spot with 2cm, should I see a dermatologist?

25 white male that currently has patches on his face of a lighter skin tone. Its as if someone took an eraser to my face. What could this be?

30 days folliculitis on chest, back. Doctor gave 10 days daktarin + clyndamicin, got better. Now have 20 spots on chest after 10 days of tea tree oil?

33y.o male, small whitish/skin color lump on tip of nipple.Gets up/hard when cold and down when warm. Dr gave me steroid cream. Should I be worried?

3d ago, my toenail was lifted and bleed. Used betadine, now the skin around base of nail is swollen, watery & itchy. Now trying rivanol + miconazole.

A dry patch mistaken for ringworm appeared and eventually became infected eczema as diagnosed by the doc I saw - am worried it is otherwise.

A red ring appeared on my cheeks 1 week ago. I applied kenacomb. No effect. Now what?

About a month ago I received some road rash on my face and forearm. Once the new pink skin has formed how long shoud I continue to cover it in vaselin?

After 5 daily doses of flucozanole, and 7 days of ketocozanole creammy only symtom of candida is 2 small red marks on my penis, when should they go?

After many years got psoariatic patches on my back elbows both lower limbs.I am presently using steroid ointment with not much benefit.What do you adv?

After much surfing on the net, i know I often used to hv angular cheilitis scar breakouts. I'm left with a scar at the left side of mouth. What to do?

After scratches, the surrounding of a mole has turn grey.I have seen a dermatologist and he gave me elomet cream. Will the grey ring disappear?

After taking b-12 vitamins i broke out w/ tiny pink dots on my forearm. I have stopped using b 12 2 weeks ago but the dots remain. What could this be?

After treating fungal infection between breasts with clotrimazole, after 3 weeks brown spot appeared instead of rash-will it fade away and turn normal?

Am a lady-age 40yrs - india. there are lot of small black spots on my upper back due to the after effect of pimples. what medicine should i use, thank?

Am i protected by taking ortho evera patch but its wrinkled and the edges wont stickand I have been wearing the patch in the same place each week?

Any skin irritation while using the vivelle (estradiol) dot?

Any tips for getting lidoderm or flector patches (diclofenac) to stick? They always fall off. My skin isn't oily or overly hairy.

Are there any home remedies for psoriatic patches on the outer parts of the vagina?

Are there orange oval subutex tablets that are not round? And are these new?

Are there treatments for granuloma anulari other than photo therapy and prednisone? Mine is spreading all over &turning purple

At least 10cms diameter. Very itchy sore and hot. Can see smaller lump in the middle. What should I do? Used anti hystamine tablet and cream. No relie

Been using a new eye cream for a few days. Today it made my skin burn and turn splotchy... Why didn't I have this reaction when I started using it?

Black patches have developed on the body of my dad. He is around 50 yrs. We are vegetarian. These patches are on entire body, have developed in 2 months

Bug bites multiple in a patch, 2x, 2 patches in nov.Last: end of nov.Still severe itch.Skin hard, raised, bumpy now yellow 2x3". Antibio/ster cream -ve. 2 days acrivastine:itch down abit. Rash still bad?

Burning itch all over skin, really bad in scalp. Looks patchy red. Taking celebrex (celecoxib) long term.

Can anyone have a salmon patch birth mark?

Can hydrozole damage ur skin or bleach it .. Can u get white patches?

Can i shower when I have patch testing on my back?

Can perioral dermatitis spread to behind the ear? If so, what's an at-home remedy? No $ for doc. Haven't put any new products on face/changed regimen.

Can the Butrans patch be worn in the groin area and be as effective as in the recommended area of the upper body? Trying to hide patch wo shirt on.

Can wearing a corset and sweating cause a flare up of psoriasis on my back and how do I heal it? super painful, huge flaky/bloody patch.

Can you tell me if on my cheeks a red ring appeared 1 week before. I applied kenacomb no effect it seems.wt now I do?

Canz selsun blue reverse freckles on your chest?

Capillary on face? Always had quite a few, but noticed after a recent acne flare up new ones appeared in place. Any topical cream? Prevention?

Corteisone injections cause loss of pigment on nose..?! will the white spot go away? If not? What can I do ?

Could red palm oil cure gastritis?

Dear Doctors I have small acnes in my scalp i got used to peel them off and some of them have blood spot in the middle of the peel How to Treat it ?

Derm gave me corticosteroid for 3 red, welt-size spots on fingers (appeared in dec). Helped little but does not seem to be healing. How do I treat?

DERM: Pink smooth bump smaller than pinkie tip appeared on back overnite 7 days ago. Itchy. 64 y/o Can SK present as such? Used antihistamine cream.

Developed a darkened area of skin along my grion. It is only on one side & I have no other symtoms ! using doctor prescript ketoconazole no change.?

Diagnosed annular lichen planus on glans couple of mnths ago.Flutivate cream didn't help but made the already two pinkish white small circles brown.Hlp?

Diagnosed with pityriasis rosea, insure if healing normally or proper diagnosis, been five weeks started small bumps, got bigger into pinkish ovals?

Do ! allergic reaction on face in ! form red patchs dt.Top.Fusidic acid antib. Can leave any hypepig. Or marks when it fades?Btw im fitzpatrick score3

Do the white patches (hypopigmentation) that follow an eczema outbreak usually go away?

Doc, my 2 year boy has developed red round spots on face since last 2 days. Is clotrimaloze cream ok, and what is preventive measure to stop spreading?

Doea vitiligo takea years to spread or get new patches?

Does hydrocortisone or betacap cause acne? i havent had it in a few years, but am noticing patches and wondered if this was the probable cause

Does leukemia patches fade away in week and come back again?

Does red patches fade away in leukemia in week and come back without any chemotherapy or any medicine?

Dx'd with allergic reaction by leg incision 4 wk postop. Rash - red, raised, dry, itchy. Steroid cream 2x day, covered leg in brace. How long last?

Every few months get 'pimples' on palms which last a day then turn to red dots then in day or two peel tried reg & prescription lotions to no avail any ideas?

Five days ago I had red itchy skin from using duac cream for acne. I am fine now but I have an enlarged lymph node inferior to my left ear. P. Causes?

Forehead dry and itchy 12+ hours after dying hair brown with ammonia free dye. Will my face swell up and kill me? I used lots and left in a long time

Fungal infection right armpit, Rx ketoconazole 2x day, small scar from mole removal 2 months ago has turned red and raw rest of skin ok, what to do?

Genital warts on perenium have turned white fluffy after codyline solution? Normal? Thanks

Got a red area on inner thighs after sitting for long hours, it became small red dots after using beta-micoter for 3 weeks, should I use lamisil (terbinafine)?

Got dengue months ago - now left with non-itchy leathery rash with pin-prick like appearance. Tried lotion and antifungal but no effect, thoughts?

Had a vaginal yeast infections after switching ocp. Now have white colored skin patch at hairline/forehead on one side. Is it likely tinea versicolor?

Had itchy swollen upper/lower eyelids 3 mos. Now have dennie morgan fold . Allergy testing neg, used oral &topical steroids keeps coming back. Cause?

Had ringworm used prescription meds now the small spot on my jaw covers whole side of face an no longer looks like ringworm any ideas?

Had some keratosis removed a wk ago. 1 on side of breast looks pinky/red - what should I use to keep from scarring? Will it be ok in time? How long?

Have a rash lower my bikini line not toooo much very minor and upon that when used hair removal cream caused a bit redness and bleeding cause?

Have a red spot white white center on my leg in two places. Wondering what to do. I have used antbacterial cream?

Have guttate psoriasis with last month slowly spreading.. Have it on my face, back, chest, arms. Used Dovonex (calcipotriene) two tubes was non effective, ?

Have rash with white head from the neck to the head including face during the day its itching , what can I use? For now ise aquas white cream

Have red, dry skin above upper lip that comes and goes. Looks like kool-aid stain.Haven't changed anything or used any new product. What could this b?

Have white patches on my face, maybe due to leucoderma, not sure. Can anyone suggest any medication ?

Having rush on both leg with tiny pink bumps & skin getting discoloured (black) after taking 10/10mg.Perindropil&amolodipin to treat hbp. What next?

Hello When i was about 11 on my left leg there is darkspot money like eczema or icthyosis i don't know what is that exactly still now i am 20 st?

Hello Doctor, I have taken allerid for 2 days (4 tablets) a ew days back and developed skon rashes(itchy) on face,neck and hnads.Please advise me to get rid of this...

Hello doctors i just waxed under my armpit and a red patch remained ..Is there any natural cure?

Hello doctors, I continuously went for swimming for around 15 days . After that I see that my skin become dark and cracked itching too .Thx in advance?

Hello Dr, Pls suggest some solution for itching scalp with small small boils. I have this problem since a long time (last 2~3 yrs). thanks in advance.

Hello dr, My son 6 years old has halo nevus in 2 moles in his back from 3 months. Has any traitment fot halo nevus? e.g vitix or protopic???thanks.

Hello my husband has a white pimple but when we prick it hard. It bleeds. What kind of medicine to use to cure it?

Hello, I have been taking oral medication for scalp ringworm for three weeks. The grey patch on my scalp has not faded at all. Any advice? Thanks

Hello, I noticed I had ringworm starting a week ago. I've been using lamisil and that spot is almost completely gone, however, new spots keep poping up and I now have 6 total spots in treating. After applying lamisil I have been covering the area with a

Hello! I have a brown contour line on my upper lip. I have from time to time seborrheic dermatitis , but this line does not dissapear. Pls help.Thx.

Hello. I have 2 questions. 1) My skin has many acne spots, which are tiny and sometimes are hardly visible, but many a times they show up. I have consulted a dermatologist who gave me "Acnestar" cream to apply along with some red capsule. So are these med

Hey Docs!Since I came back from 6 days resort (I used to have white skin tone) my skin is black and started peeling,will it return back to white skin?

Hi . I have problem with my penis because it has a small rash a round it . What should I do . And where are they from ? And have to remove it . Thank

Hi doc.I got some black spots on my neck.A doc. Recommend ketocanazole cream for me but i feel no any benifits.Plz tell me what is this and and cure?

Hi doc.i have pigmentation on my face,i took laser treatment since then these black and white patches have developed on my face.what should i do?

Hi doctor I have white blotches on neck and some on neck and little back and doctor said its tniea versiclour I've been using cream for one month now cicloprox and not seeing much results of color discolartion going away ?

Hi i found a small round white pill, that says ciba ab on it what is this pill?

Hi i had vitiligo in my face but when I use protopic it gone but im worry if it will come back?